Most of us start Magic to find love, make more money or to just make our life better.  Once we fulfill our desires the only thing left to do is to turn the Magic on ourselves.  We make our selves a better person by stopping bad habits, fulfilling our full potential or just becoming a better version of ourselves.  To do this you must kick the ego off of its throne.  

When I say to kick the ego off of its throne I don’t mean you destroy it.  You will never get rid of the ego.  I mean that you don’t let the ego control you anymore.  The ego is very polarized.  By getting yourself depolarized it helps with not letting the ego have control.  With all the narcissism in this world, why do you think it is desirable to get rid of the ego?  Because the ego is tied to polarity.  When the ego is in charge it is very easy to get you to move just by defending or offending the ego.  If you are controlled by your ego it makes it very easy for someone else to control you just by the use of polarity.   The ego limits your perspective.  It is very narcissistic.  It is all about me, me, me.  The more egocentric you are, the more difficult it is to see another perspective other than your own.  

The world has an ego problem.  There is an epidemic of narcissism happening all over the world.  What is narcissism?  It is when everything is all about yourself.  It’s the fall of Lucifer.   He fell because of his pride.  For those who think the devil has took control of the world only need to see all the narcissism to believe they are correct.  People are incredibly narcissistic.  You must get yourself to the point that you will not let people encourage or dissuade you from doing what you want to do.  You do this by making things habits.  When you start doing something it is very important to be consistent and see things through.  It is very easy to quit when people are talking down to you or not going along.  On the opposite side it is very easy to get an inflated ego if people are praising you all the time.  

Just think about how narcissistic our world is.  All the social media is there to stroke the ego of whoever posts something.  Everyone is look at me!  It is all fake and it is having an opposite effect on a lot of people.  The confidence of some people is rock bottom because they are looking at this fake narcissistic crap and believing that is that person’s wonderful life.  Then thinking their own life sucks.  You should not care what the hell someone is eating!  Who the hell is so fascinating that you need to know what they are eating?  We see something that is beautiful or amazing and we don’t just take a picture of it.  We have to take a selfie.  How narcissistic is that?  We are so narcissistic that we have people watch our reaction of us listening or watching something.  As if it matters!   Look at me!  Being so narcissistic is a real problem for our world and our development as humans.  This is why Magic helps you get rid of the ego.  Being egotistic is how we get cancel culture.  Cancel culture is the ego out of control.   All forms of tyranny is the ego out of control.   When a person with a little bit of power can’t stand how others our doing something, they have to either ruin it or get rid of the people doing it.  That is the ego.  When the ego becomes over inflated it becomes narcissistic.  Exactly what we have in the world today.  

The only way to fix things is to work on yourself.  Get rid of the ego.  When your ego is not in control you will not want to be around others whose ego is in control.  Being a narcissist is nurtured and rewarded in our society.  Using the filters on your photos is to appeal to your narcissism.  We will never get the ego under control unless you get it under control on a personal level.  Work on yourself for your own self betterment not because you want others to like you or praise you.  Think of how many problems could be solved if people could just let go of their ego for one minute or if we made our politicians not be narcissistic.  Stop wanting attention every single second.  We are only here for a short time.  Living up to a fake life or wanting to be like someone else is exhausting.  Live an authentic life.   You will find its much less narcissistic and you will have a lot more energy.  

Don’t just turn the page! Quit playing the star! Become who you were meant to be!

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