Black Magic and Demonism

The ancients thought Nature had good and bad.  The good things were the gods and goddess the bad things were demons or devils.  When things went good they thanked their gods and goddesses.  When things went bad they blamed it on the demons.  This was their psychological way of keeping their belief that gods were good and couldn’t cause evil. 

In the ancient world the destructive forces were entities themselves.  They were mysterious beings who were malicious.  They tortured people because they enjoyed it.  Irish folklore is full of little mischievous beings who like to play pranks on mortals.  The Vikings had Loki.  The Greeks and Egyptians have several of them.  Hinduism has them too.  All of them originated in the culture or region of their own.  They had their own way of life and only occasionally came into contact with mortals.  One could do several things to try to ward them off like offer sacrifices or where pendants.  All of it was based on local cultures or customs.  They also thought that if someone died with hate or revenge in their heart that they would come back and haunt this world.  If you wronged someone, when they died they would come back and haunt you.  It was the souls of the unhappy dead.  

Our word demon comes from the Greek daemon and it was not necessarily evil.  It was just an entity from another dimension.   Socrates had a daemon.  Daemons were just like gods but they were more readily available.  These daemons would protect and serve the person.  They kept the mischievous or evil ones at bay by leaving food out or promising to do something if the bad ones left them alone.  The Japanese have the Oni who could be held at bay by throwing beans at them at a yearly festival.  The Oni in their spare time would go fishing, have picnics, and gather together to drink sake.  In Buddhism the Buddhist all took care of the demons.  They all were converted.  They become the helpers of Buddhism who would scare people back on the right path.  In China they have all  sorts of demons but the people don’t really care.  It doesn’t bother them.  They are confident that none of these so called demons will bother them.  The demon is more of a nuisance.  The Chinese people I know are more afraid of ghosts than demons.  

The stories in the west show how neurotic we are.  The Bible is full of demonology.  In the dark ages demons became sources of negative belief.  The church tells people how easy it is to lose their soul.  Do one thing bad and you are in trouble.  We are taught that we have an evil nature.  The west has always lived in terror of these demons or devils.  Demons punished sinners.  They left the good people alone.  Once someone did something bad the demon was all over you.  It was divine punishment.  People could be possessed by demons.  They had to exercise these demons out of people and if it did not work they burned them at the stake.  

In black magic it is thought that these evil deities can be controlled.  The evil spirits will do the bidding of their master.  You can sign a pact with the evil deities.  It is usually a pact signed in blood.  These pacts bound an evil spirit to a certain person.  Usually the pact was paid with the soul of the magician.  During the pact the demon would do whatever their master wanted them to do.  If you take a look at these so called demons they really don’t care about the mortal world.  They consider humans nothing but children.  Infantile, ignorant beings willing to sell their soul for a little wealth, a short time of fame or the fulfillment of their desires.  They could care less about humans but because of the pact they are bound.  This is what demonology really is.  All of it is based on power.  Rituals and rites have to be performed.  If they were performed correctly they could command a spirit.  The spirit always does not want to be in the mortal world and is mad that they were even summoned.  

Using evil to hurt other people is a fairly new concept in demonology.  It was not part of the ancients beliefs.  That humans could become evil themselves and chose to hurt others is a recent phenomenon.  The ancients believed evil spirits existed and evil people would do evil things, but it did not believe in black magic as we believe it today.  The ancients did not believe that evil was trying to take over.  They knew good always prevailed.  Good was Nature.  Good was everywhere.  Evil was something in humans. Humans were the only ones who could be evil to other people.  Fast forward to today with all the history of beliefs, magic books, keys, rituals, talisman, demons, devils, etc. we think some evil witch or sorcerer will take over the world.  There is no limit to the evil these people can put on innocent people.  If it goes against what we believe religiously or politically they are evil.  They are a witch or a sorcerer.  

The ancients had a solution to all this evil but most do not want to believe it.  They believe in all these demons and evil spirts, but they don’t want to believe in the solution.  The ancients created talismans or did something to ward off the evil.  There was always an easy way out.  We still have the fears and worries but we lost the remedy.  We have become so smart that we pay a professional to give us drugs to fix what’s wrong.  Beneath  all the technology and so called mental advancements we are still primitive and frightened.  We all are influenced by fear.  Fear is even worse when we can not isolate or distinguish the thing we are afraid of.  Blind fear is the worse thing of all.  It is a terror within yourself.   Nothing in technology or any advancements can solve our fear.  We are all born with it.  We all have to struggle with it.  Fear is like any other problem it needs to be solved.  Mostly with common sense, but it can be solved by being positive.  If we would sit down quietly with ourselves and think some of our fears through, we would be forced to make decisions.  Instead we let fear take hold and it makes us irrational.   

The answer lies in each individual.  You must develop within yourself positive resources.  Resources that will develop understanding and insight and not let you be negative and destructive.  Demonism comes from you not having a solid foundation.  All through history where people have a purpose and constructive beliefs there was no demonism or black magic.  Whenever and wherever people lost purpose and being constructive people fell back to their terrors and demonism increased.  Demonism is increasing today.  Wherever people have inner resources they can protect themselves from blind fears.  Very few today have inner resources so demonism is alive and well today.  If you can not lead yourself you will be led in the direction of fear.  Fear makes you do things irrationally.  

The Universe(s) is the divine mind.  This mind is good.  By the very nature of itself it produces out of its nature good.   If this mind has laws that must be followed everywhere where is the justice of people plaguing other peoples minds?  Something has to be wrong in this whole scheme somewhere.  If we have people who can take advantage of others and mind f*ck them, like what goes on in the media all day everyday, and there is no punishment for this evil or the victims are not protected from this evil, what happens to the concept of universal good or universal law and order?  If a stronger mind can influence weaker minds and weaker minds have no defense then you get what is going on today.  It is psychic warfare.  Seven billion minds on this planet and a select few are influencing all others to do their bidding.  For better or for worse.  How can they and all others in history force weaker minds to do what they want them to do?  Its because they really believe you are too weak to stop them.  All tyrants in history were toppled because of their own arrogance, their own conceit, their own stubborn unwillingness to listen to anyone else is what finally destroyed them.  The sorrow, the pain and agony of minds did not bring them down.  These arrogant people who think they are better than everyone else do not care how much pain and agony they put you through.  

All through time there have been individuals who have sold their souls, for wealth, for power, for the fulfillment of their ambitions and appetites.  They have conspired against the public good.   They have cheated, stolen, and bribed.  They do all kinds of corrupt things and they think it is okay for them to do it.  Just look at the leaders of today.  They all think they are doing great things.  They all want the dollar, they do not care who they get it from.  You are respected if you get the dollar, how you get it is not the problem.  People will always compromise themselves in the name of religion, power, politics, business and money.  They will use knowledge and skill to hurt others.  This is black magic.   Black magic is when people use their skill and knowledge to enslave people other than freeing them.  Black magic is when they use science to make medicine, things, objects  and weapons for destruction.  This is happening now.   They have used the cognitive abilities of people to terrorize them and destroy their security.  All because they want power.  

What these idiots don’t understand is they are subject to the law of cause and effect.  A power they know nothing about.  These people have made deals not because they are ignorant, Nature takes ignorance into account,  they have set up deals because they know they are wrong and they want power and money over everything else.  They do not understand that Karma is built right into this thinking.  It’s like when you are mad at someone and you know you shouldn’t be but you keep on being mad.  Sooner or later Nature catches up to you and throws you a curveball.    Whenever we do what we want things are just grand for us, but when Nature throws that curveball it is Karma.  This is what the devil represents.  Each of us have the devil in us.  Karma is what you get when you listen to that devil.  Karma is the power that acts for good while you are scheming ill.  Demons are what put you back on the Natural track.  

There are no miraculous circumstances in life. Miracles are only an effect of a cause that is unknown.  The cause must be equal to the effects it produces.  This psychic warfare happening to the minds of the people today is an effect from a cause.  Where in all the Universes are we going find a cause for the black magic and demonism going on today?  The only place to look is at ourselves.  We are the cause of everything that happens to us.  All that is going on is Universal law in motion.  Nature will always try to bring law and order.  This does not mean that others will not try to hurt us.  There are very powerful evil sorcerers and witches out there even today.  There are people who love to hurt others.  There are people who pray to their god to hurt others.  There are people who believe the worst in others and because of this they keep sending perverse and negative thoughts out.  Our own ignorance and not being the captain of our own ship is coming back to haunt us.  

How do we defend ourselves against black magic and demonism?  How can we believe in any kind of just existence when someone else can make our lives miserable because they want us to be miserable?  You must understand that you have everything at your finger tips to protect you.  Just as you have developed ways to protect your body, you are psychically well equipped to protect yourself.  You have a vibration.  Everyone of us vibrates differently.  It is your magnetic field.  It is your aura and it is egg shaped.  The shell of this egg is stronger than anything known to humans, but it’s completely invisible.   Nothing can get through this field.  If you get sick it’s because whatever is making you sick is already on the inside of the field.    If we allow ourselves to physically be run down the germs take over.  If we build ourselves up the germs die.  Nature has provided us the most extraordinary defense mechanism.  This defense mechanism extends into our psyche.  If someone truly wants to hurt us and we are not an antenna properly tuned into receive it then it will go right back to the sender and hurt them more than it would have hurt you.  Black magicians always become the victim of their own sorcery.  They are setting up negative  Karma in themselves and this Karma will destroy them.  That is what these idiot leaders don’t realize.  They may want to destroy others or things but ultimately they will destroy themselves.  

We are all carrying unfinished Karmic business.  Bad things can happen to us at any second.  We could lose friends and family.  Our children could misbehave or go their own way.  No sorcery is needed for things like this.  For people who are highly sensitive, nervous and neurotic this is particularly true.  There are stores that let you buy anything your heart desires for finding love, winning the lottery, losing weight, being smarter, etc.  All you have to do is take a pill or drink something.  There are books who tell you the secret will come to you by just sitting around and wishing for things.  All these things are bought by people who should know better but never will.  There are groups that make people take oaths or believe that if they ever leave the group or not do what they are told they will have the most horrible punishments or bad things will happen to them.  This is done by so called religious groups and groups that are fool of love.  There are groups that are teaching people to take things that cause hallucinations.  There are self help groups telling people they can self hypnotize themselves and that this is advanced courses in yogi.  This is going on everyday.  There is never a shortage of people who will fall for it.  These things cause anxiety in people.  When regular Karma comes around it can be too much to handle.   Karma is basically trying to tell us to take care of ourselves and quit trying to influence others to do our own bidding.  

When you take on an idea or ideology you will suffer from conditions that your own consciousness have opened you up too.  You will also lose the ability to discriminate.  You have sold out.  If you sell out to anything, you are in trouble. This is why I always tell my readers no to be polarized.   If we sell out to a political party, the whole country will be in trouble.  If we sell out to a religion, it will destroy us.  Anything we sell out too will hurt us.  People mostly sell out to things because they do not feel important.  They look for something to make them feel important.  The individual who has never been able to influence themselves correctly would love to influence the rest of humanity.  These people are trying to find interests in life. They are trying to hide their limitations from themselves.  They are trying to either buy their way into a valuable life or do something to make their life valuable.  They are trying to develop powers that they think will get them to accomplish things mentally that they have no desire to do physically.  All because they want some kind of gain.  All of it will come back.  When it does they will blame others.  We must understand we are haunting ourselves.  

If we tyrannize others, we will be the victim of tyranny.  If we have wished or prayed for the gods to hurt or afflict someone else we will think others are wanting the gods to hurt or afflict us.  If we have been dishonest with others we will think others are being dishonest with us. If we have done black magic on others we will think they are doing black magic on us.   Whatever you see in others, you see in yourself.  We humans project what we are on others.  Im not saying that good people can’t be effected by bad people.  It can happen and does happen all the time.  Our bodies can be hurt.  Our bodies belong to this world.  Life happens.  To the ancients this was not important.  The only thing that was important to the ancients was the integrity of their own consciousness.  There is nothing else to fear.  To the ancients fear was the reason for sickness.  Therefore if you think someone is trying to hurt you, the fact that you believe they are doing it can do you the greatest harm.  If we change our beliefs.  See the  good instead of evil.  See the  strength instead of weakness.  If we reply in  a constructive way to anything that is incompressible to us then we are doing good.  By thinking that others are trying to hurt us, this will destroy our mind, body and heart.  

Anyone trying to do evil on other or exploit others should have our sympathy.  They are not powerful people endangering us.  They are weak people endangering themselves.  If you will take this stance you will see that they can’t hurt or do any harm to anyone. The only way someone can hurt you is if you believe they can hurt you.  Having a cheerful, constructive personality and believing in yourself is the greatest protection and greatest solution.  We must replace fear with faith in ourselves.  Im not telling you to not read the small print in contracts or that we will never have anything bad happen to us.  Im saying that as far as Magic and spiritual things are concerned with a positive outlook and faith in yourself you are protected.  Not only are you protected you will see things open up for you. The only negative psychic forces that can hurt you are your own.  Black magic is not something you can practice on others.  It is something you practice on yourself.  Black magic is when you try to solve your own problems negatively.  The second you believe that nature has evil forces that is the second you start practicing black magic.  Because you are now turning negation against yourself.  You will scare yourself or cause yourself bad luck.  

We have all heard stories of the raising of spirits or the conjuring of demons.  We have heard the stories of summoning things.  In Ireland they have spirits everywhere.  You just have to be a good Irish person to see them.  Ireland is full of spirits, fairies, sprites and leprechauns.  They come out of the earth and follow the farmer.  They rise in the mist at dawn and evening.  They make fairy rings under trees where flowers form circles.  You can see them and hear them anytime you want.  You can see and hear the leprechaun making shoes and guarding the gold at the end of the rainbow.  Everyone can see them they just have to sit quietly and observe.  The one thing these spirits never do is bother anyone.  The only time they bother you is when you bother them.  If you try to take the leprechaun’s gold he will cast magic on you, but if you just want to observe them they are happy to let you.  They probably don’t even know you are there.  These type of folklore and legends are everywhere.  If you don’t bother them they don’t bother you.  This is the same in Nature.  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is materialism and worldliness with all the mysterious forces that contribute to it.  When humans are willing to destroy to get that pot of gold than the spirits that guard it turn on them.  

In Germany they have story of little people guarding treasures of the earth.  You can dig the treasure forever but you will never find it because they will always hide it from you.  The way to get it is to convince the little people you have earned it and then they will reveal it to you instantly.  These are all moral fables.  The treasures of the world are peace of mind, happiness and faith in yourself.  These things are guarded.  All these spirits and things protect what humans do not deserve.  They are all very wise and good at keeping the treasure from us.  The person who wants wealth without earning it considers these spirits demons because they stand between them and what they want.  Everywhere these spirits are friendly or they are demons who did not want to be bothered.  If we would just accept that Nature and all her forces are good then we would not have so many superstitions.  The air around them, the earth beneath our feet, all the elements in which we live and all of Nature are naturally good.  Everything in Nature is beautiful, good and kind.  All the unseen forces are extensions of what we see.  Just because we can’t see it does not mean it is bad or evil.  If we would live harmoniously with Nature instead of fighting her with are own negative psychology we would see we live in a Universe that is essentially good.  

Everything is good.  Even humans.  Its obscured but it’s there.  It is the selfishness in humans that keep our spirit from being good.  Karma is how Nature battles this selfishness in humans.  If we would just get ourselves out of negation, self pity, fear and doubt no black magic or demons of any kind can effect us.  If you do this and you happen by chance to meet a demon or spirit it will be more amusing to you than difficult.  This is why the Buddhist have a story of a monk going by one of the little demons, patting it on the head and blessing it.  It is all part of a good universe.  If good is strong and rich in our own consciousness then there is nothing we should fear.  

12 thoughts on “Black Magic and Demonism”

  1. Good stuff. As always. While I understand dæmonology is a bastardisation of paganism, I find it interesting how many Odinic incantations to summon Odin existed. Even in the English Cunning Folk tradition there were charms to Wōden, post hoc Christos. Just as Paul meant when he said “and your Gods are as daemons.” Not at all the sinister jargon modern churchmen insist.

    Which I guess is why “black” magick as we see it now wasn’t so much a thing. Necromancy wasn’t always some wicked conspiracy, etc. Rant over. Carry on. 🙂

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  2. Great insight, G Serpent, into what the current state of mind and the Black Magic the world masses are being bombarded with on a daily basis. The mind, being either the creator or the destroyer of both the body and Soul, must be controlled with the greatest care. I totally agree with you about the great Protecting Law. Which basically states, nothing can reach man to which he is not attuned by his own thoughts, feelings and desires. This is not a theory or a belief, it is a law.

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    1. Thanks, Sunshamar. 😊 We are getting exactly what we are attuned too. Hopefully shining some light on it will help a few start to control their own mind. Great comment as always!


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