Where is the World Headed?

What do you think wealth is?  Most think wealth is millions of dollars.  No one knows what real wealth truly is.  I goto my regular job everyday, coach my soccer team, have a family life, I get out in nature, travel, throw ideas around with anyone willing to listen to my crazy mind, think about what powerful ideas I can put out on my website and at the end of the day I will toast the Goddess.  That is being rich!!!  That is wealth.  I know so many people with a lot of money and they are not wealthy.  They are not rich.  They have forgotten how to enjoy life.  The wealth in life is not the final product, it is the journey.  A lot of so called rich people have forgotten that.  They really have lost their souls.  They are so filthy rich that they don’t continue the journey they started.  

Understand that you can look at someone in the eyes, see how they carry themselves and see what lights them up.  What turns them on. I have several friends who we all joke with each other and roast each other.  The reason why good friends do this is because it teaches you not to take yourself so seriously.  This is why comedians and some celebrities have roasts.  Just as an example, Ronald Reagan was in a circle with a bunch of comedians like Bob Hope.  They roasted each other constantly.  It was all about not taking yourself so seriously and they when someone tried to really bring him down it did not phase him.  Most of the time he would instantly comeback  with some kind of joke to reverse the situation or make light of the whole situation.  Todays rich people have lost that magic.  Everything is transactional to them all the time.  They don’t feel happy and they have to cut other people down.  It is not coming from a good space.  They are actually being enlivened from hurting other people.  

With that said, what do we know about psychopaths and sociopaths?  They live in an inverted reality.  Hate is love.  The same way you and I can be enlivened from love they are enlivened from hate.  That which is beautiful psychopaths hate.  Every person in the world has been in a bad mood and stepped into that inverted reality.  Where you just hate the world for a temporary time.  Being a non psychopath you snap back to reality when you cool off or get in a better mood.  What Im trying to show you here is all the so called elites, the politicians, and the so called powerful are psychopaths.  

Communism starts when someone becomes demoralized from the system.  I don’t blame them.  I have lost confidence in all the corruption too.  But because the system is so bad people become demoralized.  We are humans we want dopamine.  A productive person gets dopamine when they add to society and feel important.  The problem is certain people can not find a lane to feel like they belong.  When others come to them or they see things in the media saying, “it’s not their fault it’s everyone else’s fault because everything sucks” they see somewhere they can fit in.  The bigger the victim the more they will fit in with the collective.  The collective has built an inverted reality and the bigger the victim the more clout you have in the collective.  The person gets dopamine from being  the biggest victim.  The one who can out do all the other victims.  Whoever has the most grievances with society becomes the leader.  The mentally weakest, the physically weakest, the energetically weakest person who has become afraid, traumatized and victimized are the leaders of the collective.  

With the internet the collective victims go to the psychopaths in power and say, “Our collective demands this!  You are going to give us what we want and we are going to give you want you want”.  This is why Communism suddenly loves huge corporations.   Previously Communism loved big government.  Now they love huge corporations because they can use the internet to threaten and troll the huge corporations and say “If you don’t give us what we want we will cancel you!”    The psychopaths in power of the huge corporations and governments  have realized they have the full rein on the masses who want us to subjugate everyone and so they start a dominate submissive relationship with the masses.  When someones operating system is numbness and always trying to find the path of least resistance they will love being dominated by corporations and government.   They want to be told what to do!  They want to be told how to live!  They get off on corporations and governments  telling others to obey!   

Controlling others is not an act of the divine.   Never has been never will be.  Needing to be better than others is not spiritual.  Being an automaton is not spiritual.  Taking the path of least resistance is not spiritual.  I don’t care if you don’t believe in the Goddess or God or any other divine.  Let’s just say it is not nice.  When you are disconnected from spirit you have no depth.  It’s unconsciousness.  You are at the same level as being  sheep or a cow in a gated field.  There is not much depth there.  It is based in fear, disconnection and evil.  This evil dynamic spreads through the world like a dark energy keeping people in fear.  Keeping people feeling small.  Keeping people away from their higher selves.  It makes you want to be distracted, wanting to feel numb, wanting validation, wanting to watch crap on media and television, wanting to consume drugs and alcohol, wanting to consume garbage food, look at garbage magazines, etc.  Anything to distract you from the hell the world has become!   They want you to waste your life!!!!! 

So what happens is you keep waking up going to work at these psycho corporations and you stay numb.  Maybe at some time you will ask yourself “How old am I?  Has anything changed?”  You may ask yourself, “Am I ever going to live my dreams?”   and it never happens.  You have become a battery for the system creating a sterile world.  You may have kids and you make them a battery for the system the same way your parents made you.  Kids are free spirits!!!  They want to play! Parents are condemning them to an evil hell right now.  Parents that are doing this to their kids are deserving of the future psychiatric bills they are going to have to pay in a couple of years.  Hand your money over to the psychopath psychiatrists who will drug your kids into an even deeper hell where they will never be able to escape.   

The psychopaths are setting up a system I call The Death of Logic.  They are setting up rules that everyone knows makes no sense at all.  They are further humiliating, degrading and demoralizing you in anyway possible.  Submissive people like humiliation!  I feels good to them.  If you are a critical thinking you should be pissed off.  If you are going along with what you know is a lie, you are just as psychopath as the rest of them.  Most people have no depth in their life and when something gets normalized they go along to get along.  What is this energy that feeds off of fear, pain and your spirit being captured in lower realms?  It is a demonic energy and some people feed off of it!  When you are out in public watch to see what others feed off of.  Do they feed off of beauty, expansion, life, laughter and prosperity?   Or do they feed off of control, comparison, ego, dopamine spikes, numbness, or the path of least resistance? 

Where do we find our identity as freedom loving people?  The identity of thinking for ourselves?   An identity of lifting others up to a great destiny that could be there for everyone who is willing to just try.  What took this away from us?  When I was growing up I always went to the rough end of town to play basketball.  The court was always packed.  I would walk up and ask “Who has next?”  I was usually laughed at because I was the only white boy at the park, until friends who saw me said, “We got next and we saved you a spot”.  Because the winning team never got off the court they could keep it all day.  The losers left the court and a fresh team came in to play the winners.  It was very rare that my friends and I ever lost. We knew that if we got off the court it may be hours before we played again so we gave it all we had to stay on that court.      The people of the world who love individual freedom are about to get kicked off the court.   You know who has next and thinks they are not going to have to deal with us on that court? The most authoritarian, dark, evil place on the planet.  I love the people there so much but what they deal with is so sad.  What they tolerate is so disgusting.  Our so called elites here won’t help them because they want that authoritarianism in the western world.  The same people who are screaming social injustice here will not say a word for people in other countries.  They only care about themselves!  They only care about what is trending and will make them look good if they stand up for it.   If you are going to speak up for one group of people you should speak up for them all.     

Every individual is going to have to ask themselves and answer it for themselves, “What makes life worth living?”  Everyone needs a sense of identity and emotional equilibrium.  When you don’t feel good and you do not know who you are bad things happen.  It is hard to think proactively when you do not know who you are.  It is hard to make sound decisions when you don’t have emotional equilibrium.    Ever had it where you were reactive and couldn’t  think clearly?  As a result of that you made poor decisions.  Most of the time when you are thrown off  and you don’t feel right its because you can’t think clearly.  You just want to enjoy your life and think clearly.  What most do is they drink alcohol to quiet the weight of existence.  Others take drugs.  The drugs make you feel good and for the first time in most peoples life who take drugs they feel like they are enough.  You can’t be on these all day everyday.  So what we do is we settle into the numbness of social conditioning.  Where we get an ego boost when we think and act like others. 

Part of enlightenment is realizing you are consciousness witnessing itself.   We as humans have social conditioning, addictions, biological drives, ego, rationalizations for doing things, etc.  As you feed those conditionings, addictions, biological drives, ego and seek pleasure you stay connected to them and get further away from your higher self.  It does not mean these things are bad.  I see these things as indicator lights.   Being hungry is a biological drive.  If you are hungry, go eat.  Your ego is supposed to be there to help you through tough times and keep you from being pushed around.  Social conditioning is to help you fit in and help you survive.  Addictions can be both positive or negative.  All these can be indicator lights to help you or you  can identify yourself with them and they will hurt you.  These can be indicators that you may or may not listen too or they can be where you find your sense of self.  Are these something you need or are they something you can just enjoy.  We need to train our minds to find ourselves within.  Connect to our higher self.  This helps us find our happiness in the actions themselves.  

When I do something the fruit of it is beautiful, but it is the actual action that is the beauty of the whole thing.  You will lose everything at some point.  No one gets out of here alive.  What is the beauty in that?   The beauty is the depth in the experience itself.  The growth of your consciousness.   The growth of your spirit.   Getting new abilities, doing things that are worthwhile, creating new memories, meeting new people, discovering new things and overcoming failures is all growing.  We came here to grow and connect with each other.  When we tap into that we start the next level of evolution, we power up,  we become empowered and empower others, we become expansive and we become conscious.  We do this knowing we have a dark side and we have biological drives, but we just need to respect that and find middle ground.  I don’t see much of this going on.  I see pockets of it here and there, but nothing on a mass scale. If things keep going the way they are we are moving into a sterile, dead world.   People are so disconnected from their higher selves that they will plug their own brain into a neuralink or a cloud.  

The more that you are connected to the physical identity of self and those surrogate senses of identity and fulfillment the more that your higher self is obscured.  Connecting to your higher self is a feed back loop.  When you love the process you get energy from the process itself.  You act towards the highest good that you are capable of.  You expand, grow and connect to your environment.  You tap into higher levels of intuition and feel more deeply.  You see synchronicities and serendipities more clearly.  You can pull back from the whole picture and see what is going on.  You start enjoying life more and create.  You see the generation of life.  You see other people winning and you get excited.  

When you hate the process you only love the result.  You hate life.  You have no spirituality.  All you want to do is compete with others.  You get addicted to it and get very good at it.  You become so competitive that all you want is results, results, results, and it gives you dopamine spikes.  Control, control, control, control, anything and everything.  All you do is become like a high functioning crack head.  When you get too much of what you want it disconnects you from your higher self.  Why the hell would you want connection to your higher self when you are getting everything you want in the material world.  There is no incentive.  You fall asleep.  Do you see where Im going with this?  This is why most rich people, including the so called elites, are they way they are.  They are dead inside.  Unable to be reached.  

Most of the normal people are drowning in the ocean.  Me being the captain of my ship, I pull up to them and say ,”Hey I can help you live a better life”.  All the people drowning are saying “I just want a life jacket.”  That’s the problem when people are disgusted with the system.  They are just saying “what is the use?”  When you’re not living the life you want or are not very comfortable in life that’s not good either.  They are in such scarcity that anything they get materialistically will be winning to them.  Even if it is just handed to them.  They don’t have self love.  They don’t know who they are.  Their creator gave them a life but never showed them how to live.  They are just making life a means to an end.  You will never have any kind of happiness like this at all.  

So we have the elites and powerful used to getting everything they want and the masses just following the path of least resistance because they are numb.  We are creating more wealth than ever, more money than ever and more leisure than ever.  I say hi to people walking down the street and they don’t respond or they think what they hell do you want from me.  I joke around with people and they get offended.  People are being mugged and beaten and no one is helping out.  The establishment is doing disgusting things and no one cares all because the masses attention span is zero and people have been demoralized.  They think the world is lost and it’s a sinking ship.   We are just reshuffling the chairs on the titanic right now and  its every person for themselves.   

How did we get to this point!?  How demoralized does someone have to be to have a ton a money and not be heroic?  How can you let them take everything away from you, and they will, without wanting to put up a fight!!?  How demoralized does someone have to be when you ask them what they want in life and all they want is more money?   How demoralized does the world have to be to not even want to say hi to someone on the street!?  How demoralized does the world have to be to keep your kids in the house to watch television and play video games instead of letting them play outside?! What is the world going to look like if this keeps up?!!  Have you seen the movie Idocracy?!!  That is exactly where we are going!  

Why is the AI they want to bring into the world wrong?  If your life is going to a job you hate then to going home to just be numb why the hell would you not want the AI?!  You don’t stand up for what you believe in, you are fully ignoring things you know to be true or false and you have no more will than an animal going to slaughter?  Why is AI even wrong!?  We need to figure out what it means to even be human!  What is humanity?  Where do humans fit into the equation of life?  Are we just an experiment that has failed and now they will do with us what they please?  How do you wake up?!!!!   Everyone is so scared of dying!!!  We are playing not to lose!!!!!   Why can’t we talk about achieving life?  Winning in life?  Who are you?! What are you doing here?!!!!!  What is this place?   Who are you beyond the physical?  

They are pulling us in with negative energy.  It becomes a negative loop.  Negative politics, negative media, negative everything!  It sucks up your attention, time, focus and energy.   It transmutes to what you feed off of!  When polarized people are subjected to dark evil energy they eventually start to like it.  They feed off of it.  Its the same with crappy food.  People eventually need it!  They get high off of the negative energy!  If you get hi off of hate then you begin looping on it.  Your life revolves around it.  When you are connected to your higher self it keeps you from getting swept up in these energy loops.  Ever see someone who dedicated their lives to the wrong purpose?  The Nazis are a great example.  They thought they were really doing the right thing.  What is it going to take for people to realize they are following the wrong god, wrong government, wrong everything before it’s too late.   Once you see where this is going you will regret it big time.  Why did I waste my life!??  Why did I not help others?!  Why did I not care?!  Why did I help feed this SICK, SICK, SICK, system?!  They are demoralizing you and normalizing this garbage so you feel you have no other choice.  

Quit being a victim!  That is exactly how they want you to think.  Quit eating the mind numbing, cancer causing, heart disease causing and brain destroying garbage!  The government supplements this crap!  When my brother had leukemia and I would go to the hospital to be with him, the restaurants in the hospitals were all very well known fast food joints.  WTF!!!! Feeding people this food in a place of healing!  They don’t want to heal cancer they want to CURE it!   Cure meaning preserve!  Quit watching the dumbing down media!   They are pandering to your lowest nature.  The human race has been through deep trauma.  All of us.  It’s in our DNA. They do not want to help anyone but themselves!!! Is fast food heroism!?   Is soda heroism!?  Is getting every last penny out of margins and stocks heroism!?  Is teaching kids what to think and not how to think heroism?!  Is shortening attention spans heroism?!  That is the world we live in.  Is that the best we can do?  

You do not believe what you see.  You see what you believe.  Think about that!   Whatever you believe you see!  I have been screaming Magic for the last 5 or 6 years on this site and this is what it all comes down to. This is how they were able to use  god to control people.  Kings have a divine right.  Be good and you get your reward later.  When that stopped working they made people believe this is all a cosmic accident.  It’s a cosmic accident so let us do what we want.  Your life means nothing.  There is no point to all this.  Just consume.  They have lied to the human race since our beginnings!  They are still lying to you now!  Do you really think our leaders are the best the human race has to offer?!  

We have potential.  We have higher abilities.  We have that next level.  We have a bright future right in our grasp.  Our ancestors literally went through HELL at the beginning of the human race!  They went through stuff we couldn’t even imagine.  It awakened them!!!  Every one of us can have a rebirth.  We are at a fork in the road.  We can choose to let them control us or we can say NO!  I am more than this!  I don’t hate others. I am not afraid!.  We can do better.  We have more to be proud of then to be ashamed of in this world.   We just need to see the truth instead of letting them lead us with lies!    Getting mad at them will not help.  It is about real personal growth.   Critical thinking, getting along with others, resolving conflicts with win win and pulling people up instead pushing them down.  

We were never taught how to think, never taught how to eat healthy, never taught how to manage money, never taught how to connect with our higher self, never taught how to socialize and never taught how to take care of nature.  We were taught how to be automatons.   With the internet the elites have the storm trooper automatons at their beckoning call!!!!   Just tell them what to do and they will do it!!!  Destroy any one who does not think what I have told you to think!!!  Destroy forests!  Check! Destroy cities!  Check!  Destroy peoples lives! Check!  Destroy property!  Check!  Kill people!  Check!   When will you say enough is enough!!!!!  

In this polarized world everyone wants to be right.  What does being right get you?  More polarization, war, domination of others and poverty.  That’s not the answer to who we are.  Telling other people you are right is not helping. Be a role model.  If you are not being a role model to someone else you are part of the problem.  It does not matter who you are a role model for.  You will fail at times.  That’s ok.  I have failed several times with my soccer players and readers, but I keep going and growing.  Spread beautiful ideas.  Become a master at your passion and help others with it.  Bring present energy to the world.  Talk to others.  Seek to understand then to be understood.  Quit being in a rush all the time.  Share good energy with others.  The happiness you get from helping other people will make you more empowered.  It will open up parts of you that you don’t understand yet and expand your mind.  Life can be beautiful.  

I don’t know everything but Im showing you what I see.  Im giving you the point of view from someone who has studied Magic for almost 20 years now.  From someone who has fallen in love with truth.  Searching for it through reading everything I could get my hands on and listening to others.  From someone who has engaged in life.  From someone who has unlocked and balanced the mind.  From someone who is trying to bring back the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.  From someone who is tying to bring back balance.  

You can want to make a quick buck or take a free hand out that’s fine, but that makes you part of the problem.  You are just rearranging the chairs on a sinking ship.  Or you can elevate yourself, elevate others, expand your consciousness and your world.  That is growing your spirit.  When you grow in spirit and consciousness the infinite spirit and consciousness grows.  You can not take money with you but you will take your consciousness with you.  Guard the gates of your mind.  When they are throwing all the negativity and fear your way scream to yourself “THATS NOT TRUE!!!”  Its all lies!   Recognize it for what it is.  We are here for a brief moment.  You can choose to do beautiful things.  You have to tell yourself “I am not getting off this court!”  If we are beaten off the court it will not be hours before we get another chance it will be decades if not centuries!  You must work together stay on the court!!!  When on person on the team gets better the whole team gets better!  We can do this!!!!  

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  1. I believe, strictly speaking for myself, in the polarity between Fehu (Feoh) and Othala (Ethel) in the Rune Row. Feoh being a basic, material ergo raw means to surviving. Money. Now. Whereas Ethel is a moral and hereditary means to transcendence, or thriving. You need both, but one is the true end and the other is always means to it.

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