What’s This Life For?

The general market level of the world is that you can have some kind of perfect life.  You can have all kinds of leisure and pleasure.  Do cool things and go cool places all the time.  Meet perfect people. Any type of utopia you can dream up.   Pleasure and leisure has a space in life.  If someone thinks physical pleasure has no space they do not understand life.  Its all part of this experience.  What I want to show you is that pleasure, leisure and ego are over rated.  Whatever it is you take pleasure in, women, men, booze, drugs, watching television, traveling, eating, video games, sports, shopping etc. you will remember these experiences about as much as you remember all the fast food meals you have eaten.  So if you know pleasure and leisure are temporary, why do it at all?  If your pleasure is momentary, what’s the point?  If you work at something to make a life for yourself, where is the meaning?  If you have helped others or have worked on yourself your whole life and then you die, what’s the point? This post will be about dealing with that conundrum.  The reason why we are on this planet is not what most think.  

Every human loves to complain.  All of them.  There are no exceptions.  Complaining is fun to humans.  I get it.  I used to do it.  Pointing the finger at others, blaming them, looking down on them and calling them selfish gives a person moral superiority.  That is so fun.  It is easy to look down on governments, corporations and marketers, but they are the ones who keep the world running.  I can hear the gasp in my readers now.  Let me explain.  They are trying to reach people at a very low brow level.  Let’s just imagine you are a content creator for a company.  You are burning through millions of dollars a year on marketing.  This job has a great personal risk to you and all the people depending on you because if you are not successful it could destroy you and all the lives of the people working for this company.  If you are not successful you will not put food on the table for all these workers and their families.  Imagine having that pressure.  If this was the case, would you want your message to been seen?  I think its pretty clear that it would be a yes.  

How would you go about getting your message out?  The marketers of these companies and governments will look up search cues and see what it is that people are searching or are interested in.  What they are finding is people are searching their own insecurities and fear.  Things about their personal looks, size of body parts, lack of money, how to get rich quick, how to get cut without effort, how to attract others, etc.   All these low brow things.  If you are a marketer and you are finding this, are you going to say that they shouldn’t care about these insecurities and go broke or are you going to feed into these insecurities to make money?  Most of the people I know in fast food marketing do not eat fast food.  There are some of the healthiest people I know.  They market it the way they do because that is what the masses want.  There is so much incentive to reach people at a very low paradigm.  People love their low vibration.  Say something against it and they will not come to your company and spend their low self esteem money.  

The problem with this is that it entrenches the mindset.   Financial incentives pander and entrench the mainstream mindset.  Each person wants to be pandered to.  A marketers job is too pander to everything you want.  Indulge you.  The reason why you don’t see more truth in the world is because no one wants to see the truth.  They only want validation for what they believe and they want to be pandered too.  If I decided to quit everything I do and put all my time and money into truth, I would go broke in hours.  No one wants truth.  Everyone is their own little king or queen and they want the people around them to pander to what they want and believe.  This is what is going on with every government, corporation, university or any industry.  If you do not pander to what the people at the top believe, you will not be aloud to stay.  Right now they are trying to see who is left of their line or right of their line.  They don’t care about the people in the middle.  There is no money to be made of the people in the middle.  People in the middle have a mind of their own.  

People who are other wise rational have a blind rage toward topics they don’t believe in, but they also have an overwhelming virtue signal for what they believe in.  They will spend unlimited amounts of money on proving their beliefs and proving the other side wrong.  Humans are also tribal.  They feed off that tribalism.  Tribalism gives people a sense of identity.  If you threaten those views it threatens their entire existence.  So understand the degree of pandering is insane.  It is happening on both sides.  Because you have built your own little kingdom of being pandered to business have incentives to pander to you.  They want your money.  The vast majority of people are asleep.  Your perception is subjective which means you have many beliefs that are propping up dopamine and serotonin in your mind and nothing is real.  You are in a dream state.  Everyone is walking around in their own little dream state.  So if one is in a dream state how can they judge anyone else?  When someone tells you about a dream they had or when you have a weird dream, do you judge those dreams?  Probably not, because you know it’s not real.   You might look for meaning, but you understand they are not real.  Unconscious people are living in a dream.  It’s not real.  But they want that dream to keep going.  If you shake them awake out of that dream they are going to be pissed.  If you let them be and feed into that dream they will be happy.  Even if it’s a nightmare.  

Everyone lies about where they are in life, but the truth comes out in their search queries.  This is why companies, governments and industries love this information.  What have you been googling?  They will go after what people are searching and give it to you.  Understand though that the person marketing not only has to pander to you, they have to pander to the company or entity who is giving them the platform.  If you are marketing for sports not only would you have to pander to the fans, but you would have to pander to the team owners and the companies who sponsor the sport.  All while doing it under government regulations.  Everyone is in their own life situation and they are trying the best they can.  This is why I put the information I have learned out there for the people who are ready.  If they are not ready they think I’m full of sh*t and leave.  If they’re ready it resonates with them.  

Things are really important when you don’t have it.  Money is important if you don’t have it.  Spirituality is important if you don’t have it.  Women or men are important if you don’t have it.  Pro sports is important if you don’t have that athletic ability.  Movies are important if you don’t have an imagination.   Celebrities are important if you don’t have status.   Attention is important if you don’t have it.  This is not that hard to fix.  Figuring out what is true and what is not is hard.  If you can’t understand that then you are stuck in a very weird matrix.  A matrix that is bizarre, inauthentic and fake.  This does not mean that physical needs are not real.  They are very real, but it means you are stuck in a dream that will just blow by.  It goes by fast!  I look back on my life and its a blur.  Im 50 and soon I will be 60.  Then 70.  How ever long I live I hope Im coherent and my body is healthy for the last part and I’m not some broken down old geezer.  Look at all the people we have lost in the last couple of years.  We can’t see them, we can’t hug them, we can’t talk to them and we can’t learn from them because they are gone.  Soon you will be gone and all your little beliefs and concerns will be taken from you.  It will all have been a dream of no significants.  So what is significant?  What is this life about?  What is the deeper reality?  

We live in a world where we see things that are relevant to us.  The things that are not relevant to you are out of your vision.  The same goes for your vibration.  If the energetic vibration of something is within your vibration then it will be in your vision.  There is light energy and there is dark energy.  These two energies keep each other in balance in this dimension in which we live.  In this dimension we are separated from source or Nature.  Your spirt comes from Nature.  It comes from oneness.  Nature decided it wanted to learn about itself.  So it puts itself through a process of self recognition and separation.  We go from a collaborative mode to a competitive mode.  We can use the high vibration energy and low vibration energy anytime we want.  The lower vibration feeds our separateness.  This is what marketing and governments use.  They feed the low vibration and give us that feeling of separateness.  You can’t sell products to oneness.  So they give you this separateness with feelings of individuality.  It’s really a fake individuality because there is nothing unique about what they are selling.  This low vibration dark energy wants to get into everything.   It seeks things out to mess things up because  it likes power and authority.  This is why centralized power is not a good idea.  This is the Egyptian myth of Apophis.  Apophis seeks out centralized power to create absolute chaos.  It’s why he is often cut up into pieces.  Egypt was telling us to have decentralized power because Apophis can’t get into all of them unless he is cut into pieces and this keeps him from having great power.  You can train yourself to see this energy.  

So you have marketing and governments pandering to you to keep you asleep.  Then you have this dark energy that wants to reaffirm separation.  You can see this energy in others and yourself.  Hallmarks of these energies is the easiness of something vs needing it to be hard.  An easy way to explain this is sports.  Some days I could do no wrong.  Every shot went in, every pass was made and everything flowed.  It was easy.  Some days I could do nothing right.  Every shot missed, every pass went to the other team and no matter how hard I tried it was hard.  The harder I tried the harder it got.  It seemed like everyone playing was coming after me.  What  I learned was when you think everyone is out to get you it makes you have a bad game.  It makes everything difficult.  When you’re in the higher energy things come easy.   Teammates feed off of you and you feed off of them.  It is all in the mindset.  This is how I try to coach my girls.  It is the mindset that feeds the energetic energy to you.  Yes you are going against another team, but when you work with your teammates to build something that is how you get something special.  When you are in this mode it feeds you energy.  This is why star athletes seem like they have unlimited energy.   

If negative energy has infected your mind you will reject what I’m saying.  People who need to learn about higher energy paradigms have energy blinders.  Lower energy people will not see the higher energy.  It’s not in their view.  I’m not trying to connect with dark energy people.  Im trying to connect with light energy people.  Truth will always be light energy.  There may be a few people in the dark energy who are ready for light energy.  I’m trying to get their attention too.  Nature is always trying to keep a balance.  Dark energy does not want balance.  When you awaken to the light energy you will be a target.  I have been a target for a while, but dark energy is fearful of light energy too.  All you have to do is study history to see how dark energy has always targeted light energy.  Do not feel bad for people stuck in dark energy.  They are moving through some kind of Karmic debt that has to be paid.  Accept the world for what it is.  You chose to come here to learn and part of that learning is learning to accept.  

How much of your thinking is based on being in this completely separate consciousness?  How much of your thinking is done by the ego?  The ego believes itself to be separate, so it wants to fit in or it wants to make others do what it wants them to do.   It is a scared tyrant.  How much of your thinking is coming from the deep down you?  It really is not much.  This is unconsciousness.  When I started studying the myths I could see this dark and light energy battling.  I could see the truth in the myths and history.  To be able to share what I was seeing I had to tap into certain things.  I had to get out of paranoia, become free, loose, share positivity, give value to others, become confident, make others confident, etc.  I had to tap into these things that change your state of consciousness.  Tapping into that is when the secrets of Nature begin to reveal themselves.  Nature will literally strip naked for you to see her gorgeousness.  While you see everything beautiful in her you will also see what some think is ugly, but everything about her is brilliant, genius,  glorious, resplendent, splendid, sublime, superb and pulchritudinous.   If you think anything about Nature is ugly then you are unconscious.  This is what I love.  I do not want to make money off of her.  I want to see her and listen to her.   The moment you try to make money off her, dark energy starts to take over.  Think about that when it comes to climate change and religion.  

When I reveal truth it literally is changing my consciousness.  When I write my posts, I’m writing what was given to me.  Where did it come from?   How am I able to see what so many can’t?   This is another level that I’m going to share with you.  I think the mind actually literally opens.  When I was a young I was extremely dumb.  I hated school, which isn’t necessarily bad, but I was always trapped in my head and was very much an introvert.  I kept to myself outside of sports.   What I did have was a lot of curiosity which religion and school tried to kick out of me.   Nothing made sense to me and I kept it all in.  It was literally a living hell.  My posts are a result of things finally starting to make sense.  When I see others in what I was in, I get it.  I understand it is not good.  It is not okay.  This is why I create these type of consciousness posts too.  When you add value to others it changes your own consciousness.  Hopefully these types of posts are adding value to my readers.  To get to the level of seeing and hearing Nature you must expand your consciousness.  Expanding your awareness opens up other parts of your mind that you were previously unable to access.  The real secret societies will not share the secrets with the masses because of the low dark energy running them.  The pitch fork mobs would literally come out.   You must be able to walk among the higher and lower vibrations.  You must be able to use them for your magic to work properly.  The people who get this see the masses way of thinking as non-relevant.   But I want to reach the ones who don’t want to be stuck in the masses.  In order for someone to become more conscious they have to see it with their own eyes.  It can’t be forced on them.  

We are not here just to get some physical experience.  That will happen automatically.  We live in a material world.  You have to get past that.  There is greater gratification to this world outside of eating and screwing.  People in low vibration have a feeling of separation, negativity, heaviness and scarcity.  They are always in an “us against them” mindset.  Most embrace the dark low vibration.  Feeling good in low vibration energy is temporary.  It is immediate but temporary.  Nothing is free.   It has to be paid for.  The Piper has to be paid.  Think one night stands, drugs, fast food, junk food, social media or anything that gives you immediate gratification.  When you are in low vibration energy you can only see things that feed that energy.  High vibration light energy is subtle and has to be worked for.   When you give value to others and not tear them down you will tap into unreleased genius and create real change.  You will become expansive and your consciousness will open up.  You will have less thinking because you have less pride.  Less separateness.   Things will happen with less effort.  Things will manifest.  Here is one of the biggest secrets why people don’t move up very high.  Nature will send challenges your way to see if you really want to move up.  She will put the smack down on you several times.  All to see if you NEED leisure and pleasure.  What matters more to you, pride in who you have become or pleasure?  The game being played here is what  direction you are going?   Who you become is what’s really important.  

Someday you may have a seat at the table with the Gods and Goddesses.  This is what Valhalla was all about.  Wanting that seat at the table is what pushes you down.  This is what the Vikings got wrong.  Letting go of pride and power is the only way.  We can let go of it.  There have been billions before you and there will billions after you.  Look how fast things are going by.  When you let go the happiness comes in.   Happiness is not out there.  Happiness is your default state.  Unlock what our world has locked within you.  Problems don’t happen to you, they happen for you.  I know it hurts.  It hurts me too.  How do you bounce back?  The closer you get to Nature the harder the smack is.  Allow yourself to feel the disconnection from source and the hurt.  As you are pulled back in it deepens the connection with her.  You came from source and were disconnected.  You will be pulled back to source when you die.  Your life is in and out, in and out, in and out of connection to source.  It’s cosmic sex.  It’s why the ancients were obsessed with sex.  The return to source feels so profound.  It is a cycle that will happen again and again.  We are here to be challenged.  Don’t ruin the challenge for others.  I see the job of people with light energy as bringing back balance.  Nature wants balance.  You pay Karmic energy back with the pain you go through, but you also pay it back with decisions.  Valuing the creator over creation and bringing the creative energy into a creation to be shared with the world.  Can you hear her?    

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