More Records of Atlantis and Lemuria

Plato’s Atlantis is just a fragment of truth, but we can’t base truth on fragments. We must get proof from elsewhere. The Atlantis described by Plato was an advanced culture and empire. It excelled in art, literature and science. Plato never describes Lemuria and he only talks about the fall of Atlantis after describing it. This is why I get more of the story from the Americas. In this post I will show more information from China and India.

In China and India they don’t just have the sinking of a civilization(s).  They have accounts of the way of life.  These records also say that there have been many civilizations on Earth at several times in history.  That Mother Earth has shaken them off several times.  If they are correct in that several catastrophes have happened over the history of the Earth then it will be hard to find evidence geologically and it is.  To the Eastern traditions Atlantis and Lemuria were not just islands, they were continents.  They had world wide trade and distribution.  They also say their records go back millions of years.  Modern archeologists and anthropologists do not like it when things go back millions of years.  I think Atlantis and Lemuria existed about 12,000 BCE and a lot of the dates going millions of years back are exaggerations.  The translators or scribes of these texts had to go back further than the texts of the west who say certain people lived hundreds of thousands of years.  It’s how the human ego works.  

The Atlanteans goal was to ultimately conquer the world.  All the races came out of Atlantis.  They all migrated out of Atlantis. When the people of Atlantis migrated out after the war of the gods and got to where they were going there was other people already there.  The people who left Atlantis before the war of the gods and had settled in these areas.  In the Ramayana the battle of Rama and Ravana is an Atlantean vs Lemurian war.  Rome being overthrown by the Goths, Huns and Druids is a Atlantean vs Lemurian war.  Upper and Lower Egypt fighting is an Atlantean and Lemurian battle.  All the fighting and wars in all the ancient texts of the world is battles of Atlantis vs Lemuria.  Everyone of us are descendants of these two great ancient civilizations. A lot of the battles today are really Atlantean and Lemurian ideals battling.   Each side always says the other side is evil. 

The India version of Atlantis and Lemuria assumes to be father back in antiquity and gives more depth to this history than Plato did.    The India version tells us the same thing Plato said about Atlantis sinking. It was because the people had become evil.  Their cities had become corrupt with luxury.  The Hindu texts shows that the people of Lemuria and Atlantis were giants.  There have been skeletons of these giants found all over the world.  The Chinese write that the Lemurian giants were heroic and vast.  Over time humans have become the size we are today.  All of the heroes, gods and goddesses of China and India were giants.  Just like the Egyptians and Mayans they are represented in mammoth proportions. Whether it be sculptures or stories they are huge.  The regular humans are a lot smaller and not as smart.  The western intellect tries to say this represents spiritual importance. So tell me western intellect smarties, did they consider dinosaurs and other beast that they describe and draw as giants spiritually superior?  I think not.  It is more likely they are telling the truth.  Every place in the world that describes Atlantis or Lemuria indicates they were giants.  

Plato states that the Atlanteans were the first to ever wage war.  In the myths of India and China like all myths there is a ton of fighting.  They are not fighting with clubs and arrows.  They are fighting with advanced weapons.  The gods and heroes throwing thunderbolts and have superior armor.  They are flying in the sky and jumping from mountain to mountain. They have huge armies fighting.  These battles are described with grandeur and splendor at a time when the western intellectuals tell us we were running around with deer cloths and using sticks and stones as tools.  Have you intellectual idiots even read the Chinese and India myths.  Of course not.  You wouldn’t want to lower yourself to that would you?  If readers think I am exaggerating and being mean to intellectuals then the readers had never met a person who thinks they are an intellectual.  Intellectuals do not want to expose their mind to anything written by savages.  

What about these ancient wars that China and India describe?  They were wars on Earth and in space, wars on land and the sky, wars between giants, wars between sorcerers and wizards, wars underground,  wars in the ocean and above the ocean, etc.  All described with magnificent grand weaponry.  These wars were always fought in prehistory.  Just like the Greek, Mayan, Egyptian and Gaelic texts say.  We can’t just say that all these ancient wars are just imaginary.  Why would they be?  Why would all our ancestors have made all this up?  They are all describing the same thing!  Why do all these wars happen before our civilizations started?  These wars were before India and China.  They happened before Egypt.  Before the Mayan empire.  Always long ago.  Out of all these wars between giants, monsters, gods, heroes, titans, etc.  comes all our psychological problems.  We have all these psychological stories and dreams.  We can not dream of something where there is no reality somewhere.  Everything you can dream up or imagine is borrowed from your environment, history and cultures.  Your mind will morph them into dreams of your own.  You are borrowing your archetypes.  Where did they come from?  We need to come to terms with our history to heal!  These wars are so well known like the flood that it is in every ancient culture.  All of them preserved the wars and deluge in their myths.  

These are not fairy tales.  They are history buried in the subconscious of all humans.  The collective past of the human race can be reborn through you.  It can be unlocked.  You just have to quit letting our so called leaders and intellectuals poison our minds.  You have a history that is magnificent.  They have kept it from you long enough.  We were the Atlanteans and Lemurians.  We are their descendants. We were created and conditioned before the dawn of time.  Our conscious mind has no memory of it because it is short term, but what we call archetypes is the remembering locked in ourselves.  They are memories that break through.  If we don’t learn our true history these archetypes sit in the background and control us.  

The India texts tell of the world being ruled by the gods.  The people loved and served the gods.  Selfishness, evil and pride took over and was the beginning of a dark age.  A demon came in and stole the book of the law.  The demon hid it in the depths of the ocean.  This demon wanted to enslave the human race.  It wanted to put the human race in servitude and bondage to the selfishness of mortal kings.  There was one good man left on the Earth and the gods went to him and told him to build a boat.  He was to take his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters with him.  When the deluge happens he would float on top of the water.  When this happened Vishnu, as a fish, guided the boat to a safe landing.  Then he went back into the sea, destroyed the demon and brought the Vedas back so the new human race made from this man and his family can start a new golden age.  

In the Chinese texts it tells about a sage who was instructed by the gods to build a boat.  He took his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters.  These eight floated over the oblivion in this boat.  They became the eight essential trigrams in the great divination Book of Science known by the Chinese.  Out of this darkness and tragedy rose the great teacher, Fuxi.  Born from the fishes or serpents  mouth he had a partial serpent body.  He created the Chinese writing system, taught the people how to cook, fish, hunt, use tools and weapons.   He became the first Emperor.  The Great Empire of China claims descent from him.  He is usually depicted coming out of a mountain with a brush that stroke the eight diagrams which are the basis of all learning.  

Everywhere is the deluge.  These are very close to the Noah myth.  Noah was an Atlantean bloodline settling in Sumer and Egypt.  These are Lemurian bloodlines settling in India and China.  All of this happened after the great catastrophe or darkness.  Everywhere we see all peoples around the world had to start over at one time.  The old world died and the new world began.  The vikings have the same thing.  They have the gods living in a great temple on a mountain.  The vikings called it the Midgard or middle garden of the world.  It sunk below the ocean in a great catastrophe and only a man and woman who were hiding in a cave on top of a mountain survived.  They started the human race over.  All of these myths and legends tell of the destruction of an antediluvian world.   An advanced world that had once been.  The stories are too consistent and too parallel to not have happened.     

All the gods, goddesses, heroes, demigods were not perfect.  They all made the same kind of mistakes that we humans make.  All the gods had nagging wives, all the goddesses had egotistic husbands, they all had weaknesses.  They constantly fought and bickered amongst each other.  They backstabbed each other.  All these myths read like freaking soap operas!  This pre-world was not a utopia like the new agers want it to be.  They gave us their minds!!!   The doings of these gods was their fall!  Just like our doings today may bring our end.  These myths are the stories of the fall of gods and their separation from humans.  The good ones left and never came back.  The evil gods killed each other.  Are these all imagination or real reports?  All the myths have come down distorted in their own way, but they all talk of the gods preceding humans.   In every region and every culture.  It was a world of glory, power, strange science, magnificent art and supernatural beings.  They are all memories.  All the leaders of every culture claim ancestry to these supernatural beings.  

All of our arts, sciences, discoveries, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, etc. were not discovered by someone in our recent histories.  All of it came from our ancient history and the people who were said to discover it only found it in ancient sites or writings. They took it and said they discovered it. All of our human heroes are fake.    Everything descended from the gods.  We are told to have only one god yet our history shows many gods and goddesses.  Good and evil deities and the wars between them.  It’s no wonder we are so screwed up as a human race.  

Every place on the planet there is a rise between our mortal governments and the gods.  Every ruling family in history claimed ancestry to these gods.  They ruled by divine right.  Why is that?  Even the leaders of today claim they are the bloodline of these gods.  They all claim to come from the gods.  Japan, Egypt, the Americas, Vikings, China, India, Rome, Russia, etc.  Every last one of them go back to the gods.  What you don’t understand is these gods could not get along and now the inbred descendants  who lead can’t get along.  From the time the gods, come their symbols and beliefs.  All of the cultures around the world have the serpent.  It is the symbol of royalty for many.  It’s the symbol of wisdom for many.  We are told to be wise as serpent and gentle as doves.   The serpent is associated with magic.  They all have good and bad serpents.  The serpent is a messenger.  They have feathered serpents.  Flying serpents called dragons.  Serpents around eggs.  Serpents around staffs.  The serpent is the symbol of energy and power.  It is the symbol of the DNA of these gods.  Serpents with more than one head go back to several gods.  

The fall of Atlantis and Lemuria into the ocean was not just real water it was the fall of their memory  into the ocean of the subconscious.  Somewhere in our subconscious the war between these two still resides.  We are slowly seeing the truth and the possibility of this happening in our own time.  Something is happening in our subconscious because I am getting more and more questions about Atlantis and Lemuria almost daily.  The more I tell the more it unlocks.  There was an ancient belief that Atlantis could produce scientists but not philosophers.  These aliens or gods had a rational ego mind only.  They lacked a subconscious. They were very Spock or Data like.    The Lemurian people were great scientists, artists, philosophers, athletes, etc.  When these texts talk about breaking the law of the gods it does not mean they are not doing what some god sitting on throne is demanding.  Breaking the law of the gods or goddess has always meant they are breaking natural law.  So when it says the fall of these civilizations came from breaking the law of the gods it means they broke Nature’s laws.  When you have a hangover it’s not because some god or goddess gave it to you, it’s because you broke Nature’s law by drinking too much and it took you out of balance.   The ancients were fully aware of this.  If you break the laws of Nature you break the laws of god.  

All of our good luck or bad luck comes from following or breaking the laws of Nature.  The disobedience that happened in Atlantis, according to the India texts, was believing that they were greater than Nature.  Their will was greater than her will.  The Atlanteans believed their laws were greater than Nature’s laws.  Their desires were greater than any of the desires of Nature.  This is the disobedience referred to in these ancient texts.  We think that pride is self respect or personal worth, but it is different in these texts.  It is the pride of losing touch with the life around you.  The pride of being holier or better than everyone else.  The Atlanteans had become possessors of some secrets of Nature.  Secrets like creating a race to do their biddings.  Secrets like making females play toys.  Secrets of messing with their new creations minds.  Secrets of dominating animals.  They had the powers of Gods and Goddesses at the tips of their fingers.  They used, abused and perverted these powers.  The Atlanteans were the first black magicians.  The serpent of wisdom became the serpent of death.  

The India texts show that in Atlantis they created the human mind.  The first time they tried creating the mind they made the mistake of making it too powerful.  They thought that the subconscious mind of these hominids on this planet was weak and stupid.  They gave it conscious side.  This mind was very powerful.  The Atlanteans thought they had created a secret weapon.  A a mind that could do anything.  A mind that could overcome matter.   This mind was super intelligent, but its subconscious gave it super powers.  The subconscious does not want to be held down and the conscious gave it the power to fulfill its wants. What the Atlanteans had in technology this new creation could do with its mind.  It did not take long for this new creation to realize the Atlanteans could not hold them captive and they left Atlantis.  All the stories of miracles, stories of a deity killing with a glance, stories of moving huge rocks with their minds, etc. This mind could control the forces of Nature.  Think Star Wars Jedi here.  All of these stories came from the creation of this mind or the technology of the Atlanteans.  Not all of the beings with this mind left Atlantis.  Some were given positions of power and leadership in Atlantis.  They loved the black magic.  

The India texts describes them as first creation.  If you know my work you understand what is going on here.  This power is in all of us.  It has just been locked.  All the wizards, witches, sorcerers, shamans, voodoo witches, magi, druids, Egyptian priests and priestesses, wonder workers and Rishis, etc. All unlocked this power within.  They used their minds to control the forces of Nature.  All of these supernatural powers exist within humans.  Most have trouble seeing or even believing this power exists.  It’s because our minds were locked, the cataclysm that happened and our way of life.  The common cultured, educated person can not fathom or even cope with mental energy.  They are only accustomed to a practical or prosaic way of life.  Magic to them is only for fairy tales.  They keep everything outside of us so you will not turn within and discover this power.  To keep the Magic locked within they give you God outside of yourself.  They keep you entertained with sports, politics and movies.  They even show you in movies your power just to rub it in your face, but they give these powers to heroes.  All to keep the Magic locked within and the only time you see it is in your dreams and nightmares.  In evolution, superior traits should take the place of inferior traits.  They know this.  It is why they are doing everything they can to keep it locked inside of you.  The leaders of today really believe you were created to do their bidding and bow down to them.  You must let your internal powers grow in order to escape this black magic.  

The deluge didn’t just cover up our history it covered up our powers.  This is why they will do anything to keep our history covered up.   The serpent has always been the symbol of esoteric arts.  Just like the venom of the serpent can be used for good or evil, so can the esoteric arts.  For most of you your serpent has never stood upright.  It is because your serpent has been punished and humbled.  The serpent is your psychic life.  It is your connection to the Atlantean and Lemurian leaders.  Quit blundering outside of yourself.  Look within.  Use the serpent energy to discover what good and evil is because 99.9% of the people on this planet do not know what really is good or evil.  Knowing our true history will unlock what has been locked inside the darkness.  Darkness does not mean evil.  It just means light has not shined on it.  

Everything that happened in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria is the reason for our psychotic pressures.   Everything goes back to the beginnings.  Not learning of this catastrophe creates a catastrophe within ourselves.  The locking and destroying of our powers.  A inner self that was sacrificed long ago.  These powers have been hidden in us ever since and we still suffer from it today.   

Legends tell us that the Atlanteans were left handed.  This has nothing to do with the actual hand.  It has to do with the mind.  When someone is left brained they are logical and analytical.  When someone is right brained they are imaginative and intuitive.  The works of a god or goddess is performed with the right brain.  The works of man shall be performed with the left brain.  Anytime you see hands in these texts they are talking about the left and right mind or brain.  In ancient Egypt the symbol of the hand represented some type of electromagnetic  power.  How do you move your hand?  With some type of electromagnetic power from the mind.  The Atlanteans gave us their ego mind or left brain.  When the left and right mind work together your mind becomes very powerful.  

The Chinese say that when we die we will learn the mystery of Atlantis and Lemuria.  Both the Chinese and the Hindu knew that in the age of the fish certain ideas and histories needed to be protected by the few.  Great and good things would struggle silently for survival.  In the days of the fish false things shall be called great and great things shall not be known.  The wise will bring about a new age.  The Age of Aquarius.  The pouring of the water is not another deluge.  It is the watery abyss of the subconscious taking hold of all who will let it.  The ancients studied this mathematically and astronomically.  They knew all things followed patterns and to possess the key to these cyclic patterns was how they could understand all future patterns.  We can free ourselves from the polarized mind.  We can free ourselves from the delusion of materialism.  The delusion of power.  The delusion of selfishness.  If we do not try to unlock what is within, we keep ourselves locked in a world of bloodshed.  Overcome the ego mind.  It is full of fear, hate, prejudices, grievances, conceits and opinions.  The curse of Atlantis is upon us once again.  The curse of egoism.  Will we let them destroy our world once again?  It really is up to you.  We are who we have been waiting for!  America means “Land of the Serpents”. Is your Serpent upright?

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  1. Your last two post can be compared to the tea in a cup, that brings all the tea leaves together for one to be able to read and comprehend. You leave no stone unturned. As I see it, we live in a universe that one of its great Natural Laws is that of cause and effect. I believe, to preserve the history for the future, the global cataclysms of ancient past were one of the factors the of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans built structures to track the precession of the equinoxes and the constellations. Everything is processed according to the law of cause and effect; as above, so below; as within so without. The thoughts, emotions and actions one takes now will aid in awakening our consciousness and help us take the next great leap or send us deeper into mental-material slavery.

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