Truth vs Opinion

Truth means a fact about something.  When we try to apply truth to a condition it is our reality experienced in illumination.  Truth is complete truth knowing.  Very few people know truth or have achieved truth.  We as humans can’t comprehend truth.  We throw the term truth around and we don’t even know what it really means. We can look around on a rainy day and say, “Its raining”.  We would not be wrong.  This kind of truth is called a fact.  Many things are factual.  Facts don’t stimulate us.  We can accumulate facts forever and achieve an encyclopedic mind, but these facts will not make you happy.   Facts are static.  They will not challenge you.  

Reality is often used in place of truth.  Reality is not a matter of perception.  Reality is the nature of the thing as it is.  It can exist without us being aware of it.  It can exist even if we don’t comprehend it.  Reality is unchanging.  It is a core fact, but more than a common fact.  Reality is the actual nature of something.   Most of us see illusions.  Illusions are what something appears to be.  Appearances are not real.  They are a fantasy.  As the ancient Greeks wrote, “The nature of being is the reality.  The nature of seeming is the illusion”.  

This world is full of partial or half truths and all out lies.  Our facts are not sufficient and our reality is not discoverable.  Truth is hidden from the masses.  Governments, science, art, philosophies, policies and education  are all in a process of becoming.  Yet we take these things to be truth.  They are far from perfect.  Perfection of knowledge is the exhaustion of ignorance.  When there is no ignorance left about something then it becomes fact.   Humans can not grasp true reality.  The only way to do that is to exhaust unreality.  We used to believe the Earth was flat, some still do.  We used to believe the Earth was the center of the Universe.  We recovered from ignorance in figuring out the truth.  It took a long time but we achieved knowledge.  The reason why it is so hard to know the truth is because ignorance is a kind of knowing.  It is knowing something that is wrong, but it is knowing.  The most certain people in this world are the most ignorant.  The expansion of knowledge only comes from accepting the fact that we are wrong.  This is why it is so difficult.  We can’t admit we are wrong.  

We will never know truth until we out grow wanting to always be right.  To out grow ignorance we must recognize it.  Because our lives are full of error and our world is full of lies we can’t let go of our convictions.  A reactionary person or someone who gets triggered easily clings to what they think they know.  There are people who try to move forward, but for the most part they are wrong too.  What we have is people trying to deny each others opinions.  Truth and opinion are bond together in this world.  Knowledge and ignorance both are not absolute.  Everything you research has a certain amount of truth and a certain amount of untruth in it.  They are entangled so tightly we usually can’t separate them, so we continue to cling to lies.  We even support them because of the partial truths we have already figured out.  This brings us all kinds of problems.  We come to our conclusions with information that is partly right and partly wrong.  We think that if we are right in something we are right in everything.  It can’t be us who is wrong.  It is everyone else.  Our immature minds can not correct themselves.  

Opinions are sustained because they are convenient.  Truth opposes our own personal likes and dislikes.  Truth is usually not what someone hopes it will be or wishes it to be.  There is a constant war between our immature mind and a mature reality.  We have trouble adapting to reality.  We don’t do it on purpose.  Everything about this world is to keep you from adapting to reality.  Keep our minds immature.  You must be kept in a state of ignorance.  This is why opinions dominate this world.  When you cling to your opinions too tight you get stupidity.  In stupidity it doesn’t matter how much truth you show the stupid person will always be right.   Truth is so inconvenient people will not look at it.  Ignorance and stupidity causes selfishness.  Selfishness is self interest.  Self interest always goes against reality.  A selfish person is relying on the weakest element in reality to prove they are right, themself.  A wise person is not self centered they are truth centered.  The only way a person can mature is that when they are confronted by the truth, the self loses and the truth wins.  We don’t like to face an opponent that is as formidable as the truth, so we face others opinions.  

The enemy of truth is opinion.  Opinions can only survive with stubbornness.  A person who is wrong will have an unhappy relationship with reality.  When this happens they suffer.  This makes their life go very badly.   Things they have built or found start to fail.  If they have a business it goes bankrupt.  They lose their family because of errors in themselves.  A system built on opinion breeds a toxic culture.  It can produce generation after generation of misery.  If we can’t realize this we will continue to suffer.  When things go wrong there is something wrong with what is administering the things.  An individual can’t be right all their life and be miserable all their life.  Civilizations do not fall because they are right.  Something has to be wrong.  In life when we make a mistake we are given a slight warning, but most of the time we neglect the warnings.  We don’t recognize that our suffering is from our opinions being wrong.  So we go on doing the same thing until misery smacks us so hard that we can’t not see are  doing things wrong. I think the world is about to get one of those smacks.    

Everything has an archetypal pattern.  Everything has rules.  A mechanic has to follow rules or the car won’t run.  The electrician has to follow rules or he could seriously hurt himself.   The plumber has to follow rules or you get leaks.  Everything in Nature has laws.  Nature is constantly evolving.  When Nature makes a mistake the mistake does not survive long.  Humans however perpetuate their mistakes.  Humans actually bolster and brag about their mistakes.   Anything to keep from admitting they made a mistake.  Sooner or later it will collapse.  We need to understand that nothing we humans create is perfectly done.  No matter what our opinion is on it, nothing is perfect.   It will not last forever.  The fewer the errors there are in it the longer it will last, but eventually it will collapse.  We can not make a perfect government that will last forever.  We can not create a remedy that will last forever.  Whatever we invent or create will eventually fall.  We must understand we live in a universe of incompleteness.  If we didn’t live in a universe of incompleteness scientists would stop trying to discover or find solutions.  I wouldn’t have to show how inadequate the human mind is.  Religions wouldn’t be trying to save us and politicians wouldn’t be exploiting our ignorance.  All of this is because our world is imperfect.  We are weak with our opinions.  We are strong with our truths and reality.  

We are imperfect.  That is why we make up stories about Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Odin, Quetzalcoatl, etc. being divine.  Because we know if they weren’t no one would believe them.  We know we are stupid!  The human mind can not understand more than what it is.  We can’t be perfect.  To discover something better something needs to be done to our mind.  The mind is divided.  There is a continual war going on in our mind.  We think in polarities.   If we think something is good the opposite must be bad.  If something seems true to us the opposite must be untrue.  So we become competitive.  Just because you don’t like a certain type of music does not mean it is bad.  We just make it competitive and try to get others to like our type of music.  We do everything this way.  Everything we like or dislike is on the basis of authority or tradition.  We don’t experience much for ourself.  If we don’t like something, that is it.  We don’t try to learn about what we don’t like.  We just don’t like it.  We have people combating something that is not their own.  They are using their courage and strength to fight for something that was implanted in their mind.  What humans call truth and opinions is simply acceptances and rejections.  It’s that simple.        

In order to find the truth we can’t assume that our own point of view is right.  We can’t think that what we are taught is truth.  We can’t divide the world into everything else and ourself.  You have to understand that what we accept is familiar and what we reject is unfamiliar.  The more we learn about what we reject the more uncertain we will become.  In this way we become more tolerant. The only way to get away from polarity is to see we are all manufactured by Nature.  All of our differences are imaginary.  Yet we become addicted to these differences. All competition and division in Nature is artificial.  We must create a unity in our mind.  Truth and opinion has become good and bad.  It is why we have so many religions.  All religions are illusions.  They are the misunderstanding of things.  They are reality being misinterpreted.  All because the individual who created them didn’t have the insight to interpret reality correctly.  

Our misunderstandings are intentional.  We just don’t realize it.  We cling to our illusions and opinions because we want to, not because we have to.  Something in our DNA prefers opinions over truth.  We are unbalanced.  We want to live immediately.  We want instant gratification.  We want it all now.  We want recognition.  We want to lead and dominate others.  We want our own way.  Now!  We have to justify all of this by distorting the universe.  We must refuse to see things.  We must misinterpret the things we do see.  We must accept lies.  We agree with people not because they are right, but because they think like us.  This way we justify ourself.  We must sacrifice reality for getting what we want right now.  This is why our idiot leaders will stop at nothing.  They know things will end in disaster, but they want what they want right now.  Even though every person in history who has acted like they are acting has ended up in disaster they think it will be different for them.  The laws of Nature do not apply to them.  

We must detach ourselves from our own ambitions.  We do not need to be in pain constantly to grow.  We may choose to do so, but we don’t have to.  When you fight your own errors you are fighting with a dull sword.  You might succeed in stopping one problem, but five more sprout up.     Once you give up this fight against yourself you let go of ignorance.  Truth begins to find room to move through you.  We live in a world that values lies over truth.  Truth is lonely, but I can assure you that it’s not because people don’t want to be around you.  They want to be around you, but they have to find the truth in themselves first.  Im always told that there is something about me that people can’t quite put their finger on.  I just smile when Im told this or when I get those looks.  One day when they find the truth in themselves they will know me.  Until then I will be the the thing that makes them comfortable, but they don’t know why.  The familiar thing they used to love, but don’t know exactly what it is.  The thing they want but they forgot what it is.  Eventually they will find it and I will be recognizable.  Only balance knows balance.  Only truth recognizes truth.  Only love knows love and can make love.  

Truth and opinion are at two ends of the polarized scale.  The real thing is always in balance.  The illusion is they are always opposed to each other.  Unity is oneness.  To be one in yourself you need to relax the pressures of separateness away until unity reveals itself.  Allow your separateness to go to sleep.  Unity is peace.  You can not escape polarity, but you can balance them so you are not torn by them.  We keep thinking that someone will pull us together and lead us to peace on earth.  We can not do this until we do it in ourselves.  We must learn to not be under tension or without tension.  It has to be balanced.  If we are too comfortable there is no growth.  If we are too uncomfortable there is no growth.  Most in Yoga try to get out of their body consciousness.  You can’t do this.  You must balance body and mind.  Balance is the key.  Getting out of material consciousness is dying.  When you die this world will fall away and another will appear.  Because your consciousness has changed.  We humans are all in on material consciousness.  What we tune into we see.  What we are not tuned into we can’t see.  You must balance the consciousness to see what is real.  Otherwise you will lose your emotions and feelings.  You must be the observer and the observed.  You must contemplate and be contemplated.  Duality and polarization is built right into the divine.  Balance is the key but staying in the middle is stagnation.  Use the poles for movement and growth, but you must be able to balance to heal.  

We can not have endless peace.   We can not have an ocean of serenity forever.   We can not have the end of all doubt and fear.  We can not have timelessness.  You can not have complete bliss and delight. We will not have a utopia or an endless nothingness.  These idiot are on drugs.  There is no growth with out duality.  Nature is dynamic and is forever moving and growing.  Overcoming duality is the heaven of New Agers.   Seek wholeness.  Be dynamic.  Our minds are polarized, but we can balance them.  Nature becomes polarized at times, but balances out.  That is what storms are.  Recognizing we are wrong is the beginning of realizing we are right.  In this world we have truth and opinion. Good and evil are only different degrees of our beliefs. The so called opposites are only degrees of the same thing.    

Let’s take a look at our relationship with others.   We say things like “This is my wife.  This is my husband.  This is my daughter.  This is my son.  This is my friend. etc..”  If it is ours we have the right to do with it what we please.   If you do this you will destroy who they really are.  Yet we do it because we see ownership in others.  We must realize that others belong to themselves.  Even if it is our child we helped create the body, but the soul or spirit that inhabits it belongs to themselves.  Here is a half truth.  Why not find out what the truth is?  All truths depend on the time and situation.  We are all united in life.  In a mysterious way all parents and child are one.  The stranger, the enemy, the friend, the child, the lover, the leader and the student are all set up by conditions in life.  All of these different people arise from one.  We all belong to ourselves and we all come from the one.  All relationships are identity.  All things are one thing.  Without the realization of the one, all identities and relationships are illusionary.  Understand that everyone is a manifestation of the eternal.  Then and only then will all relationships become fair and understanding.  The universe is infinite growth.  Therefore we all have the responsibility of growing.  All things that exist are manifesting the all.  Because it  has poles and duality we have poles and duality.  You do not need to worship this all.  Through growing you worship it because as you grow it grows.  When we understand we have grown. 

 Whatever degree of truth we have is good.  Truth will never cause something to get worse.  Truth may make us feel uncomfortable, but it is only our selfishness that is uncomfortable. Wherever you have truth you have strength and security.  Wherever you have illusions something must and will go wrong.  Opinions cause a rise of differences.  Wherever there is opinions there is a loss of insight.  With opinions, when you make a mistake prejudices arise.  Truth is free of all prejudices and deceit.  Looking for truth you can guide your own way to greater realizations.  Truth always leads to a happier ending and it produces the best fruit.  People today need to work out  tensions and pressures within themselves or they will destroy themselves.  Tension is polarized energy fighting with itself.  Pressure is reality being present and unreality fighting this presence.  Reality never fights anything. Unreality is always fighting.  Reality and truth don’t need to fight.  They can never be beaten, so you don’t need to defend them.  They can only be achieved.  

All these religions and governments nurse your littleness.  Having nursed your littleness long enough you discover tension.  The tension is the higher self within you.  The life within.  It is trying to manifest in a reality that wants to misrepresent it all day everyday and all night every night.  Whenever our higher self tries to form some kind of reality we begin to cut this reality down.  We try to distort it until it fits some little purpose of our own.   We find other people who agree with us, go to political rallies or anything that will show a certain fact or truth is wrong.  We can try anything we want, but we will never defeat this mysterious vibration, power, and energy in ourselves.  Inside of us all there is something full of peace and love.  It can not be refused.   This power moving out into our self-centeredness turns the average person’s life into a battlefield.  It is the good in you.  It is there.  It is reality.  It can not be taken away.  But all around this light there is distorting beliefs.  As it breaks these beliefs the individual is hurt.  The light cast itself into some dark area revealing facts, truth and reality and the individual is hurt.  Everywhere there is a struggle between reality and illusion, truth and opinion.  It is the struggle between life and your mind, emotions and body resisting life.  Your mind wants life to be what you say it is.  Life remains exactly how it is and beats the mind.  Your emotions want to make life do what you want it to do.  Life punishes the emotions because you are not going to make life do what you think you are going to make it do.  Your body thinks it can do whatever it wants and remain healthy.  Your body wants to waste the energy given to it.  Nature and life energy will not fulfill these demands.  Life fulfills its purpose.  The body will become broken if it opposes life.  Opposing life is opposing truth.  This isolates the person from the universe or their higher self.  Only when the person admits their life is opinions and not truth will the higher self establish itself in your reality.  

Nature has not departed from humans.  Humans attempt to separate themselves from Nature and can not do it.  Humans are part of Nature, so humans have tried to establish their own little empire in a Universal empire.  We became a small discontented minority in the universe.  We became a kind of universal ‘woke mob’ because we think we know more than Nature and as a result we are in trouble.  The rules we humans have set up for ourselves have no existence in reality except for our own confusion.  If this teaches us anything it should teach us that there are two ways to do things wrong, that is the polarities.  There is only one way to do things right and that is balance.  Once you have balance reality moves in, takes over and we are no longer at war with ourself.  We no longer fight light and darkness.  Reality is real.  Light and darkness are its moods.  Humans are not aware of this struggle to overcome the polarizations.  They don’t understand that the polarizations don’t need to be overcome.  They just need to be realized and understood.  See the facts not the opinions.  Knowing truth is being, but becoming is all we know.  Becoming is a struggle forever.  We suffer in becoming.  In being we flow with life and reality and are not competitive against each other or Nature.  

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