Critical Thinking

I teach my daughter and the girls I train in soccer to think for themselves.  Just because the news says it, a politician says it or a teacher says it does not mean it’s true.  As a society though it is easier to tell our kids “no” instead of teaching them how to think.  When you let them think for themselves they might think differently.  This is why when children become teenagers and they have not been taught how to think they just go against what their parents think.  This is also why you have people that go against the establishment just to go against it.  You can give them any insane narrative that is not mainstream and they will believe it just to go against the establishment.  All because they feel so deceived.  

You can build a foundation out of sand or concrete.  It takes longer to build one out of concrete but it is strong.    You can tell your children you are going to think how I think, but it does not teach them how to live.   When I tell my daughter something I can see the wheels turning.  I have always taught her to look at the other side before you make a decision.  That means I don’t get the luxury of telling her to just do something.  I have taught her to be free spirited and tough.  That is much harder to teach than to teach ‘just do what I say’.   

We built this world!  They are getting ready to demoralize the world.  We are going to be told we are bad, we are a virus, we suck, that we are dirty, and we are going to be told our countries suck.  The masses are going to believe it all because they have never been taught to think critically.  Who built this world?!  Have you ever see a rich person get out there and get there hands dirty on a construction site lately?  Kings used to get out in battle with his soldiers.  Do you see any leaders today go to battle?  Yes we have flaws, but you do not throw the baby out with the bath water.  If we want to have real discussions about the pain we have caused each other and the real flaws we have, then we have to get together and work this out.  

People are just sitting there in their own head feeling bad about themselves, they have low self esteem and they feel like there is no point.   I am noticing how people walking down the street don’t say “hi” to each other anymore.  No eye contact at all.  No conversations.  Men don’t get the door for others anymore.  People can’t get off their phone!  I see people at a concert, rather than just enjoying the moment they have their phones out recording it.  They are watching the concert through their phone.  The phone has become more real than real!  This world will be so easily duped into virtual reality.  It’s already started.  Most want to live in a virtual video game world than our real world.  

Think outside the box.  Even what Im telling you.  I will give you my best every post, but don’t just take my word for it.  We think that if we teach are children to think critically that there will be a lack of cohesion in society, so we just tell them to do what we say and fall in line.  What seed you plant will grow!  The seed of falling in line and hurting no ones feelings has grown so big we can’t even allow debate.  Because of this the next great thinker who sees something the world is too blind to see will be silenced.  We look back and we say “How was segregation a thing?”  or “How could women not have rights?”  Back then the world was too blind to see the wrongs.  The next great critical thinker will be silenced with artificial intelligence!  Understand that because we have not taught each other to think  critically the next great inspirational thinker will be destroyed.  

Let that bone chilling reality sink in.  Our overlords are telling us that because people do not know how to critically think, they could get the wrong idea or they could be sensitive, so that next great thinker will never happen.  Our school systems look like factory systems.   Instead of teaching kids how to think they tell them to shut up.  Critical thinking is a course in some of the so called elite colleges.  Why can’t it be taught in high school?  Can’t have the tykes thinking for themselves! That is too dangerous.  We don’t need them to see how we control them.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.  

Imagine a world where self reliance was emphasized, getting to know how your mind worked was emphasized, critical thinking was emphasized, not being so sensitive was emphasized and HEALTH! was emphasized.  Why don’t we want that?  Because people think that the world won’t be cohesive.  Do you actually think that what we have right now is cohesion?  I would call this being on the edge of civil war or pandemonium.  I would really call this a freaking joke that the elites are playing on us tykes.  I don’t want to have to write a post about this.  I have so many other things I could write about or do.  Why is this weighing on my conscious?  

Critical thinking does not feed the establishment.  It does not feed the system.  The system may not be great but we need to get back to the basics.  What does it mean to shake someones hand? What does it mean to hug someone? What does it mean to talk to someone on the street?  What does it meant to build a product or service that has quality?  Do you realize how much hate mail I get for trying to get the truth out there?  I have marketers calling me an idiot for not trying to sell my content.  Understand that you will be tormented for trying to do the right thing.  I understand that people have dedicated their lives to subjects Im debunking.  People in the know who know I’m bringing out the truth will not back me up.  Watching someone try to give out truth is entertainment to them.  They understand the shape the world is in!   

Once processed food was introduced to the population, attention span went down.  Once high dopamine entertainment was introduced to the population, normal functioning of the brain went down.  Once mass demoralization gets introduced into the population, why would anyone talk to anyone else?  No one will say hi to anyone else because they are in their own little world and you are in your own little world.  There is no reward to do it.  You won’t get paid for it.  

Religion used God to manipulate. They told everyone not to read your sacred books and just listen to the experts.  Give your life for the King because he has a divine right to rule. This was the social credit system surveying you before we had smart phones.  All because people thought a bearded man was up in the sky watching everything they do and judging them.  Just do what you are told and die for your god, king or country and you will go to your heaven.  Then people started thinking that there are several religions.  Will all who are not in my religion goto hell?  Whats the right religion?  So many people started questioning that they had to come up with a new game.  Now you are a sorry sack of nothing. There is no god.  You have no purpose. You are a cosmic accident.  Everything is a cosmic joke.  Don’t worry about the propaganda being shoved down your throat.  Eat our garbage food, watch our garbage television, take our garbage everything with you everywhere on your phone while I humiliate you! You are nothing!You are in spiritual bondage to your overlords!   With no god the state is god!  

They have just whipped back around and are regurgitating what they have been doing since the dawn of time.  Keeping us fighting amongst each other.  You suck.  Everything sucks.  Don’t worry about doing anything amazing.  There is a battle going on to stop this.  I have said that the western world is ancient Egypt.  With the white crown of upper Egypt and the red crown of lower Egypt.  You can tell what side the corporations are on by their logos and symbols.   Im not going to go deep into symbology right here, but I will give you a tidbit.  I put the 1983 Apple commercial at the top for a reason.  Apple’s logo is white.  The women in the commercial has white hair and a white top.   All of the white is above the red shorts symbolizing the passing of the crown to the white crown of Egypt.  It is a women throwing the hammer, not a man.  It is Mjolnir’s or Thor’s hammer.  Everything going on today is the last gasp effort of the red crown of Egypt trying to stay in power.  They have been in power for more than four thousand years, but with the coming of Aquarius they have to step down.  This is the occult war and it will get crazier the closer we get to Aquarius.  The people in power will do anything to stay in power.  I challenge my readers to go watch the speeches and interviews  of Steve Jobs.  Most of them are about your power, how smart you are and to think different.  He had to go.  Can’t have someone that smart from the upper Egypt bloodline trying to bring Aquarius in early.  

Today they do not want you to think for yourself.  The great thing about a free society is it will let you fail.  Failure will help you grow.  Spiritual growth is in releasing and letting go.  Demonic tendencies are from trying to control.  The need to control everything brings demons out.  Apathy is also demonic because you let the demons run wild.  Im writing this post because I’m not apathetic.  I see the bigger picture.  I know what is going on.  I know the true history of this world.  Very few people can see what I show.  Most are not on the level or paradigm to see.  The establishment won’t admit it.  It would give the game away.  Goddess knows I can’t get the masses riled up or they will do something stupid.  I can only show the door to the people who can see the door.  Political correctness is being moved continuously.  The goal posts are being moved so much that even the most politically correct people can’t keep up.  Those who won’t keep going to the extreme will get destroyed.  What person has never made a mistake in their life?  Right now all mistakes made are on computers and smart phones.  Check mate to the establishment for those who don’t go along.  

Comedy has always been used to take the energetic charge out of something. They are making it to where if you joke about anything you will be canceled.  They have people so scared and confused that they can’t even ask if something is true.  They are asking “What will it get me if I go along?”  Their mind cannot discern anymore.  They have demoralized people to the point that most can not think for themselves.  It takes a confident person to look at multiple points of view and make up their own mind.  People with low confidence will go along with anything to fit in.  Getting approval gives them the dopamine they need.   The establishment can make the most absurd rules and people will go along.  This ads to the demoralization of the people who can see what’s going on because they think there is no hope.  People who do not care about truth will go and shame someone who does care about truth. This gives the person shaming dopamine and fuels the demons.  The establishment understands this!  

When I talk to other high ranking people in the occult they tell me that people love their mindless entertainment, they love fitting in and they do not want the truth.  There are very few in every generation who are ready for the truth.  Most can’t even see it if it was given to them on a platter.  As it says in the Kybalion, “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears of understanding”.  Those who can not understand will crucify those who do.  Why?  When our mind is not connected to our Higher Self it will create things to worship.  Most do not have a core sense of identity, the weight of existence is too heavy, they yearn for emotional balance, the voice in their head is negative all the time and they need to identify with something.  We try to find fulfillment  physically or in the ego.  So we get a tribalism about us.  Everything my people believe is good and they are bad.  Social conditioning is easy because we become too lazy think. We let whoever validates our thoughts tell us what is true.

If you can not love the world for all it is, good and bad, then you do not love the world.  Life is complex.  Human nature is complex.  Fairytale lives are just that, fairytales.  This year is short, temporary, painful and beautiful.  Look at the things that have you in spiritual bondage.  Take a look at the dominate submissive relationship you have with the elites.  You are life!  Without you they are nothing!   You do not have entitlement to any result.  You will die.  That is not an excuse for you to be lazy.  Its not an excuse for you to just sit around smoke weed and make love.  You are life.  You are the process.  The energy that is all around us animates all of us.  You are in this body temporality.  You are witnessing consciousness.  Understanding that you are witnessing consciousness with all the limits of our human nature will help you get present.  Quit trying to be perfect by getting approval.  You are here being tested, but we get sucked into seeking approval and trying to be perfect.  

The more you go along with the dominate submission relationship the longer you will stay in this realm.  I know Im going way down some rabbit hole here, but you will keep coming back because you get attached to it.  Everything is designed to keep you in fear!  Everything is designed to keep you in comparison!  Everything is designed to keep you from knowing your Higher Self and flowing!  Everything is designed to make you forget!!!!!  They feed off your fear.  Intuitively when you begin to understand this is becomes obvious.  You will see it.  When you are filled with negativity you want to spread it.  When you are filled with positivity you want to spread it.   Look at people in negativity.  Negativity wants to spread and destroy everything including the host.  

Use your mind.  I get a lot of emails thanking me for helping people think.  I get them out of the mainstream narrative and it gives them an experience.  Kind of a high.  All because they are connecting with something different.  They are moving up a paradigm.  Connecting with something more.  You can either get dopamine spewed right in your face from all that is going on or you can get it from being present.  Ultimately you choose what energy inhabits you.  You are either in spiritual bondage or spiritual liberation.  There is a difference in need for reinforcement of ego and control of everything to moving up in a paradigm.  When you become present you have access to health, energy, focus, genius, improvisation and you attract other with the same qualities.  That little small world starts to expand.  Your reality opens up.  Everyone of you is worth more than any amount of money they will offer you to sell your soul!  You have been down playing yourself, undervaluing yourself and undervaluing humanity.  The elites, who are demonic, are also human.  The submissive people, who just eat the elites crap, are also human.  This year is either going to suck you down or propel you up.  

The opportunity of gong into the age of Aquarius is recognizing who you are!  What this place is!  What you are doing here!  Realizing who you really are.  As the situation escalates it is an opportunity to realize we could have done better.  This is a chance for rebirth.  Literally!  What is birth and rebirth done from?  The female!  That is why its called rebirth or born again and not re-jacked off or spewed again!   Excuse my vulgarness.  As long as there is one little light that understands what true spiritual freedom is, freedom and the Goddess will live on.  We are who we have been waiting for.  

6 thoughts on “Critical Thinking”

  1. After you explained the meaning behind the 1983 commercial, it’s no wonder that the symbol used for the Apple logo is the apple with a bite taken from it. Taken from the Christian mythology, Eve offers Adam an apple, a forbidden fruit which grew upon the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The first bite taken. The knowledge that is at everyone’s fingertips today is truly unique in history, and like the tree is so aptly named “of Good and Evil”; Critical Thinking is needed more than ever.

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    1. That is exactly why they chose that symbol. You are wise with your interpretation of today. Critical Thinking is needed now more than ever. Thanks for the great comment Sunshamar.


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