Get Out of Your Own Way

We think failure is scary.  We all want to succeed.  We want things to go our way.  What you don’t realize is succeeding is scarier than failing. Why?   Because failure is familiar.  You are used to it.  Deep down inside, when it comes to trauma, you do not care if it sucks or not.  All your DNA cares about is “Is this known?”   Every human secretly gets what they are used to.  This is why self sabotage kicks in when you have a certain amount of success.  We all have that ceiling that if we pass it we will self sabotage.  We are not scared of failure, we are scared of succeeding.  

Our self sabotaging sneaks up on us in subtle ways.  We start making more money and we spend it.  We get someone in our life who has a higher consciousness and we push them away.   We ourselves start to become higher consciously and we get scared, so we tell ourselves stories that keep us from progressing which causes us to do things that keep us from progressing.   This all comes from our fear of the unknown.  We like things to be familiar even if it is painful.  The human race has been in pain since our creation and we like it.  It is our comfort zone!  The human race has not advance since our creation.  Every time we start to advance as a race we self sabotage through wars, pandemics, politics, religion, technology, science, etc.  You must let this land.  We as a human race have been suffering for eons.  It is our comfort zone.  

We have all seen athletes and celebrities who make it big very quickly and then boom it all blows up.  We have all seen lottery winners go broke within a few years.  You have a set point inside you.  I can give you the keys to more happiness, dopamine, prosperity and peace but every last one of you will self sabotage.  The biggest one on that list is peace.  You do not want it. Let’s be honest here, if you go walk through a park or forest, can you be at peace?  Most of you can’t!  Can any of you sit alone in silence for a few minutes and be at peace?  Can you not stare at your phone every other minute?  Take a good look around.  Everyone is staring at their phone.  That is where everyones consciousness is at.  We are always looking for the next thing and can’t enjoy what we want.  If I were to put you in a setting with all of your famous heroes could you be chill or would you be super creepy and weird?  Would you just be yourself quietly or would you want selfies with them and try to get their approval?  Be honest.  You would be weird, try too hard and overthink everything.  You would mess it up.  

You know exactly what you need to do to be prosperous, happy, rich and successful.  Yet you focus on all the other things because you are hooked on the chaos.  If you would just get out of your own way you could have everything you want.  You have this on going self sabotage.  If you do not resonate with your own success it will not manifest.  Think of it as having this force inside you that is pushing your success away.  You can want all you want, but you will keep pushing it away.  This is why you procrastinate.  You all have one thing that if you did it your life would improve drastically, but you don’t do it.  You will come up with all sorts of excuses not to do it.  You need to get out of your own way.  Stop pushing away good things.  There is something inside you that needs to be dealt with.  For most of you the way you were as a kid is the way you are now.  Think of your group of friends as a kid, they are they same as your group of friends now.  

Ninety nine percent of your self sabotage you can’t see.  For most of you there is opportunity after opportunity coming your way for whatever it is that you want and you can’t see it.  You only see the things you resonate with.  Two people can be put in an exact same situation and one will see problems or failures and the other will see opportunities and success.  The reason why we like failure is because of our ego.  As I have always said if you do not do the inner work the ego stays in charge.  The ego is a little demon until you get control of it.  Imagine that you could fly, but you have all these tentacles coming out of the ground that attach too you and won’t let you fly.  You can jump but not fly.  You keep thinking that you have to get stronger legs so you can jump higher and eventually the many tentacles will let go, when in reality you need to cut the tentacles off.  

The best question anyone could ask themselves is “What else?”   As in “What else can I do?”  We are so afraid of change when we should be afraid of staying the same.  People will sit there and argue, fight, complain and moan about everything and they are not saying “What else could I do with this time?” or “What else could I do with this energy?”  Humans are on the lowest level of this and have been for quite some time.  The lowest level is complaining, victim thinking, gossiping and bashing people who are not present.  I understand that we all have been victims at one time or another in our life, but you have to stop focusing on that and being victimized further.  Stop looping on it and start asking “What else?”  We only have a certain amount of mental capitol, only a certain amount of focus capitol and we only have a certain amount of time.  If you are looping on victim thinking you are wasting away.  The other thing is gossiping about others and attacking other people. You will see people who bond together to attack others then later start attacking each other.  If someone starts talking crap about others or gossiping get away from them.   They will do it about you as soon as you are not present.  

The reason why people gossip, talk bad about others and have a victim mindset is because they are hiding from their greatness.  They could do some of the greatest things in the world but they are hiding from it.  Women, Im hitting below the belt here, but you have got to stop hiding from your greatness.  This women’s movement is not going to get real until you quit blaming others.  Bill Burr has a fantastic piece on his new comedy about how women have failed the WNBA.  Where are all the feminist at these games?  It’s not because the game is less quality than men.  Women’s basketball and soccer is just as fun to watch as the men.  Especially women’s soccer.  They don’t play silly buggers, they get after it!  The reason why the stands are not sold out is because women would rather watch trash then see a group of women work together to try to accomplish something.    Trust me women, if you were there acting all crazy for your favorite team and ripping your shirts off men would come watch the game too.  All these sports are putting women in skimpier uniforms thinking they will get people to watch when in truth if the women would just go to the games men would go too.  

Liking trashiness over quality is a tentacle you are going to have to cut.   This women’s moment has Islam attached to it.  Why?  The religion of hate, especially towards women, is attached to a women’s movement.  Women are going to have to cut the tentacles of all religions if you want this movement to be taken seriously.  This women’s movement is trying to get away from women being a sex objects, yet there are countless number of women online dressing provocatively just to get site traffic and likes.  They even use yoga as a way to get pictures at certain angles of certain body parts and poses.  The tentacle of thinking the male is the only way to get ahead in life has to be cut too.

You have to look at what feeds people soul.  When people are gossiping, complaining, trash talking, etc.  is it lighting them up?  Are they getting energy off of it?  Does their limitation make them feel better some how?  Anytime you could be involved in bashing other people you could be focusing on yourself.  Im focused on my own flaws and how I can fix them to give value to this world.  When you start doing this you become addicted to it because it becomes a habit.  Whenever you’re in nature do you get a high off of it?   Do you get a high off of reading great literature?  Do you get a high off of listening to top quality music like classical music?  Do you get a high off of looking at great art?  Or do you get a high off of crap pop culture?  Do you try to do something that will stand the test of time or do you add to crap heap?  Stop adding to the crap heap.  It is a way of hiding your greatness by burning up mental capitol, emotional capitol and time.  If you find yourself looking at pop culture, gossiping, complaining, crap talking, being in a victim mindset and that feeds your soul, you have to begin to change that.  

If you do not change that you will see high quality people, situations and opportunities as toxic.  People who are gossipers and crap talkers do it because it gives them dopamine.  They have to put others down to make themselves feel good. They see others who are killing it and succeeding as toxic because seeing them succeeding makes them feel bad.  Most people are coping because they are addicted to negative energy.  We are addicted to negative energy because we have not dealt with trauma.  

What lights you up?   When someone starts to gossip do you want to hear it?  Do you have to turn on the news in the morning to see how bad things are?  People get off on watching bad things happen to other people.  Money will not help you feel better.   If you are miserable and you are always trying to escape and numb how you feel, having more money will just amplify that.  Instead of distracting yourself playing video games you will distract yourself traveling.  Instead of drinking cheap booze you will buy expensive booze.  You are still numbing yourself.  You must understand that what you focus on will rule your life.  If you keep looping on being a victim, that people are out to get you and all your problems that is all you will see.  How do you expect to succeed in life if that is all you see?  The more you think you are a victim the more of a victim you become.  The victimhood mentality takes on a life of its own.  We have been conditioned into learned helplessness.  Start auditing yourself on what you start thinking when things get tuff.  What does your mind start looping on?  Do you feel sorry for yourself?  Do you get mad at yourself?  Do you blame others?  If there was some weird imaginary monster that represented your mind, what would it look like?  J. R. Tolkien represented his mind monster as Gollum.  What does that monster keep talking about?  What does it keep dragging your attention towards?  No matter how good things get this monster will always try to pull you back.  You have to learn to let go of it.  You can not do it by just saying it doesn’t exist.  You must understand that this monster has a certain emotional charge.  It is like a magnet that has been put on you that pulls you into certain situations, it hijacks your focus, creates your whole reality and you will find yourself in situations that align with it.  You will find people that align with it and  you develop relationships with people that align with it all so you can get your dopamine hit.  You are building a web.  If your entire life is BS than this web is BS!  Its that simple!!!!  

Think about that.  Your life is a web that you have built to get cortisol, scarcity and failure.  The more you use willpower to build your web the more BS you get.  You will pick a mate that will validate your thoughts and pump you with the emotion you are hooked on.  You will pick friends that will activate you.  You will only be able to work at a job that activates you.  You will put yourself in situations that that activate you.  You can go grab some homeless person off the street, put them in a mansion,  give them a six or seven figure job and they will still be in the bathroom doing meth and cocaine.   It’s not going to change!  You can say I’m being insensitive but that is reality.  People are addicted to whatever gets them to stay unconscious.  The trauma that is in them overwhelms them.  They can not live with themselves.  So they build a web that keeps expanding.  The bigger it gets the worse it is.  So they do things to medicate it and escape it.  Their idea of a party is to slam down a bunch of substances that is going to give them a brief high and traumatize them again.  They call that getting “crunk” or crazy drunk and its cool.  All because their web is BS and it’s all about traumatizing themselves over and over.  This is what the symbol of the spider means!  What is your web?  Is it toxic, scarce and full of trauma you have not released?  Or is it a web of thriving and abundance?  

You must understand that we all have trauma.  For most the trauma has beat them up and possessed them.  This is what has happened to the human race as a whole with our ancient trauma.  We have not dealt with our trauma mainly because it has been hidden from us and now our trauma is all we can resonate with.  No matter how good of a situation the human race is put in it will only be able to focus on the negative.  This is exactly why civilizations fall over and over and over.  It is the same reason individuals fail over and over and over.  We can’t let success land.  We can’t let abundance land.  This is the greatest time to be alive as far as wealth and abundance and all we can do is focus on the negative.  It does not matter how much we try to get rid of the negative humans will find a way to screw it up.  All because of ancient trauma!  I could put most people in a utopia of their choice with nothing negative anywhere and people would have a freaking nervous break down.  They would go into convulsions because they wouldn’t have anything negative to focus on.   It is so easy to see this in other human beings yet so hard to see it in ourselves.  The hardest thing in the world is to see it and recognize it in ourselves.  You have to pour out the dirty water in order to get the clean water.  Let the negative go so you can make room for the positive.  

What energizes you?  Most people resonate with death, negativity, garbage, fighting, and just plain shit!  What energizes the people around you?  If you are someone who resonates with this negativity, imagine a genie appeared and fixed everything for you.  You can not complain.  Everything is perfect.  I guarantee you would have withdrawals.  It runs you.  Audit the people around you.  However they act, that is you.  You can say you want to be around the rich and powerful or the elite athletes and actors, but I guarantee you if I put you in a room with them you would not act like yourself.  Once you got home you would feel relived to be able to start being yourself.  Put you in a room with all your friends that you can be you, what do you talk about?   What do you connect with?  When you are with your friends do you have to drink?  Can you be sober with yourself?  I’m not saying you can’t enjoy yourself and have a drink?  You have to ask yourself if it is the spice or the steak?  Is it the spice you put on your life or is it the full entree?  You have to step in and be honest about what it’s really like to be you?   What monster is there?  Don’t ignore it.  That is the easy way out.  Don’t run away from it?  Don’t suppress it.  Challenge yourself to be with it.  What’s it like?  How long has it been there?  What’s it feel like?  You will realize its been there a very long time.  Nothing will truly change until you deal with what’s running you.  No one is above this.  Ancient trauma is running all of us.  The people who think I’m crazy are the ones who need it the most.  

It is so important to do inner work to have a successful life.  Whatever it is that you consider successful.   You must be stingy with your time.  You must be able to look at a situation and recognize it for what it is.  You must be able to see people for who they are.  Will this person drag you down into their crap heap?  When people or players come to me and say they want to be great or successful, I can tell if they are ready for it or not.  Most of them are not.  Most of my players have the talent to be great.  They don’t have the mindset.  Everything is mental.  It’s you against you out there.  You must resonate with success and greatness or you will self sabotage.  You must do the inner work to release the trauma in order to stop being addicted to the negative.  The human race must do it or we will always look for the negative.  Being in abundance makes you creative.  Being in scarcity makes you needy and selfish.  When you’re creative you can enjoy the results. 

You did not come into the world being negative and needy.  You were light and free as a kid then the conditioning, the lies, the trauma, and patterns were imprinted on you.  This world hijacked who you really are.  Then you live your life the way this world wants you too.  It keeps building and building and takes on a life of its own.  Then when you are old and near your death you realize something has happened.  The real person comes to the surface and you have all these regrets.  You realize you have been fooled and this parasitic world got you.  The best time of your life was when you were a child.  You were free, expressive, full of laughter and fun.  It should get better from there and it doesn’t.  Just like our world was way more advanced when all the megaliths were built.  It should have gotten better and it hasn’t.  Something is wrong! The fact that everyone considers the best time of our lives was when we were kids as normal is wrong.   When you get older should be the best time of your life.  It should get better and better and better.  You should be in a state of continued ripening.  Instead we have fallen to what we are!  Here is the good news.  Because you were not born like this and you were conditioned and tricked into being like this, you can let go of it.  This is not you!  

You need to learn to see the parasite in others.  What state are they in?  What is running others?  See below the surface.  When you see that you can literally predict their future.  Unless they do inner work.  You can literally predict who they will be and how they will live their life.  It’s very Jedi like.  You will also see the warning signs.  Most people don’t see the warning signs until after the fact and think “What the hell was I doing?”  The parasite got them.  Awareness is a big step, but you can let go of it.  Most people will have resistance to becoming aware of what Im telling you.  Not only has the parasite got them they have become the parasite.  You must blast through that resistance, become aware of it and let go of it.  When you do things get better and better and better.  Inner work will not take away from worldly success.  It will not take away from action, but it changes your relationship to all of that.  Action becomes effortless.   You will do a ton of work, but it won’t feel like it.  It literally gives you energy and the courage to be free, expressive and full of laughter.  You will be sober feeling these.  I think it has healing properties to it too.  You have been there before you can get there again.  You must bring awareness to the parasite that is running you.  The parasite that has hijacked your thinking, focus and the reality you live in.  You can get out of this trap, but you have to make it a priority.  

When you see it in others don’t judge them.  If you see it in them it is in you.  The world is your mirror.  You have to see this as scrubbing the rust off of your soul.  Ninety nine percent of your thoughts is coming from social conditioning, biological drives, your ego wanting to be cool, your addictions, and whatever you focus on.  When you die all this is going to be gone.  What is left?  What is that core part of you that is left?  Now ask yourself if you can find that and operate from that?  You have a physical intelligence and a spirit intelligence. Our physical intelligence wants to fit in.  Does not matter if anything is true it just wants to be liked.  It’s all ego driven.  What is the intelligence of the spirit or soul?  It is when you deprive your ego or body of what it is addicted to that you get in touch with your spirit.  This is why religions will have fasting.  Anytime you deprive the body and ego you will touch the spirit.  Most don’t understand this and they will see it as god touching them. Your body and ego are addicted to the parasites.  Deprive it from the crap head and you will get in touch with your spirit.  Know that it is your spirit not god. Other wise it will be just as fake as the born again lie.   It is your true intelligence.  A lot of people who have their reputation ruined will find this intelligence because they know longer care about their reputation.  This is the intelligence you want to access.  You will appear super human to others.  It’s not that you will be supper human its just you are aware of this intelligence you can access.  It is from this intelligence you can find the gold.  Even with you reading this now it is awakening something in you.  Shake it awake!  

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