Saint Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s day is the day people celebrate St. Patrick. He is the British born missionary who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. Why are we celebrating a foreigner going into  Ireland and enforcing his will on the people? St. Patrick’s parents were not Irish either, they were Roman. I have always said that everything goes back to Egypt and this holiday is no exception. Continue reading “Saint Patrick’s Day”


Most of us start Magic to find love, make more money or to just make our life better.  Once we fulfill our desires the only thing left to do is to turn the Magic on ourselves.  We make our selves a better person by stopping bad habits, fulfilling our full potential or just becoming a better version of ourselves.  To do this you must kick the ego off of its throne.  

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The Watchers

The zodiac was very important to the ancients.  They were very proud of the constellations.  The constellations are not a random group of mythical characters.  They all have meaning.  They are all in the correct place.  All of their names explain what they do and they are adjacent to certain characters for a reason.  The zodiac and constellations have been around since the beginning of humans.  Certain civilizations wrote them down and made them into what they wanted them to be.  Others made star maps on the ground that are just now being rediscovered.   

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Mother Father Archetype

People today have very little personal creativity.  They follow and only follow.  Our world today fears the individual.  If someone is different they are looked down upon.  Our entire economy is based on people following orders.  This is tribalism.   In the ancient world you served the society by becoming an individual.  This way they could release the best part of themselves to society from their own creative life.   Today we force the external on the internal and we limit  creativity.  

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Truth vs Opinion

Truth means a fact about something.  When we try to apply truth to a condition it is our reality experienced in illumination.  Truth is complete truth knowing.  Very few people know truth or have achieved truth.  We as humans can’t comprehend truth.  We throw the term truth around and we don’t even know what it really means. We can look around on a rainy day and say, “Its raining”.  We would not be wrong.  This kind of truth is called a fact.  Many things are factual.  Facts don’t stimulate us.  We can accumulate facts forever and achieve an encyclopedic mind, but these facts will not make you happy.   Facts are static.  They will not challenge you.  

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Genetic Manipulation

There was an advanced civilization on the world before.   Plato even states it.  Solon and ancient Egypt  state that there were several advanced civilizations.  All the Native Americans state it.  All our ancient civilizations were building shrines, palaces and temples.  Everyone of them around the globe.  They traded among each other and they had a global mercantile system.  Their arts and crafts were very advanced and they had scientific knowledge that they abused.  Just like we are doing today.  What our idiot elites today don’t understand is that these civilizations were destroyed by the gods for this abuse.  

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People do not understand law.  I am all for having law and order.  This defund the police movement the past couple years is all from ignorance.  What we really need is people to understand law.  If you understand how the law actually works it can help you and protect you. When I first took a law class, this was in bold print on the board when I walked in ”Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.    If you really wanted to make changes in this world then we would need to defund the politicians.  

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The First Woke Prince

Im going to give fair warning here.  If you have deep religious convictions or deep ‘woke’ convictions proceed at your own risk.  This post is going to be quite surprising for the right and the left.  It will show how our true history has been hidden from us.  The right is having a tantrum about the woke movement and the left are trying to force the  woke movement down our throats.  This post is not a political post.  It will be a post to show both sides that this is not the first time in history this has happened.  As a matter of fact Im going to show you who the most famous person in history was that had his own woke movement.  Who was this person?  The world knows him as Jesus Christ.  

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What’s This Life For?

The general market level of the world is that you can have some kind of perfect life.  You can have all kinds of leisure and pleasure.  Do cool things and go cool places all the time.  Meet perfect people. Any type of utopia you can dream up.   Pleasure and leisure has a space in life.  If someone thinks physical pleasure has no space they do not understand life.  Its all part of this experience.  What I want to show you is that pleasure, leisure and ego are over rated.  Whatever it is you take pleasure in, women, men, booze, drugs, watching television, traveling, eating, video games, sports, shopping etc. you will remember these experiences about as much as you remember all the fast food meals you have eaten.  So if you know pleasure and leisure are temporary, why do it at all?  If your pleasure is momentary, what’s the point?  If you work at something to make a life for yourself, where is the meaning?  If you have helped others or have worked on yourself your whole life and then you die, what’s the point? This post will be about dealing with that conundrum.  The reason why we are on this planet is not what most think.  

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Mind Driven

To understand humans you must understand the mind.  Humans are mind driven.  Everything that they do arises from their own thoughts.  They develop opinions, ideologies and beliefs that become the dominate forces in their personality.  Yet most have no understanding as to what the mind really is or understand how to use it.  People think the mind is a great computer.  That they can program and educate it and they will be successful.  This post will show you that this is not the case.  The human mind is not good. It was a mind created from an evil act.  The human mind is immoral at best.  

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