The First Woke Prince

Im going to give fair warning here.  If you have deep religious convictions or deep ‘woke’ convictions proceed at your own risk.  This post is going to be quite surprising for the right and the left.  It will show how our true history has been hidden from us.  The right is having a tantrum about the woke movement and the left are trying to force the  woke movement down our throats.  This post is not a political post.  It will be a post to show both sides that this is not the first time in history this has happened.  As a matter of fact Im going to show you who the most famous person in history was that had his own woke movement.  Who was this person?  The world knows him as Jesus Christ.  

Most think that Jesus was referred to as Jesus of Galilee because he was from Galilee.  This is not true.  He was a Galli high priest of the Nazarene Galli sect.  This is why he  asked his disciples to become eunuchs.  

All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given.  For there are some eunuchs, which were born from their mother’s womb;  and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men:  and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake.  He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.  (Math 19:11-12)

As I have shown many times the kingdom of heaven was his mother’s kingdom.  Her name name literally meant Queen of Heaven and her kingdom was the Kingdom of Heaven.  See His Royal Jesus.  

For those who do not believe me, lets take a look at what the historian Lucian says about early Christianity and their castration festival…

“On these days the Galli are made.  While the rest are playing flutes and performing rites, frenzy comes upon many… he throws off his clothes, rushes to the center with great shout and takes up a sword and immediately castrates himself.  Then he rushes through the city holding in his hands the parts he has cut off.  He takes the female clothing and women’s adornment from whatever house he throws the castrated parts into. “ 

So any person who wanted to castrate themselves in accordance with the Nazarene creed could and should do so. It was the ultimate way to show how woke one was and how devoted that person was to Jesus.  Come on Christians and woke men, show us your dedication and devotion to your religion and movement.  Snip! Snip!   Need more proof?  This is what Josephus Flavius says of the Galilean Christians…

These Galileans… devoured what spoils they had taken, together with their blood, and indulged themselves in feminine wantonness… they decked their hair, and put on women’s garments, and were smeared with ointments; and that they might appear comely, they had paints under their eyes and imitated not only the ornaments, but also the lusts of women…  while their faces looked like the faces of women, they killed with their right hands;  and while their gate was effeminate, they attacked men and became warriors, and drew their swords from under their finely died cloaks, and ran everyone through whom they alighted upon.  

(Josephus, War 4:9:10)

Here we have early Christian men prancing around in women’s clothes and make-up, acting provocatively like lustful women, then pulling out a sword or knife and killing their enemy.  Today the woke mob is killing their enemy, but they are not castrating themselves.   This is why they called Judas by the name Judas Iscariot.  In truth he was Judas the Sicarii assassin.  Translators reading the original text did not understand it or were trying to hide it.  I think they were hiding it.  Why was Jesus and his ‘woke’ cult killing people?  Because he wanted to be the next Emperor of Rome. He was the first ‘woke’ king of Pisces.   This is why catholic priests wear dresses and lace.   It has nothing to do with the sacred feminine.  Jesus lost and Rome made a religion out of his wokeness.  It had nothing to do with his real history or real beliefs.  Christianity was created to bring the ‘woke’ under control.  

This is exactly what they are doing today.  They are letting the woke run crazy in this new age of Aquarius.  This is showing everyone just how ridiculous the far left is.  This is exactly what they did to Jesus.  They let them do what they wanted to do until the majority of the population grew tired of it.  Then the new Emperor came in and crucified the movement, literally.   With that said, they could not just erase him.  He would become a martyr.  They had to make him a martyr in their image.  This is why Christianity is the way it is today.  Rome did such a good job with making him their martyr  that Rome is still in charge today.  Rome never fell.  It just operates in the shadows.  Ever heard of the Club of Rome?   The Catholic church is behind this woke movement today.  They want the woke to be so rude and out in left field that no one takes them seriously.  If no one takes them seriously then no one ask questions as to where it comes from.  The woke themselves don’t even know where it comes from.  The Catholic church does not want to let the androgynous genie out of the bottle.  

It is very well known among the initiated that Jesus and his disciples were hermaphrodites or wanted to be hermaphrodites.   If this is new to you and you thought you were initiated into the secrets then you know nothing.  You might want to go ask for a refund from your secret society.  Why would Jesus and his disciples want to be eunuchs or hermaphrodites?  Those that have read my work know the first race of humans were androgynous.  Jesus and his cult were trying to rebel like the first race did.  He was following in the foot steps of his great, great, great, great grandfather Akhenaton.    Akhenaton had the artists in Egypt portray him as androgynous.  This is why his statues look they way they do.  It all has to do with the first humans and the aliens who created them.    

This next part I’m going to reveal something that will anger Christians and maybe the left too.  Jesus and his family were pedophiles.   They were trying to get the people to accept pedophilia outside of the temples.  This is why Mary was called a virgin.  She was a virgin temple priestess when she was very little.  Once she was old enough to get pregnant she did get pregnant and she was thrown out of the temple.  All of Jesus sisters were temple virgins. Mary Magdalen was a temple virgin for King Herod.   Jesus was a temple prostitute when he was a little boy.  I think a lot of his brothers were too.  These were considered sacred sexual acts for priests to have sex with little kids.  Jesus wanted it to be sacred to have sex with kids anywhere, not just in the temples.  He was a woke pedophile.  Just like a lot of the woke today. Rome and Egypt did not openly practice pedophilia, but ancient Greece did.  Rome and Egypt kept it in the temples.  Jesus was Egyptian, Roman and Grecian. He wanted Rome and Egypt to be more like Greece.  I have shown in previous posts that in the Bible when they said a girl was barren and miraculously had children later, it is code for the girl being too young to have children.  Then when she is old enough to have kids she gets pregnant.  The Bible is full of pedophilia.   

Jesus was a communist.  Why do you think his followers were called the Poor Knights of Christ.  They were poor individually but their communist Catholic church was very rich.  They had to give everything to the church and the church was suppose to give it to others.  Instead the church hordes it.  Jesus was a racist.  He hated gentiles or non Jews.  He was very derogatory towards them.  One point in the bible he calls a gentile woman a dog.  But he knew he needed the gentiles if he had any chance of becoming the Emperor of Rome.  So he and his brother James sent some disciples out to win over the gentiles.  Just like the Mormons and Jehovah witnesses do today.  The leaders of todays woke mob are very racist, but they know they need all the races to go along with their one world government.  Jesus was also a violent criminal.  He was wanting to change the Roman laws on violent criminals so the violent Jews could do what they do best, fight and argue.  Then not have to worry about some pesky Roman law getting them in trouble.  This is the true reason why they crucified his woke ass.  

Like Jesus and his religion this woke religion will only be allowed to go so far.  Once you cross that line you will be stopped.  They will create a religion out of it to bring your followers under control.  It will be nothing like your true intentions, but they will use it to scare you into submission.  Jesus and most of his family were thrown in prison.  The family was told to go along with the lie or they would eradicate the whole royal line.  I personally think they will use imaginary weather and diseases to control the woke.  Religion is all about an invisible god and invisible boogie man.  Here we have the right worshipping Jesus with a religion Rome invented to bring them under control.  We have the left worshipping Jesus literally by following in his footsteps.  Which is exactly the way the Roman Catholic church wants it.  Educate yourself.  Learn the true history of this world. Then maybe you can actually change things for the better instead of condemning.  Jesus real name was Manu meaning “original man”, but it also means “first king”.  It was a play on words because he was the first true king in the age of Pisces who was trying to bring back the original man.  All of this is going on because someone wants to be the first king of Aquarius.  Whoever wins this battle today will get to choose the new religion and their family will be the richest family throughout the age of Aquarius.  All with the Vatican’s blessing.   Whether you like it or not wokeness is a religion.  

With this history being revealed, if this movement of today wants to be taken seriously it needs to quit condemning.  The ‘woke’ movement is bringing several good things to light, but they are doing more condemning than bringing out the good.  It is human nature for a condemned person or group to condemn when they get into a position of authority.  Right now the ‘woke’ movement is only creating new superstitions.  They are replacing old superstitions with new ones.  We are to the point where everyone is doubting everything.  Even scientists are doubting science and other scientists.  Facts that were on solid foundation are being toppled all in the name of wokeness.  Instead of bringing things into balance we are pushing everything out of balance.  There is always more than one explanation for things, but we are acting like tyrants.  The ‘woke’ movement is based on a fantasy.  They are funding any fantasy science they want.  People  are making billions off of this fraud.  It is all because the people in our governments do not know the difference between fantasy and fact.  All you have to do today is attach the words sustainable or environmentally friendly to something and you will get millions of dollars from the governments to do a project.     Once the project is done it has left a bigger carbon foot print than anything else the world has ever seen and it doesn’t work.  Fantasy has always been in governments, but now it is creeping into our technology and science.  Fantasy in governments has been held in check by opposing views.  Fantasy in science and technology is only held in check by money.  This is a very slippery slope we are going down.   

One thought on “The First Woke Prince”

  1. Nice. I think your education contrary to xfianiy is deeper than mine. I knew about a lot of it tangentially, but not as connections. My growing distance from the death cult is, admittedly, right biased as I am, and related to my dedication to Asatru. But I think every bit helps. I think our peoples would be better off returning to Folkish Paganism, learning to love their roots and let go of unnecessary hatreds, than continue under a schizophrenic demiurge and a composite archetype of mangled pagan leftovers.

    I’m just going to leave these here. Do with them as you will.

    NY’s coolest flag.

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