The Gods of Atlantis and Lemuria

When Atlantis and Lemuria sank the survivors scattered around the world.  The Mayans say sixty million people died in Lemuria during the cataclysm that sank Atlantis and Lemuria.  I can’t find a record of how many died in Atlantis.  There were survivors.  If there wasn’t survivors we would not be here today.  Let’s look at just who the survivors were.  

The world had just been torn apart.  A new race of creatures were alone for the first time ever.  This creature was not very smart, it was child like, but it had a will to survive.  This creature I am referring too is humans.   All over the world there are legends of a being coming out of the ocean or sea and teaching humans how to survive.  Some say these beings had the body of a fish and the head of a human being.  Others say the came from boats or eggs.  These beings all befriended the people and taught them.  They gave the people a written language, taught them agriculture, taught them astronomy, taught them architecture, they set up governments, and they taught them about the gods and the mysteries of nature.   Then they left promising to return some day.  

Another legend from the Americas tells of a being riding serpents.  His name was Kukulkan, Votan or Quetzalcoatl.  He befriended the people and taught them architecture, mathematics, hunting, a written language,  astronomy and he set up a government.  He gave the people the Mayan calendar.  He taught them to respect and obey Nature.  After he taught the people what he could teach them he left.   Right before he left he warned of an evil coming.  An evil that will come with the god of war and try to destroy their empire.  Then he got back on his serpents and left.  

In China a mysterious being came out of a fishes mouth and restored the world.  In India, Vishnu, came out of a fishes mouth to restore the world.   Everywhere we look these people came out of the sea. Some being came from the sea to teach the people how to live.  It is all still preserved in all the myths and legends of all people.  All the beings are recognized as the source of all their civilizations.   Atlantis and Lemuria were very advanced. All the legends tell how advanced they were.  They could even fly.  All these beings coming from the ocean  tells me their technology was destroyed.  The world had to start over.  

The Atlantis legend states that the gods of Egypt were refugees from Atlantis and Lemuria.  Egypt is where they started over.  It is why it was set up with a matriarch on one side and a patriarch on the other. The stories of beings coming out of the sea are Lemurian gods.  They knew that humans could not survive without a little help.  No Atlantis god ever went out to help anyone, except maybe Lilith.  She was with the Tuatha De Danann because she was kicked out of Atlantis.  Everyone of the Lemurian gods who helped restore the humans left because they knew the Atlanteans would hunt them down.  They did not want to put the people in danger.   They went into hiding.  Most likely alone.  A giant among humans would be pretty easy to find.   I think them promising to return was that they really wanted to stay, but they did not want to put humans in danger of these Atlantean warlords. So they hoped to maybe return one day if the Atlantean thugs were killed.

All of the magic, mystery schools, secret arts, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, etc. is said to be given to us by the gods.  These arts are all about looking inward.  Finding our power within.  I think this is how the Lemurian gods were going to fight this battle for the rest of eternity.  The Atlantean gods did not want humans to learn their power.  They or their descendant pure bloods will never learn.  This is how they lost Atlantis. This is how they lost their beautiful cities and temples. All from the perversion of power.   The Lemurian gods and their descendants want the people to learn their power so the Atlanteans have no one left to rule.  In Lemuria their motto was that humans should learn all they could learn and use it to help all others.  This is why Lemuria was much more advanced and powerful than Atlantis.  

There are pyramids all over the world.  What is the meaning of these pyramids?  They are not tombs.  All the pyramids are on magnetic lines of the Earth.  All the pyramids around the world are ventilated. Tombs are not ventilated.  All the pyramids were said to have been built by giants.  The pyramids are said to have treasures beyond all human knowledge and understanding.  The pyramids all around  the world are perfect mathematically and in perfect alignment with certain stars.  The ancients had a knowledge of architecture, mathematics, astronomy and geography which is far superior to our own knowledge today.  The entire history of architecture and mathematics is in all the pyramids.  I think the pyramids encode all the secrets of Nature.  I think they were power plants that gave electricity or energy to all within a certain radius of them.  Clean and free energy.    

In India there is a pillar or column made of an unknown metal and it has unknown writing on it.  It is about ten feet tall and about ten inches in diameter.  During the Sepoy rebellion it was hit by canon balls.  The canon balls that hit the pillar shattered and didn’t even leave a scratch on the pillar.  This metal was believed to have been used in Lemuria.  We are surrounded by a field of energy and we have potentials that are unknown to us.  The human body  and mind is an incredible instrument.  Their value has been destroyed because the owner of the body and mind doesn’t treat it properly.  They don’t treat it properly because our idiotic leaders tell us robots are more advance than us and we should accept becoming robotic human hybrids. Nation after nation rises and falls all because they do not heed the rules of Nature. All falls of empires, worlds and nations is caused by the corruption of humans.  How corrupt have we become today?  

Humans themselves are their own destroyer.  We will be our own destroyers as long as we follow the ambitions of world domination.  Make no mistake a one world government is world domination.  We will destroy ourselves if we keep wanting to conquer other people, if we keep going after unreasonable wealth, if we compromise integrity for fame and  if we live just for today and let tomorrow take care of itself then we should look back and see how Atlantis’ tomorrow took care of itself.  We need to learn from our past not forget it.  We can have all the computers and technology we want, but humans will be born and die the same. We need to overcome our ignorance.  Ignorance is a belief that we can break the rules of Nature and survive.  

Ignorance is the root of all evil.  As the Chinese say “Anyone who does wrong is ignorant”.  This is so true.  No matter how many years of education you have or how many honors you receive or how much wealth you have, if you do not have integrity, you are ignorant.  Ignorance is not being able to use our minds properly.  Until we understand this we will suffer.  In Lemuria there was a temple that had a tremendous collection of all the arts and sciences that humans had known.  It had a library of all the wisdom and value that humans had accumulated.  It had a great museum and gallery of art and sculptures.  Here all individuals could come see the accumulated wisdom of the ages.    Everything of medicine, math, art, literature, astronomy and science.  People were shown these so they could see all that humans had accomplished and they were told to use them for the good of all people.  

Unless we stop the greed and perversions that are happening today and unless someone steps forward and reminds these idiotic leaders of what happened in Atlantis we are in danger of destroying ourselves today. The abuse that is happening today happened in Atlantis. It is the same f*cking bloodlines leading us down this destructive path. If we do not control our own minds and control our emotions we will not grow. It is our birth right to grow. If we abuse this birth right we get into trouble. Atlantis was not destroyed because the gods wanted to kill everyone. It was destroyed because it was too dangerous to let it remain. If it was not destroyed evil would not only overtake Earth, it would spread throughout the solar system, the galaxy and the universe. They would tyrannize, dominate, corrupt any race and everything that existed. Too many laws and energies were broken or abused. The source of corruption had to be destroyed. The head of the evil snake had to be cut off. Will you let that source of corruption over take us once again? This Lemurian is calling all other Lemurians to not let our home be destroyed once again.

8 thoughts on “The Gods of Atlantis and Lemuria”

    1. Mayan and Chinese are very close and similar so I think they are as close as we are going to get to the Lemurian language.
      Aramaic is very similar to ancient Egyptian and probably similar to the Atlantean language.
      So much is lost, but it can be recovered.

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  1. I believe Lemuria was in the Indian ocean. The ruins are there below water.
    Atlantis is suggested as being in Atlantic ocean though not likely. Could be North west Africa or maybe Scotland?

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    1. Atlantis was a city on a continent named Appalachia. Atlantis was close to Ireland. The Appalachian content is where we get the name for Appalachian mountains. It went all the way across the Atlantic ocean into Ireland and Scotland.


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