The Way Out is In

A weak mind can not know what the divine is.  When humans try to study anything divine or the powers of the divine they build their own image of it.  Everything is known to us by what it seems to be.  The divine itself is not what it seems.  The only way to understand this is by removing all that is untrue.  

The human mind can not say what is true.  We say what seems to be true everyday, but it is not.  We say something is true because we think our opinion is true.  This is why there is so much conflict and controversy in our lives.  This is because weak minds need an enemy for identity.  One faith against another.  One nation against another.  One political side against another.  We are right they are wrong.  You being right and them being wrong is your identity.  In conflicts all sides are dominated by errors not reality.  All things that come through humans come through a mind that censors for its own bias.  

There are two types of time.  A time humans live by which is a time divided by years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.  It is the theater in which our drama of suffering takes place.  This time has no sense of reality.  We would not experience this time if we did not have something to tell us the time.  The other type of time lies in reality itself.  A time that lies in the divine.  In the infinite divine there is no time, but now.   The immediate.  There is no time in which the divine created.  There is no passing time in which the divine does not create.  There is no future time in which the divine will make things happen.  By understanding this you can see that everything has always been and always will be.  Creation is happening all the time.  It always has and always will.  We do not move from past to future.  We move from one now to another.  The now is infinite.  Creation is infinite.  If creation stopped for a millisecond everything would collapse.  What we call disintegration, decay or corruption is an aspect of creation.  

There is a continuous creative power in yourself.  If it ceased you would cease.  Each moment is an eternal moment and an immediate moment.  We are alive because of the immediate presence of creation.  We pass through cycles of experiences while we are alive through our own mental processes and capacity.  We interpret eternity with days, months, years or achievements.  Everything past, present and future is happening immediately in the now.  The eternal is now.  The divine is here and now.  Consciousness is available here and now.  These can not be separated by man made categories.  Complete knowing and insight is now everywhere.  It always has been and always will be.  The reason only a few find consciousness or enlightenment is because we are not experiencing what is.  We want to look for it.  We need a beginning and end.  Illumination is now.  We don’t need a heaven or hell.  We don’t need a utopia.  Now is timeless.   

In order to experience the divine we must be no more and no less than the divine.  You can not be more than Nature because Nature is all there is.  You can not be less because you are part of Nature.  Discovering this is what leads you to truth.  Humans are building ignorance.  Not only do we build ignorance we become fascinated with it.  We give human characteristics to nonhuman things and fail to recognize what they really are.  We must get rid of what is not true.  The Universe is forever and the average person is unaware of its existence.  When we project ourselves onto it or into the future, it is false.  The afterlife everyone wants or expects is inconsistent with an orderly Universe.  The ultimate state of a human is uniting with the divine.  This is knows as Nirvana.  To do this you must drop all that is not true.  

We humans have not changed.  We do not see the futility of our lives.   We can change this.  By studying through experience.  The answer is always the simplest.  Thought to us  appears difficult.  Searching for truth always shows us other things.   Truth is always a trial and error procedure.  We don’t have a revelation of truth.   Truth is having experiences that help us reduce what is not true.  When we finally come to knowing that we don’t know, we will see the value of true education.  Our mortal education builds ignorance.  It teaches kids that materialism is not only real, but what we need to achieve.  We learn egoism. When we should be learning the identity of our own nature.  We should use knowledge to overcome knowledge.  We should use learning to overcome our false learning.   Most of our knowledge comes from a period when humans  knew the least.    We have brought knowledge down through the ages that have had its origins in primitive times.  Some of it is good, but most of it is garbage.  Most of it has been brought through the ages with conceit and vanity.  We are in a better time than ever before to attain knowledge, but we are not thinking now.  We are living under the influence of past knowledge.   Knowledge from the ego is time based.  True knowledge is timeless.  

Our soul is an aspect of the divine.  It is a piece of the eternal now that is everywhere.  When we soul search or search for our core, we will only find it by getting rid of what is not soul.  If you could go into most peoples minds it would be a haunted house.  In the mind is where obsessions and possessions take up shop.  It is where you will find all the phobias, frustrations and neurosis. Our mind is not our soul.  Our soul is a quiet core.  It has no content.  It just is.  It is so total that everything else can come from it, but by its own nature can not recognize these attributes.  When we soul search we are looking for the link between the soul and the eternal soul.  The soul is the silence in you.  It cannot be sick, but our mind can be sick.  Just like the world soul cannot be sick, but the world mind can be sick.  Hatred does not come from our soul.  It comes from our sick minds.  Our soul is our source of life.  It is the source of consciousness energy which each person uses variously according their own mind and emotions.  

In the search for the bridge between yourself and the infinite you must clarify the relationship with your own soul.  This is done privately.  No one else can do it for you.  No one else can see your source.  You must seek it yourself by yourself.  It can only be experienced when there is no interference.  You must admit you are ignorant about yourself.  By keeping it simple and dropping what is not true you will come into the presence of this soul being who is nameless and dimensionless.  You must not impress upon it or force your ideals on it.  You must let it impress upon you.  When entering the subconscious you will be tested.  This is the reason the ancients had initiations and why secret societies have initiations.  If you are a member of any secret society and all you did was pay some money or you were just put through some little ceremony then you know nothing.  All the ancients went through a dangerous and vigilant journey.  Usually for weeks.  At the end of the journey they were rewarded.  It is no different in the subconscious.  You will confront dangers, but by confronting them they will not run your life.  

In the journey through he subconscious you will meet all your monsters and specters.  You will meet adversaries you must defend yourself against.  You must win battle after battle until you find your light within.  Your own centeredness.  Here you will discover that all the battles you had fought were battles with yourself.  Battles with all of your own egotistic illusions and vanities.  All of these inner monsters and specters have been running you.  What you don’t deal with internally will run you externally. Going into the garden of the subconscious you must go through your hopes and your fears, penetrate your prejudices and opinions, face and overcome the mental and emotional vortex inside you.   We must face our own infantile and sick mind.  If we don’t our minds will deceive us and we won’t even know it.  What comes to you is brought to you by your mind.  Once you get rid of what is false there isn’t much left, but that is all that was truly you and you did not know it.  Once you strip the ego, the psychic toxicity stops, but most live for this psychic toxicity.  We live for the fighting, the arguing, the getting ahead, the lying and all the egoism.  Our enemies give us identity.    

When you reach your core you will come to a calm pool of water.  When you look in the pool you will not see how deep it is, you will see your reflection.  You have reached this state of peace because you have dropped all that is not peaceful.  You have reached the highest state a human can reach.  You will no longer be a danger to yourself and society.  Egoistical people want to force their ideas on society.  By going in and facing yourself you protect society.  If you really want to do your part to help the greater good you must turn in and fight your own demons, monsters and specters.  Most do not turn with in because there is no grand reward or honor.  Pride gets in their way.  Turning in is not to become better than anyone else, it is to find the reason for your own existence.  It is to find yourself.  By dropping all that is not true you find the eternal nature where all is true.  By admitting your ignorance you go to a place where there is no ignorance.  You find reality.  You will only desire one thing and that is unity with the divine.  

Now that you understand this you can see why the world is the way it is and always has been.  We have just watched the world go down in a psychic spiral.  This pandemic has thrown people into a trauma, but it is on top of all the past trauma we have not dealt with in the subconscious.    This is just our monsters and specters in different costumes than they have used in the past.  By not confronting our inner self we are doomed to repeat everything.  Here is a quote from Schwaller  de Lubicz 

“What good is a science that destroys itself?  What purpose in awakening every morning to a wearisome daily struggle to reach the evening in a state of exhaustion, to reach the agony of such an empty life?  As long as cerebral intelligence governs the world it will be dominated by inferior mentality.  For mans life will be a struggle of force and power, struggle of vanity, struggle of wealth, struggle for an existence whose aim is warped, but man is not a beast he is animated.  Man is the epitome of the cosmos. A creature housing the divine spark.  Man is not an evolved amphibian, an animal form that became what we are.  Man is perfect at his origin.  A divine being who has degenerated to what we are. “

Mythology is the embodiment of what has gone on since our creation.  It is the battle that goes on in our psyche personally and collectively.  Everyone thinks Aquarius is pouring water out, when she is actually pouring the life force of the universe out.  We are being called to our life force as individuals and as a collective.  If we do not turn in and find our true self our monsters and specters will destroy everything again.  Once again the human race is at the door to take action.  These monsters and specters will destroy themselves too.  They do not care.  You can not get rid of the external plagues, wars and corruption until you get rid of the internal plagues, wars and corruption.  Everything in history keeps repeating because we do not do our inner work as a whole.  All our collective demons, monsters and specters keep coming back in different costumes.  We keep refusing to grow up!  We have to grab our sword and turn within to conquer these archetypes that keep us from growing up.  We all want to stay in the comfort of mommy and daddy and not deal with what has happened to us as a human race.  The evil we are confronting today is not new.  It has been around since our creation.  

All the corruption, the pedophilia, the wars, the lies, the human trafficking, etc. is all because you refuse to look at it.  Just like a child refusing to look under the bed or in the closet for the monster.  If you have to really face the fact that it is coming for you then you have to be strong enough to face it.  What you do not face within, you will have to face in the outer world.  The human race has had its true history hidden from it so it can not deal with it. When someone tries to show it to them they can’t believe it.   The reason our history is hidden is because our egos do not want us to know the truth.  Knowing the truth takes the power away from the ego.  All the characters on the world stage, good and bad, are playing out what is in your inner world.  This is the coming together of psyche and matter.  This is our time to awaken that we are not just a freaking animal.  We are the divine in matter.  Everything comes from our psyche or imagination.  Nothing was ever created by any human without it starting in their imagination.  The trick is to balance the imagination and the physical.  Too far in the physical and you get materialism.  Too far in the imagination and you become psychotic.   The way out is in!  

There is the world of cause and the world of effects.  We are always addressing the world of effects and wondering why we can’t change things.  It is a vicious cycle.  The world of the soul and the spirit is the world of the causal.  It is where the work needs to be done.  You must deal with things at the cause for it to manifest in the physical world.  This is the Hero’s Journey.  Deal with the cause and the illusion is lifted and the truth is revealed.  It is a very painful process, but once through it you are reborn.   This is what all the underworld myths are about.  Deal with what is unconscious to make it conscious.  Ancient wounds that have never been dealt with are rearing their ugly face yet again.  We as a race  have  never dealt with this ancient trauma and worked through it.  We have not overcome the terror and grief of our history.  This is why we keep repeating history.  One civilization after another keeps falling. One empire after another falls.   Will we fall again?   It really is up to you.   

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