Saint Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s day is the day people celebrate St. Patrick. He is the British born missionary who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. Why are we celebrating a foreigner going into  Ireland and enforcing his will on the people? St. Patrick’s parents were not Irish either, they were Roman. I have always said that everything goes back to Egypt and this holiday is no exception.

I was going to do a post on St. Patrick himself, but the history of him has been monopolized by the church. Everything we know about him and his history is basically from his writings after he became a bishop. I have found some ancient texts that say he burned pagan books, but that is no surprise with the history of Christianity. I find it amusing that researchers scratch their heads about him casting out all the serpents from Ireland. Ireland has never been known to have snakes. The serpent is code for intelligent people. Most of the intelligent people were Druids or Witches. He either ran them off, converted them or killed them. If they were converted they weren’t serpents in the first place and given the history of Christianity I have no doubt he burned them with the books. He didn’t just become a bishop in the fifth century by converting people. In the Thesaurus Paleohibernicus it states “Patrick fought the Druids with a hard heart and crushed the proud”.

St. Patrick’s day first began during the revolutionary war. Britain and America were both trying to rally their troops and several had Irish ancestry. It was mainly a celebration by protestants. General George Washington declared that March 17, 1780 become a national holiday. Washington proclaimed “it was an act of solidarity with the Irish in their fight for independence”. This was the first holiday the soldiers had in two years. Washington and most of the American army were Masons. Masonry goes all the way back to Egypt. This was the beginning of St. Patrick’s day in America. In Ireland, St. Patrick’s day was always a religious holiday. Up until the 70’s the Irish government even had laws that closed pubs on March 17. It was in 1995 that the Irish government used St. Patrick’s day as a way to drive tourism and showcase Ireland.

Now that you know where the modern-day celebration comes from, let’s look at where this holiday originated. First thing I stumbled on was March 17 was a day of celebration in Rome for Bacchus. Bacchus is the Greek Dionysus. If you have read my Green Man post you know that Dionysus is Greek’s version of Osiris. Although this holiday in Rome and Greece started out with a lot of boozing and sex, it actually became a family holiday when it was given the name Liberalia. Today’s celebration is pretty close to the way Liberalia was celebrated. Since Dionysus was Osiris we need to head to Egypt to see why this holiday is so special.

If you haven’t read my earlier posts Leprechaun and Patriarch Pharaohs, you may want to check them out so you can understand the Irish-Egypt connection. Osiris was killed on the 17th day of Aythyr, the third month in the ancient Egyptian calendar. The 17th is supposed to be the day St. Patrick died. Come to find out they don’t know when this minor saint died. They don’t even know his real name. It is guessed that his real name was Maewyn Succat. That sounds like a mighty fine Irish name to me. Hell they don’t even know when he was born, but they can look at these made up books and say for a fact that he saved Ireland. How can all the historians before me not have uncovered this?

So the 17th of the third month is Osiris’ day. Everyone thinks Osiris is King of the Dead, when in truth he is King of the Underworld(See Osiris). The celebration for Osiris included lots of beer. Egypt loved beer, they had at least eight different types of beer. Osiris was the guardian of beer because he was the god of the sacred grain(emmer and barley). Many temples served bread and beer. They recently discovered what looks to be an ancient  bakery near the Great Pyramid.  Egyptologist are saying it was a place to feed the slaves with bread and beer. First of all, slaves did not build the pyramids.  Second, why would they be feeding them the food of the gods? The Great Pyramid is the biggest temple in the world. They had religious festivals in front of it and served bread and beer. This is why the catholics have beer at every festival. Christianity is pure Lower Egyptian.

Even the corned beef and cabbage is Egyptian. Discovering that corned beef and cabbage were served at the Osiris festival tells me that this is pure Lower Egyptian. The Upper Egyptians saw the cow or bull as sacred and did not eat beef. The Lower Egyptians did not hold the cow sacred and ate it. It all had to do with the sun moving out of Taurus and going into Aries. This is what the Egyptians were fighting over. Yes, this is the stupidity that religions fight over. Cabbage was grown in Egypt during the winter and used it to control intoxication at feasts. It worked so well the Romans and Greeks ate a lot of cabbage before drinking, so they could drink more alcohol without feeling the side effects.

The Egyptian festivals went to Ireland and Scotland with Scota, an Egyptian princess. The church took these festivals away and made them boring religious holidays. The Freemason’s brought the festival back knowing the true history. St. Patrick’s day is the celebration of Osiris. The root for Patrick is ‘pater”, the latin word meaning father. Osiris was the father in the Egyptian Trinity of Osiris, Isis and Horus. I personally think it is a lot better to celebrate Osiris than a person who killed a bunch of serpents. Then again maybe I am bias.

Happy St. Osiris Day

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