People do not understand law.  I am all for having law and order.  This defund the police movement the past couple years is all from ignorance.  What we really need is people to understand law.  If you understand how the law actually works it can help you and protect you. When I first took a law class, this was in bold print on the board when I walked in ”Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”.    If you really wanted to make changes in this world then we would need to defund the politicians.  

There are two types of law in this world.  The law of the land and the law of the water.  The reason UPS, Fedex and Amazon ship you something is because they are under Maritime Law.  You have a citizenship for a reason.  It’s called sportsmanship for a reason.  Corporations have shipping departments for a reason.  Think of all the words that end in ship.  Friendship, ownership, statesmanship, courtship, etc.  Shipping is commerce.  The law of the sea has been brought onto the land.  When you are dealing with the law of the land, that is common law.  It is very technical.  You can take your time with issues in common law because it is the law of the land.  You can set borders with the law of the land.  The reason why the law of the sea was brought on to the land is because of the United States.  When they made the corporation of the United States all the states that had shores on the oceans had an unfair advantage commercially over the states that are landlocked.   So they brought the law of the sea on to the land by raising the sea level to 6300 feet.  It was all to deal with goods coming from all around the world.  

Strictly speaking the United States is not a nation.  We are a confederated league of nations.  Each state is a country and can exist independently of the Corporation of the United States.  The United States was set up to deal with all the goods coming over on sea.  All Washington D. C. is authorized to do is deal with Maritime Admiralty Law.  What we call the federal government is only authorized to deal with Maritime Admiralty Law, period.   In other words commerce.  The United States is a corporation.  The United States is not the States United on the American continent.  The United States is a company created for commerce of all states.  That is the United States in the Constitution. It was all about having a uniform law across the land to handle commerce.  Where this gets interesting is the 14th amendment and so called U. S. citizens.   Once you become a citizen of the U. S.  you have no access to common law.  People born in U. S.  are strictly under Maritime Law.  

The European Union is basically the same thing in Europe.  It was made to handle commerce.  When someone travels out of France into Germany they have to abide by the laws of Germany.  You can not do what you did in France.  You must obey the German laws of the land.  It is the same thing in the U. S.  If you leave California and goto Texas you must obey Texas law.  Each state in the U. S. is technically a different country.  They can pass any law of the land they want.  Each state and country are sovereign and have agreed to join a league to do business with the rest of the world.  Do it as one entity using one currency.  In the U. S we can move freely between the state borders because of our social security numbers.  If the states wanted to assert their sovereignty you would have to have a passport to go from state to state.  Is this what they are setting up with the new drivers licenses?  

So many people in the U. S.  think the federal government is some kind of religious laws given from god.  No.  It is just a corporation.  No different than Amazon or Walmart.    The President is just a CEO.  It was all done because certain states like Delaware and New Jersey were fighting and going to go to war with each other.  This is when they came up with the Corporation of the United States.  The civil war was states getting together with other states and banding together.  The same way countries get together and go after other countries who band together.  Money is liquid assets.  It’s a currency.   It is liquidity.  So they made all states come in under the corporations of the U. S.  to make it fair for all states.  Brining them all under the law of the sea and using one currency.  All states kept the law of their own land.  This is how states are passing marijuana laws, but it is still illegal under federal law.  All states have the right to decide for themselves.  The United States is 50 states who have agreed to let a corporation delegate negotiations with all other countries for business.  That’s it.  

This corporation went bankrupt in the 1930’s and passed social security and income taxes under the Buck Act.  You are security for the U.S.  That is what social security is.  The country has to secure its debt through something and that is you and I.  Everyone of us are the security for the federal debt.  If we quit working like so many have they get scared.  Ford is a global company.   No matter what county you are in and you are working for Ford you are a Ford employee.  A U.S citizen must report their income no matter where they are residing because you are an employee or franchisee of the U.S.  You are entitled to certain benefits as a U. S. citizen just like Ford employees are entitled to certain benefits as a Ford employee.  Does not matter where you are.  

California has 2 Constitutions.  The 1849 Constitution does not talk about U. S. citizens because that was not created until 1868. The 1879 Constitution discusses boarders and how to deal with the new creatures coming into their borders.  People should be asking where do these people get their authority over you?  You are subjects to the corporation who can be taxed at 100% if they want to tax you that much.  The power of tax is the power to destroy.  But you get all sorts of benefits from the corporation.  The One World Government they are trying to put in right now will get rid of all borders, states, countries and nations, and you will be dictated by everything the leaders want.  You can do things in California that you can’t do in New York.  If they get rid of all borders then you will have to do the same thing all over the world.  No matter how bad the law or how good the law.  

You need to find out how the World works not how you think it works.  Instead of being angry at governments try understanding them.  With this internet age it is so easy.  We need to quit electing idiots who don’t read the bills being passed.  All they want is money from special interests groups.  European Union banned Monsanto and GMO foods.  The U. S. has not because politicians are getting  truck loads of money to let it pass.  Crooked corporations do not care who creates the laws.  They only care about who creates the money so they can pay off the people making the laws.  We started off as a republic, but have become a democracy.  A democracy gets what they want.  Instead of crying about the corruption learn the laws.  Corruption is everywhere because people are ignorant.  There are laws in place for doing corrupt things in government, but the common person does not know the laws.  So they do not understand how to get the politicians.  The contract makes the law.  You can contract away the things that make you free.  

People are talking about going back to gold and silver.  Well if we do go back to gold and silver and you do not pay your debt, think how bad everyone is in debt with credit cards, then you will go to debtors prison.  Under the money we have you can file for bankruptcy.  This is a benefit of being a U. S. citizen.  Just look at the life people in the U. S.  have today.  We live better than most royalty have lived in the past.   If you do not like what is going on, go learn the law.  Prior to 1868 there was no such thing as a U.S. citizen.  Everyone before that were citizens of their state.  When you look at the speeches of people prior to 1868 they are not talking about the U.S.  They are talking about their own state.  The pledge of allegiance was a socialist moment from a guy named Bellamy.  

Every state is two states.  You have the State of California and California state.  The State of California is for the employees of the U. S. and dealing with them.  California state has borders.  State of California is a territory or military enclave. California state is borders and the actual land.  State citizenship is different from federal citizenship.  The constitution does not give you rights, it secures your rights.  We have a Statue of Liberty not a Statue of Freedom.  You have liberty like sailors.  You have privileges not rights.  You need to ask permission for privileges.  Governments are your father.  It is required for people who are incompetent.  How many people do not read, study or understand civilization?  Everyone just wants to drink their beer and watch sports or go shopping.  People do not care about what’s right and moral.  So daddy government has to be the last word.  

The water inside of you is your blood and it goes through  blood vessels.  You are chattle.  What is chattle? It is property.  The law allows a certain amount of oppression too exist because oppression exists in Nature, but the truth will set you free.  Learn the truth.  If you sleep on your rights you have none.  For those who will be deceived let them.  Most people could care less about the law until they get caught speeding or doing something else where they have to go to court.  Now they have to get an attorney which makes them a Ward of the Court.  A ward is a person with an unsound mind.  That is why it’s called a baby’s ward.  In prison its called a cell ward.  Most people are put into prison because they put themselves there, by not knowing the law.  Prison is a big business, so they will not teach you what Im showing you.  

If you want to be sovereign you should know the law in full.  You have made contracts your whole life that you have forgotten about.  It does not matter if you did not even know you were signing a contract.  If you are going to say you are sovereign you better understand the contracts you have agreed too or you can go to jail.  Every school, every job, every license, every tax document, every apartment, every home or every time you sign something it is a contract to things you agreed to do.  When you were too young your parents signed those contracts for you.  Your taxes is payment for your benefits.  One of your benefits is limited liability.  You are paying for corporate privileges.  If you do not want to pay your taxes, why should you enjoy the benefits?  A citation is a notice to appear.  You need to know the laws in your state.  There is a huge difference between trial by jury and jury trial.  A jury trial means a jury has the power of jury nullification.  A trail by jury is the judge telling the jury to just decide on the facts and the judge will decide the verdict.  At a jury trial the jury can say “we don’t like the law” and throw it out.  

One maximum of law states that a reasonable custom is to be obeyed like law.  This is how the world works.  If you understand certain things are against the law then you read the law and find out it’s not the law, but if it’s the custom of the people then you are breaking the law.  All because people are so ignorant.  U. S. citizens do not have access to the Bill of Rights.  You only have the rights that are particular to the corporation of the U. S.  If you are working for Ford you can not use the Bill of Rights.  You have signed something saying they are the boss.  It’s the same as being a U. S. citizen.  There are 2 Constitutions embedded in the Constitution.  There is one for the States United on the American continent, 1787, and the other for the Constitution of the United States corporation, 1868.  It is all operating under the Maritime law.   There was a time when the President of the United States could not enter a state with out permission.  The people would attack him.  It is why they created the Marine Corps.  There is a world of difference between the United States and the United States of America.  

You can not have Allodial ownership of anything in the U. S.  It used to be that you could, but it was taken away.  Only the Queen of England can have Allodial title.  You can not  own it Allodially because you have benefits.  You have ownership, but as a U.S. citizen you have benefits and it makes the U. S.  a beneficiary.  It’s the same in all countries.  Anytime you get benefits there is a trust structure and they are the beneficiary to what you own.  You are an employee of the United States.  Do not go into a court and say you have rights.  You do not have rights.  You are subject to regulation and rules under that corporation.  It is all because you have benefits.  You get to drive a new car anytime you want, go out to eat anytime you want, you will not go to jail for not paying your debt, you get emergency services if something happens, roads are put there for you to drive on, there is education if you want to take advantage of it,  you have plumbing and sewers, electricity is brought to your home, etc. When they say you will own nothing and be happy, it is already that way.  Everything you own is subject to eminent domain.  Learn the real law and make it work for yourself.  

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