I love the symbol of the salamander. The salamander is a symbol cloaked in mystery. This symbol is another alchemical symbol that everyone is taking literally. I even read an article about how the ancients were wrong about the salamander. In truth the symbol of the salamander was a battle of wits between ancient philosophers. The word salamander means ‘fire within’. This should have been the first hint the ancients were not talking about the natural salamander.

To make sense out of the salamander, science says the salamander hibernates in rotting logs and when someone puts that log in a fire the salamander runs making it look like he was born from the fire. This is nonsense. If you follow my work, you know fire is the element of intellect. The salamander being able to walk through fire is symbolizing wisdom. A wise person walking through the fire of intelligence. A christian priest by the name of Saint Augustine caught on to the true symbolism and had to do something about it. He argued the salamander was proof people could be sent to burn in the eternal flame of purgatory. He wrote “If, therefore, the salamander lives in fire, as naturalist have recorded, and if certain famous mountains of Sicily have been on fire from the remotest of antiquity until now, and yet remain entire, these are convincing examples that everything which burns is not consumed”. Not to be out done, an Islamic book quotes Muhammad as saying “salamanders are mischief doers and should be killed”. Anything to keep the ignorant masses from becoming intelligent. Religion getting involved should have been the next clue the ancients were not talking about the natural salamander.

Pliny the Elder was at first not let into the secrets of what the salamander symbolized. He actually threw a real salamander into a fire to see if it would not burn. Of course the poor creature died. Later on he was let in on the secret because he talks about the salamander having a starred body and coming out during heavy rain. Pliny also says the salamander can extinguish fires and poison water they have been in or wine they have drank from. These all have religious connotations. Heavy rain having to do with flood, being in water having to do with baptism and wine having to do with communion. If the reader knows their history they will know Pliny the Elder died in 79 CE. He was a good friend and a commander for Vespasian. Vespasian and his lap poodle Josephus Flavius are the ones that created christianity(see His Royal Jesus). Pliny makes a distinction between lizards(serpents) and salamanders saying they are similar in shape but different in other respects. Science, getting it wrong again, thinks he is distinguishing between reptiles and amphibians. In reality he is distinguishing between dragons or serpents and salamanders. Dragons and serpents have conquered all 4 of the elements(see Dragon). As far as I can tell, salamanders have only conquered fire and water(intellect and emotions), but they are very well versed in religion and know the truth.

This is why ancient theologians have said the salamander is poisonous. Salamanders know the truth of religion and to theologians they are poisoning the mind of the masses they are trying to convert. Saint Isidore of Seville wrote “while other poisonous animals strike their victims individually, the salamander slays many at the same time; for if it crawls up a tree, it infects the fruit with poison and slays those who eat it; nay, even if it falls in a well, the power of the poison slays who drinks it”. This is just referring to the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. For those that think I have had one to many shots of bourbon, I have been asked by more than one theologian if I slithered out of Eden to poison the minds of all who read my material. Ouch! Serpents have feelings too. This just lets me know I have struck the truth because they are, in a round about way, calling me Satan. When theologians start calling you the devil, you know you have hit a nerve. It is like anyone else in the world cussing you out.

I know the salamander has to do with a religious quarrel because my favorite person in all of history, Leonardo Da Vinci, gets involved. Leonardo states the salamander “gets no food but from the fire, in which it constantly renews its scaly skin, – for virtue”. Francis I of France encouraged Da Vinci to come to France, and with him the Mona Lisa, which he later acquired. Francis starts using the salamander to represent him as King, with the accompanying motto ‘Nutrisco et extinguo’ (I nourish and I extinguish). Here at last is the answer to the salamander. Francis I being of French royal blood is, no doubt, a descendant of Mary Magdalen. With Da Vinci at his side and using this motto they let the cat out of the bag and no one has seen the answer until now. The Salamander is symbolic of virtue, nourishing the fires of knowledge and extinguishing the flames of belief. Contrary to the belief of theologians, knowledge and belief are not the same. This is why some philosophers say the salamander can put fires out. It is also why the witches add ‘eye of newt’ as the first ingredient to the cauldron of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

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