How the Mayan Empire Fell

The Mayans had over forty great cities in their Central American empire.  What happened to the Maya?  The jungles have retaken the concrete cities long ago.  There were magnificent cities.  They had monuments and structures that would rival any ancient civilization.  The cities were abandoned and crumbling when the Spanish set foot in the Yucatan.  What happened?  Once again a historian without an agenda has to educate the world. 

The world has stolen a ton of things from the Mayans.  To see just how much read my posts The Mayans and The Mayans 2.   

The Maya were very literate.  They wrote books made from bark paper or deer skin.  They wrote with reed pens using conk shells as ink wells.  They had a writing system way more advanced than anywhere else around the world.  It was sophisticated and playful.  It was almost eradicated by one man named Delando.  Centuries of accumulated knowledge.  Writings on the history of the Mayan people.  Study of mathematics, astronomy, poetry and literature all burned by the Catholic Bishop.  In Delando’s memoir he wrote that he found a great number of books that contained the work of the devil so he burned them all.  Only three Mayan books are known to have survived this act.  The language was nearly lost completely.  The ironic part is that Delando wrote down the Mayan alphabet as he understood it and it was used to decipher the Mayan language, but was very limited and sometimes completely wrong.  It wasn’t till the local archeologist got involved and talked to real Mayan people that the texts started to make sense.  

Who were the Mayans?  They were not one people or one Empire.  They were a collection of city states clustered around Central America.  They spoke a family of related languages and shared a cohesive culture that built pyramids and drank hot chocolate.  They were artists, architects and mathematicians.  They developed a calendar capable of calculating dates in the millions of years.  Their names came from Nature around them.  They had names like Lady Shark Fin, True Magician Jaguar, Double Bird or Smoke Serpent.  They had tattoos and jewelry made from jade.  The Maya knew time was circular and history does repeat itself.  They knew history could be foretold by learning about the past.  They had a huge pantheon of Gods and Goddesses they worshipped.  They did not do human sacrifices.  That was propaganda for the justification of stealing their land.  They did have ritual killings but it was criminals or enemies who were sacrificed.  No one ever mentions the Europeans and Spaniards sacrificing a whole race for the application of their ideologies.  The Mayans played ball sport.   They built cities in an area that had huge environmental challenges.  

Central America is a huge limestone reservoir.  All rain went underground and settled in cenotes or underground lakes.  These were sacred to the Maya.  It was places to access the underworld.  From the limestone they created complex irrigation and sewer systems. All of their work was done by humans.  They did not have beasts of burden.  They had to burn their crops every year to grow more later.  It was a challenge to raise crops.  They Maya never worked iron.  They had obsidian which is a volcanic glass.  All of their pyramids were not built with the help from animals or medal tools.  With all the challenges they flourished in a place with very harsh conditions.  I think  the Mayan civilization goes back further than we are told.  They domesticate maze, beans, squash and peppers as far back as 2000 BCE.  They used the cocoa bean to make a rich chocolate drink.  Chocolate was drank in celebration and new groves of trees were planted on special occasions like the birth of a prince or princess.  The Mayan lands were divided into the highlands and the lowlands.  They highlands were rocky and very important.  This is where they found obsidian and jade.  The lowlands is where their cities were built.  

The Mayas believed the gods had created three worlds previously and each of them resulted in failure.  They were living in the fourth world.  Their cities went up very quickly.  The largest and most powerful was the city of Tikal.  This city had building as high as 22 stories.  The temples were topped with enormous masks of the Jaguar Sun God and originally painted in a deep red.  Tikal was used in Star Wars as the setting of a rebel base on a moon of the planet Yavin because the ruins do look other worldly.  Tikal is the city we understand the most, but to understand what happen to the Mayans we need to understand the city of Teothihuacan.  It is over 1500 kilometers away in the Valley of Mexico.  It was the largest city in the Mayan world at one time.  It had a powerful military and was like the United States of the Mayan world. It was multiethnic and cosmopolitan.  It had a monopoly over a particular type of green obsidian that was of exceptional quality.  The leaders of this city liked to intervene in the politics of all the other Mayan cities.  They put embassies in all the other cities.  

Tikal was taken over by Teothihuacan when a young ruler named Yax Nuun Ahiin, which means curl nose, rose to power with the help of the super power in Teothihuacan.  With this ruler and backing Tikal became the most powerful city and largest city.  With the armies of the two cities combined  and selfish leaders, like the U. S. has today, they over threw other cities.  Tikal had an empire.   They would have overthrown the entire Mayan world if it weren’t for the city of Calakmul.  Like Tikal they were trying to build and empire.  The leaders of Calakmul were called the The Lords of the Snake.  Calakmul was a true matriarch.   The were ruled by a King and a Queen who were said to be the true heritage of the Maya.  They traced their lineage back to Lemuria.  They saw themselves as the true inheritors of the Maya legacy.   Calakmul was powerful but it was no match for Tikal.  The Lords of the Snake knew this and slowly started to get the surrounding areas of Tikal to ally with them.  Eventually it cut off all trade roots to Tikal and Calakmul gained the upper hand.  Teothihuacan fell under mysterious circumstances and now Tikal was alone and surrounded by its enemies.  

It wasn’t till a ruler named Double Bird who came to power in Tikal that the city took a turn for the worse.  Double Bird was not very good at politics.  He attacked  a city named Caracol who was once one of Tikal’s underlings.   Double Bird did not like that Caracol was befriending Calakmul.  Caracol in retaliation declared war on Tikal.  In the Mayan tradition an all out war was called Star Wars.  This is where Lukas got the name for his movies.  Star War was the name they gave all out war because of what happened in our ancient history.  The War of the Gods caused the stars to fall and demolish everything on earth.  Caracol and Calakmul surrounded Tikal and destroyed the city.  A new ruler was put in to place.  Eventually Tikal grew back and fighting went on.  The Mayan were like any other ancient world.  They just could not get along.  It was not war that caused the Mayans to collapse.  It was something else.  

When times were good the Mayan built monuments.  Each city slowly quit making monuments and went out one by one.  The last monument with inscriptions was in 909.  All of the monuments in the cities don’t give a clue as to what happened.  There was no inscriptions of doom or anything that would give a hint.  What happened that would cause a collapse so suddenly and completely that there was not a piece of warning left behind?  Mainstream will tell you that it was a drought.  They will tell you the Mayans couldn’t feed everyone in their mighty cities and everyone left.   Someone would have wrote about a drought! I realize the books were burned but they wrote on buildings, pottery, walls in all buildings and in caves.    What happen to the Mayans is happening today.  Today we call it political correctness.   Back then it was called Religious Correctness.  Their cities went out one by one because extreme religious views took over.  No one wrote about it because if they did they would be destroyed!   Just like today our cities our going out one by one and not a word is being said about it!    Do you hear anyone talking about how bad things have gotten in our major cities?   Of course not.  This was planned back then and what is happening now is all planned too. 

The Western world has stolen a lot from the Mayans.   They were a great civilization.  Greater than Egypt, Sumer, Rome and Greece put together.  Because the masses do not know their own history they have hidden how they took it away.  All of the ancient civilizations traded with each other!   The Mayans, Egyptians, Greeks, Tuatha de Danann and all Native Americans were great sailors.  All the ancient civilizations around the world knew the Mayas were powerful.  The Mayans go way back to the very beginning of time yet we are told they began about 250 CE.  In reality this is the time they were infiltrated politically by outsiders.  Everything is done slow and methodically with the taking over of Empires.  If they did this right they would be able walk right in after a few hundred years and just take over.  Things went as close to perfect as they could.  Here is what they did to the Mayans, it may sound very familiar:

They started poisoning the food supply.

They infiltrated the Mayan education system and taught the kids what to think and dumbed them down.  They starting changing the history that was taught. 

They got the believers in certain religions of Gods and Goddesses to start fighting about who was right. 

They taught that family was not important.   

They introduced prostitution. Men started looking at women as property.

They introduced gambling at sporting events.    

To the Mayans gay people were sacred because of the androgynous history of humans.  The infiltration introduced perversions and toxic androgyny.  

They started scaring the people with constant bad news to the point where they wouldn’t let their children go outside alone.  

They got the city states to start fighting each other, then they got the people to fight each other within the city states. 

They got the people to lose their values.  Most  Mayans were pretty well off, but the infiltrators gave the people propaganda about how unfair the system was and gave the people a victim mindset.  

They slowly started stripping away the freedoms of the people by declaring emergency powers from the fighting.   They also took freedoms away when acts of the Gods happened.  They would tell the people anytime bad weather occurred  or disease broke out that the Gods were angry and it was their fault.  This caused even more fighting among the people.  

They gave the power of a type of monetary system to banks. They created a financial mythology.   Because of this it got the people materially minded.   

Slowly peoples values became corrupted.  With corrupted values comes corrupted cultures.   

The people went from Natural law to corrupted man made laws.  

They got the leaders to export a lot of their goods in exchange for imports.  With this import export in place they could create shortages or excesses on the people at will.  

They got the people to take their freedoms for granted. 

The Mayans started to become a patriarchal society.  Corruption took hold of all the leaders.  

They destroyed anyone who went against the leaders and followed the old gods.  

The people who saw the writing on the wall left the cities.  The people who remained in the cities were dumbed down to the point where they could not take care of the cities and all the responsibilities.  Homelessness was everywhere.  Corruption was everywhere.  Eventually the cities were abandon and new generations for the most part stayed out of them because cities were considered a place of evil and corruption.  This is how the Spanish and British waltzed right in and took control of everything a few hundreds years later.  

With that said, the United States founding fathers used the model of the Mayans to make a Republic.  It is where they got the idea to have a ruler who is part of a royal bloodline get voted in without the people caring.  All Mayan rulers were part of a royal bloodline, but they were voted in by the people.  So is every U. S. President.  Because most of the founding fathers of the U.S. were masons they knew the history of the Mayans and what had happened.  The founding fathers went to the tribe who had kept the values of the ancient world and asked for help in writing a Constitution.  The Iroquois leaders were a big part in creating the Constitution and giving the American people a republic. Yes the Constitution is a Native American invention. It is why there was nothing in the world like it before the U. S.   It took about 700 years for outsiders to bring down the Mayan Empire.  The founding fathers hoped that with the input of the Iroquois the U. S. could withstand outside influence.  

History is repeating itself right now on.  The world in most places is multiethnic and cosmopolitan.  They are using this exact same play book to bring it under control.  We do not need to walk away physically from everything like the Mayans did.  All we have to do is quit the f*cking game!   Quit buying their poisoned food.  Fast food is the worst!  Quit paying to let them indoctrinate you.  Educate yourself.   Turn off the television!  Get off the internet media.  It is all designed to keep you fighting!!!!  Get closer to your immediate family.  Let your children go out and play.  Quit buying garbage. Do you really need that 10th pair of shoes, an outfit for everyday of the month, a television in every room, a new car every 2 years, etc.  This will stop the lies about the shortages.  Learn about are monetary system and do your own investing.  Everything about our monetary system is rigged.  Quit idol worshipping politician, athletes, media, actors and actresses.  Idolize someone who is in your physical life.  Like yourself.  Drop religion and politics.  Make yourself your politician and priest or priestess.  Get an empowered mindset and get away from a victim mindset.  Read. Don’t take a priest, politician or medias word for it.  Go read and find out for yourself.    Most of all learn the true history of the world.  That is the most empowering thing you could do for your mind.   Talk to others who they demonize.  I found out all of this from a Mayan Queen.  I’ve known this history for awhile but didn’t think anyone would believe me until now.  Take a look around you.  Seeing the train wreck that is happening right now will get people to see how the Mayans truly fell.   Are you going to become a zombie and let the world fall or are you going to do something about it?

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