Genetic Manipulation

There was an advanced civilization on the world before.   Plato even states it.  Solon and ancient Egypt  state that there were several advanced civilizations.  All the Native Americans state it.  All our ancient civilizations were building shrines, palaces and temples.  Everyone of them around the globe.  They traded among each other and they had a global mercantile system.  Their arts and crafts were very advanced and they had scientific knowledge that they abused.  Just like we are doing today.  What our idiot elites today don’t understand is that these civilizations were destroyed by the gods for this abuse.  

The ancients had gods and goddess to explain our world, the universe and nature.  Then simpleton men decided it would be more proper to make a one god world with a bearded man in the clouds running everything.  Today they are replacing that bearded man with a computer.  A super computer runs everything and knows all.  And it is working.  The human infantile mind is falling for this new religion the same way they have fallen for all religions.  In their own words they are saying “We are going from a resource dominated world to a data dominated world”.  What is this data?  Listening to them further they are talking about human genetics.  They are doing now what has been done in the past, genetic manipulation.  We need to quit thinking that the ancients were not advanced.  We are just now beginning to get back to where they were.  Once again we are going to try to overwhelm the gods with our intellectual skills.  

If you can actually get your mind around there being an advanced civilization before the dark curtain of history called the ice age then you can get your mind around that they had advanced science.  The Hindu and Mayan records had a great knowledge in what went on.  Of course people try to explain this away by saying they were just describing a spiritual procedure not a physical one.  All because we can’t get our mind around it.  Several of the texts talk about entities tinkering with bodies to make a body that could hold a soul.  The gods messed with the genetics of creatures to find one that they could incarnate themselves into.  They fashioned these bodies in their own images.  They refined them the way they wanted them.  They made a mistake the first time and created creatures that were too smart.  They had to go back to the drawing board and create a dumb down creature.  The human race, us .  There is one problem with their plan.  Evolution naturally makes creatures smarter.   Evolution is not just physical.  Evolutions is the release of consciousness through form.  

We know that every generation has produced a few extraordinary humans.  The great achievements and discoveries of science, art, math and literature have only been possible through a small part of humans.  This information passed on has become the property of many and it has made the world what it has become.  Consciousness wants to grow and advance.  So we humans are naturally getting smarter generation over generation.  These texts also say that in order to get the creation they wanted they created monstrosities from their experiments.  These forms could not function in the material world the way they wanted them too.  To anthropology this is all fantasy.  Philosophers will say the texts only describe consciousness.  Modern humans are incapable of describing themselves.  Human history has been one big  struggle.   What is all this struggle for?  People are starting to look at the inner self.  They are seeking answers.  Some have figured out that enlightenment is the only way to advance.  The reason why the human race struggles so much is because we are not wise enough to solve our own problems.  

What they are forcing on humans today can be compared to what they forced upon the Native Americans.  It is leading to more problems than it can solve.  It is an artificial culture.  It will be like a blood transfusion gone bad that will leave us worse off than we were before and the tainted blood used will bring more disease with it.   Funny thing about the human race is we only think when we have too.  As long as humans can live without thinking they will, but when they have to think they will.  Static humans will fade away.  Any creature grows unless the environment becomes impossible than they will fade away.  They also fade away if the purpose for which they were created fades away.  All through human history we have people going to other countries with expeditions full of missionaries, merchants, scientists and land grabbers. These expeditions going to so called more primitive lands and forcing a more advanced culture on the people.  Just as the ancient text tell us the gods came and gave us written language, architecture, agriculture, medicine, astronomy, astrology government and religion.  They told they people they would return, but the war of the gods happened.   So obviously they could not return.  Only a few of the so called gods survived the war of the gods.  Most civilizations were left alone to rebuild on their own.   

We are finally seeing that somehow we came from one source on this planet.  They are discovering that all languages came from on single language.  They have found what they thought were Egyptian hieroglyphs in the Americas.  Pottery, tools and ancient artifacts that look alike are found all over the world.  Each place has its own mythology that describe these beings and they are all super natural.  Everyone has a flood myth and a war of the gods myth.  All of them describe the beings as able to fly in ships.  They had a type of electrical power.  They were advanced in science.  All the leaders of the world trace their genealogy back to these beings.  So why does the world keep telling us we were apes for millions of years and hominids for millions of years then human for just a few thousand?  If all of what they teach us is a lie, what are humans? To keep it simple… 

We have 100 trillion cells in each of us.  Each cell has a nucleus.  Each nucleus contains 46 chromosomes arranged in 23 pairs.  The chromosomes are filled with tightly coiled strands of DNA.  Genes are segments of DNA that contain the instructions to make proteins which is the building blocks of life.  

Targeted gene replacement has been done by us ourselves for a long long time.  It is how we have domesticated plants, pets and livestock.  Im going to blow some of your minds here and say it is very well known that the Cheetah had gene replacement done to it a long time ago.  It is part canine and part cat.  It is the King of the domesticated animals.  The tan part is a canine, the black spots are cat.  The feet are canine the body is cat.  The spine was extended.  It has a larger heart than other great cats and extra lung capacity.    Cheetahs are susceptible to diseases that only a dog or only a can can get.     The Cheetahs are all clones.  They are genetically exactly alike.  They are a product of genetic engineering.  There is a reason why cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt.  

Plants and animals have been domesticated on this planet for a long time.  Wheat, corn and rice hit the archeological record at the exact same time.  What a trifecta!!!! Some how  25,000 years ago three bright cavemen in three different parts of the globe all looked out of their cave and decided to bring these three three grains into their cave and pick through them to find the best seeds.  They made their family keep picking out the best seeds for the next few hundred generations.  Somehow, someway all three families hit the jackpot at the exact same time to get something they could plant, harvest and eat.  If they really got lucky it would be something that could nourish us and feed the planet.  Also these same cavemen who used sticks and stones pulled wolves into their caves and for several generations to breed the wildness out of the wolves.  All because they knew dogs would be fun.   How does the world buy this BS?!!!!!!!!

Our cerebral cortex is over four times larger than our so called nearest relatives, the apes.  That is not evolution.  That is intervention.  Humans have over 4,000 genetic disorders.  In all of us.  We each carry about 200 each and if who ever you breed with with has the same gene with the genetic disorder then it has a higher chance of being expressed in your children.  In Nature this does not happen.  Faults are done away with from generation to generation.  All plants and animals breed true in Nature.  Albinism is still expressed in Nature, but it doesn’t kill the animal or stop them from reproducing.  So it’s passed on.   We have several that kill us before we even reach the age of puberty.  This means there should not be a single one of those spread throughout the gene pool.  If it can’t be spread through reproduction, how did it get there?  It is there because of genetic manipulation.  Whoever made the manipulations in humans left them there because they did not care.  We were created as slaves.  We were not important to whoever did the manipulation.  They just wanted to get the job done.  We are just like domesticated animals.  We were made for their benefit not our own.  See Lumurian Magic.  

We have 46 chromosomes and the apes have 48.   Two chromosomes is a megaton of DNA.  How did we lose 2 chromosomes?  We didn’t lose 2 chromosomes.  Someone fused them.  Someone took number 2 and 3 and fused them together.  Why?  I think someone wanted us to breed with something with 46 chromosomes.  They had too get it to 46 in order for it to work.  This breeding was with our alien masters.  Our ego mind is not native to planet earth.  Just look how we treat her.  The ones who are trying to tell us about Nature are the furthest away from Nature.  There is a difference between measuring Nature and being with Nature.   Just like all other domesticated plants and animals we have been genetically manipulated.  The evidence is jumping out everywhere right now.  Soon me and the very few others who have brought this out to the world will be shown to be right.  Its time for the truth to come out!  We have truth on our side.  We are not the biological center of the universe.  We belong to someone or something, but you can only be owned by them if you want to be owned by them.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

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