The Age of Safetyism

In this post I’m gong to show you that you are not actually in control of your own life.  You are being run by biological drives, social conditioning, your ego, addictions, and rationalizations your brain will come up with to protect what you think.  I’m going  deep down the rabbit hole on this one.  It is meant to try to shake you awake.  

I have had a rough couple of months. My father died in mid September. We may not have seen eye to eye, but I loved him dearly. His death has opened my eyes to even more things about this world and humans themselves. With all the people he helped and touched around the world his funeral was huge even during Covid. My father was a preacher and a firefighter his whole life. All the people he touched and all the men and women who worked for him came to say goodbye. Whenever they needed him he never gave an excuse he just helped. In return all the people did not use the excuse of Covid to not come say goodbye. I really thought only family and a few local church members would attend. Boy was I wrong. People from all over traveled in to say goodbye. It got me thinking and is the motivation behind this post.

I’m going to open this post by asking you if you died where would you go and what would you look like? What would it be like to be dead?  Would you be young and good looking? Would you be in heaven?  Valhalla?  Would you have lovers all around you?   Would you be a ghost?  Would you stay here on earth?  Would you return to the all?  How tall would you be?  Would you be in great shape or not? Just think about that for a little bit.  The second thing I want you to think about is where does most of your thinking go towards?  Where does your focus go on a day to day basis?   What do you think about?   For the majority of people it will go into six different areas.  

The first is your ego.  How do I look?  Am I cool? What do people think of me?  How am I different?  How do I stand out?  How am I the best? How am I the biggest victim?  How am I the most or least loved?  Whatever separates you.  Think about how much of your time is focused on that.  Crazy right!  All the time and energy your ego uses on a day to day basis.  What if all of a sudden you died?  “Oh crap I’m dead!”   None of it matters anymore because you are dead.  The ego will not go with you.  

The second area your mind will focus on is biological drives. Am I hot or cold? Am I hungry? Aroused? Am I sleepy or energetic? Am I safe? Am I in danger? Am I sick or healthy? How much of your focus or thought capitol is used for that? Now if you are dead suddenly none of this would matter. Your ego, ego gratification and biological drives would not matter anymore. Right? Or am I way off base?

The third area would be social conditioning.  Here is a huge point I’m going to make that no one does.  I believe it has never been done by the masses.  That is simply asking, “Is this true?”  It is in the forefront today with all the BS that is being thrown around and no one questions any of it!   Not one rational thought.  What most humans question is “Will I fit in and get approval?”  Most will questions their thoughts and ask themselves “Am I allowed to think this?”  Can I think this without people rejecting me or causing problems?  The masses of people are just parroting what they think will get them approval.  They just have to look good or look cool in other peoples eyes.  Most people are weak and afraid.  They have to be in group think.  If you are in group think it is very hard to have critical judgement about anything.    Your brain will not give you access to critical thinking.  

This is why our society is headed in the direction it is going! As long as people are dumb down, weak, lack values and are just trying to take the path of least resistance to be comfortable this nightmare of todays society will never end! We need to teach people to be intelligent and strong. To think for themselves! This means scrutinizing the information you are spoon fed. People are afraid to do that because they won’t get social approval. In order for us to have a functioning free society we need a population that is not walking around in terror asking themselves “Do I fit in?” Group mind is not capable of questioning things! You must question everything. Question what you are being taught. Question the media and alternative media. Ask yourself “Why are people teaching this?” Do not be paranoid. Don’t question everything just to question. I want my readers to be aware of what is going on.

In social conditioning you have to get out of your comfort zone. There is a thing called the window of discourse or the Overton window. It is the range of acceptable thinking that once you get outside of it you look like idiot to the people in the window. There is good and bad to the window. It is needed so people won’t harm or kill each other. It has a function. It keeps society going and keeps us from having a law for every little thing. Though sometimes I think we are headed in the direction for having a law for every little thing. But what happens is it gets to the point where we are not allowed to question anything if it’s outside the window. People become afraid to question anything. Im not making this up. Extremest and politicians use this to alter your thinking. They get you to change your thinking from needs to wants by getting the population obsessed with themselves. They make it to where the mental dialog of people is not about higher values, having authentic communication with others, benefiting your community, caring about others or making yourself better. They get people to quit thinking about that and make people think its all about ME! ME! ME! Forget about higher values, forget about cultivating your character, forget about your country, its all about ME! So now we have an entire world walking around the planet on their phone worried about how many likes they will get on their social media. You try to talk to someone and they give you the Gollum look. Not so long ago we met in public with each other, now they moved that window so you think its weird to meet in person and everything needs to be done online. They do it by creating boogie men, de-platforming, taking things out of context and jokes are considered evil!!!! All of this to move your window.

They are moving us into a century of safety.  Everything will be for your safety.  Screw personal liberty and freedom.  Its for your safety.  They will tell you they have your best interest at heart.  If you don’t want people to be safe you are the devil.  It’s a great camouflage.  Who does not want people to be safe?   Nobody will want to be that person.  The window can be moved anytime they want it to.  All because they have conditioned the masses to be obsessed with themselves, not look for truth and not think about higher values!  They have weakened our minds to the point that we can not think critically so that anything shoved in our face even something so obviously wrong that a two year old can see!!!!!  We will not question it.  That is the best part of their scheme!  When they get people to have so much money that a huge house or yacht won’t do it for them anymore.  What does it for them now is control!!!!!!  Control gets them off.  You will do what they want.  Stay safe!  Even though you know it’s wrong you will do it anyway because they want you too.  The century of safetyism is being ushered in.  People who think critically will be the demons of society.  This is social conditioning happening right before your eyes.  

There is ancient scribe from Egypt called Ani.  He wrote the Maxims of Ani and a lot has been stolen from this text to make other religious texts.  Ani was the biggest troll to the establishment in history.  He calls the lower Egyptian Pharaoh and people hypocrites.  It is written in a temple for all to see.  He points out how they are trying to look good in the establishment, but in their heart they are not good.  He calls them out for trying to look good for everyone else just to fit in.  He basically tells them they don’t have the strength to go out and do something for others without bragging about it.  Do it just to do it.  I challenge my readers to do it themselves.  You will find it brings you presence.  That is Ani’s message.  If you do stuff for validation that is all you will get.  Go with what is in your heart and treasures await you.  Absorb that message and let it land.  

I got off on a tangent there, but it had to be said.  Let’s get back to you being dead.   Your ego is gone.  Your biological drives are gone and guess what your social conditioning is gone too.  Here is my point.  When you die do you really think you will really care what others think?  Do you really think you will care what you are allowed to think or what you are not allowed to think?  

The fourth area is your success ceiling and floor.  Go read The Glass Floor and Ceiling and you will understand what I’m talking about.  You already know how to succeed, but your brain will give you all kinds of diversions to keep you from doing it.  People will self sabotage if you do not move your ceiling higher.  If you suddenly died, why did you not deal with that success ceiling and floor?  Was your time on earth meant to just stagnate and stay in-between the floor and ceiling?  

The fifth thing that takes up your mind is evolutionary thinking.  Most of your inner dialogue is like you are a lawyer fighting for your own case in front of a judge.  We will always rationalize a case for ourself that is always in our favor.   Most of us are not self aware of our thoughts.  We will justify our thoughts on just about everything.  

The sixth and last is addictions.  We are all addicted to a certain amount of happiness and sadness in a day.  We have addictions to certain drugs and chemicals.  Addictions to alcohol, food, habits, etc.  Our thoughts are on autopilot everyday. We are who we are and we think the same thoughts everyday no matter where we are in the world.  Most believe that if they got put into a better situation they would be happy but in reality they would be the exact same person.  This is why most people think they will be happy at retirement.  No you won’t.  You will be the exact same person you were working just doing something else to occupy your time.   If you died would your evolutionary thinking or addictions matter?  

Let’s say you are dead and you don’t have an ego, you don’t have biological drives, you don’t have social conditioning, you don’t have the success ceiling and floor, you don’t have evolutionary thinking and you don’t have addictions.   What do you have left?  You have who you really are.  You have your authentic self.  The more you can connect to that place the more authentic you will be in this life.  Do things that will reject your ego. If your ego says you can’t do it then do it.  Do things that reject your biological drives.  Go against your social conditioning.  Overcome your success barriers.  Overcome your evolutionary thinking by doing things for others for no reward and lastly don’t give in to your addictions.  Seek to understand then to be understood.  Understand others to understand yourself.  Be a lawyer for others and not just for yourself.  Real empathy is thinking for yourself.  Fake empathy is using it for authoritarianism.  

Not giving in to these six different conscious areas will give you a high.  You have the self who is in your body and then you have your infinite self or higher self.  When you die you return to your infinite self.  When you don’t give in to the six different areas of consciousness I just pointed out then you get closer to your infinite self.  People are so afraid of dying because they identify themselves with their lower self. They are afraid to lose that identity. The more you can keep people in fear the more they stay disconnected from their higher self.  The more someone is disconnected from their higher self the easier they are to control.  How far can that Overton window be moved. Can it be moved so far that if you don’t use wind and solar energy that you are considered a killer?  What about self driving cars?  If you don’t switch to one will you be considered a dangerous person because humans have accidents?  Right now they are saying you are not smart enough to make your own healthy choices and corporations have to make that choice for you.  So if you don’t take the medicine  you are a killer.   Where does this end!!!!!? 

We are all going to die.  I love life and want to protect life.  But where does it get to the point that playing it safe becomes demonic?  Where does it get to the point that playing it safe denies people from their higher self?  Where does this end?  Back up from the situation a little bit and see what is going on.  Im going to let you in on a little secret about playing it safe.  It leaves a lot of regret.  Regret will start a party in your head and will not let up.  All the elderly people who died in the last couple of years and did not spend time with their grandchildren because they were playing it safe, do you think they had regret?  All the people who died who were over weight or had underlying conditions from not living a healthy lifestyle, do you think they had regrets? 

Let’s just say you died today and had no do over.  Would you choose to come back to this place and have a safe existence  or would you choose life?  Would you choose life and all it has to offer?! This life is painful!   But if we did not have pain we would not know what pleasure is.  Being in a state of pain is crippling and keeps you from your higher self.  That is exactly what this is all about.  You need to ask yourself what this place is, who you are and what you will do beyond? You are a ship trying to blast off and leave this place.  There are all these wires or chains holding you down.  You keep pressing on the thrust hoping to escape when in reality all you need to do is cut the wires or chains.  I just gave you six to cut.   Come from that place and it will change your life.   

Safetyism is not feminism.  True feminism is the furthest thing from it.  Feminism in its truest form is about personal responsibly. The fake feminism being ushered in right now is all about entitlement.   What you see happening right now is a last gasp effort by the patriarchy powers throwing a Hail Mary in the waning seconds of Pisces in order to try to keep control into the Age of Aquarius.  They know most people are scared of personal responsibility, so they are trying to demonize it.  They also know that if they can delay the Age of Aquarius coming in if they keep you in fear.  Gold is valuable because it is rare.  Life is valuable because it is short.  Death gives life value.  

8 thoughts on “The Age of Safetyism”

  1. When you cut the cords it leads to what can be compared to a drug addict going through withdrawal.
    However, when we keep our minds on the polar opposites we are finally free to enter into our own heaven, free of fear, control and the lies of the Patriachy.
    This post was timely and encouraging.

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