Vulcan Salute

The Vulcan salute was a hand gesture made by the character Spock in Star Trek.  It is a hand gesture where you put the pinky and ring finger together while holding the index and middle finger together making a V with the hand.   Spock would say “Live long and prosper” while making the symbol. What is this symbol?  Where does it come from?  You are about to find out.  

Leonard Nimoy gave interviews on how he got the symbol for the show Star Trek.  He was in a Jewish ceremony and the priests starting giving the symbol to the congregation while making a yelling “AAAHHH”  or  “BAAHHH” at everyone.  Imaging a bunch of priests making that symbol and making those sounds not in unison but seemingly random.   He said they were blessing the congregation.  He laughed how everyone on the street would give him the Vulcan symbol every time he was out in public and they didn’t realize they were giving a blessing.  His explanation was it touched a magic core for people to love it so much.  

Leonard Nimoy was right it touched a magic core.  This is a very ancient symbol.  It is a Jewish symbol but it goes back even further.  It is a Kohanim priest symbol.  The Kohanim priests are said to be from the lineage of Moses brother Aaron.  If you know my work you know I have identified Aaron as Akhenaton.  Moses was the head priest of Akhenaton and his real name is Thothmoses.  See Patriarch Pharaohs.  This symbol was a symbol given in very ancient Egypt by the Lower Egyptians.  This symbol is the split hoof of a goat and has to do with the Zodiac symbol of Aries.  The yelling noise Nimoy said the priest were doing was the sound of a herd of sheep.  

Leonard Nimoy was in a ceremony that was very ancient.  This also tells me the priests of Upper Egypt who were Taurus worshippers probably made the sound of a cow while giving a blessing of the Texas Longhorns hand symbol.   So much of what we do comes from our ancient past.  Try both of these hand symbols.  See what feels most comfortable to you.  Which ever one you can do comfortably probably means you were in a past life in either Upper or Lower Egypt.   Vulcan symbol you were in Lower Egypt.  Longhorn symbol you were in Upper Egypt.   When I say everything goes back to Egypt, Im not kidding.  When you see celebrities or politicians doing either one of these symbols they are just showing who their alliances are with.   Nimoy saying that it is the letter shin shows just how much ignorance their is in religions.  All of them.  

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  1. I was reading another blog where Guinan (TNG) had made a different hand gesture towards Q, and in that same blog issue, Spocks hand gesture was also described in detail.
    It’s all pretty interesting

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  2. I think you had better correctly identify and define just what Jewish really is or means.
    The Israelites were not Jewish.
    They were Hebrew speaking Israelites.

    Lets go further and assuming the Bible and particularly the Old Testament is something to go by.
    Noah had three son Ham, Shem and Japheth – of no particular order.
    Ham was father of the Black race and because of sin they were condemned to a life of slavery. Hewers of wood and bearers of water. They populated Africa. Pagans.
    Shem was the father of the Arab race and populated the Middle East. The blood line continued through to Jesus the Christ. This means Jesus was an Arab. They became Islamic after Mohammed 600 AD.
    Japheth was the father of the Aryan race. It does not make sense that the Aryans would or should worship an Arab Jesus. The Aryans must surely have developed their own way whether it be pagan or a form of religion.

    We now have two important questions.
    1. Do the Aryans have a book of Japheth or a set of records of any sort.
    2. How can the Israelis claim a historical right to Palestine when it appears they are derived from the Aryan race.

    Please note this is a discussion subject I am not a big fan of much of the Bible in general. I believe Biblical history has been tampered with.

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    1. Let’s look at the word Aryan. It is Arien and they were the followers of Aries. So every religion made in Aries including the Jews is Aryan. Hebrew comes from h meaning ‘the’ and Iburu meaning people of the River. So Hebrew is the people of the river, specifically the Nile. Yes the Jews were the people of the Nile.
      The Israelites have no historical claim to Palestine. They should claim Lower Egypt. The Palestinians have no claim to Palestine either. They should claim Greece. Greece and Egypt have been fighting forever.
      Jesus was not Arab. Arabs came out of India. He was Greek, Roman and Egyptian. It’s why he had a right to be Cesar. He started the a Jewish War. Vespasian beat him because of a trader named Josephus Flavius.
      Mohammed is a rejected Pope. Real name Lothar Schmalfuss. He was a Cardinal who lost the election to be Pope. Read the Chronica Majora. Rome sent Lothar in to control the Arabs and he back stabbed them the same way Josephus back stabbed Jesus.
      The Bible and Koran is only something to go by if you know the true history. The Koran is the most VILE! book ever written because it was written in a time of war. There is no extreme Muslims! They are just doing what the Koran says to do. Read it!!!!!!


    2. The Bible does not teach Ham’s descendants were cursed by God to be slaves. God does not put curses on people but people do. One such way is by not training your children correctly. God is all about love.


      1. God is a Goddess. If you can’t understand that you will never understand. Get the bearded man in the clouds out of your mind. It’s a lie.


  3. “Noah had three sons…”

    ***How do we know?***

    “I believe Biblical history had been tampered with.”

    ***I only “know” what I’m told – what is the truth?***
    We learn what we want because it’s (at the time) beneficial to us.

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    1. The story of Noah is the Patriarchal bloodline coming into Egypt. Noah having 3 sons is from him having a son with 3 different princesses. One from Upper Egypt. One from Lower Egypt. One from Ethiopia. The son from the Ethiopian princess becoming slaves had nothing to do with sin. The Ethiopian army tried to hold off the attack of Upper Egypt on Lower Egypt and failed. Lower Egypt had a worthless army and needed the Ethiopian army. Upper Egypt destroyed them and Lower Egypt blamed it on Ethiopia. The Lower Egypt bloodline started slavery!!!! They have been in charge for centuries and are in charge right now!
      Sorry should have made that clear earlier.


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