We are in Aquarius!

I have always told my readers that Alexander the Great created the astrological garbage we see today.  I will reveal to you why we are in Aquarius.  This will explain why they had the Opening Ceremony for Aquarius in Egypt.  Keep reading and be prepared to be enlightened.  

Alexander the Great and all Greeks were like most elites today.  They considered themselves superior to everyone else and the rest of the world were just barbarians.  After Alexander the Great was made Pharaoh of Egypt, he made star maps for Greeks, Spherical Gresham, and star maps for everyone else, Spherical Barbarika.  I think it’s ironic how he stole everything from the Egyptians but still considered them barbarians.   Everything in astrology today is from the Spherical Barbarika.  The only real thing that has survived that we use is Easter.  Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox.  Easter is the celebration of Isis.  Everything with the ancients had to do with astrological and astronomical events.  

The ancient Egyptians knew the earth was spherical and it spun on its axis.  They also knew that you saw different stars in the sky at different times of the year.  This is because the earth does a circuit around the sun.  This is taught in schools, but what is not taught is the earth wobbles while it is spinning.  This wobble takes about 26,000 years to do one wobble circuit.  Because of these three movements the zodiac slowly seems to move and why we have ages.  If you went out tonight and looked at the stars and were able to time travel 13,000 years forward or backward to the exact same spot, the stars in the sky would be different.  The wobble changes our orientation to the stars one degree every 72 years.  You can not notice the difference in your lifetime.  Unless you know what I show my readers.  This is the sidereal zodiac.   It is not attached to the seasons of the earth.  It’s attached to the seasons of the Universe. This is known as the precession of the equinox.   Alexander the Great was in power during Aries.   It is why the vernal point is considered to be Aries and Aries is considered the first zodiac sign.  

The ancients were very mathematical in what they did.  They knew the new moon occurred about every 28 days, but they did not celebrate the new moon until they could see the first sliver of the moon in the sky.  The same goes for the zodiac.  They could mathematically know when an age began and ended, but the celebration happened when they could see it in the sky.  You can not see the stars in the morning sky once the sun pierces even slightly over the eastern horizon.  In the same way you can not see the stars at dusk until the sun is completely below the western horizon.  This usually occurs an hour before dawn and an hour after dusk.  Here lies the secret to what age we are in.  If you wait till sunrise then we are in the age of Pisces.   If you go by the ancient ways then Aquarius is the only constellation on the eastern horizon.  The Upper Egyptians and Mayans went by what was in the sky just before dawn to show what age we are in.  

This is the battle going on right now in the world.  The Upper Egyptian bloodlines are in line to take over.  The bloodlines of Lower Egypt have been in charge since Aries began.  The exiting bloodline will stop at nothing to stay in charge.  The entering bloodlines will eventually overcome them, but the Lower Egyptian bloodlines will not go quietly.  They will destroy everything on their way out.  All the fighting you see in the Old Testament with Moses killing people for worshipping a golden calf and the killing of the first born suns was the last time this battle happened over the stars.  The Upper Egyptian people were not ready to worship a ram instead of a bull and the Upper Egyptian Pharaohs kicked the Lower Egyptian people out.  The Lower Egyptians destroyed Egypt on their way out.  The Lower Egyptian bloodline are being booted out right not and they will destroy the western world on their way out.   

In ancient times the ancients did not use constellational borders.  The sky is not a cosmic real-estate.    All patriarchal religions are worshipping the sun and the Lower Egyptian bloodlines created them.  They are arguing that it is not time because technology can see the stars after the sunrises, so with these advancements the treaty should be redone.  This would let the Lower Egyptian bloodline stay in control for about another 300-500 years.  The picture above was taken about 45 mins before what we consider sunrise on March 21.  That is Aquarius alone on the eastern horizon. Aquarius used to be female but the Lower Egyptians and Greeks made it a male. If I had taken the picture at sunrise Pisces would barely be peaking above the eastern horizon.

Scientists argue with me and tell me the ancients had no idea what procession was.  I argue that they don’t understand the myths.  Understanding procession and the ages is all over the myths. The ancients studied the sky every day and night, but they could not see most stars after the sun came up. Positioning of the stars right before dawn and right after dusk was very important.   I admit I didn’t understand exactly when the ages started until I researched heliacal rising.   We have been in the transition of leaving Pisces and entering Aquarius for the last 216 years.  Each degree is 72 years and it is 3 degrees between the constellations.   What has happened in the last 216 years?  How much chaos has there been?  How much rising and falling of nations has happened?  Strap yourself in.  With the beginning of Aquarius the Lower Egyptian bloodlines will pull all tricks out of the bag and the Upper Egyptian bloodlines will not be so lenient anymore.   The 300 or the Olympians as they call themselves, are about to get a huge wake up call.  Fasten your seat belt.  It’s about to get real interesting.  

6 thoughts on “We are in Aquarius!”

  1. Thanks for making sense to the Opening Ceremony for the Age of Aquarius post from last December. The ones in current power, the Lower Egyptians would have never allowed the Upper Egyptians to perform the ceremony if it was not truly now, 2022, the Age of Aquarius. Even at their level they understand that they will need to at some point, answer to a higher law than theirs.

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  2. Hi Gserpert, thank you for this information.

    Maybe far fetched but somehow too perfect to be a coincidence. There was a game that came out in somewhere in 2000. Which was called Red Alert 2. Which was a war strategy game. I played that game very often during my childhood. A year later a second part was released called ‘Red Alert 2: Yuri Revenge’.

    Just recently I discovered hidden meaning in this which surprised me but is also in line with the numbers I see constantly 3/6/9 and its variations. I know red is male/adam or #3. But then I looked at the name Yuri. Which is a male name in Russian. However, going deeper Yuri has also a surprising feminine meaning in Japanese language. It is referred to a specific type of anime and the name Yuri in Japanese is ‘Lily’ [百合] (female/#6).

    So Yuri’s Revenge, would mean Lily’s Revenge. But looking even deeper in the game. If you study the units of Team Yuri you see all kind of units that are not inline with the other factions. The others have quite regular battle tanks/units but Team Yuri is quite unique. I suspect it clearly means something. There is a unit called ‘Brute’ which looks like a big giant, flying saucers, magnetic wave tanks, mind control units/tanks and a sniper called Virus. And weird part of that Virus character when you select is responds ‘Flu shots anyone’. Almost like they were conveying message.

    Is it Lily’s … revenge? I have read about the Maya’s being attack by the Spanish but they could not defeat them with their weapons. So they catapult deceased bodies of people who died of the Spanish Flu. I might be wrong here. But I know it was a virus. So if there would be a revenge or a switch in the pendulum swing. I would not be surprised that they would used the same weapons/attack on the attacker.

    Inline with above is a song that Katy Perry sings. It is called Dark Horse which was release somewhere in 2011. If you look at her blond wig you will see 2 characters a Triangle (Delta) and Eye of Ra (Omicron…?). But what she is singing also means something. There music clip shows some interesting items but many I might not even understand myself.

    She sings, snippet of the lyrics: “Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse, are you ready for a perfect storm?”

    Dark horse and perfect storm both have meaning. And right now we do have a dark horse. Coming out of nowhere over taking all. And currently the storm is somehow just getting started as you are indicating as well.

    There was also a person who gave a 2hour YT video presentation Sacred Geometry, Time & Cosmic Cycles, his name is Randall Carlson. He did research on sacred geometry and analyzed big events happening going back in time. He stated a big events happened during each 25,920 /4 = 6,480 years. Which would be a quarter of the “wobble”. And he states we are currently passing into that very section of time that there might be a great shift.

    One thing I do wonder. How the ancient cultures were able to find these cycles and study them. If every 72 years the earth only moves 1 degree. It would need many generations to be taught about the magnificence of this just to see a full circle, or even to understand a glimpse of it. It amazes me how brilliant they were. I guess the human race must have a longer history if only to understand this knowledge.

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    1. Hi Nick. You are welcome and thank you for a great comment.

      So much is communicated in our movies, video games, music and videos. It’s that not very many have the eyes to see it. I applaud you for being able to see. One of their favorite tricks is to use words like Yuri that have different meanings in different languages. They will tell us what’s going on, what’s about to happen, and what actually happened in history, but we have to have the eyes to see.

      Dwayne Johnson’s, “The Rock”, newest movie Red Notice is also showing us some interesting things. Im working on a post to show all the symbolism in it. Let’s just say they are putting the Red Crown of Lower Egypt on notice. They have always communicated through the arts. It is why I love the myths so much.

      This is definitely a shift and the time for a shift. The ages are what the Phoenix is all about. Dying of one age and the birth of a new one. This is Lily’s or Lilith’s revenge. You are right about them catapulting dead bodies who died from the Spanish flu at the Mayans. It could be the weapon of choice now. It would not surprise me at all if it was.

      The ancient cultures were taught precession, by our alien creators and by the first creations. You have to understand it is not this locked ego mind that figured this out. It was fully conscious minds that used their whole brain. Yes we do have a longer history. A very, very interesting history.

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