Atlantis: The Garden of Eden

Atlantis is the beginning of our world.  It is the Garden of Eden.  It is deeply imbedded in our subconscious.  When I talk to people about Atlantis I know it is touching something deep in their minds that has been locked away.  This world wants to hide Atlantis.  It is hidden under the oceans.  The oceans were not here at the beginning of Atlantis.   I’ve been given permission to blow the whole thing wide open.  Stick around you might relearn or remember something.  For more on this story see Lemurian Magic.  

Atlantis was the first place on the planet where humans walked.  It is the place where alien genes were mixed with hominid genes.  The aliens were giants. When I say giants I mean 8ft to 12ft tall.   They were very advanced and not used to hard labor.  They were more like a group of scientists. They had advanced tools and technology but they were a small group. They came here searching for minerals, but mainly gold.  Trying to extract the minerals from this planet was slow and tedious.   The aliens decided they were going to study the local inhabitants of the planet. It wasn’t long that they found a humanoid type creatures better known as hominids. The aliens tried to befriend the hominids at first and teach them how to use tools and weapons.  In the process of trying to teach the hominids the aliens became attracted to the female hominids.  In secret one night a group of male aliens went out like drunk sailors on shore leave and decided to have some fun.  They raped the female hominids.  As many as they could find.  The hominids fought back, but how could a small prehistoric hominid stand up to these advanced giant aliens?  

Word of what happen got to the captain of the aliens. At first he was mad but saw it as an opportunity.    He decided that they would study the females who were raped to see if any of them would have offspring.  Maybe these irresponsible men were on to something.  He knew the aliens were not laborers and maybe the hominids and their off spring could do the work for them.  After awhile they found out the hominids could not carry the offspring. Their belly burst open, but the seed of controlling a race was planted in the mind of the captain.  They could be gods and rule their own planet, solar system or galaxy.  It was set in motion to start a race that would give the future gods the easy life.   Knowing that interfering with a life form was against Universal law the captain went to the lead scientist on the ship and instructed her to make a slave race.  

The aliens created a race that was just as big and just as intelligent as they were.  This race was androgynous.  The aliens created this first race to be their slaves.   They wanted them to harvest the minerals of this planet because their own planet was dying.  How did they figure out how to make it work when the female hominids couldn’t carry the fetus?  They used the female alien and the sperm from the hominid.  The female aliens name was Lilith.  The aliens instructed this first race in all ways of being submissive and obeying.  It worked for a while but when you have androgynous beings they are AC/DC.  And you thought the band was talking about electricity.  They were electrified alright, they could think for themselves.  The were geniuses yet creative.  They could not be held down and they rebelled.  They over threw Atlantis, but killing was not what they were bred for.  They had fought for their freedom and won.  It was here that the first race broke free from the aliens in Atlantis.  They told the aliens if they ever came after them they would not be so nice a second time and promised to destroy them.  This first race left Atlantis and started their own civilization called Lemuria.  

In Lemuria this first race constructed all kinds of pyramids and megaliths. Everything was done with the power of Nature. Earth, wind, water and fire. They harnessed the electromagnetic energy that is everywhere. With the powers similar to the discoveries of Nicola Tesla they became advanced very quickly. Lemuria was a matriarch which means the masculine and feminine was balanced. Because the Lemurians were so advanced and they could labor for themselves, they did not need to enslave animals or other creatures to do the hard work for them. If they themselves could not work to get it done with their own bodies and minds by working together, they did not seek to do it. This is why the Native Americans and Mayans never used beasts of burden. Megalithic cities went up quickly and the Lemurians started the first ever civilizations on planet Earth. They started trading among themselves and they even traded with the aliens in Atlantis.

Back in Atlantis, the aliens were back to the drawing board. The had already committed the sins of all sins. They would pay for their sins regardless of what happened from here on out. They would not be down long. They set out to make a second slave race. This slave race not only had to be dumbed down, but their size had to be smaller. They were not going to make the same mistake twice of a race who would not venerate them. The sexes had to be separated with this second race. They would be taught that anything that shows any signs of androgyny would be evil and must be destroyed. The second race had to obey and not think for themselves. They had to be war like, so they would fight to the death for anything the gods believed in or told them to believe in. They had to instill a fear gene in the second race so they would fear the gods and fear what the gods told them to fear. Their true minds had to be shut off and replaced with a small locked mind called the ego. This ego only thought about itself and wanted everyone else to think like it. It was programed in the minds of this second race to destroy anyone who thought differently.

The scientists in Atlantis went to work.  Dumbing down this second race was so important that it took 5 times to get it right.  They dumbed down the first 4 experiments too far.  These are the great apes.  The 5th time they got it right.  This was a race that would do what they were told to do.  They would fight to the death for what they were told to believe in.  They would destroy others who would not think like them.  They were the ultimate slave.  They were named Adam and Eve.  It was not just two persons.  The Adams were the males and the Eves were the females.  They would become the human race.   This time the aliens were able to make them with the female hominid ovum and alien sperm.  They had to create favorites of this race, so they demanded Lilith to to be impregnated by one of the Adams and then have laboratory children with 11 more.   She refused.  This made the captain of the ship very angry and she was told to leave Atlantis.  Her pure alien daughters and other female aliens in Atlantis were used instead.  A total of 12 alien bloodlines were created.  The females who were created from this union were going to be kept pure.  They would only be allowed to mate with pure alien males.  The new male race or the Adams were allowed to do as they wished and mate with any of the Eves they wanted too.  The Eves would also be at the beckoning of the male aliens and be their play toys.  

Lemuria grew quickly.  They reproduced with each other and multiplied quickly.  Their offspring were male, female and androgynous.  The children were taught to respect each other.  To use their full mind and to be independent.  All the secrets of the Universe and Nature were shown to them.  Everyone was equal.  The only thing that made some not equal was their own laziness and ignorance.  The kids were taught how to think not what to think. The kids were schooled by the grownups in the family.  Just like Nature, the young had the protection of the parents but ultimately had to work things out with the adults to lean to fly or run.  When I say fly or run I mean learning to excel.     The androgynous beings and females were considered closer to spirit and were held in high esteem.  When they spoke others listened.  Universities, hospitals, governments, food courts and recreation were all created and were very advanced.  

Just as things were getting into to full swing in Lemuria the great mother of the new creations, Lilith, was saved by the Lemurians.  She was trapped by local beasts and was trying to fight them off.  The Lemurians scared off the beasts and brought her back to the leaders.  She told the Lemurians what the aliens were doing in Atlantis.  She explained how they were creating a dumb down race of humans.  They split their minds and sexes.  They cut their size in half.  With split minds and split sexes they would be polarized, be obedient and domesticated.   This new race would be the ultimate slave and soldiers.  Just like the storm troopers in Star Wars.  When the leaders of Lemuria herd this it broke their hearts and made them angry.  It was bad enough that they had to live with the memory of how they were created and the awful conditions they went through as slaves, but to put a similar race with weaker minds and bodies through the same was down right evil.   

In Atlantis the new creation was turning out to be a good obedient slave. They were not as fast or efficient as the first race but at least they did what they were told. The Adams were especially obedient. They wanted to serve their masters well. The Eves started to get curious. They wanted to see if there was anything outside of Atlantis. The aliens told the Adams and Eves that the only thing outside of Atlantis is serpents. They were right, but the aliens were talking about what we know as dinosaurs. Every wonder why all the ancient societies of prehistory built their pyramids and structures so big? So the dinosaurs would not crush them. Science says the dinosaurs were nothing but savages that fought all the time. In truth they were no more savage than the wild animals of today. The aliens even tried to domesticate them while the Lemurians befriended several of them. As the population of the Adams and Eves grew so did the work around the globe. The aliens had them mining and slaving in all areas of the planet. Something had to be done or the aliens would completely strip planet Earth and destroy her. This was the only planet the Lemurians knew. It was their home.

Lilith was able to contact the Universal guardians called the Devas. They were the police force of outer space. She explained to them how the aliens came to Earth to mine gold, but decided to create a new race. She let them know that she was part of it and would pay for her sins, but the aliens were making a new race. The number one rule in the universe is to not mess with another race. The Devas were on their way to investigate. The Lemurians attacked the labs in Atlantis that were making the Adams and Eves. All the labs were destroyed. They captured a couple of the aliens and told them the Devas were on their way and to get off planet Earth. This did not scare the aliens. They had dealt with the Devas before and would do it again. The Lemurians also gave the Adams and Eves a chance to come to Lemuria. The Adams were against it, but a lot of the Eves wanted to go. They found the Lemurians attractive and wanted to learn. The aliens hid the remaining Adams and Eves in underground caves and bunkers while most of the leaders took off to their home planet Tiamat to plan a sneak attack on the Devas. They would ambush them when they got here. Tiamat was huge ocean planet in our solar system. This was the home base for the aliens in this area of the galaxy. The aliens who created Atlantis were so deep into this that they knew they had to fight their way out or go to a prison planet for the rest of their lives. They had become gods. They were not about to give that up.

The Devas showed up within a few days with a small fleet.  The leader of the Devas landed in Lemuria where they were caught up to speed on what was going on.  The Devas wanted to study the Lemurians and see what exactly they were and how they should proceed with bringing them into a Universal relationship with other beings.  Lilith was arrested, but they were lenient since she was forced by her captain to make the first creation then refused with the second.  It was ruled that she would stay with the Lemurians and help them become a Universal race.  The Devas took low flying ships and circled the Earth looking for the Adams and Eves.  Eventually they found a group of them being held captive in an underground bunker.  The conditions were awful.  Very little food and it was not sanitary.  The Adams and Eves were frightened of the Devas because they were told all other gods were evil except the gods of Atlantis.  Just as the Devas were trying to bring out the Adams and Eves their fleet in orbit came under attack.   The aliens from Tiamat were attacking.  They came down to Earth and attacked the Devas and Lemurians.  It did not take long and the aliens were back in control of planet Earth.  

The Lemurians and Devas regrouped in Lemuria. The aliens attacked Lemuria, but the Lemurians had just as advanced weaponry. The first ever war on planet Earth had begun. The battles lasted for days. No one was advancing on the other. The sides were very equal with tactics and weaponry. As the battles kept going, back up for the Devas arrived. The head of the first Deva fleet took a ship up to orbit to meet the huge fleet of Devas. He explained to the General what had happened. The Devas had a history with these aliens and it was time to make them pay. A planet destroyer in the fleet took coordinates for Tiamat. When they were in reach of the great ocean planet they set aim. All the Devas were told to get out of the solar system. The Lemurians were told that in order for them and other life to survive on Earth they would have to start over and they needed to go underground. The General stated the order “Go and cut off Tiamat’s life, and let the winds convey her blood to secret places”. With that they pushed the button and Tiamat was destroyed. The destroyer turned and hit warp speed to get out of the solar system. Just like that a planet was destroyed.

The waters of Tiamat literally froze in space. They became ice rocks of all sizes from huge boulders the size of Texas too tiny pebbles. The solar system became a disaster. Planets were knocked off their orbit. They came very close to colliding with each other. On earth it began raining drops the size of plates. Then fire started falling. Ice and rocks started falling. A huge chunk of rock and ice hit in what is now the Gulf of Mexico. This pushed the Earth off her orbit and made it start spinning out of control. The Lemurians, Adams and Eves all ran for caves and underground caverns. Some ran into water to get away from the fire only to be boiled alive. Most did not make it. As the planets came close to colliding with each other, massive lighting storms were everywhere. The electromagnetic force caused the crust of the earth to separate in certain areas. Mountains, canyons and valleys were created in minutes. Flooding of the land was almost instantaneous. All the water that came in to the Earth created our oceans. The weight of the water caused the rotational speed of the Earth to slow by over five days. The planet’s mass became bigger so the gravitational force became stronger. The dinosaurs who were not killed by the fire, ice and rock falling from the sky collapsed under their own weight.

When the solar system had quieted down a little, the Devas returned to assess the damage. No life was left on any planet in the solar system except Earth. The Earth was still spinning out of control but when they scanned for life they saw that some of the Adams and Eves had survived. Some of the Lemurians had survived. What worried them is that some of the aliens had survived too. The Devas did not want to take a chance on the aliens regrouping and starting trouble again. They created a device that would not let any of the alien genes off planet Earth. This device was put into the orbit of Earth. When the Devas put it into place it made the Earth settle down into the rocking motion that she still does today that creates our seasons. This device would reflect the suns rays at night and remind the aliens of how their own planet Tiamat looked in the sky. It was a reminder of what happened. This device would slowly move away from Earth and in several thousands of years break away from Earths gravitational pull. The Devas hoped that maybe the survivors on the planet would evolve enough to become a Universal race. This device is our Moon. We can go to it but can not get past it. This is why they sent monkeys into space first. They did not know where the line was drawn. It is also why they only send robots and machines past the Moon. If Elon Musk or anyone else tries to send people to Mars and the ship blows up, they needs to be brought up on murder charges because they knows exactly what the moon is. No one knows when the lock will unlock.

Once the Moon was put into place the Earth settled down.  There was still a lot of debris in space that could enter the Earths atmosphere and cause more problems.  The planets would slowly move away from each other and settle into balanced orbits.   The survivors went to work making observatories to watch the sky for more falling star debris.   The aliens who survived settled in Egypt and with the remaining tech they had they made the Pyramids.  The Lemurians settled across the world.  The Adams and Eves settled with either the aliens or the Lemurians depending on their location.  Some were able to survive in areas no where near any of the aliens or Lemurians.  They had to fend for themselves.  This is the beginning of history as we know it.   Everything before this time that I just showed you is hidden by saying the Earth was in an ice age.  Nothing to see before this time of restarting.  Do not look behind the curtain of the ice age.   

From what I can tell Lilith survived.  The legends of the Tuatha de Danann or about her and her people.  The Lemurians became the Mayans and the people of the Americas.  The aliens reset in Egypt, but they vowed revenge on the Lemurians and Devas no matter how long it takes.  All of the survivors kept the bloodlines pure except for the Adams and Eves who were on their own.  When the blood lines run stale imbeciles and morons are the offspring.  This is what is happening today.  There is no fountain of youth left to save the pure bloodlines.  They used the last fountains of youth a few hundred years ago with the Native American princesses.  There are no more pure princesses left who can be a fountain of youth for their bloodlines.  The leaders of this world have been so inbred they are literally moronic.  Simpletons have control.  All because of their bloodline.  Maybe this is the true reason for the Moon.  To once and for all make the alien blood go stale and in order for the human race to survive we must over throw them and lead our selves.  For those who have kept up with the Epstein cases you know that gene manipulation and trying to create a superior race was something he was doing.  They are desperate!!!  

Look at the human race.  This history explains so much as to why we are the way we are.  The hate for gay people is all because the androgynous Lemurians rebelled and fought for the Adams and Eves.  Females were made as play things and property for the aliens.  They really don’t like women because some smartened up and left with the Lemurians.  Size is valued because of the aliens and Lemurians.   We need to worship something because of the aliens.  We want to be told what to do because we were bred to be obedient slaves.  We dye our hair blonde because that was the color of hair of the aliens.  We want big muscles because that was what the Lemurians had.  We try to look youthful because that is what the aliens liked.  We believe what leaders say because we were programed to believe.  We want to worship or be worshipped.  The foreskin on males is removed because the Lemurians had foreskins and the aliens did not.  This is why we love gold.  The aliens came here to mine it.  This is why we have bodily hair.  The hominids had bodily hair.  The aliens had no bodily hair and some of the aliens were bald.  This is where the bald gene comes from. This is why we have slavery and human trafficking.   This is why we are a race of full of anxiety and disorders.  We are still healing from this happening to us. We are a race filled with post traumatic stress disorder.  Every one of us.  

By knowing this history your DNA will start unlocking.  If you are reading this you were meant to read it.   It is time for you to take your power back.   We have the same power as the Lemurians and aliens.   It has just been locked in our DNA.  Science calls it junk DNA.  Only because they are being the dumbed down version they were created to be.  This history is buried in your subconscious.  Digging down deep and bringing out what was hidden is the first step to unlocking our DNA.  We are constantly put into fear so we will not look at what we have buried in our subconscious.   Dive Deep! Unlock that DNA. Release the monsters inside of you.  We are who we have been waiting for!  

15 thoughts on “Atlantis: The Garden of Eden”

  1. You’ve got a lot of interesting thoughts. I wonder if instead of aliens, it was Neanderthals? They had larger brains and were much stronger, but that meant they were much hungrier. They ate animals and dressed up in the skins (ie the first clothes) to distinguish themselves (which is why lots of gods are associated with animals). I think gods “lived forever” through generational incest and naming their sons after themselves and giving them everything (knowledge, history, and posessions). They were early hominoids that took control of their destiny, but inbreeding led to their demise. It’s why early biblical figures lived so long – they were dynasties, not single individuals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going by the ancient texts from around the world. The texts all say they were not from this world, were star people or from the sky.
      Thanks for the great comment.
      The gods are associated with animals because they took on totems or mascots to help the people understand their powers. Just like today we give mascots to our super hero sports teams.


      1. What if “from the sky” meant “wearing the carcass of a extremely large bird”, or the head of a bird as with Ra the Egyptian god. I imagine he had found or made a glass-like orb which he was able to use to create fire, cut through stone, channel the sun. The costume and orb were passed down to a son-grandson who received his name, his possessions, and the secret to rebirth – incest, sacrifice the first generation males.

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      2. The ancients were way more advanced then we give them credit. Thinking that they were so stupid to think a person in a bird costume was from the sky is ridiculous. They built all the pyramids around the world. Can you build a pyramid with 80 ton blocks? I can’t. Can you aline a building to exact north, south east and west by less than one tenth of a degree? I can’t nor can anyone living. Everything discovered by our hero’s of the past was not discovered. They studied the ancients and stole it from them.


    2. I’m with you on the dynasties, but the translation for the Bible is misleading on purpose. In ancient Egypt the word for a month was ‘year’. All the biblical patriarchs, who were pure bloods, you need to divide the years by 13 and it brings it back to reality. There are 13 lunar months in a year. If they were considered half bloods divide by 6.5.


      1. What if it’s not misleading? What if it’s a chain of guys called Adam, who through incest tend to look very much the same, who are raised by their grandfather to become him, but over many generations lose longevity due to the accumulated genetic degradation?

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      2. What if? What if? I’m stating facts from ancient texts. No what if. It’s is very well known that a lunar month was pronounced ‘year’ in ancient Egypt. The Vatican has decided to mislead. Only the ignorant masses do not know. That is why I bring my info to the world. Take or leave it.


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