The Shift

There is a huge shift right now in the conditioning of the world.  The past few decades were about taking responsibility for yourself and not being a victim.  Even marketers targeted individualism.  Here lately the conditioning has shifted to a more collective conditioning.   It’s all about accepting yourself and the needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few.  In reality only individualism and only collectivism are very toxic. What’s going on tells me the world does not understand Magic.    

The collectivist social conditioning is all about shaming.  Instead of giving yourself an ego boost its all about making the collective feel better.  Shame anyone who does not go along with the collective narrative.  Shame anyone who tries to move up.  Shaming and purging is the conditioning that world is in and the mentality the world is in today.  Instead of making the individual better to help the world it is now the making the collective better to help the individual.  If what you are doing is making the collective feel bad then you must not do it.  

With this shift in mindset there are new ideologies and beliefs.  One of the new beliefs overtaking the world is that not everyone can change.   Not everyone has what it takes to succeed.  Some people just are not smart enough or have what it takes to succeed.  Another belief being imposed on the world is that people are weak and sensitive.  Not everyone can change and people are weak and sensitive are the two major beliefs being thrust on the world right now.  We are turning our society into a conditioned helplessness.  

I tell people to have high standards.  Everyone’s standards are unique to them so if you have high standards for yourself they are unique to you.  Aim for the best for yourself.  If you have low standards you are basically a loser, but here lately Im getting a lot of hate mail just for telling people this.  It appears that having high standards for yourself makes the people who can’t have hight standards feel bad.  There is a lot of hate right now for telling people what they need to hear to help them change. 

Most of my readers know I coach soccer.  I have to give it to my players straight, but also tell them how to get better.  It’s up to them on whether they want to get better or not.  In this new mindset being thrust on to us everyone has to be a yes person because people feel entitled.   People are being told to just accept their life and be grateful.  If I did this to my players none of them would ever get better. I am by no means hateful or mean to my players, but I don’t sugar coat what needs to be worked on.  In order to get better they need to know what they are doing wrong and how to correct it.   Getting better in a sport makes the sport fun.  Getting better in life makes a life worth living.  

If you just want your ego tickled and validation for your thoughts then by all means find someone who will do it for you.  There are plenty of them around.  You won’t find that here.  You want the raw truth my posts are for you.  I speak to a part of people that they have disowned and have been ignoring for a very long time.  How can someone assume that people are so weak that they can’t make a better life for themselves?  When a person is in coping and they see someone crushing it or succeeding they do not feel inspired by them.  All they want to do is criticize them.  This is the world today.  

Audit yourself on this.  When you see someone doing awesome in life, do you feel good for that person?  Are you inspired by them?  Or is your instinct to criticize?  Someone in coping criticizes people who succeed.  Someone who is thriving gets inspired.  A coping person criticizes yet only seeks compliments for themselves.  Someone who is thriving is inspired and feels happy for others who are doing well yet wants honest feedback about themselves.  It’s that simple.  Coping criticizes and seeks compliments.  Thriving is inspired and wants honest feedback.   Which one are you?  Today’s society is like crabs in a bucket.  If a crab tries to climb out are you pulling them back into the bucket or do you want to get out of the bucket with that crab?  

Im convinced that this is why no one wants to get fit and live a healthier life.  When others see a person becoming fit and living healthy they make that person feel bad because they don’t have the self discipline to do it themselves.  In today’s world when you live a healthy life style it makes others feel bad.  So the masses pull them back down.  Im trying to show you that we are doing most of this stuff to ourselves.  We need to quit shaming success and thinking people are to dumb or weak to hear the truth.  Do not buy in that you are weak, hopeless and to weak to change.  Most are stronger than they think.  You just need to remember who you are.  Stay true to yourself.  Don’t stay true to being small to fit in.  Others who are ready will climb higher with you.  

Being truthful with someone does not have to be mean.  I tell my players what they need to improve on and then offer to help train them for free.  Some need more work than others, but they steadily improve.  One of my biggest problems is they are too tough on themselves.  If they make a mistake they get down on themselves.  This is all because they have been shamed by others!  I have to pull them back.  Just because someone is working to improve themselves does not mean they look down on others.  It means they want a better life for themselves.  

Thomas Sowell wrote, “The great escape of our time is the escape from personal responsibility.” The idea of personal responsibility is taboo.  Everyone today feels entitled to everything.  Losing personal responsibility is how countries, nations, and empires are dismantled.  If people do not have a sense of personal responsibly, corruption is everywhere.  Governments will do everything all in the name of giving free stuff to the less fortunate and they will get away with corruption on the highest levels because of it.  All because irresponsible people love a government as irresponsible as they are.  

Our teachers have become social workers and propagandists.  Tests in this new world are suppose to be exciting and make students feel good about themselves.  To hell with studying.  Then society wonders why people have to lie and cheat to get into college.  Crime rate is at an all time high today.  All because we have to look for the root causes to crime rather than putting the criminals in jail.  Why can’t teachers teach and students study?  Why can’t we put the criminals in jail?  Because it hurts feelings.  No one wants to hear the truth!  

It is a blessing and curse to have money. With money you can do anything you want and live it up.  You start to lose your motivation because you have it all.  Your DNA will fight you.  We have tail bones.  What happen to our tails?  How many beautiful people in the world would you describe as intelligent or have integrity?  Integrity is a function of evolutionary pressure. Intelligence is a function of evolutionary pressure.  When you get comfortable in life you have an evaporation of imagination.  You just want comfort and you become apathetic.  We mistake  apathy for happiness or enlightenment.  Most are a hollowed out husk of a person.  Engaging life means your mind is firing up.  It’s exertion of energy to live.  

The world took about a year off.  Did it get old after about a couple of weeks?  Gets boring real quick.  The whole western world lived in their own privileged prisons.  Everything came to their door!  How many people paid a slave to go to the grocery store get their groceries, stand in line then deliver them to them?   How many paid a slave to cook their food then deliver it to them?  How many did their personal banking and work online?   How stagnate has the world become?  This whole time at home people consumed garbage from their computers, phones, and television.  They have emerged out of their privileged prisons feeling entitled.   

The world has become incredibly paranoid.  Its way beyond negative.  People are becoming unrecognizable shells of their former self.  Im watching the world go down, down, down.  People think that by acting on their anger they will release tension when in truth all it does is feed your anger.  If expressing your anger actually made things better then every road rage person would be enlightened.  I don’t like to debate or argue with others because people are so entrenched in their own ideas, however wrong they may be, that it’s a complete waste of time.  I really don’t have the time for it anyway.  Today people don’t want to have a civilized debate.  They just want to melt down and call you names when they can not prove one wrong.  It is usually to my amusement because it’s predictable.   I get a lot of people who can not prove me wrong and melt down.  I legitimately want to help, but you can’t help someone who does not want to be helped.   If people would put half the energy they put into to being a victim into doing something productive they might actually like themselves.  

We live in a symbolic universe.  Our subconscious mind speaks in only symbolism.  It is her only language!  Understanding this is the key to everything.  As above, so below.  As within, so without.  The reason the subconscious mind language is symbolic is because the universe is symbolic.  The reality in which you live is a symbolic representation of what you have going on internally, but it is a small part of it because it’s a shared reality.   Everyone else is manifesting things into reality too.  It really is a symbolic universe.  I bring this up because everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves first.  Which is way easier to do  with magic.  Magic is based on symbolism because the language of the subconscious mind is symbolism.  This reality is symbolic.  All you need to do is change the symbolism!  Change your mind and you change your life.  

Why would you want to fight the power when you could just become powerful?  Why do we want to shame the productive people and start a whole new system run by people who have not accomplished anything?  It is like taking the ideas of a homeless person to run your finances.  Evidently people do not understand how powerful thought is.  If you take the ideas of a homeless person to run your finances you will be homeless?  If you take those same ideas and run the country with them everyone will be homeless.  I have just as much empathy as anyone else but I understand how reality works.  Homeless people are homeless because that is what they manifest through their thoughts, through their symbolism, through their subconscious and through their set points which are their ceiling and floor.  I give money and products to charities all the time, but I understand that it’s only a bandaid.  It does not help them.  They have to want to change.  

As a Witch or Wizard we make changes to our world by making changes to ourselves.  As within, so without.  As within, so without!  As within your mind, so without it shall be in the world.  If you believe you are a victim you will never be anything more.  If you see the glass half empty, the glass will be half empty.  But it will be half full for someone else.  I understand what people are doing today because I used to be just like them.  Broke, unhappy, mad at the system and going to protest, but I found Magic and became wise.  They are me 25 years ago.  Twenty year old me was clueless.  I wish I had found Magic way back then.  I would have turned my live around sooner.  Thats the only regret I have. 

The politicians and corporations know it is way easier for you to blame others than take responsibility for yourself.  They are not stupid.  They may put on a stupid front, but they are not stupid.  They sell you a bill of goods knowing its going to sound good to you and making you think they are actually going to do something for you.  When in reality it is just going to give them more power and more control.  It screws  you over in the long run.  They know you don’t pay attention to cause and effect.  Just recently during a soccer tournament I stayed at a hotel.  I called to get extra towels and a robot delivered them to my door.  At my local grocery store they now have robots taking inventory and stocking shelves.  This is happening because minimum wage is going up.  These are corporations doing installing this technology.  On the flip side do you think the small business owner can pay the higher wages or pay for the upfront cost to implement technology like that?  Of course not!  These corporations see the minimum wage as keeping competition down.  So they are happy to pay fewer workers higher wages and eliminate many other jobs with technology.  Knowing it makes it just that much harder for small businesses run by the common person. No competition to worry about is good for them. They keep promising you it will get better but it only gets better for them!  

If you truly want things to get better than you make them better.  You take the control and responsibility while using symbolism and let the subconscious mind do all the heavy lifting for you.  People don’t want to do anything because its too hard or they don’t know how, but we are in the age of information where you can learn how to do anything at your finger tips.  All that is going away under the cover of safetyism so use it while you can.  You can get the subconscious to do all the heavy work for you so there is no excuse.  When I see people who insists they can’t do something I say you are right, but stop crying about it.  Now a days if something goes wrong I do something about it, if it’s big I break out the Magic.  

People want to change the world, but they don’t want to change themselves.  They have it backwards. If you change yourself you will change the world.  If you really believe people can’t do anything about their circumstances than why are you in Magic?  I have made my site for people to do something about their lives.  It’s only for the ones who want to change.  I don’t seek others out and try to force Magic on to them.  Then it would be a religion or be political.  It don’t take much. It’s all symbolism which is the language of the subconscious mind.  You get it into the subconscious mind and it will make the adjustments to your symbolic reality.  

I hate getting into politics because its polarizing.  No one understand polarization more than me.  I have several posts where I talk about it.  I know people get upset with me.  I have people on the left accusing me Im on the right and people on the right accusing me that Im on the left.  The truth lies somewhere in the middle.  I am right in the middle.  Right down the middle of the Pillars of Hercules.  Which is why I look like I’m on the other side to either side.  My positions are based on being a wizard who whole heartedly follows the hermetic principals.  I don’t just pick and choose which principals to follow and which not to follow.  If I did it would be a religion or I would be political.  I trust in all the principals.  If you understand polarity then you know that without polarity there can be no movement.  Life would not exist.  The electrical signals flowing through your body would cease.  It’s the same for your world.  There has to be opposites or there would be no movement, no incentive, no motivation, no drive and nothing would flow.  

For those who believe that we can just print money and everyone would be rich are fooling themselves.  Ask Venezuela how it worked out for them.  Every hear about the Weimar Republic?  Let’s just say we gave everyone a million dollars.  Now everyone doesn’t want to work.  The path of least resistance is laziness.  That is exactly what the masses would default too and are defaulting too.  Everyone would have all this money and no one would produce anything.  So what are you going to buy?  Thats why store shelves are becoming empty, movement is ceasing and the economy will come to a halt.  If everyone gets the same there is no incentive, movement or motivation.  No one will want to get up and do anything.  No one will want to work harder are longer than the lazy person getting the same amount.  Why bother?  

Im not against people having a better life.  I want people to have a better life.  But I want you to have a better life in a way you are independent, self sufficient, responsible and know what to do.   Knowing how to use your Magic is a great place to start.  

11 thoughts on “The Shift”

      1. I agree! Balance is the key! I am just going to take some time to breathe until my over-whelmed mind comes to terms with my learning curve…
        And, what a very kind offer! Thank you very much for offering to help… keep writing and posting, it is helpful knowing you are out there! ❤ 💙 💜

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  1. More than antything to comes down to group think / hive-mind collective thought versus independent thought / perosonal autonomy. Although Alan Watts is really good, a more technical approach is needed. Gustave le Bon’s book, The Crowd, a Study of the Popular Mind is an excellent refrence for everything playing out in the world right now – and the book was written in 1841 …

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