Secrets of the Serpent

I started this blog because I believe the ancient myths hold secrets.  I am a myth nerd.  I love the ancient texts and myths.  All the myths hold keys to our true history.  We as a human race have amnesia, but the myths were written to bring that knowledge back.  Translating the myths is the key to getting that knowledge back.  The myths are embedded with history, knowledge, consciousness, magic and astrology.  The magic and astrology I refer to is the wisdom of the ancients, not the entertainment we see it as today.

Every myth, legend or fable is an exoteric story that hides all the esoteric truth.  Exoteric means outward or in plain sight.  Esoteric means secret or hidden within.  The esoteric truth is hidden in every story.   The wisdom is only available to those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  These stories allow the hidden wisdom to be preserved and passed down from generation to generation.  These stories are all misinterpreted, misunderstood, corrupted and abused.  The esoteric truth is lessons and information meant only for a few.  Until now.   I reveal the hidden messages.  Take a deep breath and take a look around.