Living the Mystical Experience

Alarmism is everywhere in our society.  I hear people are waking up because of the alarmism.  I only see people gong into despair.  Waking up is the discovery of truths.   Things that are true to life.  Knowing these truths makes you stronger.  It gives you the strength to do what you know is right.  People can not stand up to what they know is right because they lack inner courage and inner integration.  If a persons inner world is chaotic their world will be chaotic.  

Most people think a mystical experience is a religious experience.  Mystical experiences can happen every day in your daily life.  It is not some metaphysical speculation.  What is having a mystical experience good for if you can’t use it?  You must be able to implement your awakening in your life.  All mystical experiences, magic, awakening, etc. all happen in the mind.  You have a Higher Self.  It is the divine mind.  It is creative.  It is Universal intelligence.   The awakening mind understands  that there is a purpose.  It understands that this Universal intelligence is divine.  It is everywhere and always present.  

Whatever this divine mind is we can look at astronomy to give us some answers to understanding it.  This divine mind sustains planets, solar systems, galaxies and Universes.  Our solar system is a speck of dust in the scheme of all the Universes.  You can not look at just our world and try to understand the divine mind.  It is infinite.  When things happen anywhere it happens in the infinite mind.  Our lives are taken place in this infiniteness.  The purpose of this mind is larger than anything we can conceive.  When things happen in our life it is all within this well ordered mind.  The disorder we think we see is caused by broken minds.  Broken minds are near sided.  The divine mind is everywhere.  Broken minds are somewhere.  That somewhere is right here on planet earth.  

The ancients understood the sun is far more powerful than the moon, but the moon is closer.  The power of light is greater than the power of darkness.  They understood that due to the structure of our solar system and earth that part of the earth is in darkness at all times.  Yet it exists in an infinite field of light.  We are not some kind of cosmic accident.  The human race was born from chaos.  It was born from selfish minds.  The chaos that happened caused our minds to become broken.  The majority of the human race has selfish broken minds because of our history.  Sometimes I wonder if planet earth is the trashcan of the Universe.  Then I remind myself that our creators gave us their minds.  Where ever you have a creature or being evolving there will be chaos.  Growing has pain built right into it.  We have no protection from pain, but we can have insight into the pain. By having this insight it removes a lot of the pain.  

Insight is also mental.   Lack of insight is from the lack of certainty.  We have become so uncertain we are neurotic.  What if I told you that there is something way more deadly than any virus the world has ever seen.   This killer is so deadly and so universal it will kill more that all bombs combined.  It is even more deadly than the atomic bomb. That killer is already at work today and in the next 100 years will kill about 6 billion lives.  When you look at these stats it may cause you to worry.  You may think,”Why the hell are we not doing something about this?!”  This killer I’m talking about is the normal death rate.  So normal we take it for granted and don’t give it a negative thought.   This should tell you that we are afraid of abnormal things.  Even with these abnormal things it is all about how we react to them.  Our minds will only worry about what we instruct it to worry about.  Worrying is very personal.   Our minds are untrained.  It has become an instrument to defend and rationalize fear.  

The human mind has never dominated the life of the average person.  Most are people are dominated by emotional pressure.  It becomes the moral duty of the mind to support the emotions.  Our minds go on a mission to prove that the worst we fear is true.  We move from one state of anxiety to another.  We have no remedy against fear.  Everyone thinks having a mystical experience is getting some kind of vision or seeing things others don’t.  People are so sure about this that they take drugs to try to make it happen.  Well I’m going to burst the bubble of 99.9% of the people on this planet.  True mystical experience comes from conquering fear.  Becoming aware of the presence of this force and that this force is good.  We make what happens good or bad in our mind.  

Our minds will establish values and solve problems if we permit it to.  Our mind will work with the Universal mind when we have vision, insight, value and solution.  It will lift our mind above normal things to be an instrument to help the world rather than destroying it.  Our minds which already love to criticize everything, can also be something that finds solutions.  When you look around and see what’s happening in the world it is the product of broken minds.  Selfish minds.  As we go further into Aquarius, the matriarch of Nature will take hold.  I have always told my readers that if you want to see what a true matriarch is then watch Nature.  Nature has no patients for a mind that has no purpose.  The Universal structure has a system of rewards and penalties built right into it.  Consequences are built right in to the fabric or our Universe.  Any form of mental or emotional energy that is miss used will produce trouble for the person misusing it.  This can happen on a collective level too.  You can see it at work today.  Most people have not purpose so they are sick.  

Mistakes will happen.  There is no such thing as a perfect life.  We are here to learn from our mistakes not to continue to make them.  You must have faith in yourself.  When you have faith in yourself principals of your progress become facts.  A person at certain stages of their development can only factually grasp what is in their understanding.  Once they start understanding certain facts they will grow further.  Consequences of growth reveal its content.  You must learn to understand but know that you have a lack of understanding.  What you learn to understand must be positively understood.  What you don’t understand will give you a chance to learn and grow.  The purpose of our existence is not destruction.  Our existence is not meaningless.  Thinking this will destroy your life.  Your mind can be a source of strength or weakness.  

Negative thinking weakens everything.  It causes disasters.  It makes individuals miserable.  There is no good in negative thinking.  This is a critical time.  Whenever a problem arises in our environment it is an invitation to look within.  When emergencies happen to us Nature provides us adrenaline to overcome something physically.  We have mental resources available too that we would never know about if emergencies never happened.  Emergencies make us take steps we would never take.  If we don’t take those steps we will fail the emergency.  Just because you failed does not mean that Nature never provided you a way to succeed.  It just means that the individual has not made use of powers that have been provided to them.  When you face a crisis it is also an invitation to grow.  Just accepting something or trusting someone is not growing.  

The world is first saved within yourself.  You must first discover for yourself within before you can see it outside of you.   Do you trust yourself?  Seriously think about that.  I have always said that in order for you to love someone you must love yourself first.  If you can’t trust yourself then how can you trust others?  Everything you are looking for outside must be discovered first within.  When you have what you are looking for within then you can discern the outside world.  If you do not have a light inside the outside world is dark.  All problems and emergencies you think are happening in the world are just internal problems and emergencies magnified and manifested in your outside world.  They are magnified because so many other people have the same internal problems.  It becomes a common nuisance in society.   

The human mind can think about other things, but it is so powerful that it can think about itself too.  We can analyze ourselves.  It’s not easy and no one wants to observe themselves.  They are much happier observe and pointing out the faults of others.  Because of this we censor ourselves.  We don’t want to look faulty to others.  Just like a villain blames their problems on the world, our mind when found out will blame its problems on the outside world and others.  We think that if we could feel better we will think better.  When in truth if we would think better we would feel better.  We let our emotions lead the way then use our mind to justify our emotions. We our more interested in defending our emotions than correcting our emotions.   We let our emotions lead the way.  Whatever we feel like, we do.  When we are nervous, we react nervously.  When we are annoyed, we react annoyed.  We get to the point where we find something wrong with everything and everyone except ourselves.  

When someone has an emotional reaction and you asked them why they are reacting that way, they will give one of two answers.  If they answer with their emotions they will say, “I don’t know”.  This is true.  The emotions do not know.  If they let their mind answer and you must realize that the mind is there to defend their emotions.  They will blame it on someone else or something else.   Anything to justify the emotions.  We react with our emotions when we have never turned with in.  You see people doing this, and most do, because they have no purpose.  You are seeing the person simply being themselves.  When one does not have a purpose they become victims to fear, pressure, tension, irritation and anxiety.  I have said before that we all know what we need to do, we just don’t do it.  We like being on autopilot.  When we react negatively to things it means our internal is negative.  We lack within.  

We can not control the emotions with the mind.  This battle between the mind and emotions causes tension.  This leads us to bad habits and addictions.  The mind has to enrich the emotions.  The mind must understand the emotions.  I tell my soccer players to use emotions as fuel not frustration.  The emotions can mature.  The emotions must be tutored and cultivated.  Humans feel from a lack of maturity.  How do we mature the emotions?  We must use our senses.  What you see and feel is way more important than what is told to you.  Look to Nature.  There is not one thing in Nature that does not belong there.  Everything in Nature is beautiful.  Nature’s moods swing but its all beautiful.  Let Nature move in.  Understand her.  By letting Nature in it will change your life.  Don’t try to interpret her.  Just let her in.  See her strength.  Her beauty.  See her power and her gentleness.  See how she flows like water.  Just like water slowly wears away the ground it can slowly wear away the walls you have put up.  By doing this she will calm your emotions, mature your senses and she will give you meaning.  

Doubt is in humans not in Nature.  Nature is not mysterious.  It is humans that have made it mysterious by veiling her with our own thoughts.  Nature is not aggressive.  It is humans who have become aggressive about Nature.  Nature is always a quiet winner.  I realize we all can not just sit and watch Nature.  But we can discover her. Realize she moves everything that does move.  Nature is everything.  Music is Nature.  It is a way of discovering her.  Music can make a person be receptive.  A great musician is a great soul.  Through art and trades we can find Nature.  The builder, the merchant, the athlete, the dancer, etc.  all are Nature.  The business person is successful when using the laws of Nature.  Seeing, knowing and being aware of how Nature moves through us is a mystical experience.  Seeing the infinite in all of its infinite manifestations.  Everyone is in their own me show.  The me show does not like to have anything take the attention off of them.   They hate beautiful landscape except to take a selfie.  Looking at the beauty of nature is too overwhelming and powerful.  It makes us see our smallness and makes us realize we are part of something bigger.  One can realize our smallness and our greatness by enjoying nature.  The me show does want to see the greatness.  Most people that see a beautiful scenery go into autopilot.  They become very robot like.  The beauty of nature brings out stuff hidden deep down in your subconscious.  Same thing with you seeing beauty in someone else.    

Every negative process continues because we energize it.  We can remove the energy from it.  Once we see how the things we are doing effect us, we can quietly remove the energy.  When something works you up, find something constructive to do.  This is taking the energy away from the emotion and using it as fuel for something else.  Problems don’t need to be fought.  The problem ceases to exist if you don’t keep it alive.  Figure out how not to keep the negative alive.   Get familiar with your own nature.  Most people have never met their real self.  Allow yourself time in silence.  Put the phone and computer down, turn off the television and simply find a place to sit in silence.  Five minutes a day would be enough.  Envision how you want your life to go.  Reminisce about happy things.  Think back to things that didn’t go our way but became the greatest blessing in our life.  Think how people have good and bad qualities.  We all have good and bad qualities.  The insightful person balances out what they see in others.  Every person is not just one characteristic.  Nature is in your enemy and your friend.  Do not let prejudices and pressures keep you from seeing that.  By not seeing that you are damaging yourself not the person you dislike.  

Our subconscious or psyche craves to move towards people, places or things that will help us go through trauma until we resolve it.  We also have biological addictions to certain emotions.  The human race is the way it is because we seek out trauma.  Our history has been hidden from us, so we will never be able to deal with the trauma of our past.  This causes us to seek out trauma to make us feel whole.  The same way in that you as an individual need to deal with past trauma of your own life we need to deal with the trauma of us as a race.  We need to bring it up, fix it and release it.  This is the reason why 99% of the people are not ready to wake up. The will do anything to not wake up including thinking  they are woke.  The number one way I can tell people are not ready to wake up is the pettiness of their focus.  They focus on petty problems like traffic, gossip, victim mindset, etc.  We are in this beautiful world with all sorts of amazing things to do and they are doing everything than can to not see that.   

A mystical experience is discovering the truth.  A child discovers new things everyday.  As we grow older this power to discover is dimmed.  We settle for a dull universe.  Not because Nature is dull but because we have lost our power of adventure.  We settle and lose our imagination.  By seeking adventure we gain the ability to handle smaller things.  When we are optimistic we find that others are nicer to us.  A brave person dies once.  A cowardly person dies several times.  A negative attitude will make you sick.  Literally.  Being positive may not lengthen life but it lengthens the joy of life.  Nature does not tell us that others have no faults, she does not tell us that other will not deceive us or try to injure us, but Nature does point out that if you take personal responsibility and integrate your own life you will be able to judge the conduct of others easier.  Inner strength makes us sensible, but also helps us build upon the good in others and yourself. Inner strength helps us to control situations.  With all the  uncertainty going on today, inner strength will give us the courage to do what we know is right and have no regrets about it.  You will know what is truthful and what is not.  It will give you the courage to say “No! Im not supporting the lies!”  It gives you a sense of freedom.  

We all have a taproot.  This taproot goes to the source of life.  Some trees will have a taproot going down 50 to 60 feet to find water.  Your taproot needs to go deep enough to find the waters of life.  In the mystery of Nature is the mystery of yourself.  Things will happen in life.  During chaotic times the person with their taproot deep enough to reach the life supply from the universe itself will be strong and secure. It can be done.  When we realize that we do most things for self gratification and want to correct it. That is when you can sit in silence and let the correction in.  Your life and health will improve.  When you do things for selfish reasons you will pay for it.  Nature has laws and the human race breaks her laws constantly.  Nature does things beautifully and well.  She wants you to do things beautifully and well.  It is a privilege for humans to work with her.   This silent decision to work with Nature awakens something within.  We understand how to be true to life rather than gratifying desire.  Our emotions and thoughts become instruments for the fulfillment of life purpose and not slaves to unenlightened selfishness.  

When we finally make a link with Nature we made the link with her because we have fulfilled Nature in ourselves.  When we become like Nature, we understand her.  We become what we are like.   If you are dead on the inside, you are death.  A walking zombie.   If you are full of life on the inside you are life itself.  

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