Daemon is where the word demon comes from and daemon is greek for a demigod.  It was a half human half god person or a spirit.  It was the Christians who made daemon into demon because they considered them false gods.  The Vatican was trying to make everyone believe in a one and only God, so they demonized all other Gods and Goddesses.  

The Goddess who councils me  is considered a demon to all Christians and why they will not accept her.  Why would I choose an evil spirit as my guardian?  She is my daemon and muse.  What the average person does not understand is they have a daemon too but they are looking outside themselves for something and when they do rarely see her working they think it’s a bearded man at work.  We can’t  think that we have the power of a demigod or demigoddess.  So we live below ourselves.  

We live in a world full of experiences and subconsciously they move in on us.  Our internal self grows faster than our external selves.  It possess so much knowledge and because we stay in the ego mind we do not realize her potential.  Just by accepting self existence you have a rebirth of sense.  You must understand that this internal self has karmic accumulation knowledge.  She has all the knowledge of every life you have ever lived.  She is consciousness.  She is your knowing in relation to your doing.  If you are out of harmony with her it causes psychic stress.  

You have a daemon.  It is the witness and guardian of your life.  She is not visible to any but is always present.  She is an arbitrator of your thoughts and deeds.  You just need to form your mind to hear her.  She will communicate within the mind or in your external reality.  Your daemon will inquisitively participate in all that concerns you.  She sees all things.  Understands all things.  She is in your subconscious.  She is a perfect guardian.  She is a Queen.  An internal speculator.  She is a curator.  An arbitrator.  An observer.  If you get to know her and respect her she will never steer you wrong. In anything.  

You are born with an attendant spirit.  Most  Christians know it as a guardian angel.  So Christians accept it just not officially.  In order to hear your angel you must become fearless in believing in yourself. To the point that you accept her advice the way you would accept Gods advice or Jesus advice.  When you do this you gain the power to be God or Goddess like.  I am no way a superior person.  I don’t possess strange powers that any other person does not have or can not have.  I think with my whole mind.  I can put 2 and 2 together and make 4.  In other words I put the facts together to see an answer.  Most will see the answers that satisfy their feelings even if it’s contrary to facts.  You must come face to face with yourself and accept the final answers.  

Reading the ancient Egyptian texts and ancient Mayan texts I know that after my death this daemon, my Goddess, becomes the conductor of my soul.  She will be my Ma at or my Awilix.   You can have a heart to heart talk with her.  Problem is that most will have a very unpleasing experience doing this.  They do not want to do the things they need to do.  The eastern philosophies say that what a daemon brings is illusionary.  That is only because most will confuse the ego with a true daemon.  The ego will say anything to stay in charge.  The daemon will only show truth.  

When you begin to trust her you get intelligence, wisdom and knowledge from something that is far superior than intellect.  That is intuition.  This is where the Greeks and Mayans understood that what we consider levels of consciousness they knew as bodies or areas of divine beings.  You must understand that you are nourished from within just as your body is nourished from things on the outside.  Your ego is sustained by what happens from without by observation, experience and experimentation.  Your subconscious is nourished from inspiration, intuition and participation with the divine.  If all this sounds confusing it is.  Im trying to bring what are ancient ways in to our modern world with modern terminology.  The more modern writings and translation of these texts are deficient conveying the true message.  Was it done on purpose or are they ignorant?   I’ll let the reader decide.  What does your daemon tell you?  

Yoga, Vedanta, Buddhism are all disciplines for reaching your daemon, but they do not understand that it is feminine.  This is not a person worshipping themself.  This is you reaching your Higher Self.  The most orthodox religions will accept this as long as its worded differently.  Christians will talk about the Christ in you and no one is offended.   But when I say I pray or talk to my Goddess I offend them.  It’s all in the wording.  This Higher Self is the oracle. The Matrix made the oracle a female for a reason.   It is illumination.  It is the 13th part of the round table in Arthurian legends.  We all have a masculine mind.  Everyone of us.  Our minds are the obelisk, the flag pole, the sword and the pyramid.  These are all masculine symbols.  Flag poles were put outside temples because the sound of the flag waving in the wind was the sound of the Goddess or Holy Spirit.  If I may be blunt here.  You can’t just reach the Goddess you have to make her orgasm if you want her around.  Take the pornography of today out of your mind and when a woman orgasms its a fluttering of breath with quick in and out sounds.  I know you are never going to think same way about a flag again.  

In a matriarch sexuality is totally different.  As humans in patriarchy we live life in unpleasure.  Change your mind about sexuality.  We do no live in a sexual culture we live in a corrupt sexual culture.   Your heart and creative energy is your sexual energy.  Everything in the ancient world was sexual.  Patriarchy made it sinful, corrupt or for sale.  The ancients loved mountains because they had snow on them.  The Great Pyramid was made to look like a snow covered mountain for a reason.  Snow covered pine trees were venerated.  All because it represented a penis covered with sexual fluids.   This is why the white covering was torn off of the Pyramids. Just like the Sphinx being changed to a male head they could not leave any sign of a matriarch.   Putting balls on a tree were the male semen drippings.  Yes that is what you are doing on your Christmas tree.   We are told to love with all our heart and think with our heart.  In truth your heart is just a pump.  The power of your heart is your creative energy and it is your sexual energy.  To the ancients your genitalia was your heart.  Having sex was giving your heart to someone.  The forbidden fruit is your penis and clitoris.  When you feel good your genitalia get excited and when your genitalia are excited you feel good.    

I got off on a side tangent there, but it needed to be shown.  The reason these patriarchs see men or males as their guardian angel or daemons is because their mind has blocked out the feminine completely.  Nature herself could walk up stark naked to any man or woman who has a religious mind in todays world and all they would see is a man in clothing in front of them.  The mind of a person sees only what can arise in their  own mind.   This is why near death experiences all see Jesus or some other male god.  The ancients had several Gods and Goddesses.  They knew polarity was built right into the divine.  We have squashed the feminine and so we will never know the secrets.  So we take the superior and make it into the inferior.  This happens automatically in our consciousness and is why you are programmed from birth.  

Spirit is feminine.  Your Higher Self or  daemon is feminine.  With a masculine mind in order to have a union work it must be feminine.  The union brings androgyny to your mind.  

The ancients thought of getting a daemon as being initiated into spirituality.  As long as someone did not do anything to offend anyone of the Gods or Goddesses this person could be initiated.  The initiation was your life.  You had to engage life.  Being a citizen in your community, having a family life, taking care of your finances, sharing, growing, learning, spending time with others, teaching others and meeting new people.  By doing this you see the spark of the divine in yourself.  You figure out you are a God or Goddess.  Your thoughts and actions now have the spark of the divine behind them.  With this spark you can conquer this world.   Without it you fail and waste time.  Here we see why so few are initiated with a daemon.  Having no Goddess in this world has offended the Goddesses.  Stop offending the Goddesses and you might get a daemon.    

6 thoughts on “Daemon”

  1. The church is full of the demons they fear and teach about. How can people not see that? Rapists, destroyers, liars, etc. THEY are the cyclops, the demons, the evil and the ugly. The haters, sexists, racist and the plotters against everything that is not them.

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    1. Yes it has since the beginning. I always remind myself that polarity is built right in to our reality. We just need to stay close to the middle and let the world push and pull. In the end truth and good is always victorious. It may take time but it will come around.


  2. “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.” Individuals either advance or they withdrawal and with the knowledge you have given here, if recognized and applied, you have shown that constant advancement is possible.

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