The Wand

In history anyone of power or who aspired to have power carried a wand.  Witches, wizards, druids, bishops, priests, priestess, monarchs, etc. all had wands of one kind or another.   A wand can be a simple little stick made out of any kind of wood you like or it can be vary elaborate with precious metals and jewels. Some are even made from bones.  With modern ones being made out of plastic we have lost the true meaning go the wand.   What is the meaning of this rod?   Stick around and find out.  

Just by looking at the wand you can tell it is a masculine symbol especially with modern magicians using a hat.  The hat being a feminine symbol.  So most think they are mixing the masculine and feminine, but in history no one wore a hat. Some in the myths have a cup with the wand which is portraying the same thing.  Most just say the wand is a masculine symbol and leave it at that.  There is much more to the symbol of the wand.  

Homer wrote that Hermes, Athena and Circe used wands.  Wands were found in tombs of the Pharaohs.  The ancient Egyptian priests and priestess all had wands.  A wand is said to be the key to Solomon’s temple.  Jesus was said to have used a wand.  In British formal government special officials carry a wand of office.  Orchestra leaders always have a wand.  The Druids all had wands.  Why does the wand show power?   Is it because powerful people put spells on us to do what we are told?  It is true that the Druids made their wands out of the Holly tree and this is where Hollywood gets its name.  Do wands really put spells on us?  Time to enlighten.  

In the Tarot, the suit of Wands is related to the element of fire.  This should be the first hint as to what the wand represents.  Fire is the symbol of intellect.  Those who carry a wand are intellectually superior,  supposedly.  The wand is the symbol of the letter “I”.  This is showing self awareness and individuation.  Being made from wood shows growth, renewal, potential, creativity and beginnings.  Being made from gold it shows enlightenment. Having jewels shows you have over come matter and have become like a clear crystal or jewel for the light or energy of the divine to move into you, through you and out of you.  

Lastly the wand symbolizes the spinal cord to the brain.  The brain is the vehicle of the mind and gives to those who use it control over the invisible forces of Nature. The mind of the magician has learned to obey all the laws which govern all forces of Nature.  The mind is where all Magic begins. The top of the spinal cord is not straight by any means.  It moves with you.  This is another reason why they used wood that bent and twirled or you may see someone with a curved wand.  It did not matter what wood one used.  It was totally up to the person who wanted the wand. Just like crystals you want to see which one calls to you or sings to you.  

You must understand that you can only be under the spell of someone else if you let them. Hollywood uses that name because they know exactly what the wand represents.   The wand is not trying to put a spell on you.  The person holding it is showing they are under no ones spell but their own.  They understand that if others do not control their own mind that they can control it for them.  If you want to stop being pushed and pulled like the masses then you need to control your own mind.  Make yourself a wand to remember this.  The wand chooses the wizard or witch because it represents your personal power.  Are you going to take control of your life or are you going to stay under the spell that the masses are under?  It is your choice.  It’s that simple.  

6 thoughts on “The Wand”

  1. Thank you Gserpert for this insightful post.

    I remember a story of Steve Jobs which I read in a forum a long time ago. It was written by an engineer of Next at the time. He said, he and a colleague was sitting in the break room for lunch making a bagel. Suddenly Steve Jobs enters the break room and ask out of the blue “who is the most powerful person on the planet”.

    The engineer did not really know if it was a question or a serious remark, but responded with “the President of the US”. Steve Jobs said no. “It is Disney and I am fed up with that” or something along the lines what he said. Very soon Steve Job started Pixar and made Toys Story the movie with Disney. Disney eventually buys Pixar in exchange for stocks ownership of Disney and Steve Jobs became one of the largest Disney stock holder. I guess now I clearly grasp the fundamentals of what he was referring.

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    1. You are welcome, Nick. Thanks for a great comment. I did not know that about Steve Jobs. That is a great story. He made himself powerful because he took control of his own mind.


      1. I would like to ask something, but I fully understand if this would be considered a secret.

        About a year I did tried to explore the meaning of Hollywood. At that time somehow my intuition was trying to somehow tell me something. However, I remembered that I did not came far I only understood it was derived from the Holly bushes which one of the owners loved. So it was named Hollywoodland which was named in 1887. Digging slightly deeper 1910 was the first movie ever introduced. But managed to find that in 1888 the very first video clip was made at a length of 1.4 second.

        However, at that my search came to a halt. I have read many of your topics and always wonder how do you research or go around on finding the answer. If it is a secret I fully respect that. Or perhaps it is a nudge or intuition which makes it hard to explain. I truly can understand that as well.

        However, if it there would be a way which is allowed to be shared I would love to know.

        Personally, for me it comes through intuition, but I do not know how I trigger it but it just appears. Let me explain so at least it would make somehow sense (from my point of view). An example is the famous statue of Singapore called Merlion. I have been there a while ago.

        I read in one of your posts about the meaning of the fountain Lion. When I read that I suddenly had this flashback from the Merlion. So, suddenly I know about this. But I wanted to make sure as Singapore is a Port city famed for the name Lion City. So harbour + lion could be just a perfect combination. However, then after I go to Wikipedia search about Merlion Statue. I somehow read the that page why I would not know but it lead me there. Then I read about the introduction date of Merlion 15 September 1972.

        Here I saw two crucial numbers. 15 = 1+ 5= 6 and Sep = 9. Which indicates a coincidence but slightly double confirmation. But then I kept on reading. They had to relocate the statue 30 years after which completes the missing part 30 = 3+0 = 3. The relocation only took 3 days and it was somewhere in April. But they decided to officially reopen it on 15 September 2002.

        Which again confirmed these numbers. If the numbers would not be a significant point I would logically indicate that a reopening would be done earlier. There is no reason to wait unless, they know something.

        Sorry if this is maybe slightly off topic but these so called double confirmations that somehow gives me clues. Like a message between the lines. The same I experience regarding with the names Lily and James and many more. This is why I love to know more about the thought process behind researching it.

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      2. I have a few things I do that I have worked on for years so they are habits for me now. If you master them you could do it too but its not easy. It is not a secret I have written about it in several posts. First thing I did was shut down that voice in my head. That voice that is always talking in your head is your ego. You must get it to quiet down. I show how to in my Magic post. Once it is quieted down things will open up. I can ask the Goddess a question and when my mind is totally quiet she will suddenly say something to me either giving me a direction where to look or giving me an answer. I can be walking down a crowded street with a quiet mind just being in the moment and she will talk to me. She will only speak when the mind is quiet.

        One of the tricks is that whatever you want to know you have to think about long and hard. I figured this out when I was working on cars. If my car broke down and I couldn’t figure it out I thought about what could be the solution. I relentlessly thought about it for hours. Then bang she popped the answer in my head. When that first started happening I didn’t really believe it or trust it, but when I bought the part put it on and it worked every time I knew I was on to something.
        Sometimes she only shows me a direction to go in or a place to look. You have to be willing to do the work for yourself to get the answers when she points you in the right direction. For instance, once I quieted my mind I asked her about religion. She would send me names of authors, books or persons in history I needed to study to find the answers. If I didn’t do the work I would nerve have known the truth about religion.


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