Most of us start Magic to find love, make more money or to just make our life better.  Once we fulfill our desires the only thing left to do is to turn the Magic on ourselves.  We make our selves a better person by stopping bad habits, fulfilling our full potential or just becoming a better version of ourselves.  To do this you must kick the ego off of its throne.  

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The Watchers

The zodiac was very important to the ancients.  They were very proud of the constellations.  The constellations are not a random group of mythical characters.  They all have meaning.  They are all in the correct place.  All of their names explain what they do and they are adjacent to certain characters for a reason.  The zodiac and constellations have been around since the beginning of humans.  Certain civilizations wrote them down and made them into what they wanted them to be.  Others made star maps on the ground that are just now being rediscovered.   

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