Sacred Goddess Magic

Want to introduce yourself to the Goddess?  First thing you need to understand is she will give you no powers or opportunities that you are not ready to receive.  It is all in the life you live.  Life is the test.  You can never gain anything by reading sacred texts.  They are all exoteric.  The Goddess is a spiritual thing and you will only be able to get her attention if you live in harmony with her.  The powers you look for will destroy you unless you are robed in the garments of purity.  To the un-purified the Goddess is a  consuming fire.  Those not ready will have confusion, insanity and death.  

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The Goddess Energy

Most people are set in their ways .  Habits are formed not just because of  things happening to us, but by our consistent reactions to those occurrences.  When we keep reacting to things in the same way it becomes a habit.  As we develop these reactions life becomes consistent, but it can be negatively inconsistent.  Ever ask, “Why do bad things keep happening to me?”  Once you are in this state of mind you subconsciously look for trouble.  Once you start looking for trouble you will never be disappointed.  

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Opening Ceremony for the Age of Aquarius

The opening ceremony of Aquarius has happened.   It happened on November 25 in Egypt.  Depending on which side of the conflict you are on it was called the opening of Rams Road or the opening of Sphinx Avenue.  This ceremony was basically the handing over the power to the Thebes bloodline.  The boats are the boats of the Gods and Goddesses who sailed the seas of the cosmos.  They are now in Thebes(Luxor) along with the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses.  Watch this beautiful ceremony and see if you can catch the symbolism I have taught you over the years.  

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Critical Thinking

I teach my daughter and the girls I train in soccer to think for themselves.  Just because the news says it, a politician says it or a teacher says it does not mean it’s true.  As a society though it is easier to tell our kids “no” instead of teaching them how to think.  When you let them think for themselves they might think differently.  This is why when children become teenagers and they have not been taught how to think they just go against what their parents think.  This is also why you have people that go against the establishment just to go against it.  You can give them any insane narrative that is not mainstream and they will believe it just to go against the establishment.  All because they feel so deceived.  

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