The Goddess Energy

Most people are set in their ways .  Habits are formed not just because of  things happening to us, but by our consistent reactions to those occurrences.  When we keep reacting to things in the same way it becomes a habit.  As we develop these reactions life becomes consistent, but it can be negatively inconsistent.  Ever ask, “Why do bad things keep happening to me?”  Once you are in this state of mind you subconsciously look for trouble.  Once you start looking for trouble you will never be disappointed.  

Im not going to tell you to just start thinking positively.  That doesn’t work, but we can build some kind of defense against everything that happens to us.  We have all become a bunch of smiling depressives.  Faking smiles is how we cope.  It makes us look good it front of others but means very little when it comes to our consciousness.  We put up walls when it comes to dealing with other people, but this is not a solution.  What ever beliefs and values you hold you should not have to defend them.  If they are true the truth defends itself.  Defending your beliefs only creates a defensive tension in yourself.  During an emergency we humans can handle just about anything.  We summon courage and adrenaline and get things done, but if your life is an emergency your courage and adrenaline will run out.  

You must get your internal life to relax.  If you have to force or defend your beliefs on anyone you might want to rethink your beliefs.  We can not be guardians of beliefs and conduct.  Learn to be calm and poised when not trying to be calm and poised. Learn to be patient without wanting to be patient.  You must build a strong inner world to deal with the outer world.  The very energies that cause you to be defensive can be used to find solutions.  If you get triggered easily and can’t be gracious your problems will remain. The Goddess wants you to solve things not remain in a haze.  She does not want you to live a double standard.  You will never meet her if you have a troubled inside and pretend to have a calm outside.  

I keep getting emails asking me about the masks.  I have heard all the theories about what is going on.  This is a mass ritual.  They want to shut us up.  It gives comfort to the weak minded, etc. etc. etc……Here is what I see.   We all bend to peer pressure.  Some way more than others.  I have shown you in previous posts that everyone wears a virtual mask unless they are authentic.  We pretend to be who we are not.  Hollywood has made a whole greedy industry pretending to be who we are not.  Those that know my work know we are going through a change of energies.  The energies coming in is a Goddess energy or sacred feminine energy.  This energy seeks out like energy and the sacred masculine energy.   Do you see any animals putting masks on?!!!!!!  Science is telling us they are vaccinating all zoo animals because they are spreading this!!!  Nature puts a mask on for no one.  Virtual or real.  These energies are exposing who is authentic and who is not.   Yes I understand you have to wear a mask in some places, but acting like a child and hurting others because you disagree with it is not authentic.  That is just being polarized.  Sacred masculine and sacred feminine blend in till it’s time to strike.  If you are truly authentic the Goddess will find you.  

Religion and politics say, “We want peace.”   Yet every conflict is because of religion or politics.   Most only obey the law because the police enforce it.  This defund the police movement again is these energies coming in to see who has the consciousness to control themselves when they are not being policed or think they are not being policed.  The worlds police has grown greater and greater and with it crime has grown greater and greater.  Is this a chicken and egg question?  These energies coming in not only expose the good authentic but the opposite too.  Every human is capable of beautiful things, but we are also capable of very evil things.  Funny thing about evil, it is ‘live’ backwards.  How backwards are things today?  Most who do evil think they are doing good.   Are you living backwards?  Are you hiding behind something just to do what you think is the truth?  

We think that if we get the outside to conform we will stay out of problems.  We have it backwards.  We must change the inner to change the outer.  As with in, so with out.  Her is the secret.  You can know exactly what is going on with a person just by looking at their life.  What’s going on around them.  If their life is chaotic and cluttered their mind is chaotic and cluttered.  If  they have a neat and ordered life the mind is neat and ordered.  Hoarders hoard because of what’s going on in the mind.  Look at what is going on around you and you will see your own mind.  I have a lot of females in my life because I have the Goddess within.  The males in my life are sacred masculine males.  This goes for my readers too.  If  my work  resonates with you then you either have the sacred feminine, sacred masculine or both within.  

We do not live in a static world.   It is very dynamic.   Part of what is going on is most can not adjust to the movements.  They can not grow as rapidly as the energies coming in.  They are confused and are at the end of their rope.   We think that just like we stop growing physically that we should stop growing mentally.  Why do we stop growing?  Why do we get set in our ways?  Is it because we take on the pressures and responsibilities of living?   Our entire childhood we have been sheltered and then at an age around 21 we suddenly have to think for ourselves.  We are thrown into a cruel world.  We become disillusioned and discover the world does not bow to us the way our parents did.  In a competitive world we don’t get trophies just for participating.  We don’t win arguments because your feelings have been hurt.  We find out we are not entitled to everything.  Things are not just handed to us.  

Strength comes from struggle.  Parents try to keep children today from struggling.  It’s a hard knock life and we don’t want our kids to have any hard knocks.  What our kids want they get.  When they don’t get it they get rebellious.  If other people have more than them those people are criminals.  There is no worse situation than a spoiled child setting out on their own. All the crying going on because of the spoiled lives we have lived I’m surprised we don’t have another flood like Noahs Ark from all the tears.   These energies coming in are exposing just how spoiled we or our children have been.  This is a mature energy coming in and if we are not mature enough to handle it we will be exposed.  The immature person will hate a parent who suddenly becomes strict.  These energies coming in will cause temper tantrum after temper tantrum.  Out of this spoiled system comes groups that want everything handed to them.  These groups usually lead a country into socialism or communism and then end up losing all their rights.  This energy coming in will demand discipline of our selves and character.  

We will never learn to do anything without dedication and effort.  Kids dropping out of school is showing that our education system is broken and that the kid does not have enough strength in themself to finish high school.  They do not have a will or purpose to push them to do things that are bothersome, monotonous or non glamorous. A mature person can lead and direct their own lives.  They can make the decisions that are necessary and stick to them.  They are willing sacrifice somethings in order to attain other things.  We need to ask ourselves if we are really growing?  Or are we avoiding growth because it requires work and effort?  If we do not have a solid foundation to lean on we can not make the tough decisions. We will be weak because if we try to do something big the foundation will crumble.  With all the disappointments we start feeling defeated.  We take the path of least resistance.  We can’t lead ourselves so we let others lead us.    We can’t solve anything because there is no solution within us.  

What is happening is all our own fault.  The energies are exposing these dark attitudes.  This is a mature energy coming in.  If you are not willing to grow you need to prepare for the worst or change.  Right here right now you need to make a decision.  Are you going to take control of your own life or will you follow the masses down.  Either you grab the controls or you drift.  How do you get your own strength?  I always say look to Nature for the answers and this is no different.  We have trouble with discipline because our minds have a negativity around it.  We think discipline is when we get in trouble and have to do something we don’t want to do.  Discipline is natural and easy.  We have never thought that we have our own purpose and reality.  Discipline is possible for everyone.  The only thing missing is you must want it.  Think of something you are good at.  You became good at it because you were disciplined enough to practice doing until you got good at it.  The reason why you became good at it is because you wanted to become good at it.  

A great athlete is always looking for new equipment, new techniques and new ideas.  The athlete never learns their sport at 14 and then doesn’t change or improve.  They always keep growing in order to be better.  Discipline is constant.  You need it in all aspects of life.  The second you stop, you stop getting better.   If you disciplined yourself years ago and stopped then you stopped growing.  Discipline is a continual adjustment but it is you leading yourself and making your own decisions.  The greatest discipline is the discipline of your own life.  The wise individual knows discipline will pay off with efficiency, comfort, happiness, safety, improved health, inner peace and courage.  You can’t have someone give you discipline.  You must develop it yourself. A total person can handle any challenge.  A soccer player does not just practice against one defender.  They must practice against several so they can learn to react to different situations in a game.  It is not the pattern of life we must solve it is the lack of being able to handle different situations in our life we must correct. 

If you are stuck in 1990’s you can’t handle the problems today.   If we stay stuck in the 2020’s we won’t be able to handle the problems of the 2030’s.  We are not looking to solve problems,  we are looking to the inner power in ourselves that is a universal problem solving power.  It is our own power that we seek!  The purpose of consciousness is to be able to be at ease in all situations because we have the power within ourselves that can solve any problem.  We need to understand the laws of the Universe.  This power within can be applied to anything.  Everything has a cause and effect.  Every act is not only an effect but a new cause.  Everything we do starts some line of motion.  If you do anything in ignorance the effects of that can not be avoided.  

We live in an intelligent Universe.  Understanding this we become aware that are own suffering is from our own actions.  The power of this universe runs within us.    When you get the sense of this you will find your problems become fewer.  You don’t have to fight other peoples wrong opinions and attitudes because you already know why they are wrong.  When you know they will not help you then you don’t have to defend them.  When you have your inner world straight you see the movement of the energies coming in and move with them.  You grow with them.  They become the basis of your understanding for right and wrong.  In a world where right and wrong are not clear you will have no confusion. You will see things that Nature brings to you and you will be able to take advantage of it or not.  Nature puts before all living things circumstances but not a destiny.  

This world has so many people with a blown up ego.  They really think they are never wrong.  They always act defensively and are always arguing with others to convince them they are right.  A weak mind will fall for someone doing this.  This is why they do it in the media.  Want to know the answer to the question “Am I right?”  Ask yourself, “ Am I living an adjusted, constructive  reasonably happy life?   Am I in charge of my life?  Am I healthy?”  This person who thinks they are always right is always miserable because they must face the fact that they are not right.  Misery comes from violating natural law.  You can not be doing the right thing if the wrong thing happens to you.   The Goddess demands you have humility.  Recognize your ignorance. You will not meet her without it.  You must have a certain humbleness.  You can not defend your mistakes and at the same time correct them.  

Humans have survived since our beginnings.  There have been several disasters, cataclysms and wars.  We came out of our creation and were thrown into the wild after the War of the Gods.  We didn’t know how to survive, but we learned.  We have rebuilt civilization after civilization.  We have had a long and troubled journey since the beginning of the human race, but we have survived.  I really believe that the reason why the Aliens chose the hominid to make a life form on this planet was their innate will to survive.  We have not only survived the things that have been forced upon us, but we have survived from the stupidity of our egos.  We have survived our own wars, plagues, governments, superstitions, religions and science.  We have survived because of this adjustable spirit of life.  We have adapted to climates and governments.  We adjusted and moved on all because of the will to survive.  

We also have this will to know.  We want to understand.  We wanted to know how the seasons work.  We wanted to understand the Universe and our place in it.  We have a little understanding with the Universe, but because of how we were created we want to worship something and obey.  The energies coming in will show us the vastness of the Universe.  The benevolence of the energies.  We will recognize our relationship with it and that we are part of it.  It will show us that Nature has laws and we must be inline with her and not against her.  Nature is always teaching us.  She is not some politician.  She is the wise friend.   She is always trying to show us how to have a great life.  If we want to solve problems we must understand her.  Not just intellectually but intuitively.  Sense Nature not just from her laws but from her beauty.  See her as the fullest expression of yourself.  With these energies coming in you will have to do it anyway.  You will have to adjust to her.  You can delay this adjustment and be miserable or you can make it sooner and be in harmony with her.  

All our powers come from somewhere.  Given to us to use.  We just need to use them properly.  You can help these powers to grow like flowers in your garden.  There is no need for stubbornness or being triggered.  We don’t need to feel like we need to be anything because we have been that.  There is freedom from all of the restrictions we have put on ourselves.  Life can be quiet to a person moving within themself into action on the best that they know.  The best will grow better everyday.  The good life is one that is learning, experiencing and developing ways to react to the pressure of life.  We must be open and flexible.  We have a celestial power to discover.  

The days of Adam are over!  Adam is the individual you have been living with since birth.  He is cantankerous, crotchety selfish, self-centered, irritated and discontented.  Adam is the way we have always been.  It is the attitude of the patriarchy. It has no value. This attitude has been able to grow and has become a weed.  It is argumentative, selfish, critical and condemning.  It worries, fears and frets.  It is hypersensitive to everything.  Quick to hurt others and reluctant to hurt itself. It has excuses for every mistake it makes and shows everyone he is more virtuous than them.    It has been a crown of thorns for the whole human race.  He is intolerable and we have all had enough.    There is a new self in us.  The Higher Self.   A greater self.  The self of heaven. The Atman.    Adam has been a tyrant because our real self has never asserted her power.  We have never done inner work to educate Adam correctly.  He is a child with in our own bodies that has been allowed to run wild.   It is time for the Goddess to give him direction and insight.  Once she takes over she will educate this Adam.  She will educate him in truth and balance.  

We do not have to have a code written in stone.  We go by the laws written in the Universe by the hands of the God and Goddess.  These great laws when understood take care of all the little things.  When you seek first the Queen of Heaven and her Kingdom the struggle, fight and warfare end.  The only problem is you must seek her values first then let the values lead you.  Quit fighting change.  Stop trying to mold every generation to be like you.  Don’t be afraid to live and quit fearing death.  We are timeless.   We are here to learn.  Accepting this will help with the uncertainties today brings.  Accept and experience these energies.  They will bring you happiness and security.  

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