Show Me How to Live

Today people are always worried, frightened, full of anxiety and disillusioned.  This is causing us to get sick.  Our bodies eventually can’t take the stress and break down.  The last couple of years they have put our anxieties into hyper drive, but we have been a stressed out people for some time.  Why?   We have been given a life, but not shown how to live.   

Education for some time has been about specializing someone to do something specific.  Right now we are training kids with our smart phones, tablets and computers from infancy.  By the time they are old enough to get out on their own they are hopeless.  They don’t know how to live.  They know how to do a job on a computer, but that is it.  They don’t know about the normal process of living.  They can’t cook, so they get fast food everyday.  They can’t fix the smallest things so they pay someone who specialized in what needs done.  They can’t handle finances.   Our education systems are all about producing specialists.  We our taught knowledge in a certain field. Individuals looking for a doctorate can’t graduate until their thirties or later.  

In ancient times with a matriarch things were quite different.  Education was  taught by a few professional teachers who taught the students about every need in life.   They actually taught them how to live and be a productive person.  They didn’t try to indoctrinate the students.  They used philosophy to teach.  It was grounded in personal experience and was shown how to use philosophy to get solutions.  The students grew up to be thinkers.  They did not just accept the thoughts of others.   The teachers did not make the students read approved authors and information.  They were taught how to live.  The ancient education systems of the ancient world were about solving problems and producing students capable of being an individual.  It did not cause individuals to be competitive and fight each other.  It helped individuals come to conclusions about their own needs and life.  They were taught to know their own power.  This is one of the major reasons the ancient world was way more advanced than we are today.  

In our industrial and technological age we are taught to make a living.  We must follow the rules or our time.  We must be trained to do a job.  This is very limiting.  We want to be excellent in one thing.  We make life time dedications all for the hope of financial security.  When problems arise we try to solve them with the education we have received.  Modern education has nothing to do with solving real world problems.  Education today makes a person fit to earn a living, but does not make them fit to live a life.  Everyone lives on their own little island.  They have beliefs and isolate themselves with others who believe the same thing.  That way they can defend their own convictions and ideologies.  Everything has become dogmatic.  Though I do not agree with religion, most need it just to get through the day.  Religion has taught us that others who think differently then us are evil.   A person of science is just as devout, just as emotional and just as intense as religious people.  They want to advance so called knowledge at all costs.  The become crusaders of information.  Both sides will go to their graves without solving the reason for their own existence.  Most think like Forrest Gump in the military.  They are here to be told what to do.  

Most will go to a job they hate then come home to sit and watch Netflix, sports or anything else just to unwind.  We want to get away from ourselves.  We think this is an outlet.  We don’t realize it’s just causing more tension.   We are learning nothing.  Entertainment is imaginary.  It is a form of propaganda.  The intent of entertainment is to form an audience or a following.  A following which is best held by shock and stress.  The stories you are seeing, even if they are based on real history, are enveloped in a salesmanship.  They are dramatized, exaggerated or even an all out lie so it holds the audiences attention.  Same goes for books.  If one reads the best sellers they become more disillusioned.  If one watches the news they lose faith in everything including themself.  Gradually we become more and more depressed because there is corruption all around us.    We live in an atmosphere of corruption so we might as well just go along and commit the same corruption for our own material success.  

All of this shows that most can not be individuals.  They are not in control of their own life.  Their only defense is escape mechanisms.   They have successfully separated most people from their inner power.   Most are not in control of their own life.  They lack the will and power to push their life in the direction they want it to go.  The only way to fix this is to broaden our minds and lives.  It is useless to only be around people who agree with you.  When you only have friends who validate your thoughts then you continue to make the same mistakes they make and they make they mistakes you make.  Just look at all the people who agree with you.  Is their life perfect or do they just try to make it look perfect?   Are they in debt up to their eye balls?  Are they healthy? Are they even responsible?  We need to get out of this idea that we are always right.  If you are a business person take an art class or music class so you can meet people with different points of view.   If you are an art or musical person get out meet people in business.   This is why I write posts on social skills.  I want you to get out and meet people who do not think like you.  The more points of view we understand the broader our mind becomes.  The more you meet people in real life the more you will see real life.  Not the garbage online or on television.  

Diversifying the mind will let you think clearer on more subjects.  It helps us understand others and respect them.  Quit regarding others who think differently as moronic.   Try to find out why people believe what they do.  We can’t grow until we can tolerate other peoples opinion.  I have shown in many posts that people are where they need to be.  It is up to them to grow not for you to make them grow.  Duality is built right in to everything.  You are here to learn from duality.  Not side on one side or the other.  This is why everything is being moved to online.  They can program you all they want online. When you watch things that validate your thoughts the algorithms make sure you get more of what you want to hear.   Socially getting out and meeting people broadens your mind.  If you ever get board its because you have failed yourself.  There is always things to learn and do.  These will always stretch the mind.  

We are constantly bombarded by the same problems everyday.  This makes our mind gradually become exhausted.  It leads us to alcoholism and drugs.  It can make a person give up.  This is why we need to use our minds.  Have an understanding of what a mind is.  What is a mind?   It is an instrument for learning and using what we have learned to help us live.  The mind is a computer that takes the input from our senses and subjects them to reflection and upon reflection builds our attitudes and personality.  This happens everyday!  Every moment of life something is coming into our mind.  Constantly.  They are hijacking this with technology.  The mind is capable of teaching us.  It will give the answers we want if we ask for them.  Even this computer Im writing on will not give me information unless I feed in the necessary data.  Our mind can not give us an answer unless we give it information to process.  The average mind is capable of doing dozens of careers.  Only one or two will be used.  Our minds can do whatever it is we want to do.  Leonardo Da Vinci mastered over sixty arts and sciences.  All to broaden his mind.  The mind can do so much more than we demand from it.  

The mind is so much more than a slave to our ego.  It can provide us with proof or disproof on any subject.  It can research anything.  It can give us patients to face difficulty.  It can face anything and solve anything.  It also can contemplate its own decisions.  The mind can show us that it made a mistake.  The ego is what keeps you from admitting it.  It  also can correct mistakes.  There is so much potential with our minds, but there was a governor put on our minds at creation.  It keeps us from using our whole mind.  We have been divided into countless nations, races, beliefs, industries, religions, ideals and philosophies.  All of these have experts and specialists.  They were not born specialists.  They were educated into their specialty.  This type of education keeps the student from becoming a well matured thinker.   Instead of producing thinkers our education system produces mechanical intellects.  They are tied to certain patterns that are very hard to escape.  What they learned may keep them employed to do a certain job but it may destroy everything else in their life.  This is not a valuable pattern.  Education should be to help an individual get all forms of improved knowledge not just what the narrative allows.  

I know a lot of people who think they are well educated.  If I suggest we go look at an art gallery they look at me like I’m mad.  Why should they look at art when they can get online, watch reality television or sports?  Art is missing in todays world.  The scientist who only knows science will be a bad scientist.  We have a narrow minded world and we are very proud of it.  They only know one thing but they know it well.  This usually brings on mental and physical problems.  The original human was able to express all forms of skills and knowledge.  They had the potential to appreciate, understand and sympathize and they did.  We have it in us but don’t use it.  All of these things are part of knowledge, but we want to be rich and powerful in a material world.  We need an artistic expression.  Whether it’s music, writing, painting, sports, theater, etc.  Andrew Carnegie said,  “Every person should live rich and die poor”.  Meaning you should engage life.  Help others.  When you help others grow you grow.  

The problem of most of todays powerful people is they think everyone must accept their ideologies. Making things dogmatic only make them a religion.  People have values.   You can not force your values on to them.  There are three instruments of knowledge.  Tradition, experience and experimentation.   Most deny tradition.  Tradition is the only way we can take advantage of the worlds knowledge and not be forced to relive history with every new generation.  This is why we keep repeating history.  No one knows it.  Tradition tells us we honor the people who gave us the most.  Experience tells us to leave others alone.  Let their own mistakes convert them.  If they are wrong they will find out.  Experience is the continuous learning of finding out what we can do or can’t do.  Experience will tell us a lot.  It teaches us the wiser we are the greater the chances of our security.  Experience gives us what is useful and what is not.  Experiments is something that is done over and over with the same outcome.  It can not just be done once and become truth.  It has to be done over and over with the same outcome in order to be truth.  If it does not it is not truth,  it’s an opinion.  If something is not supported by experience, not proven over and over by experiment and not justified by tradition we will get in serious trouble.  

Science is the guide of the modern world.  Philosophy guided the ancients.  Philosophy can be a bridge.  The purpose of philosophy is not to justify itself.  It is to help someone find the best part of themselves.  Without philosophy humans are no better than a rock just sitting there.  We don’t have an Alan Watts today.  We don’t have a Plato or an Aristotle who we can talk to and try to understand our minds.  The best todays world can do is psychology that will put you on drugs or self help who just want your money.  You must be willing to do the inner work yourself.  We all have had something bad happen to us as kids. Something bad happened that we locked away and it gives us anger or hatred towards someone.  The thing about this is when something like that gets locked in the subconscious you don’t just have bad feelings towards that person.  You will have anger or hatred towards  any one that reminds you of that person.  We need to try to shine light on any anger, hatred or jealousy we have locked in the subconscious.  If we don’t it may destroy us.  We can tell ourselves it happened long ago and all the people involved are dead or no longer in my life, but once this is locked in the subconscious it will run you until you remove it.   

How do we remove things buried in the subconscious?  We have stuff running us and we don’t even know it, so how do I remove it?  All that stuff is there because the subconscious does not forget.  It is not the experience that is forgotten, but the experience that is understood that is important.  You must figure out what you learned from the experience.  Something came out of the experience that happened to you.  Even if it was forty or fifty years ago.  As soon as you question the experience and the feelings you have with it, that is the beginning of healing and growing.  Maybe it was you hurting someone or took advantage of someone else.  A lot of marriages that go bad the separating people will blame the other.  When they dig deep down in they finally realize they didn’t really love the person in the first place.   We must dig deep into our experiences and figure our part in the misfortunes that we faced.  This is the beginning of using the mind.  We start to see disasters as a point for personal growth.  We start to learn from our mistakes.  We start to notice how things we have held in are controlling us.  

Sitting around  watching Netflix and playing on our phones we will never be able to do this.  Being busy at work all the time helps us escape ourselves.   We must learn to go into the largest area of knowledge known to anyone, our own minds.  We must learn to watch others and see how they are effected from their own conduct.  When you see it happening to others ask yourself if you have that in you too.  The important thing to realize here is that when you are diving deep you must not get caught up in yourself.  Don’t devote all of your time to understanding yourself.  Don’t become self centered.  It will become overwhelming.  You will need to find activities to do that get your mind off of yourself and what you think of yourself.  Have one or two significant outlets.  Writing and coaching are my main outlets.  If you are in business find something creative.  It must be creative to overcome a job that is a sterile burden.  If you already are artistic find something to do with others.  Something that helps others socially.  Anything that is meaningful and balances the mind.  

The world is full of ignorance.  I know it’s tuff to take.  Just realize that there is some kind of divine plan.  Know your place in it.  The laws of this divine will not be broken because you or anyone else are wrong.  This divine presence justifies that life is significant.  Life is something we shouldn’t waste.  Life is not just going to school, getting a job, raising a family, and dying.  Life is an adventure.  Engage life.  Trying to make the journey as comfortable as possible is a  mistake.  If you are older and retire don’t sit around.  Do something new.  Develop new talents.  New abilities.  New interests.  We are here to grow.  Not waste away on technology.  We are all here for a reason.  You need to decide why you are here.  Everyone will come up with a different reason as to why they are here in this place and time.  We are all here because of things that happened in previous lives.  We all have our reasons as to why we do what we do, but there is no good reason for doing nothing.  Wasting time is not good.  Time is good for strengthening our strengths or strengthening an area we are weak in.  Time is an opportunity to grow.  All growth is measured in time.  To waste time is to waste life.  

Where ever life is abused death is hastened.  Where ever life is improved, life may be lengthen but it definitely is will be more interesting.   Self improvement will go with you beyond this life.  It is permanent.  When you grow your spirit grows.  Wasted time is the delaying of the maturity of your spirit.  Kindness is one of the most powerful assets in life.  People will want to be around you.  We will find cheerfulness follows us when we are kind.  What you radiate effects your surroundings.  Like a light bulb you will light up your area with whatever you are on the inside.   If you are a rotten human you will have rotten surroundings.  If you are a conscious human you will have conscious surroundings.  All of this will effect your health.  If you are a critical miserable person, you are already dead inside.  Being critical and condemning is a neurosis.  It can’t be cured with medication.  Medication is an artificial means of what a person should do themself.  A person should be able to quiet the mind.  Medication only numbs or dumbs the mind.  If you know someone who is sick all the time or you are are sick all the time it’s because your inner world is sick.  By using the mind to transmute what you have locked in your subconscious you will grow.  Every fault is a lesson that must be learned.  By learning the lesson we grow.   

If you are trying to get away from life you do not understand life.  It is usually the people who do not understand life who are the most judgmental.  A person who has never done something themselves will always give advice to everyone else.  They will advise you to do things that don’t work because they are telling you from prejudice not experience.  You must have balance.  By getting in touch with yourself your must make sure not too ose touch with your families and world.  By helping others grow you will grow.  I do not mean helping people by recruiting them religiously.  I mean helping them in what they love to do.  Helping them do what they want to do.  I get more joy in helping people on this blog and helping the kids I coach in soccer than anything else.  I get joy from bringing joy to others.  To do this successfully you must mingle with others.  See their interests and understand them.  When you shut the world out you shut yourself down.  Knowledge is based upon experience and facts.  The basis of our happiness and health is to learn from each other.  You will learn way more from engaging life than reading a book or being on the internet.  We must balance and diversify.    

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