Atlantean and Lemurian Records in America

The name Atlantis does not come from Egypt, Greece or any other ancient society on that side of the world. The root ATL comes from the Mayans and was the name of one of their months. The glyph for ATL is a deluge. The story of Atlantis is told in pictures in the ancient Mayan texts. The dragon in the sky is shooting water out its mouth and the god of death is dancing on the earth. The Chinese have texts that say the previous world was destroyed by water. Sir Francis Bacon said that the new Atlantis was America. Tables of Enoch give the story of Atlantis in Egypt.

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Every human is trying to adjust the world to themselves.  We are selfish creatures and we hate change.  We should be trying to adjust ourselves to Nature instead of trying to make her adjust to our broken minds.  Our minds are broken.  Some way more than others.  We need to put our minds back together.  This is the key to your health, happiness and wealth.  

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Living the Mystical Experience

Alarmism is everywhere in our society.  I hear people are waking up because of the alarmism.  I only see people gong into despair.  Waking up is the discovery of truths.   Things that are true to life.  Knowing these truths makes you stronger.  It gives you the strength to do what you know is right.  People can not stand up to what they know is right because they lack inner courage and inner integration.  If a persons inner world is chaotic their world will be chaotic.  

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