What’s This Life For?

The general market level of the world is that you can have some kind of perfect life.  You can have all kinds of leisure and pleasure.  Do cool things and go cool places all the time.  Meet perfect people. Any type of utopia you can dream up.   Pleasure and leisure has a space in life.  If someone thinks physical pleasure has no space they do not understand life.  Its all part of this experience.  What I want to show you is that pleasure, leisure and ego are over rated.  Whatever it is you take pleasure in, women, men, booze, drugs, watching television, traveling, eating, video games, sports, shopping etc. you will remember these experiences about as much as you remember all the fast food meals you have eaten.  So if you know pleasure and leisure are temporary, why do it at all?  If your pleasure is momentary, what’s the point?  If you work at something to make a life for yourself, where is the meaning?  If you have helped others or have worked on yourself your whole life and then you die, what’s the point? This post will be about dealing with that conundrum.  The reason why we are on this planet is not what most think.  

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Mind Driven

To understand humans you must understand the mind.  Humans are mind driven.  Everything that they do arises from their own thoughts.  They develop opinions, ideologies and beliefs that become the dominate forces in their personality.  Yet most have no understanding as to what the mind really is or understand how to use it.  People think the mind is a great computer.  That they can program and educate it and they will be successful.  This post will show you that this is not the case.  The human mind is not good. It was a mind created from an evil act.  The human mind is immoral at best.  

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Get Out of Your Own Way

We think failure is scary.  We all want to succeed.  We want things to go our way.  What you don’t realize is succeeding is scarier than failing. Why?   Because failure is familiar.  You are used to it.  Deep down inside, when it comes to trauma, you do not care if it sucks or not.  All your DNA cares about is “Is this known?”   Every human secretly gets what they are used to.  This is why self sabotage kicks in when you have a certain amount of success.  We all have that ceiling that if we pass it we will self sabotage.  We are not scared of failure, we are scared of succeeding.  

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