Every human is trying to adjust the world to themselves.  We are selfish creatures and we hate change.  We should be trying to adjust ourselves to Nature instead of trying to make her adjust to our broken minds.  Our minds are broken.  Some way more than others.  We need to put our minds back together.  This is the key to your health, happiness and wealth.  

As humans we build our happiness on wealth.  The more money we have the happier we think we will be.  Wealth is very antisocial.  Ever have a bird or plane fly over head and the shadow goes right by you?  The shadow is not stirring up dust as it goes by.  The shadow of the tress do not stir up dust.  Why?  Because the shadow itself has no power.  It looks like it should stir things up but it does not.  It is just a shadow.  Most of our lives lived today is a shadow.  A shadow cast by someone or something.  We give this shadow power but it has no power.   The stock market is humans casting a long shadow of themselves.  All the problems of human history go back to humans being greedy.  

Wealth is a shadow.  It is not permanent.  We do not live forever.  You can not take it with you.  Nothing you accumulate will last more than a few years.  If you leave it to your family, it will be gone quickly.  We spend the first half of our life trying to create wealth so the last part of our life we can try to enjoy it when are bodies are breaking down.  Can any amount of wealth stop the Earth from rotating around the sun?  Can it stop Nature from doing anything?  Can it make Nature do something?  Wealth is nice to have.  Loss is very painful.  The wealthy person does not die with any better conscious than a poor person.  We have this great secret of wealth.  We all need to invest.  We need to expand technology and industry.  For the new generation we have bitcoin.  Ninety percent of humans are enslaved to this system.  The few on the planet that are not locked into this system are luckier than they know.  Buy, sell, taxes, investing, gambling, book keeping, bookies, banking, crypto, etc.  We have all sorts of institutions to handle all of it.  When it breaks it brings the world to its knees.  When our foundation of security can evaporate that quickly means we are not very wise.  

We humans are gullible, insecure, fearful and full of anxiety most of the time.  We need to have discipline.  It may appear that professionals in the financial industry have discipline, but that is only because they are playing with other peoples money.  People believe in money.  It is the life blood of our cultures.  Money makes the world go around.  We all have stuff.  More stuff than we need.  Common sense is rare in this world.  It is on back order everywhere you try to get it and they don’t know when it will be available.  Having too much stuff is one thing.  It will just be your families problem when you die.  Speculating is something totally different.  You must be a balanced person in order to play this game.  You should be balanced in pain and pleasure. You should be capable of taking a loss as pleasantly as you take gain.  You need to realize that nothing has any value except what you put on it.  Right now we are entering the collapse of a great financial system.  There is a lot of devious stuff going on to keep it propped up, but sooner or later Nature and her laws will take hold.    This is all happening because no one in the financial industry has any balance.  

You know the toys weeble wobbles?  They wobble but they don’t fall down.  That is the discipline you need to have.  No matter what happens you need to get back up in the upright position.  You have so much internal poise and control that you may wobble but you get right back up.  Companies make people invest in a Roth or 401k.  I get it.  Most people can’t save, but it also makes the people at the top very rich.  If these companies or governments really cared for people they would teach the people that if they invest they must realize exactly what they are doing.  You must realize that no matter how much you make you are not making anything.  The same with your losses.  It is just shifting your sense of value to value something that is not real.  Because it is not real it offers an infinite possibility for corruption.  We are caught up in believing that wealth is everything.  We think wealth is freedom.  When in reality wealth is the cause of most of the problems that we suffer from.  Every empire that has collapsed and every civilization that has disappeared were all built on wealth.  Wealth is our heaven.  There has never been any civilization that survived the abuse of it.  The politicians today think that if we just give everyone wealth we will all hold hands and sing Kum Ba Yah.  It’s more complicated.  We have all nations struggling against each other.  Inside fighting and revolutions.  Outside conflicts.  Political ups and downs.  Throwing money at all our problems with no peace in sight.  

We humans love power and fame.  No matter how inept a person may be, when you give them a leading public position or political position they get an aura of grandeur about themselves.  It does not matter what their position is politically.   Wealth and power hinder every human from thinking straight.   They make us all accept the misfortunes of the past as inevitable and if they happen again it is inevitable.  None of these idiots offer real solutions.  They just want to delay the inevitable or modify so it shifts the blame off of them.  You can not solve a problem that has no solution.  We can not just abolish our financial and political systems.  This would cause a war that would end life on earth.  The only way to to abolish it is to outgrow it yourself.  I see life as grammar school.  If we want to escape it, we have to outgrow it.  There is no nation free of wealth and no nation enjoying wealth.  Wealth has spoiled us.  We don’t use our wealth to help us grow, we use it to cater to our desires.  

Our monetary system was created to forward our purposes, but our purposes are greed and corruption.  This system is abused to distraction.  It will get worse until we figure out that wealth is not a blessing it is a hinderance to our growth.  We live under the pressures that outside things have created.  We have no energy or will to release our own potential.  We are forced to be constantly influenced by our environment.  It all starts from our education systems.  If we were serious about our education we would let the young ones grow into their own maturity.  Our education just wants to make us a profitable unit in a system.  Make us fit in an economic system instead of escaping from it.  It is the same thing with all things invested in.  Investing is the heart of the economic system.  They will do whatever they can to keep the financial system above water.  It is reaching a point to where it can not stay above water.  There has never been a time that any financial system was ever solvent.  Not in the sense of being secure.  Your securities have always been insecure.  

You must understand how small this world is and how much greatness we have in it.  This little blue ball floating around in space is deemed so important that we have killed billions of people just own little pieces of it.  Earth keeps right on floating with out paying any attention to us.  She does not care.  All our struggles are little kids fighting in a sandbox.  Individuals fighting over stuff they can never posses.  How do we grow?   Growing means to out grow a condition that exists.  Growth is a progress.  It is not measured in wealth, incomes, sales or investments.  Growth is an unleashing a greater measure of consciousness.  Growth is becoming wiser, better and happier.  Our civilization will not tell you this.  It’s not profitable.  A happy person today, who is not mentally deranged, is very hard to find.  Everyone’s happiness is perishable.  Any event that happens that they don’t like can take their happiness away.  

What do we need?   We were born with a mind and are capable of thinking.  We were born with a heart and we are capable of loving.  We were born with a body and are capable of feeling.  We are something that can help others and help ourselves.  Our primary purpose is unfold the universal truths that are the foundation of existence.  We are here to manifest our reality.  We are not here to be better than someone else.  We are here to be better than ourselves.  When you try to compare yourselves to others you will always not be good enough.   You need to have an effortless effort.  The reality in ourselves will come out if we don’t block it.  Know what you value.  What is important?  Understand things and accept them.  You can have the biggest moments of your life and they can be honest, true and real.  The moment the inner takes control of the outside a better part of ourselves becomes obvious.  We have the power to reform ourselves anytime we want.  We can gain any skill anytime we want.  We can create any kind of environment we want.  We are blocking it because we can’t be happy unless we are a billionaires.  We need something to make us happy instead of being happy.   

You are part of something bigger only when you consciously become something bigger.  Become a citizen of the Universe.  You can not be delusional, miserable and mistaken unless you are ignorant.  Any information that does not help you overcome yourself is not knowledge.  Any form a learning that does not help you overcome your own self is false education.  The true human being is one who can live with themself.  They do not break the laws of Nature by destroying the happiness of others.  We do not know what knowledge and wisdom are.  If you have enemies you are not educated.  If you can’t keep the reasonable laws of human courtesy, you are not educated.  The drunk driver may have an expensive degree but they are not educated.  Real education is to become aware of realities.  You must become aware as to why things like Wall Street are maintained.  By doing this you will see the illusion.  The individual who has their mind on stock and bonds all the time is not growing.  We are here to work with the planet not abuse it.  We have the keys to work with her, we just don’t do it.  We are not using the knowledge that is naturally available to us.  

We believe a powerful person is a successful person.  They don’t live any longer, but we think it’s a great success to have our page on Wikipedia.  The path of glory leads to the grave.  Everything that gets us into trouble gets us in trouble because we believe in it.  Because we have been deceived into believing in it.  The problem we will have going forward is distinction.  Today we have a great example of what happens when you don’t follow the powerful people.  Everything we do and everything we try to earn turns upon us.  Every little mistake we have made is magnified and all the good we have done is forgotten in this structure we call civilization.   We are not in this world to be famous or follow inbred leaders.  You can only be famous with these inbreds until you do something or say something they don’t like.  Why do we work so hard to be liked or find a position of power?  It is simply because we’ve been deceived into valuing things that have no value.  When these crashes happen the higher up you go the farther the fall.  Why do you think they are trying so desperately to hold it up.  They are all trying to find golden parachutes.  

I think that when we die we will have to face the answers too many questions.  There is no damnation and we don’t just stop existing.  In all these ancient texts it refers to having to discover how ignorant our lives had been.  This is why to the ancients ignorance was the greatest sin.  This would be a huge shock to most.  We are here to learn not sit in luxury.  

We are complicated creatures.  The human body is one of the greatest mysteries of all time.  The aliens who put us together were genius beyond anything our broken minds can comprehend.  They locked our DNA  and minds, but they can be unlocked for those who want to unlock them.  Yet we turn around and abuse it with garbage food, chemicals, drugs, mind numbing information and entertainment.  We want a feeling of superiority so we spend, spend, spend, spend, all to live like the royals we want to be.  We all want to live like rock stars. 

As we go further into Aquarius we can not go on as we have.  We can’t go on breaking every natural law in order to just be happy.  We can’t keep being selfish.  We can not get enlightened leaders.  The system is set up to not let enlightened people in places to lead.  It is set up to put selfish, psychotic people in leadership roles.  You need to educate yourself.  Our education system will educate you to a point, but you need to educate yourself once you have gotten what you need from this system.  You need to learn discipline to impose your own spoiled nature.  If you neglect a child in its first few years, you will have a lot of trouble with that child.  If you neglect an adult who has had no training in doing things right you are going to have a difficult time and so is that person.  This is where we are right now.  In order to get out of the problems you are in, and everyone has several, you need to cultivate an internal life that is appropriate to your specific needs.  Baby steps at first.  Stop trying to be happy all the time with pleasure that means nothing.  Do things that need to be done and quit pushing them off into the future.  Escape the hypnosis of television and social media.  Put the phone and computer away for awhile.  Learn to be truthful.  Learn that we don’t need everything that we want.  See how much money we are wasting.  

You don’t need a psychiatrist to check yourself.  They know they can’t help someone who doesn’t really want help.  That’s why they give drugs.  You can not wake someone up who is pretending to be asleep.  The individual who really wants help is an individual who wants a better life and is willing to do the work.  They are willing to tackle all the burdens and problems they have had since they can remember.  Do the things you have always wanted to do.  Don’t let regret start a party in your head.  Get rid of blame.  Take responsibility for yourself.  Live in a quiet and calm acceptance of the now.  Let the potential of ourselves unfold.  We can control what we read, what we do, what we watch, and what we listen too.  Make recreation constructive.   Don’t just waste time.  You do not improve by just observing.  Watching someone else play a sport, an instrument, or an art form will not make you better at doing that activity.  You must do it yourself.  Listening to someone else will not bring you truth, you must find truth yourself.  Do the things that help you grow.  Engage life!!  If you do not you will die as ignorant as the day you were born.  

People think that growing means a cold hard existence.  They have it wrong.  My coaching style is to make the game fun so they kids learn without knowing it.  If its not fun you will lose the kids.  I have to get very creative in my drills to make it fun and for the kids to learn.  It is the same in life.  You are not supposed to lose your sense of humor.  You are not suppose to be a grouch.  You are not supposed to think you are so superior that you can not get along with others.  The most ignorant person in the world is the one who thinks they are smarter than everyone else.  The most unimportant person is the person who thinks they are more important than anyone else.  Life should be playful and fun.  Enlightenment is not just seeing the light.  It is lightening the load of weight.   A person who is not playful is in a bad place.  Laugh with people but not at them.  Humor is very important.  If you wish you were dead you haven’t lived. You have not discovered the value of life.  Life is only meaningless if you can’t learn from it anymore.  

You are not what you have.  If the loss of what you have detracts you from what you are then there is a double tragedy.  Invest in yourself.  We are all full of potentials.  There is something in all of us that never gets a chance to come out because the outside is so oppressive and distant.  Instead of trying to make life easier here by speculating try to become a citizen of the Universe. What we do and learn while we are here is the great wealth.  True leadership is doing something without expecting something in return.  Building character is true wealth.  What we posses physically will be left for our family to fight over.  We think we can live the way we want and when we die it will all be forgotten or forgiven.  Nature does not work this way.  Nature is not wasteful.  She would not put consciousness into a body if it did not have a purpose.  No matter what you buy, what you invest in or what you speculate in, it only goes to the edge of the grave.  That’s it.  What you learn goes with you.  

If you want to invest in the stock market by all means go ahead.  Im not telling you how to spend your money.  Just be willing to lose what you invest.  Only invest what you can lose.  Most people have their whole life savings in this illusion.  When it comes crashing down they will be lost.  Over thinking is what keeps athletes from becoming great.  It is what keeps artists from becoming great.  Over thinking is tension.  Tension is what brings markets down.  Tension makes us unhealthy. Passengers in cars who are not paying attention to what is happening live through crashes because they never tense up.  It’s the person who tenses up and braces in a crash that dies.  Tension is what causes people to have a nervous breakdown when the market crashes.  A tense family will break apart when things go wrong.  Tension is what we use to battle truth.  Get rid of the tension and just let things happen.  Truth must have its way.  Fighting truth is what kills people.  

Ignorance come from the individual who never tries to understand themselves.  They have never even given a thought about why they are here.  We are divine.  We are infinite.  We can never really understand it, but we are capable of molding ourself to be who we were born to be.  All things that make us inadequate are tests of ourself.  Until we overcome our tests we will be in discomfort.  Whatever it is you do, don’t be sorry about loss.  When you see corruption get out.  Do not be soiled by what is not true. If we would all just stop participating in what is corrupt and not true the world would transform over night.  If we demanded integrity in our leaders everyone of the leaders of today would fall.  If we demanded integrity in corporations all would go bankrupt.  We are here to learn.  When we seek truth we are not a citizen of a country, we are a citizen of the Universe.  We become part of the great unfolding of life.  We are life.  Everyone is sick and tired because what we believe in is wrong.  If we are right we are healthy and energetic.  We will be alright if we recognize the obvious.  We can no longer deny it.  Never before has the whole world been involved in its own Karma as it is today.  Everyone of these idiots born with a golden spoon in their mouth can’t even cook for themselves.  They couldn’t even fix their own car.  Hell most of them don’t even drive themselves.  They can’t fix anything in their house.  They don’t even cut their own grass.  Do you actually think they could fix a plumbing problem?  I bet they couldn’t even change a freakin light bulb.  The day people say no to these inbreds is the day the world changes.  The days of exploitation are coming to an end.  They have dominated science, industry, and religion for ages.  This world can no longer survive the lies of these inbreds and their useful idiots.   We must work together and quit letting them divide us.  

3 thoughts on “Wealth”

  1. Re: things elites can’t/don’t… One of my favourite moments in my line of work was going into the bathroom of a rich client who had mocked my sensibilities, only to find that this simple fix he had hired me for had been unfixed so long that black mould crept whole feet up the walls from the floors. Evidently all his big bookoo bucks couldn’t save him from bad hygiene.

    That being said, I don’t hate all rich folk nor even begrudge those (rare few) who came by wealth honestly. But I do often wonder how better all those resources could be allocated. For example the otherwise nice one child family living in a mansion that could house a dozen or more comfortably. Or the millionaire who sits on wealth and gives it to rinse and repeat, feel-good charities who themselves hoard and steal when they could direct their own wealth and use it to improve their own communities, rather than “save” pet causes that have no bearing where they live.

    Charity starts at home.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. I know some very wealthy people who are very honest. We are in the position we are in right now because there are so many greedy and power hungry people in positions of power.
      Charity does start at home. I wish more people would see it that way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like to think of it in concentric circles. I’ve tried not to get too political on your page. But take the Social Justice Warrior who only wants to save the world because other rich, White, liberals will praise them. They’ve destroyed the West with increasingly bizarre shenanigans, but really all they’ve done is create bitter resentment in the people they abuse for their own validation. People who feel helpless even if they’re not, who will remember every offence real or imagined, when the straw breaks the camel’s back.

        It’s bizarro world. There’s nothing to say we can’t help others, but when our own countries are in such disarray, all that happens is the sicknesses afflicting the West get exported and then reintroduced later sevenfold. Like a cancer. But again, like you say, all people have to do is say no, demand more. Imagine: imagine if for one voting cycle all Americans refused to vote. Refused to acknowledge the candidate. Refused to pay taxes. Maybe nothing would change because of the stockpile of stolen valour the Global American Empire sits on. But what about 2 years, or three? How long could the illusion last without consent?

        And what would it look like, a world without the Media-Industrial Complex rewriting the thoughts of the +90%? I’d bet you the big bucks I don’t have that it’d look way better than a Lennon Song. If you can imagine. 🙂


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