Get Out of Your Own Way

We think failure is scary.  We all want to succeed.  We want things to go our way.  What you don’t realize is succeeding is scarier than failing. Why?   Because failure is familiar.  You are used to it.  Deep down inside, when it comes to trauma, you do not care if it sucks or not.  All your DNA cares about is “Is this known?”   Every human secretly gets what they are used to.  This is why self sabotage kicks in when you have a certain amount of success.  We all have that ceiling that if we pass it we will self sabotage.  We are not scared of failure, we are scared of succeeding.  

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Black Magic and Demonism

The ancients thought Nature had good and bad.  The good things were the gods and goddess the bad things were demons or devils.  When things went good they thanked their gods and goddesses.  When things went bad they blamed it on the demons.  This was their psychological way of keeping their belief that gods were good and couldn’t cause evil. 

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How to Understand Media

Life used to be about our own private lives.  Today world affairs have made their way into everyones life.  For the most part this has been difficult for us.  Most people are intelligent and have good intentions, but they are not trained in international affairs.  The average person knows nothing about governments or politics.   Even though we go to the polls to vote for someone we think will represent us, we know nothing about the candidates or their policies.  People judge candidates by seeing them on the internet and television.  Everything about these candidates is bias to what they think you will want to hear.  Yet this is the way everyone makes their decisions.  We like people, we believe in people, we are gullible, but we want someone who thinks like we do to run the world. This type of thinking has gone stale.   We don’t live in a democracy.  We live in a popularity contest.  

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Our Lemurian History

What is the mainstream narrative of the time before Egypt?  They have no flipping idea.  They give a stories of people crawling around fighting sabertooth tigers.  They live in a cave.  They mumble and grunt for communication.  They struggled to make stone tools.  They scratched unintelligible pictures and glyphs all over the world on rocks.  They fished with sticks and bones.  They somehow got lucky and attained fire.  Their principal instrument of defense was the rock that they threw at monsters that are now extinct.  They are pretty sure that these people hit the monsters and animals enough to cause their extinction.  How the hell has the world bought this freaking story?!  

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Even More Records of Atlantis and Lemuria

In this post I will show more proof of Atlantis and Lemuria. I’m not giving you what I see in visions or dreams.  I am simply giving you the history of different people around the world.  I will start in the African continent.  Africa has some very ancient people.  Africa is full of traditions, fables, myths and allegories.  It also has some very ancient symbols.  There is an indigenous people and some people who have been there a very long time, but did not originate in Africa.  

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The Gods of Atlantis and Lemuria

When Atlantis and Lemuria sank the survivors scattered around the world.  The Mayans say sixty million people died in Lemuria during the cataclysm that sank Atlantis and Lemuria.  I can’t find a record of how many died in Atlantis.  There were survivors.  If there wasn’t survivors we would not be here today.  Let’s look at just who the survivors were.  

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More Records of Atlantis and Lemuria

Plato’s Atlantis is just a fragment of truth, but we can’t base truth on fragments. We must get proof from elsewhere. The Atlantis described by Plato was an advanced culture and empire. It excelled in art, literature and science. Plato never describes Lemuria and he only talks about the fall of Atlantis after describing it. This is why I get more of the story from the Americas. In this post I will show more information from China and India.

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Atlantean and Lemurian Records in America

The name Atlantis does not come from Egypt, Greece or any other ancient society on that side of the world. The root ATL comes from the Mayans and was the name of one of their months. The glyph for ATL is a deluge. The story of Atlantis is told in pictures in the ancient Mayan texts. The dragon in the sky is shooting water out its mouth and the god of death is dancing on the earth. The Chinese have texts that say the previous world was destroyed by water. Sir Francis Bacon said that the new Atlantis was America. Tables of Enoch give the story of Atlantis in Egypt.

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Every human is trying to adjust the world to themselves.  We are selfish creatures and we hate change.  We should be trying to adjust ourselves to Nature instead of trying to make her adjust to our broken minds.  Our minds are broken.  Some way more than others.  We need to put our minds back together.  This is the key to your health, happiness and wealth.  

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Living the Mystical Experience

Alarmism is everywhere in our society.  I hear people are waking up because of the alarmism.  I only see people gong into despair.  Waking up is the discovery of truths.   Things that are true to life.  Knowing these truths makes you stronger.  It gives you the strength to do what you know is right.  People can not stand up to what they know is right because they lack inner courage and inner integration.  If a persons inner world is chaotic their world will be chaotic.  

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