Engage Life

We all know what we need to do to be successful in something we want to do.  We know if we want to be good at a sport or instrument we need to practice.  We know if we want to meet new people we need to go up and talk to them.  If we want more money we need to work more or get a better job.  We all know what we need to do most just don’t do it.  The challenge for must of us is not the knowledge it’s the execution.  

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How the Mayan Empire Fell

The Mayans had over forty great cities in their Central American empire.  What happened to the Maya?  The jungles have retaken the concrete cities long ago.  There were magnificent cities.  They had monuments and structures that would rival any ancient civilization.  The cities were abandoned and crumbling when the Spanish set foot in the Yucatan.  What happened?  Once again a historian without an agenda has to educate the world. 

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Show Me How to Live

Today people are always worried, frightened, full of anxiety and disillusioned.  This is causing us to get sick.  Our bodies eventually can’t take the stress and break down.  The last couple of years they have put our anxieties into hyper drive, but we have been a stressed out people for some time.  Why?   We have been given a life, but not shown how to live.   

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Vulcan Salute

The Vulcan salute was a hand gesture made by the character Spock in Star Trek.  It is a hand gesture where you put the pinky and ring finger together while holding the index and middle finger together making a V with the hand.   Spock would say “Live long and prosper” while making the symbol. What is this symbol?  Where does it come from?  You are about to find out.  

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Ive been getting emails telling me what I am teaching you is dangerous.  I need to stop.  Yes it’s dangerous.  I know there is stuff on here to help people with their lives and self improvement, but my esoteric stuff is much deeper.  The Goddess and Magic is dangerous for those who just want to dabble.  Spirituality, duality and awakening have dangers to them.  Your ego will fight back.  It does not like the subconscious or the Goddess.  On this path, you have to understand the Goddess is not for most people.  

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Atlantis: The Garden of Eden

Atlantis is the beginning of our world.  It is the Garden of Eden.  It is deeply imbedded in our subconscious.  When I talk to people about Atlantis I know it is touching something deep in their minds that has been locked away.  This world wants to hide Atlantis.  It is hidden under the oceans.  The oceans were not here at the beginning of Atlantis.   I’ve been given permission to blow the whole thing wide open.  Stick around you might relearn or remember something.  For more on this story see Lemurian Magic.  

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Understanding the Ancient Texts

The ancient texts and myths were written to preserve history and at the same time conceal history.  To understand any certain text or myth you must understand all other texts and myths.  Theologians have very little religious understanding.  They read their books and only their books.  By doing this they will never get an understanding.  They hug to their own fragment of history and cling to it while denying all the rest. 

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Daemon is where the word demon comes from and daemon is greek for a demigod.  It was a half human half god person or a spirit.  It was the Christians who made daemon into demon because they considered them false gods.  The Vatican was trying to make everyone believe in a one and only God, so they demonized all other Gods and Goddesses.  

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Where is the World Headed?

What do you think wealth is?  Most think wealth is millions of dollars.  No one knows what real wealth truly is.  I goto my regular job everyday, coach my soccer team, have a family life, I get out in nature, travel, throw ideas around with anyone willing to listen to my crazy mind, think about what powerful ideas I can put out on my website and at the end of the day I will toast the Goddess.  That is being rich!!!  That is wealth.  I know so many people with a lot of money and they are not wealthy.  They are not rich.  They have forgotten how to enjoy life.  The wealth in life is not the final product, it is the journey.  A lot of so called rich people have forgotten that.  They really have lost their souls.  They are so filthy rich that they don’t continue the journey they started.  

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