Our Lemurian History

What is the mainstream narrative of the time before Egypt?  They have no flipping idea.  They give a stories of people crawling around fighting sabertooth tigers.  They live in a cave.  They mumble and grunt for communication.  They struggled to make stone tools.  They scratched unintelligible pictures and glyphs all over the world on rocks.  They fished with sticks and bones.  They somehow got lucky and attained fire.  Their principal instrument of defense was the rock that they threw at monsters that are now extinct.  They are pretty sure that these people hit the monsters and animals enough to cause their extinction.  How the hell has the world bought this freaking story?!  

Within in a short time we find the rise of the first dynasties of Egypt.  With the snap of our fingers we find literate people and a scientifically cultured people.  We know nothing about what humans were doing 10,000 years ago, but 7,000 years ago humans made slaves build pyramids.  It is time for people to see the stupidity of our so called intellectual elite.  What the hell happened to make us go from running around grunting and moaning to building pyramids?!!!  How did we get from throwing rocks at animals to having a pattern of progress?  Something happened.   Yet we have no record of what happened.  We have no records of anything except the myths that I discuss all the time.  Something definitely did happen.  Whatever it was it moved humans from savagery to a socialized state.  No one has any answers.  

This mystery is in every myth of every culture around the world.  Every myth has a creation myth of humans being endowed with a soul and how they became capable of thought and capable of conscious growth.  If you can not accept that primitive humans had some teacher then you have to make up something on how every culture on the planet attained being intellectually  superior to animals at the exact same time.  Something like they all discovered mushrooms and ate them at the exact same time to bring them into intellectual attainment.  This is the Darwin narrative.  Everyone of us can thank mushrooms for making us smart.  

Take a look around you.  How did we go from wearing nothing, using sticks and stones and chicken bones to the war like intellectual creatures we are today?  In blink of an eye as far as history is concerned.  What inspired hominids to suddenly emerge?  How did they build the greatest classic civilizations that we know?  Civilizations so awesome and glorious they are still like fictional romance novels in our minds.  We can only use our imagination to see how great Egypt, Greece, Babylonian, China, India, Mayan and all the Americas actually were.  They all had great cities that rose.  All the civilizations around the world had great pyramids.  These civilizations did not just pop up from hominids!  Something had to happen.  If hominids did all of this on their own we would have an unbroken record of their changes and growth over thousand if not millions of years.  Yet nothing exists.  We are suppose to take the word of people who think they are smarter than everyone else.  

We do not have any kind of record of a super hominid.  No record of how this thing became an astronomer, scientist, physician, architect or philosopher.  We have no records of how they learned to write, read and do math.  What happened?  The answer is simple.  The most simple answers are always the correct ones and the last to be found.  If you can not accept alien intervention than at least accept that there is no way that someone can perfect something without being shown.  A scholar becomes a scholar because someone showed them how to be one.  An architect becomes an architect because someone taught them.  They had to have sufficient contact with someone else to awaken something in them.  Awaken awareness.  Without that there is no way they would grow so rapidly.  The story of the rise of humans as far as it is recorded is phenomenally rapid.  Our process took a few thousand years when everything else in nature takes millions if not billions.  

In Ireland and Scotland they have round towers that have masonry that is tied into their myths and legends.  These round towers look like Egyptian obelisks except they are round.  There are records that show blue eyed asian help build them in a very ancient time.  We are told that Stonehenge is a Druidic temple.  Yet the Welsh records and Caesar himself show that the Druids knew the gods of long ago built Stonehenge.  Druid records show that they found Stonehenge.  They did not build it.  Just like the people in the Americas found the pyramids and did not build them.  All across the world legends of how the stones were moved through the air and put into place. Legends of how the pyramids were started from the top and moved down to build them.  The legends of Easter Island say that the heads were stones thrown into a volcano where it made them then spit them out and they landed right where they are today.  Work that one out.  

In northwestern France there is a maze of stones called Carnac.  Great monolithic stones standing on end.  Hundreds of them.  Why are they there?   Who put them there?  No one knows.  The explanation given is that a King hid a treasure under one of the rocks and put all the other rocks in place to confuse people who go looking for it.     These stones weigh unto 18 tons.  What would make a vast number of people put so many rocks into place?  These stone go up to 20 feet in the air.  No carvings or markings on them.  All through England, Scotland and Whales there are huge stones balanced on on other stones.  Why would anyone balance huge stones on top of other stones?  No one knows.  We do not understand it because we accept the lie of our ancestors being primitive.  There had to have been a purpose.  It had to have been easy or they wouldn’t have done it.  

Ignatius Donnelly was one of the first to show that there was previous advanced civilizations.   He used the term angelic beings.  Mystics after him have said there were superior beings on earth that were not human.  You must take this in to account.  If there had not been superior beings on this planet then we would not have the myths and legends that we have.  How can you accept gods, angels, demons and devils and not accept extraterrestrials?  Extraterrestrial simply means not from earth.  None of these gods were divine.  All the myths show how the gods loved the human women.  Goddesses did not trust the gods for this reason.  All the gods and goddesses around the world were bipolar and made all sorts of mistakes.  They all loved power.  They were never satisfied.  They constantly fought.  They all created humans and then wiped them out.  Something just does not seem very divine about all this. These gods and goddesses gave us their mind and we saw them as divine because they were more advanced than us.  All of these myths and legends were first hand witnesses of the colonizing of Earth.  

In the Nordic legends the destruction that took place at the Twilight of the Gods was not to destroy humans and the world, but was to destroy the gods.   These gods who were not divine, they were selfish and tyrannical,  they broke pledges, they stole, they murdered and raped.  All this led to their destruction.  If they were truly gods they could not be destroyed.  Mythology is history.  It is a history of people who were thought to be divine, but who were subject to death and destruction.   There are ancient copper, bronze and and gold mines all around the planet.  There are ancient artifacts made of these medals that go back more than 10,000 years.  Why were hominids mining and using precious medals.   It has been known for a long time that the Atlanteans and Lemurians mastered the use of precious medals.  Going from the age of bronze to the age of iron had to do with the destruction of these two civilizations.  

Have you ever heard of Gades?  He was an Atlantean King.  The city of Cadiz in Spain is named after him.  The columns of the Heracleum temple were thought to be the Pillars of Hercules.  All over the world the naming of ancient areas shows they had a knowledge of ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.  It is well known that all the ancient sites are aligned to stars and constellations.  If you fit the celestial map over a terrestrial map the constellation of the great bear is over Russia.  The constellation of the eagle is over the United States.  The serpent is over central America.  Why?  This shows the creators of our constellations had a knowledge of geography.  How did they chart this stuff?  The Greeks took even more ancient charts and sailed to the Americas with these charts.  

There is Mongolian blood throughout Asian, Europeans, Africans, Indians and Native Americans.  Historians will say it’s because of Genghis Khan.  No, this goes back much further.   It is the reason Genghis Khan had the right to rule the world.  Odin is believed to have come from Scythia and that he came as an asiatic to Scandinavia.  The Greeks believed Orpheus was an Asiatic.  The Mongol blood was Lemurian.   The Atlanteans wanted to keep their blood pure.  The Lemurians mixed with the human race.  The Druids and the Mayans had great universities that have still not been achieved in modern times.  This universities have vanished from memory.  They have disappeared, but what they taught came from very ancient sources.  They taught evolution and reincarnation.  They would borrow money and give a receipt promising to pay it back in the next life.  This type of thought is believed to have originated in Asia.  The Mayans and Asiatics came from Lemuria.  The Hindu people came from Lemuria.  The Druids came from Lemuria.   

Those who have followed my work know the first humans were hermaphrodite.   The division of the sexes polarized humans into an objective condition.  The Lemurians were a complete person.  They did not suffer the psychosis that humans suffer.  They were conscious.  They had the power of direct knowing.  They were very advanced mentally.  They were connected to Nature and all knowledge. With this knowing they did not live like us dumb down humans.  Our entire existence is about finding security.  We think we are moving toward knowledge, but we only want security.  We are in a state of  survival and  we try to find what we think is wisdom.  The Lemurians possessed wisdom and had security.  They were balanced internally. They had a total internal awareness.   It is because of the splitting of the sexes that we are the way we are.  We have an internal awareness, but it is hidden in our subconscious.  You must go into your subconscious and greet that awareness.  Very few are aware of this and even fewer succeed at doing it.  

The people who think Atlantis was all rainbows and cookies need a wake up call.  They were lawless.  The Bible even tries to give you hints at what the hell happened.  Cain, the first son of Adam and Eve, slain his brother and became the builder of cities.  Adam and Eve is the splitting of the sexes.  See Lemurian Magic.  The splitting of the sexes is what put us on the course we are on.  It has left behind us 7,000 years of historical empires rising and falling.  All because we are insecure!  Atlantis may have been advanced but it was tyrannical and evil.  It is Atlantis where the first humans disobeyed and left to make Lemuria.  It is Atlantis that caused the first war on this planet.  It is Atlantis where women were created as toys and sex objects.  It is Atlantis that brought about slavery.  It is Atlantis who gave us these f*cked up minds.  Once you understand this you will see why civilization is the way it is.  Everything on this planet is done so you do not find out about Lemuria and you do not seek your power within.  

The destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria happened quickly.  It was the war of the Gods.  We have a very complicated history.  A history that would touch a thousand nations in a thousand different ways.  Yet we are the blind leading the blind.  We are letting these inbred simpletons lead us.  They do not want you to know the history of the blond hair blue eyed Native Americans,  the blond hair blue eyed Asians, the blond hair blue eyed Africans or the blond hair blue eyed Hindus.  Where did they come from?  Nobody knows.  We have got to stop accepting the garbage we are fed about human history!  Our true history is in the prehistory they cover up with an ice age.  We can no longer accept a ball of ice with nothing happening!  We can no longer accept nothing back in prehistory but apes that gave birth to Egyptian and Greek philosophers.  There has to be something.  If the story of Atlantis does only one thing for you, it has to keep you open to prehistoric cultures.  Prehistoric cultures is the only thing that can explain our present situation.  The Lemurians had a purpose.  Modern humans have no purpose.  

The flat out lies and inconsistencies in our history must be reconciled.  To do that we must have a new concept of the human race.   Even though most of what we know about Atlantis is incorrect my hope is it will open the minds of people to see the origin of our species.  Get us out of the thought that a few thousand years ago we were dumb savages hunting with sticks and stones.  Open our minds to humans being way more than we are told.  Just like Nature returns to its breeding grounds every spring, in this cosmic spring that is happening we need to return to our breeding grounds or our beginnings.  Our true history.  Nature does that for a reason.  Return to your beginnings and find out why.   

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  1. Whether it was the Spanish conquest of the Maya in the early 16th century, or Julius Caesar’s burning of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt in 48 BC or the destruction of Pythagoras’ University in Crotona in approximately 510BC; throughout the Ages, there has been a strategic effort to suppress the true history of man. And sadly, it still goes on today, but thanks to you and others the truth is getting out to the ones that are searching for it. Have a stellar, summer solstice.

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