The Glass Floor and Ceiling

Every human being is trapped above a certain floor and below a certain ceiling of success.  It is an invisible prison.  Whenever you venture below that floor an invisible force pulls you back up and when you venture above the ceiling that same invisible force pulls you back down.  You think you have free will and you think you are free, but you are only free as long as its not above this ceiling and below this floor.  

Most people start to work on themselves and they decide to take action when it comes to their success, health, wealth or relationships.  They start to move up as they get better and better, but as they get close to that ceiling or even pass that ceiling excuses start seeping in and their motivation starts dropping.  They start self sabotaging and bringing themselves back down.  They start getting close to that floor or even go below it and they decide to start taking action again.  This is the cycle of most on the planet.  It repeats itself over and over throughout their life time.  You start working, take right action, good habits, achieving a certain amount of success, you reach the ceiling, you pass it, self sabotage kicks in, you fall all the way back down, you hit the floor or go beneath the floor, you wake up and its a ride of waves up and down.  

The crazy part about this is it gives you the illusion of progress.  You think you are moving up but you are trapped in that ceiling by just fixing self sabotage.   You think you are succeeding but you are fixing self sabotage, ruining it, fixing it, ruining it, fixing it, etc.  If you audit your life you will see it everywhere and in everything you tried to succeed in.  Your health, working out, wealth, changing jobs, education, or anything else.  You gain a certain amount of success and suddenly you fall off.  This is why New Years resolutions do not work and why lottery winners squander the money.     If there is a certain ceiling and suddenly they pass it they will self sabotage until they get back to where they are comfortable.  

Your level of self esteem will dictate how high the ceiling of success will be and where the floor is.  When you go under that floor that is when necessity kicks in.  That is when you wake up and start taking action.  You start doing all the things you put off.  You even start to see possibilities and opportunities that you were previously blind to. The key is to see those opportunities as you move up and go beyond that ceiling.  To eliminate that ceiling you must raise your level of self esteem.  Audit your life.  Look at your money, health, relationships and success in everything.  How much money has been in your bank account your entire life?  What has your weight and the way you eat look like?   What is your comfort zone in your relationships?  Do you freeze up when you think someone is better than you or too good for you?  I think you will find in all areas of life that there is a ceiling and a floor.  Over a period of time you will go up and down on the waves. Riding the wave up to the ceiling and then riding the wave down to the floor.   The illusion of progress.  When in truth you are just stuck.  

Once you pass this ceiling of success and self sabotage kicks in, think of it as little devils not wanting you to escape and they try to bring you back.  The mistake most make is they try to fight those little devils.  They try to fight the self sabotage directly.  This is what people tell them to do.  This is just anti self sabotage advice.  People are told to use will power, discipline or self hate to keep going.  This only temporarily works.  You will inevitably come right back to your comfort zone.  You can not fight those little devils directly.  You can not beat them.  Instead you must identify what is keeping the ceiling alive.  What is keeping the force field there?  When you find what is keeping the ceiling there, the ceiling and the little devils disappear.  By removing the ceiling you will keep moving up and up and up.  Until you find another comfort zone.  

Your mind is a computer.  We try to install software on our mind.  We want hustle software, money software, success software, social skills software, athletic software, health software, etc.  We install all these skills and they only work if you remain below the ceiling.  We keep thinking we need more software for our mind and it will eventually work.  We never checked to see if there is a virus on the computer.  We never ran the antivirus.  If we run the antivirus all the software will start working even beyond the ceiling.  Some of my soccer girls will complain that no matter how hard they work they just can’t reach the next level of success.  They will train to do a move and in the game they do it, they get so excited that they just had that success it slows them down so another defender comes in and stops them.  Them being amazed at themselves is the virus!  They can’t believe they could be that good.  They can be that good and better!  So can you.  

You must cultivate success.  When you get rid of that ceiling, you still need to take massive action, but it’s like you are being pulled towards your goals.  Your vision is sharp so you see all the opportunities in front of you.  By dissolving that split within your self esteem will raise sharply.  It raises that ceiling and the floor.  Giving you a very high comfort zone.  Dissolving the split will take the charge out of the ceiling.  You must also look at your core beliefs  and your core identity.  

What are your core beliefs?  Core beliefs are beliefs you form early in life and they are the foundation of all your other beliefs and assumptions.  You are taught beliefs and you form other assumptions and beliefs based on those core beliefs you are taught.  If that is true then this is true.  The thing about your core beliefs is that you will have massive internal resistance to becoming aware of them, letting go of them or even changing them.  This is because if the core belief is wrong then all the other stuff with it comes crashing down.  This explains a lot of self sabotage because you must stay congruent to your core beliefs.  If your parents fought a lot when you were growing up, you may have took this as love and this is why you get in crapping relationships or ruin relationships.  Religion is in core beliefs.  Education is in core beliefs.  This is why people do not want to accept uncovered truths.  Until you identify and let go of core beliefs nothing is going to change.  

Here is a big core belief.  A lot of people think money is bad.  It is the root of all evil.  The saying actually says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.  People don’t see that.  They see that success equals more money and they don’t want to become evil.  This is all subconscious.  You push the success away which intern pushes the money away.  You push the opportunities away to stay congruent with that core belief.  So dissolve that split, raise your self esteem, but you also need to identify the core beliefs holding you back.  The core beliefs keep the little devils alive.  See what your core beliefs are.  What does health mean to you?  What does money mean to you?  What does relationships mean to you?  What does success mean to you?  What do YOU mean to yourself?   This leads us to your core identity.  

Who are you in relationship to the world?  If you had to pick a movie character, story character, video game character, play character or any other character that describes you to the core, who would it be?  Not who you want to be but who you resonate with.  Are you a side kick, main hero, extra in the crowd, loner, counselor, artist, villain, underdog, hustler, victim, etc?  Who do you resonate with?  What are the characteristics and patterns that go with that character?  You will be amazed at how it transfers directly to your personal life.  We think everyday is a new day but we are run by these patterns.  We try to stay congruent to our core beliefs and identity.  This causes us to keep hitting our head on that ceiling.  Up, down, up, down, up, down  and we call it life.  It’s the same patterns everyday.  

Raising self esteem is dissolving the split.  Identify the core beliefs and let go of them.  Then identify your core identity and let go of it.  Those are what keep the ceiling and floor alive.  When you do this the self sabotage deactivates and you see new opportunities you did not see before.  You will act on them and move up.  This is the secret to any part of success in your life.    Your self esteem will dictate how much you allow yourself to have success.  It all comes down to letting go.  One thing you can do immediately to help is surround yourself with people who have a higher self esteem than you.  They will pull you up.  As long as you are not negative around them.  High self esteem hates negativity.  Surround yourself with the right people and results will come faster.  You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  This is the only way you will achieve your true potential.   In the next post I will show you how to let go and raise your self esteem.  

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