The Truth Shop

I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the name of the shop:  THE TRUTH SHOP.

The sales woman was very polite: What type of truth did I wish to purchase, partial or whole?  The whole truth, of course.  No deceptions for me, no defenses, no rationalizations.  I wanted my truth plain and unadulterated.  She waved me to the another side of the store.  

The salesman pointed to the price tag.  “The price is very high, sir,” he said.  “What is it?” I asked, determined to get the whole truth, no matter what it cost.  “Your security, sir,” he answered.  

I came away with a heavy heart.  I still need the safety of my unquestioned beliefs.  

                                                                                                            – Anthony De Mello

2 thoughts on “The Truth Shop”

  1. Great allegory for thought, G Serpent. Simply ignoring the truths or facts and thinking your life will be more comfortable can never be bliss, rather it is the root cause of the misery in today’s world.

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