Cyclops II

I have received a few emails asking me why I am calling the woke people of today cyclops.  For those that have read my Cyclops post they know exactly what Im saying but I thought this would be a perfect time to bring a myth into the modern world.  We still have the same problems the ancients had.  History always repeats itself.  

Cyclops are giants because they have a giant ego.  They have one eye because they think they are more conscious, more spiritual, smarter or as todays cyclops say more ‘woke’.  The one eye is the third eye but the eye on a cyclops its in front for all to see so everyone knows how woke they are.  There is no bigger ego than a person who thinks they are more ‘woke’ or more conscious than everyone else.  When an athlete thinks they are better than everyone else they can be brought down to size by running into someone with better skill.  A cyclops is hard to be brought down because they only do things that validate their thoughts.  When they come up against a cyclops killer, a person with facts, they put on a grandiose emotional display.  

Cyclops destroy everything in their path.  Ranting and raving with their flood of emotions. They don’t use facts they use emotions and they do not care who or what they destroy. Cyclops have titanic egos.  They destroy anyone and anything around them with their giant club which is a giant masculine symbol.  There is no political or religious affiliation for these cyclops. I have taken down a wide range of cyclops.  The only way to take down a cyclops is to stab them in the eye or to bring their titanic egos to heal.  Stabbing them in the eye  is symbolizing showing them information that they are not as woke as they think and it destroys their fake third eye.  Showing them they are wrong is a way to bring the ego to heal.  

You must be careful when battling a cyclops.  They will kick, scream, shout, punch walls, pull hair, have elaborate showcases to show how right they are, lie, and may even try to harm you all in the name of keeping their ego gratification.  But just by giving them facts they will essentially fall because they do not have an eye to see with anymore.  They realize they are just as blind as they used to be.   There are cyclops running this world right now.  They will avoid anyone who will use facts and logic on them.  Don’t make the mistake of using emotions to fight back.  Facts is all it takes to stab them in the eye or to make the titanic ego heal.  

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