Mind Driven

To understand humans you must understand the mind.  Humans are mind driven.  Everything that they do arises from their own thoughts.  They develop opinions, ideologies and beliefs that become the dominate forces in their personality.  Yet most have no understanding as to what the mind really is or understand how to use it.  People think the mind is a great computer.  That they can program and educate it and they will be successful.  This post will show you that this is not the case.  The human mind is not good. It was a mind created from an evil act.  The human mind is immoral at best.  

We must recognize the power and limitations of our minds.  Thoughts are not true because they are thoughts.  Most thoughts are not good.  The mind can not be depended on by itself to achieve consciousness or a state of good. The mind is the most dangerous thing in life.  It is a two edge sword.  It can enrich our lives and it can destroy lives.  Most people have a little tyrant in their head that leads them away from their dreams to desperate thoughts and emotions.  Science has shown humans can be creative geniuses, but this just means they are skillful.  It does not mean they are conscious.  Science is creating technology that makes humans obsolete, they are doing nuclear fission, using chemicals to put in us and our food that is killing people and they are testing bacterial and viruses to use as weapons.  Science threatens our peace of mind and our survival all in the name of progress.  A mind that devises nuclear and biological weapons can not be a moral mind.  It can not be a mind that is dedicated to the good of humans.  It can only be a mind that is dedicated to its own selfishness.  Think about that before you spout off “Trust the science”.  

Realize the human mind is not a good mind, it’s not a wise mind, it is not a mind dedicated to friendship, and it is not dedicated to truth.  It is a mind dedicated to through processes for its own selfish wants.  The mind is a machine.  It is inconsistent and broken.  Today we can spot mental illness quicker than any other time in history, but what we don’t see is that a mind unguarded and unguided will always produce sickness.   Most peoples minds our on autopilot and that is a problem.  Just like they are finding out that these cars can not drive themselves our minds can not drive themselves.  When your mind drives itself on autopilot it becomes part of the hive mind.  This mind is very insecure.  The world and the individual are now victims of their own mental brilliance.   All you have to do is watch any media and see that people are abusing their own minds.  Countries have lost all common sense and are justifying it by referencing their own mental objectives.  

You must understand that an individual must be more than just a skillful thinker.  An individual must be intelligent and intelligence regulates conduct.  Intelligence is not just discovering new facts.  The western world has thrown ethics out the window all in the name of selfishness.  Thought is the most valuable thing in the world to them.  No matter how broken the human mind is.  Just look at all the corruption in corporations, Pharma, politics, media, religion and government.   It all stems from corrupt, selfish, broken minds.  This makes it very hard on the average individual.  It is hard to live in an environment where no one seems to know what they are doing.  It is very depressing and bewildering.  When it takes over the individuals mind where they have no direction or truth their personal lives become filled with confusion.  When this goes on long enough confusion becomes the normal state.  

Everything is cause and effect.  If our world is not secure, if war and disease is always a threat, if our leaders are inadequate, If the pressures in life are overwhelming, if life itself is not interesting or important to the individual, etc.  These are all effects.  All effects must have a cause.  This cause must be big enough and universal enough to justify the effects from it.  We can not advance as a human race if we are under constant pressures and disasters.  The human race is failing itself.  Our body, mind and emotions were given to us to use not to abuse.  If we use them wisely it will bring maturity and peace to our personal lives and our world.  If we abuse them then we get what we have today.  We can not think we are always right!  We keep getting one misfortune after another.  Until we stop being run by our egos we can not fix what has happened to our world.  

We live in a universe of laws not accidents.  Our troubles are from our own conduct.  We keep making the same mistakes, glorifying the same type of leadership, and doing the same things that have never resulted in security.  The second we try to question our ways we are blocked or censored by the corrupt individuals that dominate our affairs.  We are penalized for doubting that which has proved it is not valuable.  We are forced into lies and corruption.  Something has to be done to break this pattern.  Each individual who tries to break this pattern finds out that no one seems to care.  Which makes us fall into passiveness, hopelessness and numbness.  Conditions that would have caused people to rise up in the past are now passed over as circumstances of the times.  We simply do not care about truth.  We just let the lies drift.  We are unhappy and miserable.  People don’t care whether they are dead or alive.  They are participating in activities that are dangerous.  Whether it be drugs and alcohol or flying down the freeway at 120 mph they don’t care.  The world is going to hell.  So what. I will do what I want.  

We live for instant gratification.  We don’t care if it’s dangerous or not.  We have lost all concept of consequences.  We are living for the moment because of the happenings going on in the world.  We want happiness and pleasure now.  You can not hide from consequences.  Once it catches up to you then you will really be miserable.  We are simply drifting along.  We don’t care about the storm we are drifting into.  Hopefully when the storm slams us against the rocks someone else will have to clean it up.  This is passive acceptance.  It is how people go along with things they know are not right.  More and more people are being driven by their selfish mind.  A mind that instinctually wants security and safety, so it goes along to get along.  We have lost the power to say no to bad ideas.  We have lost the power to not compromise ourselves in order to get what we want.   We go for what we want regardless of consequences.  We have lost the power to direct our own lives apart from our immediate interests.  We allow our minds to dictate what it wants us to be.  We listen to the excuses our mind gives us and we are exonerated.  There is no separation between impulse and fulfillment.  Every instantaneous desire must be fulfilled. Just look at the road rage going on right now. Look at all the texting going on while driving.  Look at all the virtue signaling.   It is all day everyday.  We are all doing as we please.  Chaos is getting closer and closer.  

Is it possible for an individual to control themselves?  To the western world constant desire is normal. The more we gratify our desires the more we want gratification.   We are creatures of habit.  We are developing very dangerous habits.  The undisciplined and uncontrolled person is always in trouble.  To escape this trouble we are going to any means.  When we become sick we numb ourselves. We think the only way to heal is to dull our consciousness.  We must get rid of this nasty consciousness within ourselves.  The conflict inside you is the cause of sickness.  So we change our principals.  We don’t say it this way.  We just do it.  We don’t want to meet our true destiny.  We don’t accept the fact that we are here to learn and part of that learning is to learn to control ourselves.  The moment success, luxury or power make us lose our connection to Nature we will fade away.  We will lose connection to purpose and value.  When empires fall there was always a half hearted defense to protect the empire that was falling.  No one cared to save the empire.  I see that happening in the U. S. today.  Power, success and luxury always corrupts.  Once corrupt the only weapon left to use is money.  Bribery is the only way.  

The events of today have produced certain types of people.  One group is drifters.  They are not criminal minded people.  They are just unable to deal with the overwhelming pressures.  They have no power of leadership.  They are being drowned in circumstances.  They have not learned to swim.  They have no standard of living.  They are all weak, have broken minds, disillusioned, fearful and are wore out.  What kind of world permits this to happen?  Why do we let people give up?  

We have another group who are just aggressively belligerent.  This group are out championing and fighting causes without any consideration for ethics in their own battle.  These people are not fighting to make the world better.  That is their excuse.  The real reason is that the individual likes violence and aggressiveness.  They ignore the rules of life to form some point of their own.  This group is full of delinquents.  They have individuals that are always associating themselves with violent causes.  Violence is the only way they feel alive.  It makes them feel like a person.  How can people think they will achieve peace by destroying their adversaries?  This group will never attempt to try something ethical.  Violence is the only way.  They only create more problems.  

Another group is individuals who don’t care about society and they can’t really get along with themself.  They stay away from daily pressures.  This group has all kinds of levels to it.  Every grudge you can think of is held in this group.  They are overwhelmed with negative dissatisfaction.  Something must be done about something.  Everything they hate about themselves is turned outward into society.  They want better political leadership.  They want stronger pills.  Because their lives are a wreck they want other peoples lives to be a wreck.  They see racism everywhere, they see inequality everywhere, nothing is fair to them.  All because they can’t live with themselves.  They want to deceive themselves.  They are unhappy, so everyone else is going to be unhappy.  

All these people were never taught life is a responsibility.   They were never taught to have discipline.  No one ever told them that their thoughts and emotions need to be under a certain amount of control.  This is all due to the indifference and ignorance of parents.  There is no maturity without self discipline.  Education never taught them how to think.  They are told what to think but not how to think.  Education teaches people to be obedient workers.  It does not give them appreciation or pride in their work.  It teaches them that they are a victim of a technical society and if they don’t do the work they will not get paid.  There are exceptions but the trend is immaturity.  Immaturity never has responsibility.  It is considered an asset to do what you want to do.  It is success.  It does not matter who you hurt on the way up.  No one cares.  What the individual does to themselves they won’t realize it until it’s too late.  Individuals  drive their own view point to extremity. Does not matter how unreasonable or how unjust their ideas are as long as they can be the dictator over their victims. This egocentric drive puts the individual at the top of the industry or company they want to control.  These individuals reach a point where they can block or censor anything that goes against them.   Our leadership is full of ambitious people, driven by discomfort or unhappiness in themselves and are completely undisciplined as far as public responsibility is concerned.  The only incentive they have is to accomplish their own selfish satisfaction.  This is exactly what religion was created on.  Now are society is being created on it.  

Our leaders today are the most difficult, the most opinionated, the most relentless in getting their own way, the most miserable and sour people, and the ones who are the quickest to blame others for their own mistakes.  They have no respect for anyone or anything.  They will use anything to get their way.  They are the GOD of their religion.  The religion of ME.  The rules are for thee, but not for me.  They are unable to bring themselves down to the common person.  They all want to become dictators.  They will never truly lead people or accomplish anything special in life.  The only thing they will accomplish is a state of unhappiness.  They will find that their unreasonableness will have a big blockade.  The blockade that everything they represent is of very little interest to the common person.  The only one that cares about their ideas is themselves.  When this person that has gotten their way their whole life meets the real world and figures out they are not the prince or princess mommy and daddy made them out to be, they become psychotic.  When they become frustrated they become bitter.  They think that their opinion is of universal importance and the failure of others to realize this is a crime against them.  It becomes their duty to bring revenge upon the people who fail to see the almighty GOD in them.  This is where we are at today.  We worthless people do not think like these idiots in charge so we must pay.  

Most people who think they are misunderstood fail to understand other people.   It is always other people who are dumb or stupid.  It can never be the individual themselves.  Opposition is always the opposers fault.  It never passes the mind of the misunderstood that the great number of people who oppose them and don’t like what they are doing because it is wrong.  Power driven individuals are constantly disagreeing with everyone else.  Power driven individuals only want what they want because they think what they want is the best for everyone.  You can tell who these individuals are by how many marriages they have had, how their own children turn on them, how they fail in businesses, how impractical they are and  how many times they file for bankruptcy.  But here is the key.  It is always someone else’s fault.  These individuals are mind driven.  They can not change their mind.  To them changing their mind would send them to hell.  Their own thinking is the ultimate truth.  Anyone who says different is a liar and must be censored and ruined.  

The individual who is always right it always miserable.  Nature shows us again and again how wrong we are and how we must change.  Nature requires self discipline.  The human way is to force its own opinions on everyone else.  There is nothing in humans that inspire them to have  genuine friendship and ethics.  Instead humans get a victim mindset because others will not see it their way.  This causes them to search out drugs to stop the pressure.  This is only the numbing of pressure.  After a while they lose all control of their own thoughts.  All in the name of misery.  You can not cover up something that Nature requires you to master.  The western person is too proud to master their own consciousness.  They have no self control.  Too filled with anxiety for relaxation.  They can not attain self discipline so Nature forces them into self discipline by imposing sickness.  The only thing this does is make the Pharmaceutical companies rich because it’s not our fault we are sick.  Let’s take a pill.  Taking a pill will not remedy the garbage you put in your body, it just adds to it.  It will not remedy the stress and anxiety you put yourself under.  Why do you think flu season is in January?  This world will have you believe it’s because everyone is inside and in close proximity to each other.  In truth its because you put so much garbage in your body and put yourself under so much stress during the holidays.  Your body is trying to expel that shit and make you relax!  Your life is your habit and your habit is sickness.  All because you shun Nature.  

Why is the world so full of corruption?  Because our leaders can not get over themselves. All of them.  They really believe they are a superior person.  Most think they are of the Gods or a God themselves.  They believe they have a unique destiny and they must fulfill it.  They believe that they are more correct than anyone else could ever be.  They believe their opinions  truly are biblical in a sense.  That someone needs to start a religion in their name and worship them.  They are convinced they are here for some significant purpose and that purpose is always consistent with what they want.  They will never admit they are just an ordinary person.  We are all ordinary.  Any true superior person is the first to admit they are ordinary.  Psychotic people can’t be one of many.  They have to be special and unique.  They are willing to die and destroy everything in their path for this sense of uniqueness.  You can not talk people out of what they want to believe.  No matter how desperate things get they will always believe they are right.  It is everyone else who has made things so desperate and sour.  How much of all of this do you see everyday?  Not just in our leaders but in everyone.  How much do you see of this in yourself?  The world is full of mind driven people.

How do we correct this?  We can not tackle it head on.  We must slowly take it down.  Psychology thinks we can just unlock something in the mind and open the flood gates.  You can not unlock something that does not want to be opened.  We must learn to relax.  When I say relax I mean getting your own mind off yourself.  The moment you get the ego out of the drivers seat you begin to get results.  When a person quits thinking about if they are important, how they look or if they are cool then humanness starts to comes through.  They must expand their insight and inner consciousness.  If a person can get out of religion and into a Native American type spirituality that is not egocentric  it would help them a great deal.  They need to become aware of other beliefs and to admit there are things they don’t understand.  They need to get involved in something new that they have no idea on how to do it.  A new hobby, new sport, music lessons, art or photography lessons, etc.  Anything where they have to listen to someone else and they are not the center of their own attention.  By learning to be receptive in something they learn to open their mind.  They learn to stop forcing their opinion on others like some kind of demigod.  It will give them a certain humbleness and realization that no one knows it all.  

We have been extroverted in the west for far too long.  Our ego patriarch minds want to force ourselves on Nature.  When in reality we need to be receptive to Nature.  Instead trying to be Nature’s guide we need to let Nature guide us.  Fighting Nature is endless.   Accepting her is where we find peace and relaxation.  Life does not have to agree with you.  It never has and never will.  You have only thought things have gone your way or went against you.  Once you accept the river of life and flow with it you can steer in certain directions.  But you have to accept Nature’s laws or Universal laws.  Regardless of what you believe or how you act their are natural laws that will be forced upon you.  What you resists persists.  If you resist it then it will ruin you.  If you accept Nature’s laws you will finally achieve freedom.  You will be free to do what ever it is you want to do only after you do what is naturally good.   Leadership will come to you not because you demand it.  You will be able to inspire others in a natural and gentle way.  You will achieve all that you want only if you follow the rules of Nature’s game.  Yes she is playful.  The biggest rule I have learned from her is that no one is fit to lead if they have never followed.  You can not begin by taking control of Nature or the Universe, you can only begin by following.   We must learn to obey before we get the right to give orders.  You must obey Nature in order to have a relationship with her. Our place in this Universe has never been clearly defined.  We have always been thought of as a conqueror.  We think we are going to conquer space.  Science will have us believe we will get free of this planet and conquer other planets.  These idiots haven’t even conquered the space between their ears.  Until they conquer that empty space they will do nothing.  They need to start putting some of those trillions of dollars they are wasting into studying the mysterious curve of their own continuum.  

People who live for self gratification are mind driven and will be miserable their whole life.  The human race has always been about self gratification.  Every family has people in it like this.  Every corporation and government is full of people like this.  Science and religion are full of people like this.  Most of the so called intellectuals are like this.  And we wonder why the world is so corrupt.  The world is full of uncontrollable children and they are the ones who lead us.  We can’t change them.  They have to want to change themselves, but that is not going to happen.  They think they are successful.  Until we change our definition of success the psychopaths will always lead us.  If we gave the highest ranks, highest paying jobs and highest notoriety to the people who were self disciplined  then things would change.  If success demanded self discipline we would have it.  Right now success demands only skill and technical ability.  We will always have problems because the successful individuals will have personal conspiracies, personality conflicts and fighting amongst each other.  All because they are unconditioned and undisciplined.  Things will continue to be as they always have unless we demand personal discipline.  Our leaders are the most undisciplined of the human race.  

We do not value enlightenment.  Enlightenment is not woke.  A true enlightened person knows they are truly enlightened.  An enlightened persons leadership is constructive, valuable and accepted.  If they are mind led they lead with fear and pressure.  An enlightened person will diversify their interests and take on things they are not good at.  They will let others help them get better.  This helps them realize all other people are good at different things.  By doing something that you do not do well you experience insecurities and feeling inadequate.  This will break the mind of thinking it knows everything.  By picking up philosophical and spiritual things that are not dogmatic It will change their thought forms and patterns to not be dogmatic.  We need to have reasonable ambitions.  Think about life thoroughly.  Beginning to end.  Most of the things that you desperately want to attain or achieve belong to this world and will be left behind when you leave this world.  We need to stop having so much attachment to things that are not permanent or do not have longevity.  Immediate goals are transitory, impermanent, inconclusive and unsatisfactory.  

If you have a brilliant mind use it.  Think through the problem of your own existence and the futility of fear and pressure.  This pressure and fear are not necessary.  We only need to have a quiet gentle determination to contribute simple happiness, good and friendship in this world. All fear and pressure are futile.  Pressuring people and causing fear in others will never lead to anything permanent or have long lasting value.   It only leads to what we have today.  Leaders who are killers and they destroy life.  Whether the killer is a heart attack, war, sickness, overdose, suicide, etc.  It is all from the result of fear and pressure.  Fear and pressure is not productive.  They have only ever produced misery.  We can not afford this.  Use your common sense.  Use your mind not to fight fear and pressure but to understand your way through them.  Understand they are not important.  You can not afford to sacrifice your life to them.  Nor can you afford to sacrifice your life to what we think is success.  A success that is impermanent and insecure.  Enrich your life with true value.  Live a more contemplative life.  If you can’t do that live for a moderate desire.  We need to quit trying to control others.  We do not have an exact destiny.  We are not here to suffer.  We are here to grow.  But when you resist growth, you suffer.  By knowing this we can eliminate most of our problems.  

5 thoughts on “Mind Driven”

  1. The way I interpret your last few signposts, is that we must wage an inner war with ourselves. A personal Armageddon against our daily habits that are not aligned with Natural Law. Cause and effect is not a theory or a belief, it is a law. As a law, it does not matter if you have heard of it, believe in it, or ignore it. Everything about you is subject to the law of cause and effect.
    All of these groups of people you have described need look no further than themselves. Nothing in the universe arises by chance or by a predetermined fate. Everything arises due to causes and conditions. I am sure that they have broken a few basic principles of natural law and are now paying the price. The mind has now become the Builder or the Destroyer, the choice is up to us.

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    1. That’s exactly it Sunshamar! I could not have said it better. We are creatures of habit. We don’t choose our life, we choose our habits. Our habits build or destroy our life. Thanks for the great comment!😊


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