Red Notice

Red Notice is an action comedy film that came out in November 2021.  Critics hated it but audiences on Netflix loved it.  Because the critics hated it I wanted to check it out.  Im glad I did.  This movie marks the beginning of the Red Crown of Lower Egypt being put on notice.  

Before I get into the symbolism I just want my readers to notice how many new actors, actresses, sports journalists, sports commentators and coaches are taking over.  It is all from the Epstein case being taken care of quietly.  The actors and actresses who we thought were ‘has beens’ from a long time ago are even making a reappearance on hit movies and shows.  These are the clean ones.  I was told the ones now gone were taken care of quietly or with made up issues to get them out. Anything to keep from even mentioning Epstein.   Just understand the reason behind new people and older people who are returning to fill these roles.  I have so much respect for the older ones returning and the ones who have been around and are still going because it means they stayed clear of all the Epstein traps.  

This movie lets us know right off what it is about.  It starts off telling us that Red Notice is a list of the worst criminals in the world and they are being put on notice.  This is the Red Crown of Lower Egypt being put on notice.  I understand that Red Notice is a real thing but they chose this term and police force for a reason.  The plot centers around finding Cleopatras eggs.  Cleopatra has so much hidden history.  Those who have read His Royal Jesus know she was the biblical Jesus great grandmother.  The eggs have a lion for the Lion of Judah , a cobra for Lower Egypt crown and a Vulture for the Upper Egyptian crown.  The creators of this movie know their Egyptian history.   Many times they think they have the real egg only to find out it was fake.  Perfect analogy of the world thinking they know Cleopatra’s or Egyptian history, but they are going to find out its fake.  The FBI is working with Interpol, which is the worlds biggest international police organization, and it is based in France.  France is where Cleopatra’s bloodline went to after they were kicked out of Egypt.  The head detective in the case does not believe Hartley is who he says he is.  Perfect analogy of the USA.  

It is very interesting that they named the lead character Sarah Black and “The Bishop”.  Mary Magdalen, who is the great granddaughter of Cleopatra, fled Egypt for France and she had her daughter named Sarah with her, who is described as black.  Those that know my work know that Sarah means princess and describing her as black means she was from the black fertile lands of Egypt.  So a princes from Egypt.  Be interesting to see if they make this character out as a princess if they make a sequel.  The name Bishop again is showing Im correct with what’s going on because Mary means ‘female bishop’ and that is what she is, a female named Bishop.  Mary was the name in the Bible of Cleopatra’s  daughter and grand daughter. This character is esoteric.  She is representing true history or they are letting the Lower Egyptian bloodline esoterically know they are about to reveal it.   Sarah Black is a very strong female which is what women were in Egypt before the patriarch religions.  

The characters are art thieves.  Why would they choose art?  Why would art thieves be on a Red Notice?  Art has so much symbolism.   Art is how both the Lower Egyptian bloodlines and Upper Egyptian bloodlines have communicated in plain sight without the masses understanding.  All three of the characters have daddy issues.  This is symbolizing  how the patriarch religions have screwed us all up.    The scene with Hartley and Booth in a bull fight is screaming, “Here comes Upper Egypt!”   The movie is very entertaining and full of comedy and action.  Throughout the movie you can not tell who really are the good guys and who really is the bad guys.  That’s the way are world has been.  Near the end of the movie an Egyptian billionaire and his daughter are arrested at her wedding.  A very red wedding.  Again, showing the Red Crowns days are numbered.  When Hartley and Booth escape from prison a missile goes through the helicopter and explodes on the lower part of a mountain.  Mountains always refer to the pyramids and it hitting the lower part is showing Lower Egypt’s days are numbered.  In Argentina they escape through a waterfall, symbolizing the Age of Aquarius is upon us.  At the end of the movie you see a reflection of the Louvre Pyramid in a puddle of water.  The reflection makes it point down representing Lower Egypt.  Then Hartley steps in the puddle meaning it’s over for Lower Egypt in the Age of Aquarius.  All the places where the movie plays out, Spain, Russia, Rome and Argentina, are known strong holds of Lower Egypt. Excluding France.  France has both bloodlines and will be a key place to watch as time goes on.  

This movie is witty on so many levels  and funny.  If you have not seen it I recommend it.  Even if you don’t understand all the secret history and language, it is a very well done film with tributes to other movies and directors that encoded history and esoteric language.  See if you can find them too.  

5 thoughts on “Red Notice”

  1. I’m slow to throw down on movies. But you make a good case. Not gonna lie, I’ve been terminally tired of Hollywood for quite some time. I haven’t been able to take anything at face since History’s “Vikings.” Also, good for you and the Epstein call out. I don’t think it’s even been a year and the memory-holing has been pretty thorough.

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  2. Hi Gserpent, thank you for this, I had watched this movie a while ago but never paid attention on how symbolic it was. Until you mentioned it. One thing I cannot grasp or understand. What is eventually the function of the hidden message.

    If only people in the know would see it, and I guess they want to target specifically the opponent. As they are telling them their days are numbered. However, it seems to me like they are provoking them. Perhaps I am wrong or probably not understanding the full message. Usually provoking someone would result in an aggressive response back with undesirable effects.

    There was an old quote from Dale Carnegie:”if you want some honey, do not kick the beehive”. In my mind it feels like they are trying to stir some buzz. But again I might be completely wrong/naive as I do not see the full picture.

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    1. It is not to just let them know they are coming or kicking the bee hive. They are always fighting. It is to let the ones know who are on their own side too. That it is time to take action.
      The Ark of the Covenant is this pact. It is why it was so important to the Lower Egyptian Pharaohs.
      Another reason for the message is to imbed history. How do you think I find out the truth? Our true history is imbedded in the myths, paintings, stories and legends. Da Vinci’s Last Supper shows Mary Magdalen as a disciple, who the back stabber really was and the John finger all in one painting. Right in plain sight for all to see if they can see it. There is a history for the masses and a history that really happens. The masses will see this time as a super plague. You will see. They are already setting it up as the deadliest plague ever. The real history is much more. Known only by those who can see what it’s all about.
      The Old Testament looks like a bunch of poor people being gods favorite. When in truth they were royalty. Real history is only for those with eyes to see.

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      1. Thank you Serpent for clarifying. Do you perhaps have a blog on that on your the site, perhaps I have read it but some how I feel I am lacking understanding on this. I would love to read that topic more indepth. As when I was researching that I did came to discover that the painting in Hebrew is referred to as nisan. However, Nissan with double “s” is a brand name and means indirect ‘made in Japan’ but it also means ‘Sun’. Japan by default is often referred to the land of the Rising Sun.

        However, based on that I have been wondering about flags. Looking at the Japanese Flag it is clearly symbolising a sun in the sky with the color coding of Red and White.

        Now, I come to something that is coincidentally ‘to perfect’. As I read as you mention about Russia. Looking as the Ukraine flag is see a specific color coding which is referenced to Upper Egypt. Are flag colors a sign of who is in charge?

        I am aware about the Red Lion that I read in your other post. But I wonder as I see many country does select Red/White/Blue as their flag colors. It looks “balanced” but at the same time it could be a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

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