Opening Ceremony for the Age of Aquarius

The opening ceremony of Aquarius has happened.   It happened on November 25 in Egypt.  Depending on which side of the conflict you are on it was called the opening of Rams Road or the opening of Sphinx Avenue.  This ceremony was basically the handing over the power to the Thebes bloodline.  The boats are the boats of the Gods and Goddesses who sailed the seas of the cosmos.  They are now in Thebes(Luxor) along with the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses.  Watch this beautiful ceremony and see if you can catch the symbolism I have taught you over the years.  

This ceremony is performed about every 2160 years.  It is done to usher in a new age.  Rams road goes from a Ram, to a Sphinx, then to a human Sphinx.  I have shown you in my Sphinx post that Sphinxes guard doorways to higher wisdom and higher planes.   In the Tarot the Sphinx is atop the Wheel of Fortune.  Showing that as one cycle ends another one begins.  The newer cycle is a higher degree.  This road is 1.7 miles long.  This whole ceremony is full of symbolism, but this 17 is very important.  Why?  It was the 17 Dynasty of Theban Pharaohs who ran the Hyksos Pharaohs out of Egypt.  For more on this see Patriarch Pharaohs.   This Dynasty was the beginning of unimaginable wealth in ancient Egypt.  Will it be unimaginable wealth for the world?  Depends on what you think is wealth.  

Thebes was a matriarch.  They are bringing the Goddess back!  Just by watching this ceremony you can see the feminine being brought back.  The divine feminine has been suppressed for thousands of years.  Most on this planet thinks the Goddess cults are evil.  These Goddess cult just went into the shadows.  Amen-Ra was the great God of Thebes.  He was the God of the setting sun.  The ones who truly understand this Goddess cult know that they not only venerated the sun but more importantly venerated the shadows cast from the bright sunlight.  More specifically the shadows of the Pyramids in Egypt.  While the ignorant intellects of the world are looking at the sun the wise are looking at the shadows. 

One more shadow aspect here to reveal.  Everyone of you who are into astrology have been led astray since Alexander the Great created the nonsense.  The sign you were born in is not the sign the sun rises in on the eastern horizon.  It is the opposite sign in the western sky that the rays of the sun hit.  In order to get a full view of your sign were born in you must watch the eastern sky as the sun sets in the west.  Once the sun is down your sign shines bright in the shadow of the earth creating the night sky.  When I say everything has been a lie Im not overreaching.  I have studied and mastered this ancient art.   If you really want to know your true astrology then contact me and I will see what I can do for you.  You have a complete universe inside you.  Astrology is the means of navigating your inner being, but if you do not have the keys to open the door then you are lost.  J P Morgan said “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” 

The people who have been in power the last 4,000 years or so will do anything and everything to stay in power.  They have taken everything beautiful about a matriarchy and weaponized certain aspects of it to keep us fighting.  Androgyny was sacred and beautiful in the ancient matriarchs.  What they are doing today is a toxic selfish androgyny.   There was no racism in the ancient world before patriarch religions.  They are screaming racism to keep us fighting.  Science was actually on its way to advancing the world 4,000 years ago.  They are trying to make it dogmatic and use it as a weapon so no one will trust science when the matriarch is in place.  They are saying CO2 is causing climate change.  We need to stop all CO2.  What do plants eat?  When CO2 gets below a certain level all plant life dies.  When the plants die the rest of life on the planet dies too.  Trees are dying all over the planet and they are saying it is insects or disease.  Ever stop and think it might be lack of food?  The psychopaths stepping down would rather have a massive extinction than to let go of power.  None of it will work.   

The elites or whatever you want to call them, know all about this great zodiac clock I’m referring to.  Nothing is done by them using the calendars or clocks the world goes by.  They have their own way of telling time.  They know what astrological momentum is.  They know there is momentum that happens at certain phases of the moon, sun, planets and all the stars.  They look for opportunistic moments to do certain events.  All royal coronation ceremonies have been done by the astrological clock.  All presidential inaugurations are done at a certain time for a reason.  None of it is evil or good it is only done to get momentum on their side so they can achieve what they want.  We are at the beginning of a new age.  The passing of the torch.  The old age is moving away and they new one is moving in.  The Hyksos Pharaoh bloodline is on its way out and the Theban bloodline is moving in.  You don’t see it because it is occult.  You must have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Im not perfect by any means but I’m not far off.  

Im going to show you another thing I see.  The last two variants of this virus have been Delta and Omicron.  In the Phoenician alphabet delta is a triangle or pyramid and Omicron is an eye.  The all seeing eye is your subconscious mind.  The subconscious mind is the feminine side of your mind. The third eye is the same thing.  This is why the owl is the symbol of Lilith and her bloodline.  At night(in the shadows) when you see an owl you only see its eyes.  To meet your inner self you have to go into the shadows and introduce yourself to the feminine.  See how all this is connecting?  They are telling us who is taking power!  The owl exist in the darkness.  Wisdom exists in the darkness.  Lilith’s bloodline exists in the darkness.  To understand occult knowledge you must know the Goddess.  If you have an ignorant world and you shine light on that ignorance the shadow is knowledge.  

It has been known that this age was coming for quite some time.  Those that understand what is happening will let it happen and those who don’t understand will try to stay in power.  You are about to see the true power of the sacred feminine, but you also about to see the toxic masculine, toxic feminine and toxic androgyny throw a huge temper tantrum. They do not care who they hurt, including themselves.  With the ego in charge absolute truth is unknowable.  Absolute truth is the Goddess herself.  We can only hope to peak under her dress.  We only have our own interpretation of her and it is called self evident truth. Self evident truth comes from our beliefs, interpretations of the world, our mental faculties, experiences, etc.  This is alchemy.  I show you my self evident truths from my understanding and you plug it in to your self evident truth and your world expands.   When others share with me their self evident truth and I plug it in to mine, my world grows. The trick is knowing what is connected to absolute truth in order to get closer to her.  Religions look to hide her.  In the new age she will start opening her robe to those who can see her.  

Freedom comes from seeking truth. When you limit truth that is evil.  They have limited the mind of the human race for long enough and they are giving all they have right now to stay in power.  The thought here is for the new Queens to have their hands full with ignorant people to rule.   The Queens will not stop what they are doing.  They will let Nature take its course.  Those not fit for Nature will be picked off by predators.  Everything in Nature has a purpose.  Nature must bring balance.  Ignorance has been heavy on this fake world long enough.  Nature will bring knowledge in to balance the ignorance out no matter how much they try to suppress the truth.  

The Mayans referred to this new age, but also about a shift of energy. Remember December 21, 2012? This is what the Mayans were referring too. The shift of energy began on that date. The masculine energy has suppressed the feminine energy and now Nature is balancing it out.  The Mayans not only understood the movement of the sun, moon and planets, they also understood the movement of our solar system through our galaxy and the galaxy through our universe.  With the tilt of the earth, the moment of our solar system, the movement of the galaxy and the movement of the universe the Mayans figured out that our solar system moves in a figure eight shape through the galaxy.  We just passed the center point and are moving up to the top of the figure eight.  We have been in the lower half of the figure eight for thousands of years.  We are moving into an area of of the galaxy where this life force energy will be stronger.  It resonates with all living things and I think it will be the unlocking of our DNA on a mass scale.  The eastern philosophies called this a Dragon’s Cycle.  It all has to do with this life force energy.  

As we move into this energy a lot of people will go crazy.  This energy is getting stronger and they don’t understand it.  I call it the Goddess knocking.  I almost went crazy.  It is why I wrote the post Are You Strong Enough for the Goddess?  The reason why most humans do not trust Nature is because of our past.  The cataclysm I show in Lemurian Magic is deeply embedded in our psyche.  We don’t know the truth as to why it happened and we see it as Nature betrayed us.  When the truth is the exact opposite.  For those who are new to my site, read Lemurian Magic to understand what Im talking about.  This has been the human trauma no one wants to deal with.   It is time to reintroduce ourself to Nature.  This knowledge has been hidden long enough.  We are coming out of the Dark Ages and several people are starting to see, but they do not know what is going on.  This energy coming out of the center of the galaxy is shining on us and it will get stronger.  Quit falling for all the lies.  Open your eyes and see.   As humans we need to take an inward journey and come out on the other side born again.  Our planet and galaxy our doing that right now.  As above, so below.  All the myths and stories are about this process.  

Our awakening is our remembering.  Everything is vibration.  When you start vibrating on the level of the energy coming in you will remember.  We all respond to Nature’s cycles.  So why would we not respond to the energy coming from the center of the galaxy?  You are remembering what the spirit already knows.  This is a larger cycle being played out.  The cosmic level operates the same as the subatomic level.  Whats going on above us is going on within us.  As above, so below.  The Universe is electromagnetic.  We are electromagnetic and respond to the energy. Our DNA sends and receives signals.  This is why Magic is so valuable.  

I have always said the way out is looking in.  A lot of the occultist, Witches, Wizards, mystics and psychics I know feel like something big is about to happen.  I feel the big thing already started.  It started with this ceremony.  The torch has been handed off.  The biggest lie we have been told is we are nothing.  The Goddess and Nature are taking the throne.  What was in the shadows is coming out.  She does not care about are feelings.  In Nature what does not take care for itself dies.  They have built their lies for the last 4,000 years.  It is starting to crumble.  Hang on tight this war will keep going on, but now you may understand what is happening.  Im showing you the wisdom of your own mind.  Enjoy your upgrade and say “Hello!” to the Goddess.   

17 thoughts on “Opening Ceremony for the Age of Aquarius”

  1. Thank you Gserpent for the sharing this information. A lot of this keeps on confirming more and more what I see but cannot always describe way, how or what. If I may I would like to share something and with that lead to a question of my own. As I am curious regarding to understanding more about the stars.

    One day I had a split second vision/intuition/insight. Where I saw the stars almost shooting like thunder on humans. But then looking closer it was not really thunder it was like a connecting line. The stars and the humans were one. Then I remember the saying “As above, so below”.

    Soon after I read something in the Emerald of Thoth. Which gave me a confirmation of what my intuition was saying:

    The emerald of Thoth wrote something very interesting. Which was:

    “Forth then, my soul sped, throughout the Cosmos,
    seeing ever, new things and old;
    learning that man is truly space-born,
    a Sun of the Sun,
    a child of the stars.

    Know ye, O man, whatever from ye inhabit,
    surely it is one with the stars.
    Thy bodies are nothing but planets revolving
    around their central suns.”

    So I Googled what the sun is and discovered that the sun is a star. A sun is a star and we are being referred to as the sun ‘child of the star’. Would this mean the stars in the sky in the evening is a way to foretell the the human activity at day light…?

    Always wondered why “sun” and “son” are so closely related, but it makes sense now. But I was not yet fully satisfied. As another part of the statement was “as within, so without”.

    To close the gap I discovered that the word “intuition” originally means in Latin ‘consider’. The most interesting part of it is “con” which means “with”, and sider comes from the word “sidar” which means “stars”.

    So in essence intuition mean: to communicate within with the stars = the language of the stars…? Or language of the Goddess…?

    This had let me to the story of the tower of Babel. Where the language was defined as distortion or illogical. Which I believe is referring to a language of beauty (=which is illogical / unmeasurable) or better the female language (= often referred to as women intuition). Intuition is a language beyond logic. Being able to perceive beforehand without logical foundation tends to be illogical by human standard.

    The quote of J P Morgan about “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.” explains why I notice many big brands and companies are using symbolism in their logo and brands.

    Could you perhaps explain more about the part regarding to the “Mayans figured out that our solar system moves in a figure eight shape through the galaxy”.

    Main reason why I am so interested in this was when I discovered (by pure luck) how Pharaohs are being buried by looking how their arms are positioned and their objects. They fold their arms and giving 2 specific objects. The arms are folded which looks like a pretzel shape. But the pretzel means eternally/infinity or better #8 or lemniscate.

    So I am curious more about the solar system and the 8 shape. As I feel it is extremely connected but the most finest details tend to be usually overlooked.

    If possible, could you shed some more light on that topic? Or if I missed out some of the articles that refers to that please let me know which one to read.

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    1. Hi Nick. Thanks for an awesome comment and questions. I love that you have visions and insight. What a great gift!
      We are made of the same thing as stars. Our bodies are little universes, solar systems and stars. We are truly space born in more ways than one.

      The stars have been used to predict futures and human activity since the beginning of time. It is not that the rocks floating in outer space have a pull on us and make us do things. Well the moon does but everything else is too far away. It is because “as with out, so with in”. What the stars are doing our bodies and minds are doing. The universes, solar systems and stars with in are aligning the exact same way as the stars without.

      The Mayans were the most advanced ancient civilization this world has every known. They were expert astrologers and astronomers. We have stolen so much from them and said we invented it. You can read more about the Mayans here…

      They noticed the sun makes a figure 8 shape in the sky and I don’t know how they did it but they figured out our solar system does the same thing. Here is an article on the sun.

      You are way ahead of the game knowing the figure eight is the lemniscate. I wrote a post on that here…

      The Pharaohs are holding a crook and flail. Crook is a shepherds staff for Aries and the flail is what is used on bulls so it is for Taurus.
      More on that here…

      Hope this helps.


      1. Hi Gserpert, thank you again for all the great information. And I would like to ask one more thing. When I re-read this post I realized this but not fully until I started to translate a few parts. And this shocked me and got me wondering. Regarding to the change of power.

        I clearly see the hidden language in the words. After searching I discover that novel means new and corona means wealth (and power). In math Delta means change or difference. The circle refers to the eye. So somehow speculating, square (refers to balance, law and order) would be the last shape to complete the Philosophers stone.

        Although I do not want to speculate about this. However is the message complete or are we missing the square?

        And finally, as I have been reading many of your pages and I want to make sure if I understood this correctly. The reference to bloodline are we referring to actual or is the reference related to the train of though we entertain/empower in our mind, the ego or subconscious.

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      2. They are not trying to complete the philosophers stone. They think they are already have it. If they do come out with a square you might be on to something.
        In magic the triangle is things you can change and the square is things you can not change. When I see a square or cube from them I understand it as this….

        We are talking about actual bloodlines. All rulers past and present in the western world bloodline goes back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Why is this important? The leaders in the eastern world bloodline go back to Lemuria. Read Lemurian Magic to understand.


    1. I know it doesn’t start for awhile. I think this is the passing of the torch so the bloodlines will be in order. They have to time it right for an heir to be born at a specific time to rule. Whoever gets it right rules Aquarius.

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      1. Thank you. One cannot rush the precession on the equinoxes. The Sun will not rise in Aquarius on the Vernal Equinox until AD2608 +/- 15 years or so. The precession is not as regular as most would think. 😎

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  2. Hey Paula, thank you for this insightful post ! I’ve thoroughly enjoy your content –you touch on things most others don’t. I am interested to learn my true astrology ~ depending how much it costs. haha. 🙂
    Natal: Caitlin Leah McLaughlin, 11 February 1992, 23:07 PST ~ Monterey, CA


    1. Hi Caitlin. My name is James. Paula is one of my devoted readers who reposts a lot of my work. Use the contact button to give me your information and email. I use the tarot along with astrology so my charts can be quite large.


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