Even More Records of Atlantis and Lemuria

In this post I will show more proof of Atlantis and Lemuria. I’m not giving you what I see in visions or dreams.  I am simply giving you the history of different people around the world.  I will start in the African continent.  Africa has some very ancient people.  Africa is full of traditions, fables, myths and allegories.  It also has some very ancient symbols.  There is an indigenous people and some people who have been there a very long time, but did not originate in Africa.  

There are two ways of life in Africa.  One is to live with Nature and accept everything Nature.  These people live off the land and do not have a sophisticated life. . They are very happy.  They are close to how the Native Americans lived long ago.  They live a simple life. Then there is another way of life in Africa.  It is the polar opposite of the simple life people.  They live a grand life.  They are very proud. Have sophisticated governments. Their religions are very deep and ancient.  They are more like the west in they want to dominate Nature.  They do not accept the future, they make their future.  This second group have backgrounds that come from nobility.  They have a history of Kings and great empires.  They also have gods coming from the sky and setting them up for destiny.  They are a very ambitions people.  So you have one group of people happy to live in the jungle villages and another group who are more advanced.  They have towns with streets.  They have palaces for their rulers and temples for their gods.  The have great architecture and culture.  They listen to the wise and have high offices for the wise.  

The western world first made contact with the Africans in Benin.  The people were ruled over by an ancient aristocracy.  Benin was rich with treasure and achievement.  It had magnificent arts and crafts.  It was a metropolitan existence long before Europeans made contact with them.  The Ife people worked with bronze.  The art made from bronze adorned the palace walls.  They used bronze to make masks, crowns, helmets and armor.  It was a very superior workmanship.  The legends say they learned how to work with bronze from ancient leaders who came from a distant place.  Most of the bronze work has disappeared because of the fighting that has happened in this area.  If you can find any original ancient art it is very valuable.  Art collectors around the world pay very high prices for this magnificent bronze art.  

The Ife, Yoruba, and Benin people of Africa will tell you they are descendants from the gods of the oceans.  The sea god is almost the same as Poseidon in Greece.  They have legends of Atlantis as a great city and its magnificent temple.  They will tell you that the gods came to earth first and all people and the planet are descendants of these gods.  They describe the gods as advanced, super natural, and heroes.  Their gods are equal to the Greeks and Romans.   They have stories of walking with the gods at one time in antiquity.   The Ashanti people of central Africa left Egypt during its fall in the same way gypsies left and went into Europe.  They still practice the mystical arts and magical practices of the ancient Egyptians.  

All of them have secret societies that do the same rituals and have the same symbols as all other secret societies around the world.  Just like the Greeks and Nordic people the gods of the Africans lived on top of a mountain. The world was populated by these gods who descended from the mountain. Atlantis was a city on top of a mountain.  

The other type of people who live in the villages or are nomadic are the people who live within Nature.  They will tell you they are from Lemuria. All the so called primitive tribes in Africa say they are from Lemuria.  They do not wish to force their life onto anyone or anything.  They will also tell you they are descendants of great gods and heroes.  These tribes have witchdoctors and magic of their own.  They were scattered by a great catastrophe and separated from all other Lemurians.  Their leaders are very wise and unselfish.  They have great knowledge of the stars and fantastic rituals.  They will tell you that their ancestors are a fish like people and the fish people were 12 feet tall or more.  They also have legends of the moon being put into place by a great serpent.  

In Africa they have buildings, just like around the world, that have been designed with advance geometry and knowledge of building materials.  Buildings that are held together with their own carvings.  The builders of these buildings were experts in art, architecture, mathematics and astronomy.  Some of the buildings were dedicated observatories.  All the people of Africa claim descent from the people who built these structures.  They like everyone else  have forgotten their history but have legends of walking with the gods.  In South Africa there are ancient gold mines with a set of circular stone ruins called Adams Calendar near them.   The locals say the first people made these mines.  

The Polynesians, the native people of the Philippines, the Australian Aborigine, the natives a Madagascar, African Pygmies and the natives of Hawaii all have legends of a deluge and the deluge destroyed the great lands.  The deluge brought the oceans to the world.  Great races of giants and heroic beings, great cultures with gods and goddess all vanished from this catastrophe of fire, ice, rock and water falling from the sky.  How did all these different cultures come up with the same legends and yet never had contact with each other.  The Alaskan and norther Canadian Native Americans have the same deluge myth.  The western world only wants to take Plato’s account and throw out all these other myths. They would tell you all the pyramids around the world are not pyramids if they could but they can’t.  They lie about all the mines around the world being cave systems.  Telling people that water created them over millions of years, but if you just talk to the local natives they will tell you the mines created by the gods.  

The Polynesians will tell you that their islands, Australia,  New Zealand, the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Island, parts of Asia and India were Lemuria  at one time. The Atlantic catastrophe is the Lemurian catastrophe.   If you know my work you know exactly how this happened.  All of these myths and legends point out not just a world catastrophe, but a catastrophe that happened in our solar system.  Africa is caught right in the middle of what used to be Atlantis in the west and Lemruia to the east.  Just like the Americas were caught in the middle with Atlantis to the east  and Lemuria to the west.  Everywhere the western world looks, if it sees advanced buildings, advance ancient cultures, advance arts and sciences they call it Atlantis without even knowing Lemuria existed.  

Both people from Atlantis and Lemuria have a record of greatness.  We don’t listen to the people from Lemuria because they were a matriarch.  Even thought they both left a clearly marked culture.  Both of them had a very simple way of moving megalithic stones.  Both had groups of pyramids around the world.  They did not just mass them together.  All these massive pyramids represent mountains.  All of the pyramids around the world, no matter where they are, their architecture is very similar.  The mathematics are exact.  They have local embellishments done by later cultures, but at their core they are the same.  They were not tombs.  I can not stress that enough.  Nothing sacred in the ancient world would have been defiled by dead bodies.  The Christians started burying bodies near sacred sites for money.  Before the Christians if a place had humans remains in or near it then it was not sacred.  This is why judges refuse to give the Native Americans their burial lands back.  

Most who believe in Atlantis will tell you the pyramids are Atlantis because it was on a mountain.  Some will even tell you the pyramids were the shape of the Atlantean space ships.  None of that is true.  These pyramids were a safe way to give energy to the people around it.  It was so safe they could climb on top of these pyramids.  They held ceremonies on these pyramids.  In most places the priestess would climb to the top of the pyramid and perform the ceremony.  It was seen that the energy was Mother Earth’s gift, so a priestess performed the ceremonies.  All these pyramids had to be built very similar in order to work.  All these idiotic bloodlines use the symbol of the pyramid in everything they do and they don’t know why!  They think the pyramid was a geometrical shape that was a sign of power, but they think it’s a sign of power to rule.  When it is a symbol of its own power.   All secret societies persons were initiated on or in pyramids.   

There is proof of the survival of Atlantean people and Lemurian people all over the world.  They are all proud of their ancestry.  They all preserve their history and ancient traditions.  Some believe they are the chosen ones.  The Greeks, the Chinese, the Hindus, the Egyptians,  the Native Americans, the Irish, etc. Everywhere we turn we see legends of a golden age.  The golden age fell to an age of silver.   The silver age fell into an age of bronze.   The bronze age fell into an age of iron or dark age.  The golden age is remembered in every culture.  The beginning of humans was radiant and we have gone down hill ever since.  We fell from a golden age to the state we are in.  All of the cultures tell of an ancient time of splendor and rebellion.  Then it all vanished away.  We have declined from the golden age.  Everything we see and hear tells of how humans failed the gods and that is the cause of the fall. I call B.S.  I say the gods failed and this caused the fall.  The golden age was not an age of peace and comfort.  It was an age of achievements.  Great cities, palaces, monuments, architecture, universities, hospitals, arts and sciences.   It was not the fault of the people that this golden age fell.  It was the fault of the gods.  

When Lemuria fell the humans lost their friend, they lost their teacher and their guide.  When Atlantis fell the humans lost their master.  Both the people of Atlantis and Lemuria lost their gods.  They lost the gods who directed them and brought civilization to them.  The gods never returned.  All that is left of Atlantis and Lemuria is memories.  Memories that create a picture of a story of gods and heroes.  Those who created the human race and fought for ownership over the human race.  Humans not only lost their gods, they lost their psychic contact with life.  They lost their connection to Nature.  We are the descendants of these gods and heroes and we are still paying for what they did with our Karma.  Karma is blocking these connections and powers.  We no longer see a world of inner mysteries and a world of light and color.  We can no longer see the invisible plains and dimensions.  All because we don’t use our third eye.  The reason for the golden age was because the Lemurians taught the humans how to build a world on the material level while being conscious on the internal, intuitive, and perceptive level.  We built a world based on our inner connection and and our connection to Nature.  The golden age was not built with a mind of reason, it was built with a mind that still had connection to the Universe.  

Our third eye is not active anymore because we live in fear.  The catastrophe made us live in fear.  We lost the knowledge on how to make our third eye active again.  We are left entirely to our own ego resources.  Because we stay in the ego mind Atlantis and Lemuria are just shadows.  We can no longer copy living forces.  We could never  build Atlantis or Lemuria with our ego minds.  All the ruins of yesterday could never be built today because we do not have the connection to Nature or the Universe.  The ancient world and golden age are memories.  They are symbolic projections of each other.  We can bring it back.  Karma can be changed. We can stop living in fear.  We just need to make a connection to Nature and the Universe again.  The ancient world is supported by strange shadowy frame work of Magic.  It is the divine Magic that the Lemurian gods gave and the Atlanteans gods perverted.   Until we get the Magic back we will never know Atlantis or Lemuria.  

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