Sacred Goddess Magic

Want to introduce yourself to the Goddess?  First thing you need to understand is she will give you no powers or opportunities that you are not ready to receive.  It is all in the life you live.  Life is the test.  You can never gain anything by reading sacred texts.  They are all exoteric.  The Goddess is a spiritual thing and you will only be able to get her attention if you live in harmony with her.  The powers you look for will destroy you unless you are robed in the garments of purity.  To the un-purified the Goddess is a  consuming fire.  Those not ready will have confusion, insanity and death.  

The student of the Goddess must learn to be patient.  They must be ready to do a life’s work without much reward.  The power of the Goddess is not assumed but evolved.  She demands selfless service and self improvement.  Magic of the Goddess includes divination, astrology, Tarot and numerology, but if you just study these to figure out your birth path, lucky days, length of your life and so on, you are a failure before you even begin.  You can not know truth until you realize the value of it.  You can not be wise if you seek anything else but wisdom.  In order to know the Goddess you must respect her.  

You must have one ideal as your guiding star.  Study principals not personalities.  With simplicity of heart and clarity of mind you must approach the great mystery that when humans abuse their privileges and make no attempt to understand natures laws about themself they bring karmic reactions.  Those who study the Goddess play with fire.  Wisdom is a two edged sword.  It takes years of purification and preparation.   It is because of these obligations many do not reach illumination.  Thrill seekers and someone who is just curious will never reach the secrets of the Goddess.  

If you study Magic to take advantage of others who are less informed, you will never secure the light to the Goddess.  Only those who have the highest motives and purest ideals can hope to gain knowledge in this great science learning the secrets of spirit.  The Goddess will not grant you illumination until you prove by your thoughts and actions that you are worthy of the celestial knowledge she guards.  Once proven the keys will be entrusted to you.  

Humans must stop seeking to mold the Universe into their own desires.  They must quit using Nature’s laws materialistically.  A wise person molds themself into Nature’s plan instead of drawing the Goddess and wisdom down to themself.  You must have a balance intellect, hold emotional excesses in check and a harmonized body through which mental and emotional natures can find expression.  This is essential because the Goddess teachings are balanced and harmonious.  Only those who have mastered the little things can hope to be given the wand of the Goddess which makes them master over greater things.  

Every living thing consists of a sound, a color and a form.  It is the trinity of manifestation.  All colors have a sound and a form.  All forms have a color and sound.  All sounds have form and color.  The rates of vibration of many sounds our ears can not detect.  There are colors we can not see.  There are forms our senses can not detect.  But they all exist.  Life on every plane of nature manifests through these three divisions.  

The ancients knew the world consisted of a checkered board of criss crossing currents.  Alternating positive and negative currents.  This is the Masonic checker board and is why there are checker board floors in temples.  Humans are a receiver.  They can only be attuned to one vibration rate at a time.  Of the millions of vibrations and frequencies flowing through the air a finely tuned receiver can be attuned to any one while all the others will have no effect.  As humans evolve they will attune to higher vibrations.  The scatter brain is not selective and will bring in several vibrations at once.  The finer tuned you are on the inside the higher the vibrations of the Goddess you will receive.  

Daily development of body, mind and spirit attunes us to higher vibrations and energies. These energies and vibrations coming in are constantly rebuilding our cells.  The better and higher frequencies we are attune too will mold are bodies to be attuned to Nature.  The better our bodies become in function and quality, the better our character becomes and we get satisfaction as a result of our hard work.  Everything is created by vibration.  Our bodies are our vibration.  We are creators.  When the great creative energy is in the hands of the wise they can unlock the great mysteries.  These energies in the hands of the foolish are destructive.  

The word Goddess is spoke with the sss ending.  The sound the snake makes.  This is showing  only serpents know her and speak of her.  The mysteries of the Goddess can never be written or explained to the corrupt because the depths of her conceal it.  She is unrecognized and unknown so she hides behind the veil of human ignorance.  Materially objectifying the Goddess is impossible.  This is the true reason very few understand the Goddess.  The student of the Goddess must be prepared to pay the price demanded by Nature for the wisdom they receive.  The Goddess can not be learned.  She must be evolved from within the seeker.  When the student has reached self mastery then and only then will she reveal herself to them.  

Everything has on source.  There can be no superiority except for the superiority of action over inaction.  Nothing is superior or holier than anything else.  All things in unity have equal opportunity and equal possibility.  No one can say they did not have a chance.  Either the opportunity was not seen or if it was seen the individual did not act on it and accept the lessons the Goddess sought to teach.  Everyone has the possibility of ultimate perfection in their own spirit.  These possibilities remain dormant until the person awakens them with aspiration and activity.  

A person’s ability to think does not depend on chance, but the attuning their consciousness to the planes of thought so that their mental powers may be energized.  Those who attune themselves to Nature will receive an influx of thought, life or power that manifests through that particular plane.  You must seek to unite your intelligence with the Goddess.  Which you do by turning within and seeking your Higher Self.  The Higher Self is the consciousness of the Universe.  This consciousness or energy is like a light that spreads out to finally be swallowed up in the darkness of a material form.  This is why the Goddess resides in the darkness.  Our consciousness is always growing.    When you die what you learned in this lifetime is added to the consciousness of the Universe.  

How do we understand the Goddess if we are part of her?  The only way to understand her is to master the gamuts of her moods and expressions.  Those that master this are masters of her divine will.  When you raise your consciousness enough you see how everything is connected,  you know that all Nature needs to be respected not just other humans.  As long as you are ruled by opposites combating each other you will never meet the Goddess.  The two extremes of nature are always seeking mastery over the other.  Domination on one side or the other means the destruction of both.  One pole can not manifest without the other.  Balance is the point of greatest efficiency.  

When the center of consciousness is not at the center within you are incapable of growth.  Letting someone else lead you is taking you out of your own true center of consciousness.  Some people wonder outside themselves their whole lives and lose sight that they need to unify all opposites and synthesize all philosophies.  This can only be done within.    Humans biggest problem is when they consider anything they also include the human equation instead of considering the conditions as they actually are and remaining in balance.  Humans likes and dislikes distort their judgment and renders their judgment null and void.  True students of the Goddess can make the hard decisions.  

Peace can never be had at one end of an extreme or the other.  How ever far the pendulum swings in one direction it will swing back the equal distance in the opposite direction. This is what is going on today.  The last few thousand years has been ruled by a patriarchy.  The “woke” people want to swing it back to what they believe to be a matriarchy.  So much for being “woke”.  The student of the Goddess knows this is just moving the ruler from one end of the scale to the other.   In truth a matriarchy is balance and what the “woke” are trying to bring in will destroy both sides.   The superiority of either side destroys harmony.  Why do you think last few thousand years have been full of wars?  The greatest good happens when all things work together in balance.  Humanity will suffer until they figure this out.  

Humans think they have free will.  When in this stage of consciousness it is not free will it is just the power of choice.  Through experiencing opposites in Nature humans are developing the power of discrimination and use it to remove their suffering.  You must learn how to use the power of thought to blend the opposites in Nature.  Your mind is the dividing link between you and your Higher Self.  Without thought you are just an animal carried away by emotions.  Those who do not think are not human.  Those who can not discriminate what is good and what is best are not thinkers.  Humans are always choosing one extreme to the next and swing with the pendulum.  This causes them to alternate both view point and body from one life to another.  When you finally learn how to blend differences and make them into one you have free will.    

The intelligent student of the Goddess knows that safe judgement on any subject requires knowledge of the opposite thing you are discussing.  Remember this when judging people.  Judgment does not depend on just their good points or just their bad points but the combining of the two.  You can not teach what ‘up’ is without teaching what ‘down’ is.  If your knowledge is only limited to one side of a question or problem then you are unfit to pass judgement of any phase of it.  This is a huge rule broken by humans.  Humans ignore any other view point but their own.  Even if the opposite view point has an important bearing upon the subject.  Everything in Nature has an opposite.  It is usually the lack of something that is the opposite.  Darkness is the lack of light.  Cold is the lack of heat.  Ignorance is the lack of knowledge.  Evil is the lack of good.  As we become more conscious we form a triangle out of the opposites by lifting our own center of consciousness  above the plane of these two points.  

We are a living trinity of spirit, mind and body.  This trinity manifests in our material world as thought, desire and action.  These three forces mold the destiny of all living things.  It is the center of consciousness and how you express yourself in this world.  When you blend the opposites you create a third that is like a child of the two.  It contains the natures of both but its completely individual to itself.  With the power of discrimination you can create a third.  By blending your spirit, mind and body you create a third.  This is what the philosophers stone is telling us.  It is composed of salt, sulfur and mercury.  The triangle is the simplest geometric form.  It is the unit of change which consists of expression, generation and regeneration.  

All life seeking to unite with its source must master the three worlds.   The Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Hell.  These represent the mind, the heart and the body.  Mastering these is the Fleur De Lis.  Whenever you see the symbolism of three it is about blending these worlds to work together, each serving each other and uniting to serve your Higher Self.  This is the eternal triangle in humans. The triangle is symbolic of your search for your Higher Self.   These three natures is the only way you can come to know the Goddess.  It is the consummation with her.  The triangle is balance.  All sides are equal.  With it pointing upward it represents human ambitions and consciousness rising out of material form to a union with the Goddess.  With it pointing downward it represents the Goddess powers descending into matter to mold it into the the trinity of spirit.  If its done right you will have a cosmic orgasm!  With that orgasm a new you is born.  

The square or cube is the stone in which life is imprisoned. Matter.  You must liberate yourself from ignorance.  Matter manifests as earth(body), fire(intellect), water(emotions) and wind(thought).  The higher your consciousness the more you control your own body.  Crystals remind us that we are impeded here in this form.  We must vitalize the crystal the same way we vitalize our life.  The square and crystal presents us with a problem to be solved and is a great helper in spite of its oppression.  Matter is always opposing its own vitalization because of its negation.  An un-vitalized  or unconscious person is symbolize by the salt cube in alchemy because their bodies will seek to destroy the life imprisoned within.  

This is also the cross which you must carry if you are to reach the Goddess at the foot of your cross!  When we do not take care of our physical body one nail goes in the hand.  When our emotions are not mastered a nail goes in the other hand.  Not seeking knowledge to overcome ignorance puts a nail in one foot.  When we let out thoughts become destructive the nail goes in the other foot.  What the bible got wrong is the Goddess will not fall and cry at your feet.  She will walk on by until you pull the nails out yourself.   When we do not pull out the nails our nature collapses.  We are buried in the tomb of matter.  By using your thoughts, feelings and actions you slowly transmute this tomb of stone into crystal from which the light of spirit can shine in.  Those who have mastered the elements become the Christ.  As you revive your life and balance it in harmony the nails come out and the Goddess will see your empty tomb and seek you out.  

You must attune your lesser self with the Higher Self.  Only then will you gain the ability to speak to the Goddess.  She will be there when you free yourself from the form.  Not by destruction of form but regeneration of the body.  If our minds are confused and unbalanced we can not comprehend the mysteries of the Goddess.  If our hearts are uneasy and full of fear we can not have the compassion of the Goddess.  If we have wasted our vital energy and intellect we can not attune ourselves to the planes of the Goddess.  If our bodies are broken we can not perform the tasks to get to the planes of the Goddess.  When you finally meet the Goddess selfishness and egotism disappear.  Simplicity takes their place.  The wisdom of the Goddess is revealed.  She opens her robe.  This must be lived before it can be understood.  Unless you experience her you will never understand her.  Only those that experience her understand the mystery of the Goddess.  

You will get  a sixth sense.  The coil with the line through it is the serpent ascending and descending.  Ascending is the serpent returning to its upward source.  Descending it is returning with the Goddessssss knowledge.  Back and forth, up and down it will go. This is the staff of Hermes. The path way of human conscious winds like a serpent through your seven chakra centers. They are the seven days of creation.  Once you go through them you are free and soon you will have wings.  This is when you become the feathered serpent.  You will fly and not need to coil up or down.  

The powers of the Goddess never vary in its key principals, but its effects vary according to the intelligence of the person.  What may help one will hurt another.  Not that the power changes but the effects of her power are different when striking various attuned receivers. One person my eat fast food their entire life and live to be one hundred while another may only live a week on a fast food diet.  One may be able to fall asleep during fire works while another may stay awake to the sound of a clock ticking.  One may be able to go out in the freezing cold in just a t-shirt while another catches a pneumonia from just standing in a draft.  You must analyze reasons to understand causes.  Discover your own weak points and strengthen them as fast as possible.  

It takes a wise person to live their own life and realizing the way they have established themselves to act in harmony with the influxes of the powers that  affect them.  You must give all others the freedom of expression the same way you want others to grant freedom of expression to you.  Small minded people can never learn the mysteries of creation because they have narrowed themselves to the circle of their own ideas.   No one who is narrow can know the Goddess who is broad minded.  When we are offended by others and bring damnation on to them we should see our error.  If we want to know the Goddess we must be God or Goddess like.  The Goddess will allow the ignorant to go on being ignorant until they learn in their own way.  The Goddess butts into no ones affairs.   She lets the ignorant master ignorance.  The master of ignorance is the master of nothing.  The Queen of Heaven only lets those who have mastered the Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences into her Kingdom of Heaven.  

You must learn the laws of being.  After learning them live them in your own way and to the best of your ability.  To work out a problem and get it wrong contributes more to the growth of a person than to have someone else tell you how to do it and get it right.  The student of the Goddess is always seeking first hand knowledge.  The only settle for the best.  Only the thinker  who takes action works out the mystery of the Goddess.  All nature is one great harmonious melody to those who have harmonized with it.  You must realize your own harmony and that being out of harmony is from your own wrong adjustments to yourself within and others without.  If you do not like something or someone, like the lesson that it teaches you. As we harmonize with Nature we harmonize with everything.  

All things come into being with the spinning and twisting power of the figure eight.  All misfortune is from you not attuning yourself to new cosmic influences.  The Goddess tries to send the power to you with the lemniscate from your Higher Self.   Once you become familiar with them you no longer have any trouble.  There is no such thing as bad planets, bad crystals, bad rays, or anything unlucky.  Those who are failures because of them would have been failures with anything else. The bad luck of the Universe is having people in it who are subject to misfortune.  People think anything easy is good.  Anything that opposes us because of our ignorance and requires effort is bad.   People who are unlucky are lazy.  Too lazy to attune themselves to cosmic influences. Anything with worth will require work and effort.   It is why it takes effort to have a relationship with the Goddess.  She is bringing back what you have forgotten and that is uniting the masculine and feminine within with a chemical wedding.  Those who have not awakened the serpent within will never understand the Goddessss until they do.  

All cosmic and nature forces have names.  You can unite your consciousness with any of these forces.  Every thought is a prayer to them.  Every action action attunes you to them.  We are a living invocation.  Everything you do is a ritual.  By the rituals we perform it brings these forces to us.  The combination of the words you use, combined with all the mental, emotional, spiritual, vital and physical elements in you, which are a results of the rituals you are always performing, brings an influx of these forces equal to what you send out.  Your life is the key!!! It is the key to unlocking the secrets of the Goddess and her magic.  The sun has spiritual, mental and physical regenerative powers.  The moon has body and form building inclinations.  You have to be attuned to them to get the benefits.  

No religion can be understood because their keys are hidden in literal rubbish.  Religion does not appease the soul  because they are only performing preserved external rituals.   All these religions, governments and corporations can put on all their robes, have their sigils, draw circles and have their symbols, but they all are so far from the truth.   They all have failed to grasp the truth of Magic.  They do not know the truth of invocation.  

The Goddess brought this to me and with some nudging she will let me share for all to see and hear.  A student of the Goddess is considered a Witch, Wizard, Sorcerer or Sorceress.  It is why I use this language in my posts but to not scare anyone I will just use student.  

The true student of the Goddess stands in their circle, but it is the circle of their experiences.  If you leave that circle all is lost.  When you leave the center of your own being you forfeit all right to celestial or cosmic power.  The circle is your own aura.  Your life within, your center, is the master of all conditions.  The true student of the Goddess is robed in the garments of a purified body in the silence and stillness of a harmonious being.  With their actions and words they blaze forth  in the living name that invokes all things.  You invoke the Christ by being like the Christ.  When you do this the Goddess can not refuse your call.  If you have done this then you can celebrate the real birth of Christ on Christmas.  Your rebirth.  You the Christ. The master of the Goddess arts.   If you haven’t then you will celebrate the birth of man who had the Goddess yanked from him!!!!  

The politicians, scientists and priests of this world have sold their soul to demons.  They build their circle formed from their evil thoughts and emotions.  Doing this they invoke the spirits by speaking the divine name with their rituals, but now they can only draw the powers of negation and the principals of evil because their life has spoken the word.  They can only draw to them what is like them.  

You can not invoke the energies with chants or songs.  The  only thing the energies can hear is the lives we live.  The intelligence of Nature is attracted by the power of invocation.  They do not come to us by the power of the things we say, but by the things we do.  The secret of Magic is that your own life is the invocation.  Whatever your life is you will invoke the like spirits.  You are a living Magician.  The living ritual.  The living secret.  The living Magic of the Goddess.  That is the Sacred Magic of the Goddess.  Because it is so sacred this path is purposely confusing, but now you have the key.  Use them this Christmas.  Merry Christmas.    

21 thoughts on “Sacred Goddess Magic”

  1. A lot of this jives with things I’ve been thinking about lately. I have always felt drawn to Mother Earth, through the imagery and hermeneutics of the English and Scandinavian tradition. But I’ve come to the conclusion lately that the Gods we worshipped were hypostases of the dualistic polar diads that drive the universe.

    That or I’ve finally read my way into madness and am loopy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are not mad and you are not loopy. You are spot on. The ancients could not describe these powers with words so they gave them human forms to try to describe them. It is why the Jews say we can not speak the name of God. It is also why the Gods and Goddess are so much alike all over the world.

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      1. It’s a continuously pleasant rabbit hole to have been launched down. I’ve sent myself in search of much worse, and less rewarding things to learn about. But the shoe fits, I’m wearing it. I’m a recovering agnostic, so I guess any shoe feels better than the slightly to severely retarded world of Scientism and meaninglessness I came from. Whatever. Enough about that from me. I wanted to let you know, I think it’s about a year I’ve been following your blog and I always like what I read.

        Oh, and Good Yule to you, if you’re into that sort of thing!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I imagine – no offence. I read the quote recently about how in a mad world where everyone running towards the cliff think the dude running away is the nutter. Given I wonder how nutty on a scale of Alex Jones to Uncle Ted I sound… I also know authors don’t always get meaningful feedback, especially when it comes to the “Esoteric” and therefore “hard” stuff that folk don’t like to think about.

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      3. Hey, if you’re bored of life… Check my archives in a few weeks. I’m going to do a review of Jean Markale’s “The Great Goddess.” I think you’d like the book if you haven’t read it yet. I’ve gotten a lot from it. Sometimes I think about linking you to this thing or that, but I don’t want to be too much of a link whore.

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      4. You lost me, why mention the Jews? why mention any worldly religon?
        Note, the Jews are not and were not the Hebrew people.
        If anything the Hebrew remnant may possibly be found in the Palestinian people.
        So much has changed it is difficult to follow.
        The Hebrew books were translated into the Greek and then allegedly 70 Rabbi translated that into the Septuagint which was transposed into the King James. Thus the Christians dont really have a clue.


      5. I brought up the Jews because they do think that gods name is too holy to speak. I didn’t link the Jews to the hebrews at all. If you read my work you would know the Jews are the Hyksos people from Lower Egypt.
        All religions don’t have a clue. Not just the Christians. Every sacred text had no vowels and was first translated by men guessing which vowels to ad so the consonants would make sense. For the most part they are all wrong.


      6. The term Jew is a modern creation which appears to have been interpolated into our modern Bible. Who were the Hyksos depends on who one speaks to including Velikovsky. Were they shepherds, Assyrians, Sea people. Matlock says they were sea people from india.
        It would appear the Biblical lands may not have been in modern day Palestine/Israel. Kamal Salibi puts Biblical history and the garden of Eden in south west Arabia. Matlock puts it in India, Indus valley stuff. Jesus tomb is allegedly in Kashmir.
        The Queen of Sheba ruled over Yemen and Ethiopia. When she visited Solomon she may have travelled a short distance over the Yemen border into south west Arabia. There is a gold mine there, Solomons’s Mines?
        The Israelis have tipped Israel upside down looking for ‘their’ history. Nothing, adding strength to the argument they should not be there. If the israelis belonged in Israel why not call themselves Israelites.
        The Christians have made a mess of history.


      7. The term Jew is not modern. Ever heard of Josephus Flavius? If any clueless historian every wanted to know who the Hyksos were all they had to do is read Joseph Flavius who states the Hyksos were our(the Jews) people. The confusion about who they are is because they were kicked out of Egypt several times. When they were kicked out they took their diseased ideals with them, so yes they were the Assyrian, the Sea People, the Greeks, the Romans, the Italians, the Gypsies, the Hebrews and even the Vikings. Hebrew just means H-‘the’ and ebrew or ebiru and it means people of the river. So Hebrew means the people of the river. Matlock is a clueless historian and that is putting it mildly. He could be bought off as wrong as he is all the time. Salibi is also clueless.
        Everything that happened in the bible took place in Egypt or Syria. This is why they can’t find anything to add strength to their argument. All religions for the masses are exoteric. The masses are ignorant and fight for something they are told to fight for. If the Palestinians wanted their true home land back they would want Greece. Ignorance everywhere. Why does it take an amateur historian like me to fix history?
        King Solomon was a Hyksos Pharoah. The Queen of Sheba was his very own mother, so yes she did travel a very short distance from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt. Solomon’s mines is the Valley of the Kings that were raided by him not some poor thieves. Because he was broke and desperate.
        Im at odds about Eden with myself because my brain says it could be Egypt but my heart says Atlantis. Peeking into the Akashic records I see the Hyksos made a copy of Eden in Egypt and Akhenaton and his wife were walking around naked acting like they were the first two humans.
        Lastly, Jesus does not have a tomb in that area. He survived the crucifixion and was imprisoned in England. He is buried somewhere in England. Some think Stone Henge.
        Yes the Christians have made a mess of history, but so has every other religion. Ignorance is the reason. Im not religious, but I know far more about every religion than any religious person of any religion.


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