Engage Life

We all know what we need to do to be successful in something we want to do.  We know if we want to be good at a sport or instrument we need to practice.  We know if we want to meet new people we need to go up and talk to them.  If we want more money we need to work more or get a better job.  We all know what we need to do most just don’t do it.  The challenge for must of us is not the knowledge it’s the execution.  

We live in a world full of incredible opportunity, but most people are just on autopilot.  I have shown in previous post that the reason we have this autopilot is so we don’t stagnate.  Problem with autopilot is that you are not in control.  Most people just want to be numb.  Being on autopilot makes your life numb and it has become a habit for most people.  We all had trauma growing up that we haven’t dealt with.  All of this stuff is part of what is running our autopilot.  People can’t help it because they don’t realize it is running them.  It creates a very entertaining show to those who are not on autopilot.  This is what I see daily….

People eat garbage food that deprives their brain from being able to think clearly.  Most will take stimulates in the morning because they didn’t sleep properly.  Coffee doesn’t work any more.  They have to drink those massive energy drinks. They look at garbage media that is lowering their attention span.  Most peoples role models are degenerates.  Our whole society is full of bad nutrition, bad sleep, bad role models and bad media.  People have become demoralized.   How bad has it gotten when you say hi to someone on the street and they don’t even respond?   People are staring at their phones all the time.  They are so disconnected.  No one can look people in the eyes anymore.  No one can have a conversation.  This is the world we live in.  Everyones main goal in life is to be on autopilot and be numb.  Everyone is rushing to get to their entertainment and be numb.  They want to play video games, watch tv, be on social media, etc.   No one wants to think anymore.  Thinking hurts!  It creates cortisol.  All this is done on purpose.  They can tell you 1+1=3 and people will believe it just because they were told it.  

Everyone knows what they are being told is a lie except for the most simple of simpletons.  Yet no one is saying anything.  All because they don’t want to think.  They want to give away their power to some authority because no one wants to think.  They are literally telling people don’t think just have faith.  They are telling us we are not smart enough to think for ourselves.  For the most part that is true.  Everyone is on autopilot.  Her is an example of being on autopilot.  Ever put your phone or keys down in a place you don’t normally put them?   Took you forever to find them right.  That is how much we are on auto pilot.  This is base level autopilot.  Ever have something stored away that you know you have and you want but you don’t know exactly where it is, so you don’t look for it?  Ever have a great idea or epiphany pop in your head but you don’t write it down?  You say to yourself “I’ll remember”  then later you ask yourself “What was my idea?”  We have all done it.  It’s all because we don’t want to take the time to come off autopilot.  Here is what most of the rich people I know do.  They think they are dumb.  They tell themselves “Im not smart enough to remember this, so Im going to write it down”.  Meanwhile the masses think they are so smart they don’t need to write anything down.  People will do anything to avoid thinking and take the path of least resistance.  They have put people in a tribal mindset by putting lies out there for people to fight over.  They know the answers don’t matter.   It just puts people in a tribal mindset.  They will tell you 1+1=3 just to see which tribe you belong to.  

The people at the top know that the masses don’t get enough sleep, they have awful nutrition, they are demoralized, they have insanely short attention spans and it hurts them to think, so they know they can get away with anything they want to.  Having a society of people on autopilot is fantastic for them, but it is not good for the people.  It will be the end of us.  People need to wake up now.  We have become a society of useful idiots.   You can sit there and say everyone else needs to wake up, its not me, meanwhile you can’t find your keys or phone.  Most of my readers know Im not a big fan of meditation.  It is used as an escape mechanism for most people. The world is on autopilot.  Sitting there staring at a wall or closing your eyes is better than being on social media, but that is not meditating.  I have shown in my Magic post how to overcome being a useful idiot for the system, but when most here the word magic they get a funny feeling because we have been conditioned that magic is for kids or its imaginary.  So in this post Im going to show you how to execute getting out of your own autopilot in a practical way.  

Most of my readers are like me.  They are not money driven. They are awakening driven.  If we make money while we awaken that is great, but our ultimate drive is awakening.  That is another secret here.  If money drives you or wanting to be right drives you, then you are not awakening.  Here are ways to get out of autopilot and quit being a useful idiot.  

Make a conscious effort to assert yourself in certain situations.  When you go out somewhere say hi to the people that work there.  If you see something you want to do or someone you want to talk to, go do it.  Engage.  Notice how your mind will tell you not to engage or not to talk to someone.  

Write things down or put them down in the notes on your phone.  You must understand the degree of trickery your ego plays on you in your mind.  As you get ideas and things that you need to do write them down.  Our mind is not built to have multiple things being juggled.  

Double and triple check things.   Your mind will tell you not to check things.  It will tell you that the information you agree with is correct and you are smart for having your thoughts validated. Don’t let your ego do this.  Look things up for yourself.  Not on the internet!   

Do things outside your comfort zone.  Anything out of your ordinary day.  Even doing things with your weak hand will pull you out of autopilot.  Anything you can do that gets you out of autopilot is very powerful.  Anything new.  Even going doing your  grocery shopping in a different pattern that you normally do.  

Ask your self “What else can I be doing with this time?”  I ask myself that constantly.  We all know what it is that we should be doing to make our lives better.  We just let our minds talk us out of it.  As you are just sitting there wasting your day you have to ask your self “What else can I be doing?”  Successful and powerful people don’t waste much time, unless they were born into riches.  Then they are just lazy.  When they see value they go after it.  People who are actively building their life and wealth do not waste their time, thinking or actions.   It’s like a top athlete or musician.  They have no wasted movements or thoughts and they go for what they want.    When you see someone gossiping, in victim mode, wasting time on their phone,  etc.  They are in autopilot.  It is the path of least resistance.   It is done on purpose.   They put people in autopilot so they will waste their time, waste their focus, waste their energy, and waste their emotions.  If you want to relax and take time off then do it.  Go have fun.  Do your thing.  But it should never be for filling yourself with negative garbage or negative energy.  Talking shit about people and watching garbage is negative energy.  It may seem innocent until you realize it’s not.   It is you dimming your light.  It is you hiding from life.  It is you keeping your self stuck in a low vibration.  People at a high vibration go to the best books, best teachers, best thoughts, and best actions. They take breaks but it’s not their lifestyle.  

Prepare for things to go wrong.  Life will bring problems your way.  Life happens.  When you are prepared, when things go wrong it doesn’t keep you down as long.  You can bounce back quicker.  

Do things that require extended focus.  Instead of looking at the dumbest social media app or video that everyone else is looking at,  find a book that challenges you.  Learn an instrument.  Master a sport or dance.  Anything that will extend your attention span.  

Take the path of most resistance and most effort.  Take the stairs not the elevator.  If something needs done then do it.  You don’t get stronger by letting someone else do the work for you.  

Take responsibility for yourself and others around you.  Anticipate how everyone is on autopilot.  How they lack focus and judgment.  Anticipate how much you go into autopilot.  

Take control of your emotions.  Emotions are addictive.  We all have an emotional set point.  Whatever your happiness is that’s an addiction.  You should want to get to a point where your addiction point on happiness is very high.  Get addicted to being engaged in life.  Get addicted to being in the moment.  Get addicted to being empowered.   

Stick to your core values and principals even when its hard.  The masses will try to pull you down to their level.  Don’t argue with a pig because you will both get muddy and the pig likes it.  Misery loves company.  The masses hate seeing someone move up.  

Seek truth not just popular opinion.  This is sorely needed today.  People will zone out when it comes to truth because they are so afraid for their safety.  They only look for things that will get them popular approval.  People will literally ask themselves “Am I allowed to think this?”  “Is it safe to think this?”  Not “Is this true?”  This is why 1+1=3 will be accepted.  It is trendy.  Give the useful idiots their treat.  This is not how humans should be!  You should always be asking “Is this true?”  “Is this accurate?”  You must have the strength to seek out the truth.   If you are afraid of getting kicked out of the tribe, your mind will not let you access the truth.  Then you have the people who are addicted to being right and they are the dumbest of the dumb.  The most cock sure people are the biggest of all useful idiots.  Do the research for yourself.  Just because you found an alternative view on the internet does not means its correct either.  It just puts you in an alternative tribe.  It is not about being in a tribe.   It’s about finding the truth and the truth usually stands alone.  

Try to solve the toughest problems you can solve.  This is why I try to develop my soccer players.  I don’t just search for a great soccer player and put them on the field.  I look for someone with potential who is willing to work to reach that potential.    It’s not just about winning.   It’s about making others better and cultivating your own mind to become more intelligent.   Once you get yourself at a high level and you got yourself out of autopilot then you can start making things easier for yourself. 

Think beyond yourself.  Understand how others experience the world.  People are so shutdown they are stuck in how they feel. They literally are addicted to how they feel.   They are easily offended.  You have to walk around on eggshells around them.  They need dopamine spikes.  Truth upsets them.  It is a sad state that they have put our world in.  Be aware that there are others who know the truth but they are scared to speak up.  Everything is filtered or censored.  You can have your opinion but you better not communicate it online.  They have monopolized all communications except in person.  This is why they do not want people getting together outside of the internet.  They have even monopolized public places because everyone has their face in their phone being told what to think!  But you’re still free.  Understand that is the information you are getting from others.   Dumb down garbage!  Stay safe.  We are all in this together.  Crap!!!  Everybody knows it’s true.  If someone says “That’s not true!”  Translation “Im a useful idiot”.    Wake up!!!  Again, if you found some alternative view on the internet it does not make it true.  With all the craziness going on it makes predatory alternative views and because people are so desperate for truth they are open to other garbage views.  We have to learn critical thinking.  

Focus on truth not truths that will stroke the ego.  The opinion of others does not matter.  I don’t care about criticism from most others because I would never ask for their advice on anything I do.  

Learn to access transcendent states.  The only way they want you reaching transcendent states is through drugs and alcohol.  You can access a flow state by being present, pushing yourself to your edge and contributing to others.  Insights will pop in your mind by being present.  Being present makes you energetic.  

Take control of your beliefs by creating empowering beliefs.  

Get constructive feedback from experts.  Not some so called expert on the internet or television.  Reach out to someone who you know has been in a certain field and pick their brain.  

Think ahead and connect present behavior with future outcomes.  Think before you do something.  So many people don’t do that because it hurts to think.  

Listen to that inner voice that knows you are being lazy and make corrections.  The voice that tells you not to eat the bad food but you still do it.  They voice that tells you to exercise and you don’t.  The voice that says you can’t afford it, but you buy it anyway.  This shows how you rationalize to yourself.   It shows how you give inch after inch after inch until shit like 2020 happens.  When you keep giving inch after inch after inch you will eventually get to the end of the rope.  When you make concessions to yourself it shows how easy others can do it to you.  It is human nature to keep pushing boundaries until there is a boundary.  If you don’t give your kids a solid boundary they will keep pushing you til they find one.  It’s the same for adults.  Corporations will keep raising a price until you stop buying.  They will lower the value of their product until you stop buying.   What does that mean in a world that has no boundaries at all? The governments around the world have now figured that out.  Where will they stop?  It will never stop.  Never!   You have to give them a boundary, but first you have to give yourself a boundary.  If the inner voice is saying “This is not good” it’s probably right.  

Put yourself in fluid situations, recognize what is unfolding and adapt.  This is why sports is so good for the mind.  The game changes from minute to minute and second to second.  The athletes need to adapt to the game.  I can recognize who is on autopilot around me when something happens and people freeze up.  Every wonder why when someone is getting mugged in public that no one helps.  It’s because everyone freezes up.  They have been snapped out of autopilot and they can’t think straight.  

Take ownership of your life.  You should be the cause of your life.  You have an impact on your life.  You are the cause of the outcomes on your life.  You create your life!!!  Do you know how criminal it is to think that in todays world.  That you and not a corporation, a religion or a government is in charge of your life.  The whole basis of communism is that you are not in control of your life.  Who is communism the best for?  The elites!  Rich people.  Why?  It makes the economy vertical.  They convince everyone who is struggling that its not their fault it’s everyone else’s fault.  Then the struggling people group together because they think they will steal money from the rich, but the people at the top get mega rich.  It’s an assault on small businesses and the middle class or anyone who is trying to independently take control of their own life.  They will divide people anyway they can, so they are fighting each other while they put in rules that are only good for the rich and powerful.  The people who were screaming death to all unvaccinated are screaming peace not war now.  While everyone is watching the war they are passing all kinds of not so good things in Washington and London right now.  Go take a look for yourself.  

Realize you are in a trance.  Get out of it.  Remember who you are.  Realize we have all been programmed.  Its a system that has fed us shitty food everywhere we go!  Distractions everywhere.  Bad role models.  Nonsensical entertainment.  This is my meditation.  I always ask myself, “How can I execute getting out of autopilot?  How can I become present to the moment?  How can I engage life?”  We humans don’t like to execute.  We have been programmed to be lazy.  Most people want to meditate with the law of attraction and get themselves a parking spot.  I have wrote about the law of attraction before.  It’s only a small piece of what you need to do.  You must take action.  You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.  Executing and engaging life is a meditation.  Since my father died I have kept myself very busy with coaching soccer.  It’s a meditation for me to help these kids.  Selfless leadership is meditative.  Selfless leading is helping others and not expecting anything in return.  

Engaging life is telling yourself you are in control of your own life.  It is proactively giving the middle finger to the system.  It is saying I won’t sit there on autopilot. I won’t walk around on autopilot.  I won’t accept that 1+1=3.  I won’t just take the path of least resistance.  I don’t want to be numb!  I don’t want to be a zombie!  There are a lot of zombie like video games coming out right now.  They know how to appease your subconscious with these games.  Shooting zombies gives your mind an artificial feeling that you are actually doing something.  When in reality you are just sitting there in a trance doing nothing!  The trance they designed for you!  The trance they want you in!  We now know exactly why they have lulled everyone to sleep.  You can see it with your own eyes.  You can pretend you don’t, but look with your own eyes.  You can sit there pumping down garbage food, spaced out, forgetting where you put your keys, sit there and think the law of attraction is going to magically make things fall in your lap out of thin air, but you are still on autopilot, still numb, still taking the path of least resistance.  

Engaging life and executing is going to allow you to start waking up.  Commit to breaking out of autopilot.  Commit to breaking out of the trance.  Commit to breaking out of being numb.  Break out of the Matrix!!!!!  Being numb is not fun!   It may be comfortable but it is not fun.  It is coping. It’s relief.  I get it.  I was there too.  The whole reason they don’t teach the true history of the human race is because it would relieve trauma.  Relieving trauma makes it easier to come off autopilot.  This is why I show you the truth and tell you to deal with your own past life traumas.  Relieving trauma makes you mentally tired, but the benefits are worth it.  Fall in love with the word “NO!”  You can sit there and watch something on WW2 and say I would never have gone for that.  But what are you doing now?!  The rich and powerful just want to keep their party going.  Do you know what they think of you and every other normal person?  They think you are a joke!  They really think this is planet of the apes.  That you can’t think for yourself.  They know the true history!!!!  Of how we have been dumbed down to obey!!  This is why I never joined any Masonic group.  The top echelons of these groups literally told me what they think of the human race.  I said, “Thanks, but no thanks”.  To which they told me, “Good luck trying to convince people of what you find.  They are too dumb to understand.”  

Now that I have shown you this if you don’t take action whatever happens is your fault.  I have thrown this out there right in your face.  Any failure you have is now on you.  Welcome to responsibility.  Welcome to the outside of the Matrix.  Welcome to waking up.  Waking up is the revolution.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

6 thoughts on “Engage Life”

  1. Great sign-post GSerpent, these types of post I love because it makes me look deep into a mirror, especially on a Full Moon, to see if looking back at me is a zombie or a Werewolf / Lone Wolf. One of my favorite quotes is from your Lone Wolf post, “The Lone Wolf has no master above and no slave below.”

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  2. Don’t talk smack about my parking spot. I had to clear a shopping cart wicked hard to attract that.

    But seriøsly. The further away from”normal” I go (and I was never close) the harder it is for me to grasp what it is about lemmings that make carpe diem so tough. Anyway. Cheers, and all that then.

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    1. Lol. The parking space makes everything alright.

      It’s hard for people to live in the moment because they never have. It’s scary and it hurts. Autopilot is all there comfortable habits.

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