Mother Father Archetype

People today have very little personal creativity.  They follow and only follow.  Our world today fears the individual.  If someone is different they are looked down upon.  Our entire economy is based on people following orders.  This is tribalism.   In the ancient world you served the society by becoming an individual.  This way they could release the best part of themselves to society from their own creative life.   Today we force the external on the internal and we limit  creativity.  

Our relationships in society today is a dominance society.  We only do what we are told.  One person leads and all others follow.  If someone else tries to lead it creates a fight.  We don’t want to see creativity in others unless we can dominate it.  We have a gross misconception of freedom.  Freedom to us is the right to dominate others.  Freedom is the right to express self.  We think self expression must always curtail the expression of someone else. We think we must impose our ideas on others.  Creativity is not just an expression of yourself.  It is Nature expressing  itself  through you.   Greatness flows from one source.  

You have a self.  It is your core.  Your self identity.  It is your center of self acceptance.  It is your light.  It dims and it gets brighter.  Today I wonder if anyone has any light left.  Self is in the middle of an ocean of all that is not self.  Self is not a thing, it is ‘the’ thing.  The ocean is the ocean of consciousness.  When you tell someone everyone is doing something, you are really saying everyone who thinks like me is doing something.  When we try to think for ourselves we are very unsure of ourselves because we never have thought for ourselves.  By not thinking for ourselves we always have someone else to blame.  This reveals how weak we really are.  The problem with letting others think for us is that anything can be true.  If we let that which is not true become true, like what is happening today,  fear takes over.  Fear is from ignorance.  This is the root cause of not being creative.   It is mysterious.  Because it’s mysterious we fear it.  

You are here because of everything that has happened in history.  All the good and the bad together is a vast flood.  This flood is a tsunami on the self.  Your self sinks down to the bottom of the conscious ocean like Atlantis and Lemuria.  There is stays under the flood and storms of external pressures.  We all experience outside pressures.  All the unreasonable and illogical pressures.  We all move from these pressures and biological drives.  We never learn how to release our own personal power.  This unconscious control from history and today is where the archetypal father and mother come from.  The mother being everything in the subconscious and the father being everything in the ego conscious.  Pressures from both of these rob us of our creativity.  They can spoil us, make it too easy for us, or they can be so strict they tie us down.  

Right now we want to destroy history.  What is old is destroyed and what is today will be destroyed tomorrow.  We are worshipping the new.  All of this is psychic rebellion.  It is your self trying to express itself.  We goto the extreme when we have been tied down.  Just as most kids who get out on their own for the first time goto the extreme with their new found freedom.  All of these political shenanigans and irresponsibility going on is from people who have never expressed their true self.  All the condemnation and criticism is because they don’t know how to psychologically act.   You must slay the dragon before you get the treasure.  Problem is we don’t know how to slay the dragon.  Instead of releasing creativity we are releasing violence.  We think if we burn down the house we get rid of the rat in the basement.  

The natural state of Nature is creativity.  In order to experience God or the Goddess you must experience creativity.  This opens a world of possibilities.  Escape the cradle, which is acceptance, and use your creativity.  When you do something it results in experience.  Experience is positive for the true self.  That which we accept, learn, watch or read and do not apply does not give us experience.  It makes us fall back into the collective.  Look at all gods and goddesses as you.  They are all in you.  Have influence over yourself.  Make a religion of your own personal religion.  

When civilizations fall everyone blames the enemy.  No one blames the people of those civilizations that fell.   The enemy is only the mirror of what is happening internally of the people.  It is only appearing to come from the outside.  The blame needs to be on the parents.  Not the physical parents but the archetypal parents.   Have you lived a spoiled life or a life that is very strict?  I mean by whats going on inside you.  Your inner life.  I found that mine had been very strict and I didn’t think I was deserving of great things.  If you have a spoiled internal life then you will not budge because you feel too comfortable.  Things that make you uncomfortable, you will not do.  This is why the ancients came up with the mother and father archetypes.   I have said may of times we are infants.  The ancients knew this and its why they use the mother and father.  Get them to work together in balance.  Get them to be fair.  Get your mind to encourage you in something you enjoy doing.  Get your mind to have limits but show respect.  Your mind should support you and let you have a range of experiences.  It should also teach you responsibility and independence.  Lastly it should be loving and forgiving.  If you can get your mind to do this, you will surprise yourself at what you can achieve.    

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