The Watchers

The zodiac was very important to the ancients.  They were very proud of the constellations.  The constellations are not a random group of mythical characters.  They all have meaning.  They are all in the correct place.  All of their names explain what they do and they are adjacent to certain characters for a reason.  The zodiac and constellations have been around since the beginning of humans.  Certain civilizations wrote them down and made them into what they wanted them to be.  Others made star maps on the ground that are just now being rediscovered.   

In order for star maps to be made in the past the people had to have an understanding of the cosmos and its movements.  They also would have too had an understanding of navigation.  They would have to understand where all the stars were on different points on the globe.  Some civilizations painted zodiacs on walls inside temples and caves.  Others built the zodiac symbols around where they lived so you could see the  map from the sky.  These were living maps because they were built right into the earth.  Like Serpent Mound in Ohio.  Unless idiotic humans have destroyed these effigy mounds they are still all over the world.  The ancients did not just find a spot on the Earth and think “That looks like one of my constellations, so I will use that mountain or lake”.  They built it!   The analog clocks and watches that young people can’t read are star maps.  Just like they can’t read analog clocks we can’t read the zodiac. The ancients just used the Earth herself to make their clocks or time stamps. Every megalithic site is a star map.  

All of these sites were created the way they were to make the knowledge last.  What knowledge were they trying to preserve?  Time.  It was to preserve history.  Alexander the Great wore the rams helmet to show he was a ruler in Aries.  This way we could accurately place him in a certain period.  Anytime you see the bull horns it means something happened in the age of Taurus.  They also used the motions of the heavens for daily, weekly and yearly time.  The Roman Emperors had the legal authority to change time.  They would do this to their advantage.  The leaders made people vulnerable to them by controlling time.  

Who created these star maps and showed us time?  The Book of Enoch says that these angels came down to watch over humans and they call them the Watchers.  This is all wrong!  Once again I have to set history straight.  The Watchers were the people who built these star maps. It is why we wear a watch.  Were they alien?  I think so.  They were the ones who made the zodiac, the star maps and all megalithic sites.  They also tried to find the brightest among us to leave this knowledge too.  Problem was that the brightest infant in the maternity ward is still an infant!  They had to pick out the brightest of the simpletons.  The Watchers were the time keepers. Today we don’t have the brightest simpletons in charge.  We have the most crooked simpletons in charge.    

How did they use the stars to tell time?   Jupiter’s orbit is 12 years so it spends 1 of our years in each constellation.  Mar’s orbit is 2 years so it spends 2 months in each constellation.  So you see, they had to have knowledge of the other planets and their orbits.  Where did that come from?  Our simpleton scientists stroke out when I ask that question.  When the ancients  told time they would use the stages of the moon and the position of the planets by saying what constellation they were in.  This time would be the same all over the world.  It was a global time.  Hence a global civilization.  The ancients understood time and knew it was important to keep up with it.  Every ancient civilization had people who were said to have mapped the stars.  The Mayans had observatories.  These were the Watchers or the ones who received the knowledge from the Watchers.  

How old are the star maps?  If archeologist would just look at the position of the stars built on the ground they could see when they were built. Just by going back and seeing when those stars were in that position.   They don’t want to do this because when they do it brings up some dates they do not want to admit too.  See Ancient Sites.  All our myths are giving time stamps as to when things happened.  If a Minotaur is in a myth it is showing that whatever happened in the myth happed at a time between Gemini and Taurus. See Minotaur.  They also got cheeky with some of the myth characters with Centaurs which means ‘bull slayer’.  Centaurs in myths means it happened at the end of Taurus and beginning of Aries.  With twins in a myth the story happened in the time of Gemini.  The stars are our time stamps.  

The zodiac was made  on an incredible cosmic scale of space, time and comprehension.  It shows the capabilities of the ancients.  It has been maintained over time even with idiotic humans trying to corrupt it.  It gives us a connection with the ancients.  The zodiac is the most precious ancient artifact on Earth.  This is why they have destroyed so many of them in the Americas.  We are not allowed to learn our true history.  The zodiac is an ancient time keeper created by the Watchers.  It is a big watch in the sky.  

10 thoughts on “The Watchers”

  1. There are those that believe the Earth is spinning 1000 mph flying away from what was known as the Big Bang. All matter is still flying away from that explosion.
    Whatever is, IS.
    I live in a simulation


    1. I don’t like the Big Bang theory but we do not live in a simulation. A simulation says selfhood is artificial. A simulation says nature is not real and the artificial is more important than the real. This thought is giving rise to plastic people. The dead plastic person does not mind being surrounded by cyborgs. As long as they smile on cue.
      We can not push a button and control real people or nature and we don’t like it. So we ignore them. Nature and life operate by their own rules. No amount of Disney dreaming and thinking will change that. Simulations are one dimensional. Reality is not. This is why suicides are up. Tech is for the dead. People would rather feel dead than real.


  2. Göbekli Tepe in Turkey is one of those sites that is proving to be an Ancient Star Map that the archeologist will overlook, and history books will not reference. For example, the Vulture Stone or Pillar 43 is documenting the time date of the pillar at 10,950 BC or the pillars of Enclosure D was built when the sun was at the spring equinox was in Leo, 9600 BC. Throughout the world, more and more of these sites are constantly being found.

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