Atlantean and Lemurian Records in America

The name Atlantis does not come from Egypt, Greece or any other ancient society on that side of the world. The root ATL comes from the Mayans and was the name of one of their months. The glyph for ATL is a deluge. The story of Atlantis is told in pictures in the ancient Mayan texts. The dragon in the sky is shooting water out its mouth and the god of death is dancing on the earth. The Chinese have texts that say the previous world was destroyed by water. Sir Francis Bacon said that the new Atlantis was America. Tables of Enoch give the story of Atlantis in Egypt.

All Native American legends tell of a land that was directly to the east of the Americas.  They talk about a land bridge or taking a canoe with the Great Rabbit God.  The Aztec people said the were from Azlan or Atlantis.  It is where the name Aztecs come from.  The Native Americans have a story of living with the Gods.  Everything was peaceful with no wars and everyone was free.  No one went hungry and all the sick were taken care of.  This continued until one of the God’s child was taken.  The wrath of the Gods was turned against the people.  A great flood happened.   The people realized that the water that was causing all the floods made their crops grow to a giant size.  The maze and grain were growing fast and huge.  As the water came up the maze stalks grew.  The people grabbed on to the stalks and rode it up to escape the floods.  

Growing up Mormon there was a Native American Elder in my fathers branch.  I met him at one of the youth camps when I was young and loved talking with him about Native American history.  His name was Takoda and it meant “friend to everyone”.  He was the main reason I didn’t put up a fight about going to church.  I really enjoyed talking to him.   He was making a permanent record of his people from the earliest phases of history he could find.  As I grew older I did everything I could to help him.   Getting Native American history you have to listen to the stories.  The stories start with “This has been said”,  “This has been told” or “This is the way our people knew it”.  There are no dates.  When you listen to the stories you must tell them what you want.  I always wanted the creation stories or origin stories.  

Takoda would use a camera to take photos of art and he would purchase art if he could afford it.  He wrote the stories down in english and his Sioux language.  During camps or retreats he would always tell stories by the campfire and have people do Native American crafts.  He would do the art himself and it was always the best in camp.  From his artwork you could see the authentic record in the designs of his art.  I always asked him where his people came from.  He would tell me some of his translations of the legends.  His legends were full of star people and that his people used to live underground.  They were forced to go underground because of a catastrophe.    They had different ways of telling time while there were down there.  They had mountains that would rise and set like the sun and moon.  Seven Elders were in charge of their people during the time they were underground.  These Elders were divine maybe star people.  Their original home was the Milky Way.  When it was safe on the surface the Elders had the people climb the rising mountain to the surface.  This was the first time the subterranean people had been on the surface in years.  Some kids were born underground and were able to see the sun, moon and stars for the first time ever.   

I would ask him what the catastrophe was that made his people go underground and he would tell me it was the star people fighting.  They were fighting over the Earth and the people had to go underground to not get hurt or killed.  As I studied ancient Egyptian he became interested in what I was learning.  Our chats about ancient history led us to find that the ancient Native Americans and the ancient Egyptians had very similar beliefs.  They both had serpent symbolism.   The Natives had the Thunderbird and the Egyptians had the Phoenix.  Their gods and goddesses were very similar.  The Universe was divided into 3 parts, upper, middle and lower.   They both had the trinity.  All the ancients had the great mother.  The Natives held on to her. Both had messengers to the gods.  With these cultures being so far apart yet had very similar customs and beliefs means they had some kind of contact in the ancient past.  

Our records of the Ancient Americas is very poor because all the destruction that has been done to the Natives way of life.  Archaeologist will argue with me and say it is because of the lack of a written record.   They had a written record.  We destroyed it!!!   For centuries it was illegal for the Natives to practice any of their ways or customs by penalty of death.  They were not even aloud to speak their Native language!  Because this world is masculine we went to the men of the Natives to hear their history and the young men would tell the outsiders anything to make them go away for fear of giving the true history of a matriarch.   We are too proud to ask the women.  If you want to know the history of any matriarch people you must ask the women.  Seeing how Egyptian and Native American beliefs were similar I asked Takoda if I could speak to his mother, wife, sister and daughter about his peoples history.  He was caught off guard.  Surprised.  With wide eyes he said “No one has ever even hinted at wanting to listen to the females in his life or people”.    This is how I cracked the code of so much I have learned.  Not only did he let me question his female relatives, he put me in contact with every sacred female he knew.  This is how I found their records and knowledge that goes far far back into very ancient history.  

The conquerers of the Americas and the idiots of today have no interest in preserving or investigating true Native American history.  It would crumble the lie that our world has been built upon.  Everything was done to destroy their history and today everything is done to keep their history a myth.  The Mayans had a highly specialized language.  They had the skill to preserve and perpetuate any record of any kind they desired to preserve.  They were excellent historians who preserved the truth.  Not what the leaders told them was true.  They had a book called The Book of the Old Men which was about the origins of humans.  The art of writing was held by priests and priestesses.  In the great cities it was taught to the commoners who wanted to learn it.  With the destruction of the governing classes in these cities the art was kept alive by the priest, the priestesses and many women.  The Spanish abolished the Natives language and introduced their own characters.  Which has caused a situation that I think is quite remarkable.  The Mayans still speak their ancient language, but they write it in Spanish letters.  They can speak in their language what the glyphs mean but Spanish and English get in the way of the meaning of the glyphs.  Because western archeologist will not learn the Mayan language the Mayan people are keeping the meaning to themselves.  Of course the glyphs are slowly being translated because people are slowly learning the Mayan language, but  they will never be 100% accurate until they ask they Mayan women.  When and if they finally do they will restore the full history, the full science, the full medicine and the full astronomy of the Natives.  

Archeologists will not accept that the same type of mind that created the Mayan glyphs and language is the same type of mind that created the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Chinese language. These writings are very advanced.  The markings can be transformed at any point into phonetics.  Names, dates and places can be inserted easily.  Any symbol can be a letter, word or phrase.   The intellectual minds trying to decipher the writings do not work that way.  These writings use both sides of the mind.  Intellectuals only use their ego.  The Mayans created a verb out of a noun by giving something wings. Creating an action or motion.  The Aztecs did this with adding footprints or a flying bird.  Anything to symbolize motion.  I have heard the Mayan language spoken.  It is a very beautiful language.  A musical language.  It’s an inflectional language full of subtle charm.   

Im criticized because I say the Native Americans were from Atlantis and Lemuria.  I have always said the Egyptian Sphinx was originally a women.  It was Queen Moo or Queen Mu.  Queen Mu is all over the Mayan culture.  It is known that the Mayan language and ancient Egyptian language have hundreds of words that are identical in pronunciation and meaning.  The Mayan language is also very similar to Chinese and other Asian languages.  The western world only pays attention to Plato’s account Atlantis.  I use Plato, India, China, Norse and all of the Native American accounts.   The Aztec say they are from Azlan.  The Aztec say they are from the land of 7 temples. Temples usually represent nations or empires.  It was an abundant place.  Homes were built around these temples.  They left when the land sank and went to the place of the Eagle man. This place is represented by a mountain.    Here they were taught language, customs, farming, use of tools, writing, use of weapons, governing, etc.  From here they spread out.  This happened in the age of the Obsidian knife. The Obsidian knife was one of their zodiac signs. 

The word Maya means ‘greetings’.  When the Spaniards got to the Americas they asked who the Natives were and they greeted them by saying Maya.  From that point on they were called Mayans.  The name has no significance of their past.  So the new agers trying to say Maya means illusion and their history is an illusion is simply idiotic.  Their real name is the Itzas.  This name is because they were the children of the Itzamnas.  The Itzamnas were radiant beings who encased the world.  They were seeded in the golden egg of heaven.  The Itzamnas gave the Mayans the foundations of civilization.  According to legends they taught the people how to grow corn, write, use of calendars, use of architecture and practice medicine.  The Itzamnas brought the Mayan people to Central Mexico in boats after a great cataclysm.  The Mayan calendar starts on the seventh cycle because that is when they started civilization in Mexico.  The previous six were in Lemuria.  I find it interesting that Itza means “water magicians”.  

The Mayan speak of a great storm which was the deluge.  There glyphs show water coming from the stars and the great serpents mouth.  In the glyph it has the Great Mother pouring water from her bucket.  It also shows the God of Death dancing upon the Earth.  This happened at the end of a cycle.  From this point on the Mayan people had a very different way of life.  It is showing us that an ancient world disappeared and the people had to start all over. 

Part of the initiation ceremonies of the Native American was the initiate had to relive symbolically the story of his race.  When young men came of age, they had to go into the jungle and reach a temple that had its rooms and crypts underground.  This was representing them going under ground to escape the cataclysm.  They also had to swim across two rivers.  A river of blood and a river of mud.  The river of blood was the blood of his people, but also the blood from the great cataclysm.  The swim through a muddy river was symbolizing leaving one land to get to another.  The Incas claim they had an ancient language that was destroyed thousands of years ago during a cataclysm.  Before this cataclysm the Gods and Heroes walked the Earth.   They have a legend that say the Inca leaders, along with these Gods and Heroes, took all the literature and treasures into a mountain to protect it from the cataclysm.  The mountain collapsed on top of them burying all the literature, treasure, leaders, Gods and Heroes.  The Spaniards believed these legends and did all they could to try to find the buried treasure, but they could not penetrate far enough into the Inca empire.  Just like the Mayans the Incas had a highly advanced government.  

The Mayans had a democracy.  All of the Native Americans in all the Americas ran on a democracy in one way or another.  They all had a democratic integrity.  When I studied their governments I found a voice for the people, representation, just laws and rules.  They did not have exploitation or bondage of their people.  The governing laws and rules were for protecting the people.   Protecting the peoples rights.  Protecting the people from their rulers.  All these rules and laws were said to have been brought here from Quetzalcoatl and the other Gods and Goddesses.  Those who have read my work understand that Atlantis had a rebellion and the people left.  The people who left created Lemuria.  This type of government and ruling was set up in Lemuria because of the tyrants in Atlantis.   All of the Native American Empires were Empire democracies.   All of their leaders were elected not born into it.  The people always had a say in the rights of the people.  

The Native Americans had a 52 year cycle.  The Empires had festivals and rituals every 52 years.  This cycle was their way of breaking up debt.  They took a look at their governing rules and reorganized things.  They got rid of what did not work and enhanced what did.  Everyone had to forgive debt.  All debt had to be wiped out.  They got this idea from Quetzalcoatl, the star people and other Gods.  All bills had to be paid on this day if the person could pay them, but if the person could not pay them the bills were destroyed.   During these rituals the people had to forgive all enemies.  They could not have animosity towards anyone.  If you had a grudge or someone you had not spoken to for awhile, on this day you had to solve it.  The person who you were quarreling with must forgive you and you forgive them.  Not doing this sacred act was punishable by death.  No grudge could go past this day.   Their religions were not about the Gods cleansing the sinner.  The sinner had to cleanse themself.  It was not up to the Gods to forgive the person, the person had to get and give forgiveness themselves. All grudges between tribes and empires had to be reconciled.   At the end of the festival all fires were extinguished.  When the sun came up the next day everything started new.  New paint on the house, new clothes, cleaning was done, etc.  Everything started over for the new 52 year cycle.  

These laws and codes were give to them by the leaders from Lemuria.  Lemuria had a great legislative and judiciary system.  Atlantis adopted this system later because if they did not all the people would have left Atlantis and went to Lemuria.  But in Atlantis this system was just as corrupt as the United States or any other western country is today.   These laws became tribal laws and Empire laws in the Americas.  To have a system like this takes people with extraordinary integrity.   This is why democracy is crumbling around the world because the world today has very few people with integrity.  This system was the same system of the Iroquois people in their League of Five Nations.  The Code of the Iroquois was the highest ethical and moral code ever known to man.   It had the inevitable and immutable rights of all humans.  It created a Senate.  The Senators were just like the Senators we have today, but these Senators had integrity.  The Iroquois would not let the Senators get personally involved in anything within their legislation.  If a Senator had any personal or financial involvement in something they could not vote on it.  All Senators were elected to office by the vote of the women.  The Senators were men but they all were accountable to the Queen.  They were a matriarch and we call them savages.  They used this Code to create the U.S. Constitution.  

Everything the Native Americans did was from very ancient times.  They will tell you all is from the teachings of the star people, the Gods, the Heroes and the great ones.  All these customs and codes are superior to anything the western world has even dreamed of.  They come from a time that most do not understand.  They came from a forgotten place.  All Native Americans share in mysterious powers that are lost on westernized people.  They posses a hyper sensitivity to Nature.  All religions and rights were associated with Magic.  Plato tells us that the secrets of Magic originated in Atlantis.  Atlantis and Lemuria were the land of old Magic, old arts, supernatural arts, the arts of wizardry and witchcraft and the arts of demonology.  Magic was only taught to the people who could pass the initiations.  All initiations were the same for all Masons around the world.  All rites and rituals were performed the exact same way in the Americas, Asia, Mediterranean and Norse territories.  The Great Lodge ceremonies were almost exact to any ceremony found in Egypt.  The candidate passed from west to east.  They had to pass certain rituals.  They are tried and tested.  They have a symbolical death and resurrection.  All of this was done all over the world in almost the exact same way.  The Naive Americans even have their own form of yoga.  

All of this shows somewhere in the past there was a connection.  A connection long forgotten.  We have a memory of great things.  A memory of learning.  A memory of lands vanished.  A memory of a cataclysm.  Lands being overcome by mud, fire, water and darkness.  All the people from around the world have a memory of coming out of great danger, having to start over and establish themselves.  They had to rebuild their world and this new world was not as great or glorious as it was before the cataclysm.  The Mayans tried to pattern their world as it was before.  The great architecture, the pattern of their cities, their astronomy, their music, their whole way of life came from trying to remake the greatness of old.  The legends of the Native Americans will unravel a science that we don’t have today.  These people knew the stars,. They knew geometry, algebra and architecture.  They were advanced in medicine.  The Incas and Mayas did brain surgery.  They inlaid teeth with precious stones.  They made dentures out of stones.  They were not savages!   If you ask them how they learned all of this they will tell you they learned from very ancient times.  The knowledge came from our ancestors.  The Great Ones, the star people, the Gods and we are their children.  They will tell you that all the great structures around the world, including the Great Pyramid, were built by the Gods and Great Ones when they walked the Earth.  Way back in the very ancient past.  These are their monuments and footprints so we shall know they were here.  

They don’t know who the God or Great Ones were but they came from the land of seven temples.  The Great Ones taught them how to work with precious metals and stones.  They set up schools to teach craftsmen.  They set up Universities to teach knowledge of building, architecture, agriculture, science and medicine.  They taught them music.  Then the Great Ones left.  These legends from all around the Americas can not all be fabrications.  They can’t all be imaginary.   There may be some exaggerations.  That is human nature, but all these legends are valid.  They tell us that Lemuria and Atlantis existed.  The cataclysm broke the world apart and sometime in the future we will put the pieces together again.  The proof is everywhere.  We just need to open our eyes and heal our minds to understand that there was an advanced civilization here around 12,000 BCE.  If we would just listen to the Native Americans we could heal our past and move forward with our future.  

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