How to Understand Media

Life used to be about our own private lives.  Today world affairs have made their way into everyones life.  For the most part this has been difficult for us.  Most people are intelligent and have good intentions, but they are not trained in international affairs.  The average person knows nothing about governments or politics.   Even though we go to the polls to vote for someone we think will represent us, we know nothing about the candidates or their policies.  People judge candidates by seeing them on the internet and television.  Everything about these candidates is bias to what they think you will want to hear.  Yet this is the way everyone makes their decisions.  We like people, we believe in people, we are gullible, but we want someone who thinks like we do to run the world. This type of thinking has gone stale.   We don’t live in a democracy.  We live in a popularity contest.  

Governments used to be like a business. People trained in handling government affairs handled the government while the private citizen lived their life. Today because of technology not only are people involved in their local governmental affairs they are involved in international affairs. The internet brings you what you want to hear. All the opinions of everyone who is viewing, listening or reading is expressed. The television only reports opinions. The few newspapers and magazines left only give opinions. Because everything is opinions and not truth the opinions conflict with the people who do not have the same opinion. There is nonstop arguing on social media. There seems to be no way to get people together on issues of public importance. The one thing everyone does get out of the media is a headache. As the world becomes more complicated it becomes more important for the average person to understand the media.

We are here to learn. Life is learning. The richest life is the life that has learned the most. If you understand this then you can understand that there is an extraordinary opportunity right now to learn. Media is becoming more and more intimate. All the international and local problems are brought to you instantly. All the problems no matter how big or small come into the life of the average person as never before. All these problems brought to you instantly. The people bringing you this media want you to side with them. The average person has never been trained to handle these problems so they side with one side or the other based on emotions. Media is something interpreted by the viewer, listener or reader. The media depends entirely on the emotional and mental structure of the person viewing the media. If our world is turning into a world of neurotics than media will have a very serious effect on people who are emotionally and mentally unstable. In the past news and media was very simple. Today it is highly complicated and controversial. For the most part it is usually full of strong opinions. The media understands that words have different meanings to different people. They are constantly trying to sell us a point of view or opinion. Media feeds us what they think we will buy.

Problem is that even if the media told us the exact truth, did not in anyway follow a directive pattern, was not associated with any political party and was attempting to be fair in everything the viewer would still be biased. People do not go looking on the internet or television for facts. They look for things that validate their thoughts. Since the average person is not well informed they will not know truth when they see it or hear it. Truth is not in most peoples consciousness. Never has been and never will. The use of the internet gives a person the ability to screen media to their own personal understanding. History is based on perspective. History is written after the pressures of the time have calmed down. History is written down quite some time after events have happened. The news on the media is immediate. There is no thought about whether it is true or not and there is no guarantee it will not be contradicted later. Media is urgent and temporary. It does not give us anything to expand our consciousness. We can only be patient and see if what they are reporting becomes history. Very few are able to wait. People are impatient and reactionary and must do something now.

Newspapers in the mid 19th century had no sensationalism. There was no “Breaking News!” Articles were concise and to the point. The newspapers included discussions of multiple point of views about topics. Ads in those papers were small and they had very few. In todays media ads are huge and are everywhere. The few ads that were in the old papers were simple and did not tell you their products would make you popular. They were just little statements of the product they were selling. If a store opened it was a simple statement not a whole section on grand opening. A major thing I noticed missing in these old papers was no columnist section. People did not want to hear opinions and have other people thinking for them. Only the facts were stated and people made up their own mind about the subject. Nothing was in the paper to catch the eye. The news was simple and dull. Crime was not featured in papers. Everything about the papers was very quiet. In large cities the paper was about 4 to 6 pages long. You could sit down and read the entire thing over breakfast. There was no sensationalism or alarmism.

The media today is everywhere.  It’s in our homes, our cars, every store, every gas station, at work, etc.  There is no escape form media.  Many people get mad at the media.  They fight with it everyday.  I even hear people talk back to the television.  This is a sad waste of energy.  When you are angry you lose your ability to think clearly.   With anger you lose all common sense.  The media does this on purpose.  They know you lose all ability to think when they piss you off.  If you can not have quiet judgement you do not have common sense.  You really need to learn how to look at media and be able to interpret what you are seeing.   One thing to do is get knowledge of geography.  Most people can’t even point out places on a map where world events are happening.  We have no idea where places are or who is running their governments.  We don’t realize what would happen to the world if a government fell or if the exports of certain countries disappeared.  We just scream our opinions.  We can’t sit quietly and consider what we are viewing.  

We must understand that everything we do has to be done within natural law. Whenever you get yourself in trouble you are breaking natural law. When a city is in trouble it has broke natural law. When a country is in trouble, it has broke natural law. When the world is in trouble, it has broke natural law. Trouble is breaking the rules of the game. Once you understand the rules of the game you will know why the media is the way it is. Every person has to go by the rules. One of the big rules is the rule of cause and effect. When we watch or read something our mind is picking out a fragment of an incident. The media will report on things with only fragments of incidents. It is the fragments that their bias chooses to report. Whatever they report will cause an effect through all people who see it, listen to it, or read it. They learned this through the stock market. They figured out that speculation will cause a serious effect on the stock market. You must realize that media is not a full report. It is speculation about one symptom of a situation or event. I view media as a diagnosis of our world. It brings out conditions most would not see. By seeing the conditions we can advance our own conduct the way we want. By doing this the media becomes an open book to us. It is a book of the immediate. It shows us, the anger, the hatred, the grief, the grudges and the resentment. These are all shown to us in their exaggerated forms in media. These are the same things that move us in our own personal life.

Media can be very disillusioning.  It makes us question our so called development and evolution.  The media shows us the world is not evolving.  We are not getting any better.  We have the same mind we had 200 years ago.  Hell we have the same mind we had 10,000 years ago.  Things are not getting better they are only getting more complicated.  Media  can be frightening.  It shows how a crisis can attract dangerous collectives or individuals in certain stages of society.  The media gets us to lose hope and faith in humanity.  It shows us that we are really not moving forward at all.  It shows us that the human race is growing slower than most realize.  We think we are civilized people, we are benefiting from education, we are enjoying modern conveniences and securities never before known in history, yet the average person is guilty of making the same mistakes that make headlines in our media.  Just on a smaller personal scale.  They may not be as dramatic, but it shows that we humans are not as cultured as we think we are.   We are not as integrated as we think we are.  The average person loses it with the slightest pressure.  They do things that they later regret.  We are not as big as we think we are under pressure, but we sure as hell think people should be big under the pressure we put them under.  

It does not mean we are not improving. It doesn’t mean we are not evolving, but the law of evolution is in close conformity to the law of cause and effect. We humans do not like change. All change is uncomfortable. It does not matter what kind of change it is. We have a resistance to change. Humans have two states of mind in which they exist. One is the familiar. Does not matter how uncomfortable something is, if they are familiar with it, they like it. The other state is the unfamiliar. No matter how important it maybe, humans hate the unfamiliar. We have become accustomed to our mistakes. It is like our favorite pair of old shoes. They feel good when we wear them even though they make our feet and knees hurt. Any change scares us. It feels dangerous. We need to stop being comfortable with being reactionary. In Nature things either grow or die. Nothing remains the same. Growth is always painful. We don’t choose our life, we choose our habits. Our habits make our life.

We react in two ways simultaneously to the media.  One is your conscious level and the other is your subconscious level.  Our conscious level is as rational as we can make it.  If we are stupid our awareness will point this out and we might become ashamed of ourself.  Our conscious mind will sensor us.  There is an unconscious or subconscious pressure behind our conscious mind.  Most of the time our subconscious is opposed to what our conscious mind accepts.  So behind this conscious mind is something tearing and pulling at what we are trying to do.  You must get these two to work together.  Our problem is we are opposing internally what we are accepting externally.  Our subconscious mind is not as understanding and rational as our conscious minds.  It brings us internal pressure and we don’t resist it or censor it.  

Because we all have our own beliefs and prejudices the press will feed our beliefs and prejudices. You will always find something in the media that points out you are right. You will find what you look for, especially on the internet. The media will educate us if we look at it correctly. I can hear the laughter right now by that last statement. My readers probably think I have lost it or think I have had one too many shots of bourbon. Bear with me and I will explain. The media only cares about the popular mind. The popular mind is the hardest mental disease to diagnose. The popular mind is very weak and inconsistent. The media speaks to the popular mind. One thing the popular mind of today is against is personal responsibility. If you write or say anything about personal responsibility, you will offend someone and be censored. So the media needs to show people without telling them what to do. There is no law against informing people. There is an unwritten law that they must not know what you are showing them. This is why advertisements, art, music, movies, plays and shows are the way they are. They get you to think what they want you to think, but don’t inform you what they want you to think. In general programming you must not teach anything.

I know you are saying that no matter what one says one is teaching someone something.  Here is where media is valuable in spite of its own effort not to be.  It is explaining to us everyday why its own beliefs are wrong and why our own beliefs are wrong.    The media helps us understand that views are its life.  If you quit viewing it then it can not exist.  Views mean people actually want to see it.  There has been a number of attempts to start a media or paper that did not scandalize.  A media that did not have a controlling policy and that was neutral.  A media that would tell the truth.  Every last one of these medias or papers have all failed.  No one supported them.  You get the media you pay for.  If you prefer to pay and watch what you are getting then that’s what you will get.  The media and press give you what you want.  You like it!!!  This is a perfect example of cause and effect.  There are reasons for things and as you become aware of the reasons you will see that you are contributing to those reasons.  We are getting what we deserve!   We get what we are addicted too.  

The media always gives us fear.  There is always something happening that will make us fear that it could happen to us.  Each person watching the media bring to it their own beliefs and feelings.  They bring fear of crime and the world crisis going on.  They bring fear of auto accidents and fear of crimes in your area.   What are we doing about these fears?  Every morning every local channel gives you traffic reports and there are accidents all the time.  We all understand that being in a hurry and distracted driving is dangerous, yet we continue to do it everyday.  Not just a few people, everyone.  We are willing to keep on texting and driving which is the cause countless accidents and death.   There is no political or financial benefit for reporting accidents.  We all have had to wait in traffic jams because of accidents.  Yet we are not willing to change for something the media reports factually.  How is it that we go along with media of this kind, but if they report anything with a political sway we are pissed off?  We want the media to be trustworthy, but when they actually tell us the truth we don’t become more aware.  It has been proven over and over that if we actually have the facts we will not do something about it.  So media entertains us.  

Alcoholism and drug addition has been a problem in our world forever and yet it still sits there. Most of the problems of this world are brought on by alcohol or drugs.  The media reports these problems everyday.   Anything brought about to try to curb alcoholism or drugs is seen as going against our rights.   So you can see the media does not have the penetration most of you think it does.  We don’t allow media to interfere with our personal pleasures or beliefs.   When we think the media is wrong we condemn it loudly, but if it is right we ignore it.   So the power of media is not as powerful as we think.  Its power is only to the degree that it validates our thoughts and supports us.  Whatever we think or do we will continue to do and support it with the media.  We can’t let real facts get in the way.  Look at it like a stock you have invested in.  If you did not invest in that particular stock would you care about the news about it or care how it did in the markets?  No.  Humans only care about what’s in it for them.  Even then humans don’t learn, they just hope or fear.  The media is a source of knowledge you just need to figure out how to get the knowledge.  

Most people will look at media, watch the news or read a paper in the morning thinking they will become aware of the world and stories going on. In this awareness you approach it with a belief already. You are either a strong supporter of the media or you are against it and are only viewing it for sports, weather or celeb gossip. The media is highly directive in their statements. This gets you to form a belief. A wise person will not form a belief. They will note what is going on and wait. Very often you will find where the prejudices of the media lie. Most people are a negative sponge and by the time they get done viewing they will be emotionally and mentally exhausted. This makes people become wore out before their day even starts. What goes in has to come out. During the day something will trigger them to cause some kind of trouble at work, home or with friends. You must only be an observer.

You can be a participant or an observer.  If you are a participant you will wear yourself out.  Every situation you will give your emotional attention.  You will constantly be mixed up in things that you don’t even effect you.  You will simply live to participate in everything.  You will see bad things as a direct insult to yourself.  You will be reactionary to everything.  If you just observe you will live in this world, but not be of it.  You can learn a ton by observing.  The observer lives quietly and watches the drama of life.  Sometimes you will get involved, but for the most part you will just observe.  You will watch the world unfold and help when you can.  You will not be moved in any direction by media.  You will not be overwhelmed by any report.  You will just observe and not be emotionally involved.  When you become emotionally involved you lose insights.  

Humans live in this world but we belong to a very small part.  Each person has their own environment.  Media has made it possible to live in all of the world.  It has made it possible for you to share and experience with anyone around the world.  It lets you join the world theater.  Humans have emotions.  They are capable of being expressed anywhere.  When other places around the world get in trouble because of their beliefs we need to remember that there are countless people living right by us with these same beliefs.  When something happens somewhere else in the world it could happen in your exact place too.  It give us a chance to see things like how our own political views may cause war in another country.  Media give us a chance to see how thoughts, feeling and actions have consequences.  We are not very wise to think that just because we ourselves haven’t tried a certain policy or action is the reason why it fails everywhere else in the world.  In other words we are foolish if we think we can make something successful that has failed over and over throughout history.  Media shows us what happens when thoughts, feelings and emotions take control.  The same thoughts, feeling and emotions that we ourselves have.  

Are you learning by observing or are you the person who has to stick their hand in a light socket to see what happens?  Are you figuring out how your life would operate if your secret thoughts manifested and directed your conduct?  If you can do this you are becoming politically conscious.  We are recognizing political entities as psychic archetypes driven by the same pressures as individuals.   We can start understanding what would happen if our pressures escape our control.  Pressures do often escape control in the making of history.  Media shows us how people band together to do things they think are good.  When in truth they are just experimenting.  They do not know if what they are trying to push on people will make them band together or create peace.  Media makes things happening ten thousand miles away just as important as if it was happening in our own city or town.  It shows us that people in other countries have strong opinions too.  Media forces us to see the world does not just evolve around ourselves.  

Media can be good.  Everything can be good or bad.  It is all how we use it.  The conveniences  we have today are good unless they dominate our lives and make us miserable.  Our phones can be good, but most people can’t pull their face out of them.  It is our own tendency to do things in excess which makes things bad for us.  Advertising itself isn’t bad, but the excess that it has gotten too is destroying it.  There is way too much advertising and too many similar products competing vainly for market share.  Advertising is done on purpose by specialists who think they know what people want.  Yes advertising is doing unethical things, but we keep buying the garbage.  So if advertising is unethical is because the consumer is unethical.  If you say it loud enough, say it often enough, and exaggerate it then people will believe it.  Media and advertising prove this is a fact.  By knowing this we can learn we are contributing to our own problems.  It is our own thoughtlessness that makes this kind of media and advertising possible.  Everything comes back to us.  See what is in your Nature that is making you support the thing you actually resent.  Media is showing us about ourselves.  It is showing us how it believes we can be influenced and programmed.  

The media should show you that you need to dig your roots deeper so you won’t be influenced by events happening around you.  We need to organize our inner selves to protect us from lies and excess.  We know this is true, but we have such a hard time changing ourselves.  Experts have studied since the beginning of time to figure out how to make you joyfully do what you do not want to do.   Media shows us what happens when you do things well and when you don’t do things well. Media shows us that there are consequences for doing certain things.   Media is an example of the selfishness of humans.   All this and we humans can’t stop doing bad things.  Why?  Because the human race is selfish.  We are all about self preservation.  We have applied this to everything in life.  Self preservation went from preservation of the human race, to the preservation of our body, to the preservation of our goods, to the preservation of our luxuries, to the preservation of our ego, to the preservation of our beliefs and point of view.   We can’t help it.  Because of the catastrophe of our beginnings we are selfish.  We don’t care if it is good for us or not as long as its what we want.  We will face the consequences.  We can watch all the bad stuff happening on media and we still do the very same things that are causing the stories in the media.  We don’t care.  We just hope we don’t get caught.  

The media is showing us how selfish the world has become.  Consciously we think we are good.  We think that if we get what we want we will be satisfied.  We think that if we can just make people think exactly like us the world will be perfect.  Get over yourself!  Ancient religions and philosophy all over the world have tried to tackle selfishness.  This is why they make individuals get rid of all their worldly belongings to join certain organizations.  They recognized that humans will lose themselves in trying to preserve what they have.   The religions, governments and organizations that get people to do this today have become very corrupt.  All because of selfishness.  In todays world we can not just give everything up.  We can’t survive in todays world without being able to have things.  Our economic system makes us have things to survive.  We value our things more than we value ourselves.  Our security is what we have.  The more we have the more secure we feel.  We live our life protecting what we have.  

How do we get the world to be less selfish?  You must quit being so attached to things.  Im not saying to give all your stuff up or throw it away.  We need to work on ourselves.  We are all going to die.  We can’t take our stuff with us.  You can’t take your beliefs with you.  All of that will be left here for people to fight over.  I have a front row seat on how selfish people really are.  Those that follow me know my dad died last September.   He was a very religious Mormon and he accumulated a lot of STUFF!  Only one or two people helped me with getting his estate settled, but every person now wants his money.  My mother has dementia so I put her in one of the best retirement communities money can buy.  They take care of everything.  They wait on her had and foot.  All her medical needs are taken care of.  She has all the food and drink she can desire.  She has people who are her same age to be social with and she loves it.  Yet adult protection services were called on me because Im wasting her money.  All because they want her money.  All her family, so called friends and church members want to take her out to eat and shopping, but want her to pay for all of it and fill their gas tank up too.  Having dementia she doesn’t remember any of it and she is unselfish, so she is very happy to pay, every time.  This world loves its selfishness.  We are so selfish that we are willing to go into enormous debt to get what we want.  Im not talking about house debt.   I’m talking about credit card debt, debt to buy a car we can’t afford or any other type of debt that makes us live beyond our means.   Gimme more, gimme more gimme more!  

This world has everyone believing that we are here to possess things and make others think exactly like we do.  We are not here to possess.  We are not here to make others convert to our beliefs.  We are here to become.  If possessions and beliefs destroy your honesty then it is important to cling to your honesty.  Happiness is not in what we have its in our ability to live.  Happiness is our greatest wealth.  Until you figure this out you can not discern media honestly.  We must escape the greatest prejudice of all.  The effect of the media on what we have and what our beliefs are.  We must use media to help us blossom to what we are.  A person who is balanced and who does not have an ulterior motive can use the media to their advantage.  If you have an ulterior motive you are going to distort the media just like everyone else.  You must bring the two levels of your consciousness together.  The ego, which is always thinking about your own advantage, must unite with the subconscious which is always thinking about the ultimate good and happiness.  Get out of the habit of action and reaction.  Relax.   Observe.   

We can be very well off, economically and every other way, if we could reach a point to handle things impartially and impersonally.  As long as we let fear and avarice run us we will make bad decisions and investments.  If you can’t have common sense you are in danger of losing what you do have.  By balancing yourself you will have a more comfortable life, a happier life and you might become even richer than you want to be.  Being balanced will help you accept loss and gain and not be overwhelmed by it.   Confusion is why we fall apart.  Getting ulterior motives out of your mind will open up a whole new world for you.  Media will not be something that will just piss you off or validate your thoughts, it will show you how cause and effect works.  You have to learn how to observe.   It all depends on what you are on how the media will effect you.   You must fall in love with facts.  You can develop an insight that will make it impossible for you to be fooled.  By anyone.  The media fools us because it caters to what we want to believe.  When the only thing you want to believe is the truth, you can find it.   It may be distorted, but you can find it.  

You must find the truth in yourself.  The question is not if the media is safe for you.  The question is “Are we safe for the media?”  Is it possible for us to view media without us committing some kind of intellectual suicide.  Are we destroying ourselves by misinterpreting what is happening around us?  We can’t let the media destroy us.  We can’t let the media inflate our ego.  All we have to do is balance ourselves and have common sense.  By being balanced you can view, listen or read anything safely.  Not only will you see the true facts but you will have control over your emotions.  In this way you will see solutions.  You will have action instead of emotion.   You will find truth in spite of the medias corruption and perversions. You will see how Nature’s laws work through this human phenomenon called media.  You will see Universal consciousness at work.  Moving humans to see what it is like to be unbalanced.  If you don’t get the message it will keep sending you the message until you get it.  Here is why things have become so out of balance and extreme.  It is because we ourselves are out of balance and extreme.  It all starts with you.  

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