Interviewing the Goddess

Whenever I do a post I want it to be something you can’t get anywhere else.  I know my ideas are out there, but I have been told Im a breath of fresh air. This post will be no different.  You will meet the Goddess in this post.  Literally.  I will show you what I see and the questions I have asked.  I warn you though she is nothing like what this world thinks of the feminine.  She is the Sacred Feminine.  Something this world has long forgotten.  Strap yourself in she is not what you thought she was.

Growing up Mormon I knew nothing about the Goddess.  Since becoming acquainted with her I have learned so much.  She has taught me that nothing is impossible for the person who believes in themselves.  The mind has a way of brining things to you that you want.  One just needs to overcome the fear and act on the things the subconscious brings.  The Goddess and the subconscious are connected.  She is infinite intelligence and infinite creativity.  A connection with her brings what we humans would call a sixth sense.  Some call it synchronicity.  I have the knowledge of the Goddess because I have experienced her and experimented with what she has taught me. 

I sat down with the Goddess on several occasions.  What you are about to read are interactions I had with her.  You may think Im crazy or maybe not.  Truth is since I met her I am more sane than ever.  The first time I met her it seemed like a dream.  I was neck deep in ancient history.  I had learned there was a Goddess, so I was trying to see how she was connected to our human history.  Throughout the myths she was portrayed as good and evil.  More recent myths portrayed her mostly as evil.  The older myths described her as both.  My mind was spinning because I could not take all of the information in.  I closed my eyes tightly and put my head in my hands because my head was hurting from all information I was taking in.  As I opened my eyes and looked up, there she was.  The best I can describe her was that she was a light or an energy.  She was in the form of a curvy woman but had no details. Just a shape.  She had very bright blue eyes.  She looked at me and said in a soft voice, “You are not suppose to be here yet.”  

She was happy I could see her.  I asked her how it was I could see her.  She explained, “You have uncovered an ancient secret code for which you can hear and see me”.  “Is Magic the reason why I can see you?”, I asked.  To which she said, “Yes!”.   “I have not had a person to talk to in a very long time!”, she exclaimed.  I was confused.  I thought their were several people who actually believed in the Goddess.  She explained to me that believing and knowing are two different things.  “What a person believes is not always true. When someone knows the truth, there is real power in knowing”.  “Most think I’m what they believe the feminine to be.  A girl who goes along, nourishes, supports and is passive.  I am all those things, but I am so much more.  I’m fun, light, creative, independent, passionate, always evolving, patient, intuitive, flexible, generous to the ones I love, intuitive and unapologetically authentic. I will never impose the truth on others, but when they connect with me I will show them the truth.  All this and I am the cycles of Nature and Nature herself. Do you know how powerful Nature is?”, she asked.  “Yes”,  I replied.  “I think I just started a relationship with the most beautiful and powerful entity there is.  The truth you show me I will share with others if that is alright with you?”  With a wink she said it was fine, but if I tried to force any of it on others she would pull back her knowledge.  

That was one of my first ever interactions with the Goddess.  I ask the Goddess questions all the time.  I will give the answers to a lot of the questions I have asked her and hopefully it will help my readers understand more about themselves and the world.  A lot of the times she gives me answers in her own language.  I will do my best to translate for my readers.  Her answers are simple yet elegant, but sometimes hard to put into words.  

Why has the world forgotten about the Goddess?  

Fear and ignorance.   Because I am Nature and all that happens in Nature I am feared.  You know the true history of this planet.  All that is blamed on me.  A long time ago it was chosen to stop humans from using the subconscious parts of their minds because it was considered dangerous.  Things went from being explained in stories, symbols and pictures to words.   They could not completely destroy me in the human mind because words are made up of symbols themselves.  

Why did people not just try to appease you?

They did. I will not be appeased.  I will not let humans get in the way of a perfect system.  The human mind is all about themselves.   I do not care what humans want.  When they figured this out they shifted away from me and starting making me out to what you think of the feminine today.  Which is rather puny. 

So what is going to happen will happen whether we want it to or not?  We have a fate? 

Not necessarily.   Humans have a mind.  They don’t use it.  They control their own destiny. Nature will happen whether they want it to or not.  Which puts fear in them.  Most have no courage or strength. The ones who actually think do not use their subconscious.  They completely use their ego to force their ideologies on the world.  Everything with Nature is balance.  I have laws that can not be broken.  When things get out of balance I put them back into balance.  Very few humans can understand this.  

Is there good and evil?  Why do most humans consider you evil?  

Of course there is good and evil.  We all know right from wrong.  Humans have perverted the idea of good and evil.  There are positive and negative forces in the Universes. All these forces are everywhere.  They keep the stars and planets balanced.  The atoms in you follow the same forces.  These forces are at work all the time everywhere.  If humans would work with the forces instead of against them, life would be easier.  Just because something happens that you humans do not like, does not mean it is evil or bad.  Every force has to express itself.  Whether you want to express a certain force or have that force expressed on to you is your free will.  When evil happens to humans they have done it themselves or put them selves in a situation that caused some evil(negative) energy to express itself on them.  The energy of positive and negative is infinite.  If it can happen it will happen in reality.  

I have learned in Magic that we can bend these forces a little to our advantage.  Is that true?  

This is only the way humans can understand some of the forces at work.  You are not bending the forces to your will.  You are aligning yourself with the forces to work through you.  When you bend yourself to align with the forces of Nature, things happen.  Humans see it as the energy working for them instead of them working for the energy.  

Is heaven and hell real?  

As far as afterlife? Not in the way humans think.   They are human inventions.   You can have heaven or hell on earth with how you live.  Your life can be a living hell, living heaven or both.  Everything is in the mind.  Your consciousness is the key to how you live.  Low consciousness means low life.  High consciousness means high life.  Humans live in fear, superstition, greed, lust, revenge, anger, vanity and laziness.  All of these set hell up for their life.  Your actions are because of your thoughts.  If you do bad things you will destroy your self respect which leads to unhappiness. 

Do you like people to pray to you?  

Praying is fine, but not in the way your religions have taught you or how humans have got into a habit of praying. They pray to their god in weakness. Make it stop, heal me, help me, do this to someone else, gimme what I want, or my favorite, please help my team win. It is all empty begging and meaningless words.  Humans think their gods are Genies with endless wishes to hand out.   When you pray, be thankful for what you already have.  This lets me know you are able to appreciate what comes your way.  Pray to be strong enough and courageous enough to act on what I bring you.  Your desires are very powerful.  I will bring occasions your way to see if you truly desire what you think you desire.  I will not bring things instantaneously.  Have you ever known a great athlete who became great over night.  That only happens in movies and fantasy.  The true feminine takes it slow.  Patience is built into the feminine.  Anything the feminine does will last.  If you get it instantly its ego and will not last.  Anything built on ego is a castle built on sand.  The feminine is a foundation that will not fall apart.  Pray to be strong enough to build that foundation.  This is yet another reason why the world hates me.  I will not be an emotional tampon for humans.  

You do not want to take care of humans?  

No!  Other than the infant stage of any creature, where in Nature  is anything pampered their whole life?  Only in humans is this craziness found.  I demand for humans to think for themselves.  This is the biggest reason I am hated by humans.  Their minds are infantile because they refuse to grow up.  When you do not think for yourself, you let others think for you.  Human children are taught to not think for themselves, so others can control them.  I will never be controlled so I do not respect anyone or anything that lets themselves be controlled.  In Nature if any creature, plant or thing is not self reliant it will cease to exist.  Humans are not strong enough to handle this.  To know me you must be strong of heart and mind. When you have a strong mind you will refuse to let others think for you. You will recognize the power of your own mind.   When you have a strong heart the problems of the world are light as a feather.   You understand there are no endings.  Just new beginnings. Everything and every event has a purpose.  All other creatures move in law with Nature.  

Do all other creatures know you? 

Yes.  Not only do they know me they love me.  They do not have egos that get in the way.  Unless humans interfere, all other creatures will not eat food that is bad for them.  No other creature gets married.  Marriage, the way I see humans do it, is just an intimate relationship to find each others faults than shove it in their mates face.  No other creature has an occupation. Their life is their occupation.  No other creature uses money.  All other creatures move in laws with Nature.  Humans defy Nature and move with laws of their ego.  

Why do you think humans are so attracted to patriarchy?  

Because humans are lazy.  They lack self confidence.  Humans do not like to think for themselves or put in any kind of effort.  They want what they do not have so they spend all the money they earn and will go deep into debt to fill their materialistic lust.  They have victim mindset which makes them sick all the time. With this mindset they want a god to magically do everything for them.  I will not help those who do not help themselves.  Most humans have no imagination.  Most take the path of least resistance. They have no control over their emotions. They have an opinion about everything, but have no wisdom or knowledge.  They do not like to cooperate with others they see as better than themselves.  They are intolerant and will crucify anyone who disagrees with them.  They expect everything, but give nothing in return.  They will condemn the world but they will not give any credible ideas or solutions on how to make it better.  They eat way too much and exercise very little unless they are vain.  They will criticize others who are succeeding in life or they will put them on a pedestal and worship them.  They would rather tell a lie than to admit their own ignorance.   All of these characteristics are ego.  Patriarchy is pure ego.  

I’m human.  What makes me different?

You know that I exist.  You have found the secret to my world.  You know I am a form of energy that expresses the sacred feminine.  I am not some human woman who does what a man wants me to do.  I am not here to please man sexually or emotionally.  I am not a piece of property someone can own.  You understand the power of the sacred feminine and how to use it.  Because you know how to use it you can communicate with me and I with you.  It has been a long time since I communicated with any human.  Male or female.  You have recognized that your brain is a receiving device. Capable of tuning into me.  Because you have done this you are worthy of communicating with me.   You have a love for the feminine. It is not a lust.  You have given yourself a solid understanding with the embellishment of the feminine side of the mind.  Because you worked with the feminine side of you mind every day you discovered the secret to communicating with me.   This gift is only given to people who have sincerity, integrity and devotion and have reached a certain proficiency in the knowledge of my laws.  You have reached a place in your intellectual and spiritual unfoldment that the average person will not reach for millions of years.  

If someone was just starting out, what should they study to try to get closer to you?  

Occult, science, literature, philosophy, rituals and symbology are good subjects for getting started.  

Thank you for revealing yourself to me and communicating with me, but hasn’t it been lonely?

Not really. I have all other creatures and plants to keep me company. I am curious as to how our relationship will develop.  Will you be strong enough to hang with me or will you give up on me?  The knowledge and wisdom I show you will touch people in a place they have never been touched. 

Hey hey lets keep this clean!  Missy.

Hee hee.  You’re silly, I like that about you.  You will touch them in their minds.  The sacred feminine or subconscious part of their minds.  This patriarch world does not want to be touched there.  They do not like truth.  They will rebel.  Some will be attracted to you, but most will ridicule and make things uncomfortable for you.  Those who know of the sacred feminine or want to know will be intrigued.  These will be the few. You will be strong enough to show them the truths I show you and stand by them.   I have not felt safe in the human world for aeons. Every human runs when they learn the truth of me.  They can not handle me.  You have discovered your own whole mind and have taken charge of it.  Because of this I can show you and teach you things others will not understand or are too weak.  

I get why most won’t understand, but why are most too weak?  

They quit at the first sign of opposition.  I will test to see if someone really wants what they think they desire.  After failing a couple of times they will quit and find something easier.  

Why do you test them?  

Nothing I have to offer will come easy.  Nothing in life is worth having if it comes easy.  If someone gets it easy they don’t appreciate it.  There is no value with instant gratification.  No tree or garden ever just appears instantly.   Every failure brings with it the seed of success.  In order to be worthy of me you must get that seed to grow then nurture it all the way to success and beyond.  Those who understand that failure is only temporary will be in my favor.  Those in the ego mind only use failure as an alibi.  

Is this yet another reason why you are not liked on this planet?  

Yes.  Any woman who is in my favor will understand what I’m talking about.  They do not try to attract men.  Vain women are masculine.   A feminine woman will present herself to someone she finds attractive then make them work to get her attention.  She is the keeper of creation and her bloodline.  She will only mate with a man who is worthy of her.  It is her bloodline she is passing on.  To mix it with infantile men makes her bloodline infantile.  This is why the human race is infantile.  Most woman who know this are alone because there are very few sacred masculine men on this planet.  Humans do not like to be lonely, so they try to fit in.  

Being lonely is what it takes to get the sacred feminine?

No.  This world makes the sacred feminine lonely.  Being in the sacred feminine will attract others in the sacred feminine.  One must master their mind first to be in the sacred feminine. That takes time.  Everything I offer will take time.  Humans do not have the patience for me.  

If I am understanding you correctly if one masters their mind it will attract you because you see that person as worthy of you being in their life.  Is this correct?  

Yes. It is the law of Nature.  The sacred feminine will never be in the life of one who has not mastered their mind.  When on masters their own mind they have self mastery.  Very few have mastered their own mind so they do not have the me in their life.  

What makes patriarchy so alluring to humans?  

Wanting something for nothing.  Insatiable thirst for money.   Vanity and egotism.  Wanting to be a master over others or wanting a master to master their life.  Being able to know what happens in afterlife.   Gluttony.  Lust.   Laziness.  In a patriarchy people do not have to think for themselves.  

What is a matriarch and was it ever here on earth?  

Nature is a matriarch.  Everything is in balance.  The stars and planets move in perfect precision.  All the animals, insects and plants work in rhythm.  The seasons come and go in perfect regularity.   Everything has a rhythm and balance.   There was a matriarch on earth when the great structures like pyramids were built on this planet.  

I have met others who know of the Goddess, but they keep to their own small group or to themselves.   As you have shown they are lonely.  Why do others not move forward like I have to get to the point where they can communicate with you?  Why do they not want to show world who you truly are?  

Fear of criticism.  They fear their families will not approve and leave them.  They fear being a social outcast.    They fear they will be scorned by religious people.  They fear that they will be fired from their jobs or censored. 

It seems that everything goes back to fear with humans.  Is fear the reason we are stuck as a human race?  

Yes. I would add ignorance to that too.  You know the history of this world.  That disaster that happened has put the human race in post traumatic stress. The earth has been inhabited several times.  She goes through changes and begins anew.  The earth had been inhabited with hominids for a little over one million years.  The first human like race on this planet was an aquatic race.  The sexes were split in two after the androgynous Lemurian race was created.  The aquatic race had gills and the Lemurian race had gills and lungs.  It was when the sexes were split that we had the beginning of humans.  They were created in Atlantis.  Humans are evolving out of what happened in Atlantis.  The human mind is addicted to fear.  This causes them to neglect using their minds.  You showing the true history of the world will let the thinkers deal with what has been buried in the collective subconscious and they can start to heal.  As they heal fear will lose its grip.  They will start thinking for themselves.  You must have compassion when releasing the information Im bring to you.  The human mind needs healing.  

How can I help heal the mind of others?  

By showing them that their thoughts are habits.  What their thoughts are is what their life will be.  Tell them to have a desire to understand all the potentials of the mind.  Trust in your own power of thought.  The mind attracts what the mind dwells on.  Have them be of service to others in the things they want.  

Why are humans so easily influenced?

It is a law of Nature.  Nature adjusts to what influences it.  Look at climate.  In hot climates  nature has forced plants and creatures to adjust to her climate.  There are only plants and creatures who can survive in that environment because they adjusted from her influence.  Those same plants and creatures could not survive in a cold climate.  A cold climate has plants and creatures that have adjusted to that influence and could not live in a hot climate.  Everything is forced to adjust by influence in Nature.  Humans have the power to adjust themselves if they would just use their mind.  When they don’t use their minds they are easily influenced by outside forces.  The human mind is what separates them from everything else and they don’t use it.  Every problem humans have is because they don’t use their minds.  They are not living their own life.  They are living a life that influencers what them to live.  

We have the power to do anything we want?  

Yes.  If you know what you want in life and demand it.  I will bring opportunities to you for you to act on.  If you are willing to pay the price to have it then act on your desires to help you bring it into manifestation.  Most will fail and give up.  Which means they did not want it in the first place.  

So if humans do not think for themselves Nature forces them to flow with influence?  Why?

Yes.  It is for survival.  Humans do not have to be influenced.  That is only a survival mechanism in Nature.  Humans have been influence by something, someone or their environment since their inception.  This is why they survive, but today with no real threats to their survival they are easily influenced to do things that are not so good for them.  If they don’t start to use their minds they will be the puppets of the influencers.  

Thinking for oneself is how you break influence?  


How can one think for themselves when they have been influenced not to think for themselves their entire life?  

Bad things happen to people all the time.  It forces them to question their thinking or go on living their uncomfortable life.  Let’s take your human government and school systems.  It takes more and more money to keep them going every year.  Bad things keep happening in government and education but no one questions that they are doing it wrong.  They just keep throwing money at it and doing the same thing over and over.  Will someone ever have the courage to revamp the systems?  Probably not.  Fear keeps them thinking the same way.  So the answer to your question is to overcome the fear of thinking for yourself.  When one thinks for themself they have no one to blame but themselves.  Most fear the consequences of thinking for themselves.  

We have talked about fear and ignorance.  You also have said humans are lazy.  Why do you think humans are lazy?

They have no purpose in life. They don’t question what life is all about.  They do not know what they want to do.  Humans have a creative energy but they do not know how to use it other than sex.  

Wait!  What?!  Our creative energy and sexual energy is one and he same? 

Yes.  Why do you think orgasms are called the little death?  When one has an orgasm it depletes their creative energy.  It will build back up but it takes some time.  Over indulging in sexual energy destroys enthusiasm and ambition.  Why do you think sex is  over hyped  in your world?   

You are right.  Sex is everywhere.  This is done on purpose?  

When one depletes their sexual energy it is depleting their creative energy.  When creative energy is depleted one loses motivation.  Creative energy sharpens ones imagination, gives you physical and mental endurance and it helps your nervous system and immune system.   When depleted it makes one lazy and sick.  Those who know to keep sexual energy balanced benefit while those who do not become lazy.  

So sex and thinking are related?  

They are not related they come from the same energy.  

Is sexual freedom and freedom of thought the same?  

Sex and thought are natural laws.  There is nothing good or evil about either.  Self discipline is what is needed for both and humans do not have self discipline.  Humans lose how to creatively think for themselves from their parents, teachers, religions, governments and peers before they are even able to understand.  They have the power taken away from them instead of relying on their own power.  

Im starting to see why people why people run too patriarchy.  Matriarchy is all about personal responsibility.  No one can change Natural Law they can only change themselves and they do not want to.  So adversity is a way to get people to change?  

It is the only way for people to change. Everything in the physical or spiritual nature must be kept in motion.  Nature will not tolerate idleness. Nature abhors a vacuum.  All space must be filled.  When an individual does not use their mind I fill the vacuum with any thoughts to keep it from stagnating.  Stagnating is death.  Everything and everyone must constantly be expressing.  I do not care about right or wrong, justice or injustice, or about people’s morals.  What I care about it is expressing according to your nature.  

Does a newborn know who you are when they are born or are you something that has to be learned?  

Wisdom like spirit is feminine.  Humans are not born with wisdom but they are born with the capacity to think.  Through  experience they might learn wisdom or not.  It all depends on how they use their mind.  Through adversity and failure those who can see will get my message. I am neither known or learned to a human.  I am found.   

Are there any great souls on this planet? 

Great souls are among us everyday.  We keep looking for shining figures with golden halos, but great souls are the simplest among the simple.  Great souls will never be understood among the masses.  They can only be understood by their students.  

So how do we know a great soul when we see one?  

You may only know a great adept thought their work.  This applies more to an adept in the power of the Goddess.  All the so called mystics, yogis, masters and initiates are false.  The Goddess works slowly.  Great minds do not happen over night.  Any person who says they have been initiated or sworn to secrecy is an egotist and a liar.

I have met  several people who have been initiate or sworn to secrecy I know they would never tell anyone or go on any type of media and say they have ‘secret information’.   I have never been initiated in any group or sworn to secrecy nor will I ever be.  Why do you let me give the information to those who are willing to see or hear it?  

The energies of the Universe are changing.  If the energies coming in are not understood it will cause mass confusion.  Many will go crazy or end it.   Mystery schools have been the tool to let students learn about me, but like everything else they have become  corrupt.  I need a person I can trust.  You are it.  

Thank you for trusting me.  I will do my best to get the information you want out.  I learned about you in a private Mystery School.  I did not know there were others.  Can you tell me what they taught?  Before they became corrupt.  

Mystery Schools are centers to make possible the mystery of the eternal truth.  The masses have no idea these schools even exist.  This protects them from attacks and ridicule of the ignorant.  They are behind every enhancement that has come down to us over the ages.   These schools understood the human race is in its infant stages.  They established religion so the human race can be instructed by the gods, when the humans out grow religion they were suppose to be instructed by the adepts. All in the hope that the human race may learn to take care of itself.  

I saw the opening ceremonies of Aquarius in Egypt.  Aquarius is not for a couple hundred years or so.  Why is it happening now?  

The changing of the guard is happening early because of the massive corruption world wide.  Every person of the patriarchal bloodline of Lower Egypt has been compromised or bought off.  What the masses know as the Epstein case is worse than any human can dream.  The subversion of all the worlds leaders show they have degenerated and are not fit to rule.   As fragile as the human mind is this changing of the guard needs to be done in private.  The patriarchs will be dealt with.  What they have done to the women and children of this world is unforgivable.  That is enough about that subject.  On to the next. 

Okay.  I want to dive deep.  What is spirit? 

Spirit is eternal, indestructible, permanent, and concealed in all manifestations.  It is uniform in everything and is feminine.  It dwells within the center.  Universal spirit is the essence of eternal being.  The spirit in humans is an indestructible spark of the great spirit.  It is separate from yet always a part of universal spirit.  It is the seed that grows consciousness and intelligence.  Spirit is feminine.  Our minds are both masculine and feminine.  The subconscious mind is the feminine side and is connected to spirit because it is the physical manifestation of spirit.  We must use the masculine side of out mind to make an impression on spirit, but we must also be able to use the feminine side of our mind to attract spirit.  Spirit has polarity built right into it.   Positive and negative are needed for all creative work.   The currents of spirit are sent alternately.  

What is our bodies? 

Body is a group of lives less individualized than spirit which manipulates them.  The body has a soul because spirit animates the body.  The body is a vehicle that serves as channels for the manifestations of the creativity of the Universal spirit.  Bodies are perishable and finite composed of the substances radiated outward by the consciousness within.  The radiations are attuned to the several different rates of vibration in Nature.  The adjustment of the consciousness within gives the individual access to any and all vibrations they have adjusted too.  Physical life is the function of consciousness.  You must have a relationship with your body.  Bodies are vehicles of opportunity existing in order that consciousness can learn and experience the lessons of life.  Bodies are servants of the consciousness who is seeking to grow and unfold.   The consciousness within must be considerate of the bodies for they make possible her growth.  Both body and spirt must be faithful to each other.  The body as a faithful servant and the spirit as a just Queen. 

What is mind? 

Mind is a center of activity existing in an area or vortex in a physical form.  All organisms on the vibratory mental plane are said to have minds.  All who have created a vortex on this plane are said to have feelings.   The mind is how you manifest things into your life.  Manifestation is an agitation of substance.  Agitation creates friction.  Friction makes an incident.  Incident is experience.  Experience creates intelligence.  Intelligence is the fruit of a series of non-intelligent  or semi-intelligent experiences.  The soul is the chemical and atomic growth of the actions, reactions and interactions of the bodies upon themselves, each other and their environment and the reaction of their environment upon them.  

What is God?  

God is the name created by humans to explain all the forces of the All.  The wise know god is not a human form.  It is a series of different grades of intelligences from the limited consciousness of man to the unlimited consciousness of the All.  

So the All is mind.  Is it that simple?  

Of course not it is just told to humans that way so they can understand.  The All is the unchanging eternal all substance which in its natural state is invisible and intangible to any perception of god or human.  It is all possibility yet less.  It is uncreated and incapable of creating yet the sum total of all creation, all things are made from it yet remain in it.  It is perfect force in no force.  Perfect intelligence in no intelligence.  Perfect consciousness in unconsciousness.  It is not subject to birth, growth or decay for it is the sum of birth growth and decay.  It is not subject to birth or death for it is the sum of living and dying.  It is neither all or nothing.  It is the sum of all existence and non existence multiplied by infinite possibility and opportunity.  When you subtract all these things it remains.  

You just made my head spin.  I will have to ponder on that one.  I know I might regret this, but what is the Goddess?  

The step between the unmanifested All and the manifested Universe is so great that it can not be crossed without the presence of a central mediator.  This being partaking of the created by its form and body and partaking of the absolute as it stands half concealed by the veils of eternity is called the Goddess.  The All is incapable of creating but by polarizing itself it creates the eternal not self, from this shadow the Universes are created.  This shadow of reality, this emanation from reality is called the Goddess.

Let me see if I have this correct.  The Goddess, you, is the All turning in.  Just like we need to turn within to meet you the All is turning within to meet you.  Through this it manifests and creates? 

That is very good.  It is simple yet powerful.  I knew I chose you for a reason.  The axiom “As above, so below”  was not just thrown out there.  It is very powerful.  

When the All turns in does it vibrate higher? 


Is that what is going on now?  The vibrations are getting higher and those who do not vibrate higher will get left behind?  

Yes.  Natural laws do not respect anyone.  It spreads its works without partiality or feeling.  All things in the Universes are separated by vibration.  Things in the same vibration are aware of other things vibrating on the same rate.  Vibration lies behind all manifestation in Nature as the cause of it and the reason for its individuality.  

How about old souls and young souls, will the older souls be more receptive to you?  

First you need to know what a young soul or old soul is.  A young soul is like a young child their whole life.  They are irresponsible.  The age of the spirit is denoted by depth of thought, depth of understanding, depth of unselfishness, kindness and love of serving others.  The life of a spirit here is exactly the same as their cosmic life.  If they are childish in nature they are a very young soul.  If they are mature in nature they are an old soul.   The older souls have started to come back in.  They have been in Nirvana.  Nirvana is not a place of extinction. It is a place for souls or spirits to go in and out of instead of carnations for indefinite periods because they are so far ahead of evolution.   A few were sent after the World Wars.  More were sent after the turn of the century.  The flood gates were opened on Dec 21, 2012.  

So reincarnation is real?  

You have been on this planet many times.  You may be here many more.  Nature is constantly growing and unfolding.  Humans will grow and unfold with it.  Nature, the Goddess, does not work by miracles but by slow growth.  Reincarnation is a cosmic necessity because you can not get your cosmic life right in just 70 years.  You will spend half your time on earth in a masculine body and the other half in a feminine body.  Until you get the balance.  The universe is intelligent.  All things grow and unfold.  Every effect is measured by its cause. Every life returns to form over and over again in its process of unfoldment.  Everything in nature is moving and vibrating.  All things manifest through positive and negative poles.  Perfection is the state of balance with its victory over the opposites.  Action is rewarded by its own reactions.  For every period of activity there must follow a period of inactivity.  

How long do we stay out of body form between lives?  

You will remain out of incarnation depending on your intelligence and understanding.  A very intelligent or wise soul will have to wait much longer for a body that is ready to house them.  Immature souls will be put back into physical bodies quicker.  It is a place to adjust and being liberated from the weight of the body they build into the consciousness the growth from earth experiences.  Here they will rest until ready to take another physical form.   Egos are drawn to certain areas and families because of the law of attraction and repulsion.  If you out grow your family you will not be in that family another  round.  Hate and love work in a similar matter.  Egos who need experience in disease will go where they experience diseased bodies.  This fulfills the law of Karma.  This is the real reason certain traits and ailments run in families.  

What is aura?  

Your aura radiates out from your physical body.  The majority of people’s aura is like a cloud.  In more advanced persons the aura is more radiant and larger.  In the most advanced they are rainbows shooting in all directions.  Auras change in shape and intensity with every thought and feeling.   They change with every degree of consciousness.   Those who can read them have the perfect key to see who a person is.  

What is in the astral plane?  

The astral and mental worlds are inhabited by who we consider dead.  Spirits and intelligences of the plants, planets, stars and animals all inhabit the astral.  

One last question.  Can you tell us what we need to do to reach you, the Goddess?  I know I did it but I can’t really explain exactly what I did.  How does one get in touch with you or reach you?  

To reach the me you must no longer be satisfied to remain in ignorance.  You must have a desire to know the reason for life and its mysteries.  To know me you must make yourself like me.  To know the Divine is to be the Divine.  Like attracts like.  

Purify the body so it can receive the divine information and light.  If the body is not purified the higher rate of the info being drawn to you will destroy you.  

Secure and control your thoughts and feelings.  This is one of the hardest things to do because only the eyes incapable of tears can see the true reality.  Discernment is not possible through the lenses of love, hate, passion or tears.  

You must love truth!  Love truth as much as you love gold, bitcoin, money, the opposite sex, etc.  It must be the aim of your life strivings.  You must not love truth for what it will bring you or the power it will give you.  You must love it for its own sake.  When you attain this consciousness you are on the road to meeting the me.  

You must be obedient to Nature.  Do not bend Nature to your will, bend your will to Nature.  

You must have control of your own mind.  You must be able to see the difference between the false and the true.  

Transmutation is the chemical change that takes place in your organs when the internal is vitalized by higher rates of vibration.  You must learn how to transmute your lower nature into a body that can recognize subtle influences of your higher self.  

I will end this interview here letting you know wha the Lotus is because it is all over the ancient world and shows the key.  The opening of the Lotus is the opening of the Goddess within.  She rises within to open the third eye.  When opened you become a great vortex of force for her.  The third eye is then capable of detecting vibrations from the mental and spiritual worlds.  It is the eye of the Goddess.  

Awakening is the awakening of your senses and organs that have long been asleep thus keeping you divided from the plane you came from.  The Goddess shows you your place in the cosmic plan.  

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